2021 Global Celebrations

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Algeria JAZZEN Virtual

JAZZEN is a musical residency project around the artist Amel Zen, author, composer, and Algerian performer of ethno-pop, rock and Amazigh (Berber) that the Musaika association creates on the occasion of the celebration of this day. .
This event is also an opportunity to pay tribute to the late Armando “Chick Corea” who passed away this year. Considered one of the most influential jazz pianists since the 1970s and an outstanding jazzman with a rich discography of over forty albums to his credit; his music has radiated all over the planet.
This particular year marked by the global pandemic, artists have particularly suffered from the closure of performance venues, and this is an opportunity for us to support them through this project

Contact: | +213 550 256 851

Algiers, Algeria
American Samoa Jazz Day on V103 American Samoa

V103 radio plays jazz in American Samoa in celebration of this iconic music. Dan Aga joing Faafetai Loli to play jazz songs from throughout the decades and discuss the history of the people and the music.

Contact: Joey Cummings | +16842589393
Official Website: Click here

V103 The People's Station Pago Pago, AS

Event Time: 02:59
Andorra La Vella Dixieland 40+1

The “Vella Dixieland” was started in Tarragona, Catalonia, Spain in 1994 as an attempt to promote the most traditional jazz in Spain.

Nowadays, it is the most famous Veteran Jazz Band in Catalnonia and in the Mediterranean area of Spain. We are more than happy to celebrate this year in Andorra its 41st. Anniversary”!

Featuring three young and talented Catalan jazz musicians: Irene Reig (Saxophone), Pablo Martín (Trombone), and Joan Mar Sauqué (Trumpet), this concert will offer a short history of Jazz music in Catalonia.

Contact: Valentí Closa | +376 890890
Official Website: Click here

Sala Prat del Roure Sala Prat del Roure
Av. Esteve Albert, 3
+376 890890

Event Time: 21:30
Angola Photo Exhibition

After the opening of the exhibition, a concert will take place for approximately 40 people with the presence of two Angolan musicians. Nino Jazz (electric piano), and Mario Gomes (guitar) will play jazz standards by Parker, Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, Corea, Ellington, et al for 45 minutes.

Contact: Jerónimo Belo | +244 923 324 914

Rua de Portugal, Luanda


Event Time: 17:30
Angola Jazz: “The Shadows and The Light”; Photo exhibition

A photography exhibition alluding to Jazz Photography Exhibition. Photos alluding to concerts and studio sessions, by Portuguese artist Rosa Reis, called” Jazz- the shadows and the light”, which contains more than forty 60cm x 45cm black and white photos, and some paintings inspired by Jazz and Angolan artists. This event will be inaugurated at the Portuguese Cultural Center in Luanda.

Contact: Jerónimo Belo | +244 923 324 914

Rua de Portugal, Luanda- Angola ( Portuguesww


Event Time: 17:30
Angola International Jazz Day Virtual

There will be a concert filmed with an Angolan quintet “AngolaJazz”, and a singer that Angola Television will broadcast during prime time.

Contact: Jerónimo Belo | +244 923 324 914

Camama, Luanda

+244 923 571 734

Event Time: 21:00
Angola Rádio Luanda Antena Comercial (LAC) Virtual

During the month of April and May, the Radio “Luanda Antena Comercial” (LAC 95.5 FM) from 6 PM to 7 PM since September 1992, will broadcast sessions with some of the most important instrumentalists and singers in the history Of Jazz in the 20th Century.

Contact: Jerónimo Belo | +244 923 324 914

Praceta Martin Luther King ( Luanda)


Event Time: 18:19
Angola Celebration of International Jazz Day and the Empowerment of Young Artists


April 21


15h at Centro Cultural Brasil-Angola (CCBA)
Centro Cultural do Brasil presents the 2000 film “Bossa Nova”, directed by Bruno Barreto.
April 23
23 April, 6.30pm, Iron Palace

April 24 to May 8, Wednesdays to Saturdays, Iron Palace

The Alliance Française de Luanda proposes an outdoor film session on the Congolese Rumba, a musical style that has applied to the list of the intangible heritage of humanity. Directed by a group of paraplegic musicians from kinshasa roads, the film “Staff Benda Bilil” depicts the mix of Congolese rumba with tribal rhythms, James Brown-style funk, Cuban mambo and even some jimi hendrix-influenced guitar touches.
The Alliance Française de Luanda also proposes an exhibition “Rumba Conexão” that portrays the great names of musicians who have made the history of Congolese Rumba to this day. This style of music and dance is played and heard mainly in the two Congos, Gabon, Cameroon and Angola.
April 28

FILM SESSION “Tonton Manu”

from 18:30, Iron Palace
The Alliance Française de Luanda will honor Manu Dibango, the great jazz icon in the Central Africa region through a screening of a film.
April 29


16h30 – 17h30 at Centro Cultural Brasil-Angola (CCBA) (online/face-to-face)
A fusion “caliente” for body and soul!

