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Trägerverein JazzDreams Switzerland

Trägerverein JazzDreams is an organization founded by Swiss pianist and composer Claude Diallo to produce hybrid live stream concerts in support of professional jazz musicians and jazz audiences worldwide. In 2022, the organization launched a research program supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Culture and other stakeholders to discover novel methods of increasing the reach of online concerts during the pandemic. View their 2022 International Jazz Day event here.

“To us, jazz is a way to reach out to the world and to send out a message of peace and joyfulness in those troubled times…”

Tell us a little about your organization’s mission
Our goal is to support and to mediate jazz culture with the focus on hybrid live-streams with international emission.

Why does your organization celebrate International Jazz Day?
Because we admire the work of Herbie Hancock and are very thankful that he created this day. To us, jazz is a way to reach out to the world and to send out a message of peace and joyfulness in those troubled times (Coronavirus, war in Ukraine, climate change). Many people are helpless with the current situation in the world but it is our goal to continue to thrive in what we do best, which is playing jazz music and touching the souls of those people who cannot reach this state of freedom we jazz musicians are able to reach with our music.

Tell us about a favorite memory from International Jazz Day
Legendary duo performance of the great Italian Jazzstar Dado Moroni featuring Claude Diallo on two grand pianos for April 30 2021 International Jazz Day celebration at Kult-X in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland. This was streamed via YouTube and can still be viewed today.

How do you think jazz can improve people’s lives?
The intercultural exchange that can happen on many levels during a jazz encounter is not only healing for the soul, but also politically peaceful and a connecting experience without boundaries of race, personal background or a negative connotation through happenings in the past. Jazz used to be a rebellious music and still can be today, but it can also be inviting and uplifting and we encourage every person on this planet to experience live jazz at least once in their lives.

View the poster for Trägerverein JazzDreams’ 2022 International Jazz Day event: