Meet Our Organizers
Gigi Esposito, Italy

1) What does jazz means to you?

Jazz means freedom in the outline plans. Express ideas, mix the languages, communicate in the best way to make understood. Jazz is sharing, participation, unity. Jazz is beauty, the beauty that only music can grow in people’s hearts. But jazz is also the conflict, the constructive one, that makes you grow and makes grow a community. In Matera from 30 years jazz is the territory, jazz is community, jazz is friendship and these are the ingredients that tie together a group of friends who have a common passion since 1985: love for their land and love for freedom. With this spirit was born the Onyx Jazz Club in Matera, to introduce jazz to those who still have not had a chance to know him.

2) Why are you celebrating International Jazz Day? Why is it so important?

The International Jazz Day is a ackowledgment to all musicians, especially blacks, that through music had the courage to overturn rules. April 30th is a recognition to all those who believe in freedom of expression. April 30 is a recognition to a group of women and men in Basilicata, in Matera, that thanks to jazz, feel citizens of the world.

The Onyx Jazz Club in Matera plans workshops, lessons on jazz and two important festivals, a winter and a summer one: the Gezziamoci. For thirty years, we are on the territory for the promotion of culture and jazz music. The international Jazz Day is an event that could not miss in the annual program of our association. Like every year, the day of April 30th was preceded by lectures and meetings on jazz for the people who want to understand the important of the Jazz Day.

3) What would you like to see happen through this day – short term and long term?

In Matera, on April 30th, we will see many young people and lots of people having fun about jazz and the way we do culture. For this reason we call all the Matera schools to participate in the Jazz Day.