The Cultural Center of Brazil organizes a dance session in digital format from Brazil with the trainer Carol Isolani.

Contact: Marcos Agostinho

Angola #ResiliArt Angola Concert: Empowerment of Young Artists – creativity beyond crisis

UNESCO, Angolan authorities and American Schools of Angola are launching a program to support young artists with different talents who are most affected by the crisis.

Angola Resiliart Collection

ResiliArt Angola presents the Exhibit Angola Resiliart Collection by Angolan young artists. African young artists are invited to join, in partnership with the United Nations High Commissary for Refugees (UNHCR) in Angola.

April 30

The UNESCO Office in Angola, together with the Government of Angola and the American Schools of Angola, is pleased to announce that they will join the celebration of the 10th Edition of International Jazz Day, organized by UNESCO regional offices.
The event will have a regional character with a series of special events broadcast online from Angola, Chad, Cameroon, Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo and Gabon!
The artistic repertoire has numerous national and international musicians of reference in the world of jazz, among several Chico Pinheiro, Yamandu Costa, Martin Sued, Luís Guerreiro, Sam Mangwana, Esperança Mirakiza, Mário Gomes, Tó Tó, Anabela Aya and Filipe Mukenga accompanied by nino jazz band. An artistic tribute will also be performed to Waldemar Bastos, a legend of Angolan music.

The occasion will be welcomed to announce the creation of the Project ResilienceArt Angola to be presented at the next Luanda Biennial – Pan-Africa Forum. Watch live at https://bienaldeluanda.gov.ao/live/

May 01

The celebration will continue with the presence of the Mozambican group “As Marias” accompanied by AngoJazz by Jay Lorenzo.

The musical repertoire will include Chico Pinheiro and Yamandu Costa as well as a second tribute to Waldemar Bastos for his band.The first nine works of the National Collection ResiliArt Angola made by nine young African talents will be exposed to the public for the first time.
May 02


17h30 in Luanda, Fortaleza de São Miguel Em Benguela at Jazz Club do Rasgado

“The celebration will also take place in Benguela with the presence of the Mozambican group “As Marias” and the national artists Dodó Miranda, Esperança Mirakiza and Pop Show. In Luanda the celebrations will culminate with the performance of Ricardo Lemvo in style “Live no Kubiru” accompanied by the voices of Yanete KantAlma and Anabela Aya.”

Contact: Marcos Agostinho
Official Website: Click here

Argentina Concierto Virtual NOTANJAM Virtual

Concierto virtual producido por el colectivo de músicos creadores de la NOTANJAM de San Isidro.
Pocho Sabogal, Dan Pocetti, Christian Dolberg, Nicolás Gomez, Tomás Uriburu, Andres Chirulnicoff y Noel Morroni.


This is a virtual concert produced by the collective of musicians who created the NOTANJAM of San Isidro, including Pocho Sabogal, Dan Pocetti, Christian Dolberg, Nicolás Gomez, Tomás Uriburu, Andres Chirulnicoff, and Noel Morroni.

Contact: Noel Morroni | +54 91135821430

Event Time: 21:00
Argentina Jazz 4 festeja el Dia Internacional del Jazz

El grupo celebra con un concierto en vivo el Dia Internacional del Jazz. El grupo recrea la era del Swing y esta integrado por Nestor Barbieri en guitarra, Cristian Cor en contrabajo, Damian Carrasco en bateria y Gustavo Firmenich en clarinete y saxo tenor. El concierto se realiza en Informales club de musica que es la casa de Jazz 4 desde hace 20 años.


The group celebrates International Jazz Day with a live concert. The group recreates the era of Swing and is made up of Nestor Barbieri on guitar, Cristian Cor on double bass, Damian Carrasco on drums, and Gustavo Firmenich on clarinet and tenor saxophone. The concert takes place at Informales club de musica, which has been the home of Jazz 4 for 20 years.

Contact: Gustavo Firmenich | +54 91158177471

Informales Club de Musica

Event Time: 17:00
Argentina Día Internacional del Jazz en Córdoba

El viernes 30 de abril a las 13 horas, el programa “Los Perseguidores del Jazz” de la radio de la Universidad Tecnológica Nacional -regional Córdoba, realizará un programa especial con músicos de Córdoba y de todo el país.
Se podrá escuchar por internet en: www.frc.utn.edu.ar y en la app RADIO UTN CÓRDOBA.


On Friday, April 30 at 1:00 p.m., the “Los Perseguidores del Jazz” radio station of the Córdoba National Technological University – Córdoba Regional will carry out a special program with musicians from Córdoba and from all over the country. You can tune in on www.frc.utn.edu.ar or in the RADIO UTN CÓRDOBA app.

