Meet Our Organizers
Brenda Sisane, South Africa

1) Why do you celebrate International Jazz Day?

I believe that jazz deserves this day dedicated to its potential and its achievements. In South Africa today, jazz offers the possibility to retell the story of our heritage to the world.

2) What does jazz mean to you personally? To your community and your country?

To me personally jazz resonates with a sense of freedom to associate, explore and engage with other world cultures. Jazz has improved my listening skills. Its vastness of styles has made me more tolerant of various sounds that I take in, from the most complex free jazz to the easiest listening. This ability to tolerate is further extended to my everyday life, in that I am more receptive to people’s views and try always to keep an open mind.

For my community, I believe we can draw from our indigenous forms of music to further enrich our creativity

3) How can jazz help improve people’s lives?

Jazz can be used to profile our diverse culture and its dynamic people in how they dance, sing and make art – and therefore is a formidable tool for tourism promotion.