Contact: Marcos Bocco | +54 3514572952
Official Website: Click here

Radio 94.3 FM U.T.N. F.R.C. La Coruña 1578 Bº Crisol Sur

Córdoba, Córdoba

Event Time: 13:00
Argentina Jazz Day San Juan – Elmer Meza Jazz

Bajo la denominación “Estrellas del Jazz, bajo las estrellas”, Elmer Meza (Trompetista Hondureño, radicado en Argentina) homenajeará a dos grandes del Jazz: Chet Baker y Louis Armstrong. Dos eventos que se llevarán a cabo en distintas posadas del departamento Albardón, donde el público podrá gozar de música bajo los cielos estrellados. El material estará editado y se subirá a las redes para ser compartidos con el mundo entero el día 30 de abril de 2021

Contact: Natacha Cruz | +5492645441471

Albardón Callejon Peron 380, J5419 Albardón, San Juan, Argentina

Event Time: 22:00
Argentina Jazzologia Virtual

“Nobody’s sweetheart now” (1924)
Desde Buenos Aires, Argentina, representando a Jazzología, ciclo creado por Carlos Inzillo hace 37 años, para celebrar el Día Internacional del Jazz 2021, este quinteto interpreta el clásico Nobody’s Sweetheart Now de 1924 (Kahn-Erdman-Meyers-Schoebel).

Voz y Kazoo – Checha Naab
Corneta – Guillermo Perata
Clarinete – Orlando Merli
Guitarra – Fernando Montardit
Contrabajo – Nicolás Acosta
Edición de audio y video: Guillermo Perata.


“Nobody’s sweetheart now” (1924)
From Buenos Aires, Argentina, representing Jazzology, a series created by Carlos Inzillo 37 years ago, to celebrate International Jazz Day 2021, this quintet performs the classic Nobody’s Sweetheart Now from 1924 (Kahn-Erdman-Meyers-Schoebel).

Voice and Kazoo – Checha Naab
Cornet – Guillermo Perata
Clarinet – Orlando Merli
Guitar – Fernando Montardit
Contrabass – Nicolás Acosta
Audio and video editing: Guillermo Perata.

Contact: Carlos Inzillo

Buenos Aires
Argentina Masterclass de María Cueto para BA Jazz Magazine Virtual

Una masterclass práctica de apreciación e historia del jazz dada por la música argentina María Cueto, desde el canal de Youtube de su portal de jazz BA Jazz Magazine.
Un recorrido por la historia del jazz, pero reconociendo cada período con el oído.
Gratuita y abierta a todo el mundo.
En Youtube.com/bajazzmagazine

Contact: Maria Cueto | +5491144154388
Official Website: Click here

BA Jazz Magazine
buenos aires, ciudad de buenos aires

Event Time: 08:00
Argentina UNISONO – Special Public Television Broadcast about Argentinian Jazz Virtual

UNISONO – Special Public Television Broadcast about Argentinian Jazz will be presented by 3 prominent jazz musicians and will show the panorama of artists from all over Argentina. 2 artists per cultural region of our country.

UNISONO is a television program produced by the National Institute of Music (INAMU), the program broadcasts groups and soloists from all provinces of Argentina, who present their works from their homes. It broadcasts special videos, tributes and actions on topics related to the music sector.

Since its origin in 2020, more than 390 projects of all musical styles and provinces of the country have already been broadcast.

Contact: Paula Rivera | +541121503865
Official Website: Click here

Hipólito Yrigoyen Av. 1628, 1st floor
Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires

Event Time: 19:00
Argentina CELEBRATION! (3ra. Ed.) Virtual

CELEBRATION! es el evento por el Día Internacional del Jazz organizado por el músico Santiago Silva, que se viene realizando desde hace algunos años en la ciudad de Caleta Olivia, provincia de Santa Cruz, Patagonia, Argentina.
Tuvo sus primeras ediciones en 2018 y 2019 de manera presencial en la sala Liliana Venanzi y en ambas ocasiones se realizó la proyección de un documental sobre jazz seguida de un concierto.
En este 2021 vuelve por tercera vez, de manera virtual, con un recital de jazz por streaming, que se publicará el 30 de abril por las redes sociales de Cultura de la Municipalidad de Caleta Olivia.

Contact: Santiago Ariel Silva | +54 9 297 4721505

Caleta Olivia, Argentina

Event Time: 21:00

6to Jazz Day en Tucuman – Argentina, realizado por el reconocido musico Tucumano Leo Vera

Contact: Leo Vera | 5493814625871
Official Website: Click here

Leo Vera Tucuman Parque Avellaneda
capital, Tucuman

Event Time: 20:00
Argentina CORDOBA JAZZ DAY Virtual

Concierto virtual: Daniel Corzo cuarteto desdel el PASEO DEL BUEN PASTOR, junto a Matías Romero Gustavo Aiziczon y Fernando Calvi. Organizado por la AGENCIA CORDOBA CULTURA. Transmite por YOUTUBE https://youtu.be/X11eL2z-_vE



Virtual concert: Daniel Corzo quartet from the PASEO DEL BUEN PASTOR, together with Matías Romero Gustavo Aiziczon and Fernando Calvi.

Organized by the AGENCIA CORDOBA CULTURA. Stream on YOUTUBE https://youtu.be/X11eL2z-_vE

Contact: IGNACIO GARCIA | +54 93513596371
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 19:00
Argentina Mujeres del Jazz

En el Día Internacional del Jazz, la cantante Grisel D’Angelo junto al pianista Mariano Gianni interpretarán las canciones más representativas de las grandes mujeres del jazz en la historia. Voces que lucharon por ganar su lugar en un rubro artístico que se creía sólo para hombres.
El repertorio incluirá a inolvidables cantantes y compositoras entre las que se encuentran Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, así como voces más contemporáneas de la talla de Amy Winehouse, Diana Krall y Norah Jones entre otras.


On International Jazz Day, the singer Grisel D’Angelo, together with the pianist Mariano Gianni, will perform some of the most representative songs of the great women in the history of Jazz. These voices have fought to win their place in an artistic field that was believed only for men. The repertoire will include unforgettable singers and songwriters including Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, as well as more contemporary voices of the stature of Amy Winehouse, Diana Krall, and Norah Jones among others.

Contact: Augusto Rolando Martinez | +54 91135881416

Borges 1975 Borges 1975

Palermo, CABA
+54 1145474412

Event Time: 21:00
Argentina Tribute to ASTOR PIAZZOLLA Virtual

The ONG of Argentina El Club de Musica invited the prestigious Tango Jazz Quartet to do a tribute concert to the great ASTOR PIAZZOLLA, celebrating the centenary of his birth and the 10th Jazz Day.

Contact: Gustavo Firmenich | +54 91158177471
Official Website: Click here

TJQ Homenajea a ASTOR PIAZZOLLA Bolivar 549 dto D

Ramos Mejia, Buenos Aires
+54 91144053890

Event Time: 19:00
Argentina Jazz Day at Hot Club Rosario Virtual

The music of the “Roaring” 1920s and 1930s is back!
Composed of four true jazz musicians with vast experience in Argentina and abroad, the “YELLOW TAXI JAZZ” quartet features trumpet, clarinet, trombone, guitar and vocals, as it was frequently seen and heard in the 1920s and 1930s in New Orleans, Chicago and New York, when small groups played in bars and restaurants.
True to the jazz tradition, each of the musicians improvises his solo. Thanks to this particular mix of instruments, the group can easily move, coming in and out of the stage without having to connect or assemble any special equipment. That is why “YELLOW TAXI JAZZ” is a walking machine with only one mission: To bring the joy of jazz to each listener’s heart!

Contact: Gregorio Tisera | +5493416665298
Official Website: Click here

Jazz Day at Hot Club Rosario Rosario, Santa Fe

Event Time: 21:30
Argentina Jazz Day Hot Club Rosario, Argentina Virtual

More than 20 bands participated at the virtual celebration of the “Internacional Jazz Day” organized by Hot Club Rosario, Argentina.
Part 1 https://www.facebook.com/events/1052613615148103
Part 2 https://www.facebook.com/events/131146445615713

Contact: Gregorio Tisera | +5493416665298
Official Website: Click here

International Jazz Day at Hot Club Rosario Rosario, Argentina

Event Time: 20:30
Argentina "MONK por CORTÁZAR" Virtual

“Circuito Argentino de Jazz”, presenta:
“Monk por Cortázar”: un Homenaje que recorre cada provincia argentina portando las mágicas melodías de Monk interpretadas por jazzeros argentinos y acompañada de textos de Cortázar. Un videoclip lleno de paisajes, poesía y jazz.
Trece provincias unidas con el único propósito de difundir, educar y trabajar por el Jazz.


“Argentine Jazz Circuit” presents:
“Monk by Cortázar”: an homage touching every Argentine province bringing the magic melodies of Monk as interpreted by Argentine jazz musicians and accompanied by texts from Cortázar.
A video clip full of landscapes, poetry and jazz.
Thirteen provinces united with the single purpose of spreading, educating and working for jazz.

Jujuy: Sebasián Auad
Chaco: Pepo Bianucci
Entre Ríos: Leandro Segovia
Santa Fé: Gregorio Tisera -López
Tucumán: Leo Vera
Córdoba: Marcos Bocco y Rodi Zarza
San Juan: Natacha Cruz y Elmer Meza
La Rioja: Duilio Maldonado
Buenos Aires: Martín Parrilla
Río Negro: Alejandro Bianco Dubini
Chubut: Matías Chan
Santa Cruz: Santiago Silva
Tierra del Fuego: Damián Torres

Contact: Natacha Cruz | +5492645441471
Official Website: Click here

san juan, San Juan

Event Time: 22:00

GONZALEZ GOYTIA/ ESCALANTE JAZZ TRIO: JUAN ESCALANTE: baterìa y voz, JULIO GONZALEZ GOYTIA; guitarra electrica, y NICOLAS GONZALEZ GOYTIA:; bajo electrico y voz. INVITADA ESPECIAL: FLORENCIA ESCALANTE en voz. El trío juega y explora la musica desde el jazz con la mirada y las experiencias de cada integrante Juan es también cellista y cantante, un estudioso, Nicolas reside en Córdoba con su larga experiencias en el folclore y la fusión y Julio aportando su lírica jazzera desde la guitarra aportan al sonido de este grupo de jazz genuinamente tucumano. Como invitada especial FLORENCIA ESCALANTE en voz, una destacada y joven cantante tucumana ex-integrante del coro universitario que viene incursionando hace un tiempo en el lenguaje del jazz.


GONZALEZ GOYTIA / ESCALANTE JAZZ TRIO: JUAN ESCALANTE: drums and voice, JULIO GONZALEZ GOYTIA; electric guitar, and NICOLAS GONZALEZ GOYTIA :; electric bass and voice. SPECIAL GUEST: FLORENCIA ESCALANTE in voice. The trio plays and explores music from jazz with the gaze and experiences of each member Juan is also a cellist and singer, a scholar, Nicolas resides in Córdoba with his long experiences in folklore and fusion and Julio contributing his Jazzera lyrics from The guitar contributes to the sound of this genuinely Tucumán jazz group. As a special guest, FLORENCIA ESCALANTE in voice, an outstanding young singer from Tucumán, former member of the university choir, who has been exploring the language of jazz for some time.

Contact: JULIO GOYTIA | +543816392766

Pasaje Santillán
708 piso 1 B
San Miguel de Tucumán, Tucumán

Event Time: 20:00
Argentina Día internacional Del Jazz en Groovin Cafe

El día internacional del jazz en Groovin Cafe será en formato vinilo. Por cuestiones del COVID no se pueden presentar bandas en vivo. Y por eso se pensó en seleccionar los mejores vinilos del jazz y poder escucharlos ese día junto a un buen café.


International Jazz Day at Groovin Cafe will be on vinyl. Due to COVID issues, live bands cannot be presented, which is why it was thought about selecting the best jazz vinyls and being able to listen to them that day with a good coffee.

Contact: Ramiro Fasano | +54 93413432196
Official Website: Click here

Rioja 1894 2000
Rosario, Santa Fe

Event Time: 17:00

Septimo año consecutivo festejando el dia del jazz, organizado por el musico argentino Leo Vera, la provincia de Tucuman tiene su Jazz Day desde hace 7 años.


Seventh consecutive year celebrating Jazz Day, organized by the Argentine musician Leo Vera, the province of Tucuman has had its Jazz Day for 7 years.


Contact: Leo Vera | +5493814625871
Official Website: Click here

Martin Rodriguez 2122
Tucuman, Tucuman

Event Time: 20:00
Armenia Jazz Day at RADIO VAN 103.1 fm

RADIO VAN 103.1fm is dedicating our broadcast to the 10th International Jazz Day. We will be hosting 4 live concerts at our radio studio, and broadcasting 8 hours of jazz music on air.

Contact: Armen Manukyan | +374 93549853
Official Website: Click here

Khanjyan Str. 13а, Yerevan, Armenia

Yerevan, Armenia
+374 10540001

Event Time: 12:00
Aruba Carlos’s Bislip Jazz Appreciation Concert Virtual

30 of April is internationally recognized as ‘World Jazz Day’. On this day, jazz musicians, educators, and enthusiasts alike commemorate the enormous impact Jazz has had on humankind.

Here in Aruba, Mr. Carlos Bislip – legendary professional Jazz musician – together with local musicians, will observe this special day with the Virtual Jam Jazz Appreciation Concert

Lined-up for this night are:

Johnny Scharbaay’s Trio;
Caribbean Combo;
Carlos Bislip & Friends

📅: Friday, 30 April 2021
⏰: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
📺: Carlos Jazz Expo & Aruba TV Channel 49

A special thanks goes to Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied’s Kickstarter fund, DCA, SETAR, Cliffix, and Vibration PR for making this concert a reality 🙏🏾✨

Contact: Maria Silva Hart | +297 593 2880

Event Time: 20:00
Aruba Jam Jazz Appreciation Month & International Jazz Day Concert Virtual

📌 30 of April is internationally recognized as the ‘World Jazz Day’. On this day, jazz musicians, educators, and enthusiasts alike commemorate Jazz’s enormous impact on the humankind 🎙️🎷

Here in Aruba, Mr. Carlos Bislip – legendary professional Jazz musician – together with local musicians will observe this special day with the Virtual Jam Jazz Appreciation Concert! 🎶🎸

Lined-up for this night are:
🎹 Johnny Scharbaay’s Trio;
🥁 Caribbean Combo;
🎺 Carlos Bislip & Friends
📅: Friday, 30 April 2021
⏰: 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM
📺: Carlos Jazz Expo & Aruba TV Channel 49

A special thanks goes to Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied’s Kickstarter fund, DCA, SETAR, Cliffix, and Vibration PR for making this concert a reality 🙏🏾✨

Contact: Maria Silva | +2975932880
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 20:00
Aruba Jam Jazz Appreciation Concert

Mr. Carlos Bislip is a well-known local musician, artist in Aruba and he plays a crucial role in the local music community. He has been organizing for over a decade the ‘Carlos Bislip’s Jazz Expo’ to invite the crowd of Aruba to learn, enjoy and appreciate Jazz music performed by our local and international artists.

This year is no different: In concert-style formation, two Trio formats with Piano, Bass, and drums – and a Septet which adds a trumpet, tenor sax, trombone, and percussion to the mix, will guide the crowds through the musically-induced night in appreciation of the International Jazz Day.

Contact: Carlos Bislip | +2975932880

Cas di Cultura Aruba Vondellaan 2
Oranjestad, -

Event Time: 20:00
Australia 5MBS: Midday to Midnight Virtual

5MBS is a community radio station in Adelaide, South Australia (www.5mbs.com).

5MBS presenters will devote the 12 hours of programming from Noon to Midnight to jazz around the world and jazz-inspired music.

Contact: William Ehmcke | +61 411861445
Official Website: Click here

5MBS Fine Music Radio

Event Time: 12:00
Australia 24 Hour Jazz Broadcast

Eastside Radio will broadcast an all jazz lineup for 24 hours comprising 17 different programs. The shows will be hear live on 89.7FM as well as streaming online at https://eastsidefm.org/ and on DAB+ Digital Radio under Eastside Radio.

Contact: Tony Smythe | +61 412 494 623
Official Website: Click here

Eastside Radio 89.7FM 249a Oxford Street
Paddington, NSW, Australia
+612 9331 3000

Event Time: 00:00
Australia Jazz Education Day and Celebration for Equity Schools

Adelaide Festival Centre’s CentrED school’s program and the Adelaide Festival Centre are proud to present a daytime educational Jazz skills and performance day for equity schools to celebrate the UNESCO initiative of International Jazz Day to be held in the Adelaide Festival Centre, culminating in a parade in Elder Park on Friday 30 April 2021.
The participating schools are from our Arts for All partnership with Northern Adelaide State Secondary Schools Alliance. This special program is free thanks to Adelaide Festival Centre’s Foundation Arts for All Program, who are providing transport, lunch and artist free contribution.
Workshops facilitated by:
Jo Lawry, Will Vinson, Kyrie Anderson & Lazaro Numa.

Contact: Liz Gogler | +61882168514
Official Website: Click here

Elder Park Elder Park
King William Road
Adelaide, SA

Event Time: 13:00

Palimpsest Featuring Tyrone Noonan return to La La Land for another show in a series live jazz concerts paying tribute to Jazz giants
“I GET A KICK OUT OF JAZZ”: International Jazz Day Special Concert Celebrating The Great Composers in Jazz
Let Tyrone Noonan entertain you with the music of the legendary composers in Jazz including Cole Porter and Rodgers And Hart. Tyrone will be joined by some of the best Jazz musicians Brisbane has to offer, including Brendan St Ledger on Piano, Joshua Hatcher on Bass and Aaron Jansz on the drums. This is a night not to be missed. Doors 6pm. Show starts 7.15PM.

Contact: Michael Watt | +61478188008
Official Website: Click here

Prince Consort Hotel 230 Wickham St,
Fortitude Valley
Brisbane, QLD

Event Time: 19:00

with special guest David Seidel (bass/Sydney); John Reeves (piano, UK born/Aus); Paul Armstrong (USA born/Aus); Paul Hudson (drums) will perform ‘LIVE’ at the Brisbane Jazz Club, 1 Annie Street, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane, Australia 7.30pm to 10pm (AEST). This event will be broadcast “live” to MBS Light Digital on the night. Ingrid James, award-winning Australian jazz singer, voice educator, producer, recording artist and her stellar line-up will present classic “cool” standards from the Great American, Latin, Modern Jazz Standards Songbooks, originals and beyond…

Contact: Ingrid James | +61 0414382254
Official Website: Click here

Brisbane Jazz Club 1 Annie Street, Kangaroo Point
Brisbane, Queensland
+61 33912006

Event Time: 19:30
Australia International Jazz Day @ Marist College Ashgrove

Marist College has a long history of excellence in Queensland Music Education with the College’s first Big Band being an integral part of the program over the last 30 years. In this time, the ensemble has undertaken numerous performances, national and international tours, camps, and competitions. Past students of the ensemble have gone on to perform, record and compose professionally with a diverse range of national and international ensembles including the James Morrison Big Band, the Enthusiastic Musicians Orchestra, The Con Artists, The Berlin Philharmonic, The Paris Opera Orchestra, and Aria nominated artists and winners Ball Park music and George.

The band will perform a 30 minute set of jazz standards and new music.

Contact: Andrew Butt | +61 417 721359
Official Website: Click here

Draney Theatre 142 Frasers Road
Brisbane, QLD
+61 417 721359

Event Time: 11:30
Australia International Jazz Day 2021

International Jazz Day occurs every year on April 30, created by UNESCO to highlight Jazz and its diplomatic role in uniting people around the globe. Mia Palencia launched her luminous career in the Malaysian music scene at the age of 14. Nineteen years, 6 albums, numerous concerts and tours later, Mia continues to live her dream of making music the centrepiece of her life’s work.

Having performed at jazz festivals and concerts across East Asia, Mia moved to Tasmania in 2009. Her awards include a University Medal and the Jack Duffy Memorial Award. Mia records, performs and tours as part of the vibrant Tasmanian music scene, with her jazz quartet In Good Company, soul ensemble Soul Truck, and the Derwent Valley Concert Band.

Contact: Viktor Zappner
Official Website: Click here

Burnie Arts and Function Centre 77-79 Wilmot St
Burnie, TAS 7320
Australia Live broadcast on Brisbane's MBS Light

After missing last year because of COVID-19, Brisbane’s digital community radio station, MBS Light, will once again be broadcasting live from the Brisbane Jazz Club (BJC) with two sessions headed by international jazz personality, Ingrid James. Our International Jazz Day broadcast, anchored by national jazz broadcaster John Diegan, will commence from the MBS Light studios in Brisbane at 7.00 pm and continue through to midnight with live crosses to the BJC at 7.30 pm and 9.00 pm followed by a pre-recorded program featuring highlights of ‘Voices of Tomorrow’ presentations recorded recently at the BJC and featuring emerging young talent on the jazz scene.

Contact: John Carrier | +61 738471717
Official Website: Click here

MBS Light Studios MBS Light Studios
384 Old Cleveland Road
+61 7 3847 1717

Event Time: 19:00




Sydney Grammar School
John Vallance Hall
10 College Street (entry via Yurong Street)
Darlinghurst 2010
Tickets prices:
Adult $35.00
Concession $20.00
Tickets available soon!!

Contact: VLAD KHUSID | +61416372862

Sydney Grammar School JV HALL

Event Time: 19:00

Some of Melbourne’s finest jazz musicians will unite in celebration of International Jazz Day 2021 and in support of the world’s refugees and asylum seekers.

From its beginnings, jazz was a force for social change. Continuing on this tradition local artists will perform solo, duo and trio dedications to those fleeing war and persecution in search of peace.

Musicians include Anthony Schulz, Adrian Sherriff, Rose De La Montaña, James Hodson, Luke Howard, Cheryl Durongpisitkul, Stephen Hornby, Flora Carbo, Maddison Carter, Isaac Gunnoo, Jackie Bornstein, Mina Yu, Ben Charnley, Oscar Neyland, Fem Belling, Mirko Guerrini, Niko Schauble, and Tony Hicks.

All profits will be donated to the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre (ASRC).

Contact: Jackie Bornstein | +61432975220
Official Website: Click here

The Jazzlab 27 Leslie St, Brunswick
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Event Time: 19:00
Australia Estampa

‘Estampa’ are a World Folk Jazz quartet based in Brisbane, Australia. Evoking visions of Parisian lane ways, South American sensuality, and the unbridled joy of European folk-music, Estampa delivers an energetic, internationally-inspired performance. Combining a unique blend of violin, voice, piano accordion, guitar and double bass, this group of fiery musicians is sure to appeal to a diverse and eager-to-dance audience.The group features Rebecca Karlen on violin and vocals, Paul Henderson on guitar and John Reeves on piano accordion and Samuel Vincent on double bass. Together they perform an eclectic mix of music, including French jazz and chansons, Brazilian instrumental music, Bossa Nova, Scandinavian and other World Folk music.

Contact: Graeme Buchanan | +61 417633731

Millwell Road Community Centre 11 Millwell Road East
Maroochydore, Queensland
+61 54793734

Event Time: 13:30
Australia Jazz on the Ukulele

We are a ukulele group in Melbourne, Australia and for this session our playlist includes:
Autumn Leaves
Summertime – George Gershwin
Take Five – Dave Brubeck
What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
Ain’t Misbehavin – Fats Waller
Smile – Nat King Cole
Fly Me To The Moon – Frank Sinatra
Fever – Peggy Lee

Location: 25 Rankins Road, Kensington, VIC 3031, Australia

Register: https://www.meetup.com/Melbourne-Ukulele-Community/events/277624586/

Contact: Fi Hanafiah | +61434720842
Official Website: Click here

Flemington-Kensington RSL 25 Rankins Road
Melbourne, Victoria

Event Time: 18:00
Australia FineJazz on FineMusic Sydney Virtual

FineMusic Sydney has included Jazz since being established as the first stereo FM station in Australia 45 years ago. We present 15 jazz programs across the week, which cover all styles: from classic jazz and ragtime; through swing; into bebop and cool; European and Latin; Australian; and emergent jazz of the 21st century.
Our celebration of International Jazz Day will stream the week’s FineJazz programs, from 9:00 am AEST on Friday 30th, till 2:00 am AEST on Saturday 1st. It is a 17-hour bonanza!

Contact: Keith Pettigrew | +61 419625221
Official Website: Click here

FineMusic Sydney 76 Chandos St

St Leonards, NSW
+61 0294394777

Event Time: 09:00 - 02:00
Australia Echoes of the Jazz Age: Gold Coast

Starring John Bell and Simon Tedeschi
And Special Guest Mandy Bishop

The 1920s, or the Jazz Age, was one of the most thrilling decades in history.

In the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald, who invented the term, it was an age of miracles, an age of art, an age of excess and an age of satire. The dazzling events of the era lasted for ten years until, as he put it so evocatively, they leaped to a spectacular death with the Wall Street crash in October 1929. Nowhere is this period better described than in Echoes of the Jazz Age, Fitzgerald’s famous essay on the Roaring Twenties.

And nowhere is the decade’s remarkable aura more brilliantly evoked than in John Bell and Simon Tedeschi’s performance of the same title, in words and music.

Contact: HOTA Box Office | +61 07 55884000
Official Website: Click here

HOTA, Home of the Arts 135 Bundall Rd
Surfers Paradise, QLD
+61 07 55884000

Event Time: 19:30
Australia Sydney Conservatorium of Music Jazz Orchestra Virtual

Take a break from the world and hear some amazing music from Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s beautiful Verbrugghen Hall featuring our Jazz Orchestra, led by David Theak.

The Jazz Studies program at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music is one of the oldest and most highly regarded jazz programs in Australia. Students work alongside some of Australia’s best-known jazz musicians and composers and are trained in improvisation, ensemble playing, and repertoire development. Studies in aural, harmony, and history subjects support these skills. The aim is for each student to achieve both artistic individuality and a high level of musical literacy. Students benefit from small numbers for maximum contact with staff and fellow players.

Contact: Jacqui Smith | +61 422418735
Official Website: Click here

Sydney Conservatorium of Music 1 Conservatorium of Music

Sydney, NSW
+61 293511222

Event Time: 12:00
Australia Dingo Jazz – Launch Party

Celebrating the launch of Dingo – Australian Jazz Journal, a new magazine dedicated to jazz, with a stellar line-up of artists for this gala event.

Curated by Dingo’s Adam Simmons and Cal Barry, it will be an embodiment of the magazine’s ethos and a showcase for International Jazz Day.

– Poet Street – a fresh all female jazz ensemble of nine
– Jazz Melbourne Youth Band – tribute to Count Basie
– Merri Creek Jazz Band – traditional 1920’s jazz
– Torrio! – Paul Grabowsky, Mirko Guerrini, Niko Schauble – fresh from Adelaide Festival
– Artists In Music Ensemble – premiere by saxophonist Sam Boon with Cheryl Durongpisitkul, Belinda Woods, Audrey Powne, Olaf Scott, Nat Grant, Justin Olsson, Miranda Hill & Richard Bradbeer

Contact: Adam Simmons | +61407803801
Official Website: Click here

The Thornbury Theatre 859 High St
Thornbury, VIC

Event Time: 07:30
Austria International Jazz Day Live @ Stockwerk Graz

International Jazz Day Live @ Stockwerk Graz:

1. Set: 7:30pm
Sigrid Narowetz (cello), Jenö Lörincz (piano), Wolfgang Radl (bass), Norbert Wallner (drums)
special guest: Thais-Bernada Bauer (piano)

2.Set: 8:50pm
Angelika Niescier (soprano- & alto saxophone), Matthias Akeo Nowak (bass), Leif Berger (drums)

Live radio broadcast from STOCKWERK GRAZ by ORF (Austrian broadcasting company) on the channel of Ö1.
And also as Live-Stream on steiermark.ORF.at

Contact: Otmar Klammer | +43 6763159551
Official Website: Click here

STOCKWERK GRAZ Jakominiplatz 18
+43 316817674

Event Time: 19:30
Austria Ö1 Jazztag / Radio Oe1 Jazz Day

Radio Ö1, the culture and information channel of the Austrian National Broadcasting Corporation (ORF), will celebrate its own “Ö1 Jazztag” (“Oe1 Jazz Day”) on April 30th, 2021, for the fifth time. This means that during the whole day, there will be a focus on jazz in nearly every program, from “Guten Morgen Österreich” (“Good Morning Austria”) to a special edition of “Ö1 Jazznacht” (“Jazz Night”) with author Michael Köhlmeier as prominent guest. In the evening there will be a live broadcast from jazz club “Stockwerk” in Graz: Austrian group Tuesday Microgrooves led by bassist Wolfgang Radl and superb German saxophonist Angelika Niescier and her Trio Sublim will perform from 7.30 to 10.00 p.m. Live video stream on steiermark.orf.at!

Contact: Andreas Felber | +4315010118069
Official Website: Click here

Radio Oe1 and Stockwerk, Graz Jakominiplatz 18
Graz, Styria

Event Time: 06:00
Austria Tuesday Microgrooves Live @ Stockwerk Jazz Virtual

Austria’s crossover jazz pioneers Tuesday Microgrooves will present a 1 hour live set at the legendary Stockwerk Jazz in Graz to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the UNESCO International Jazz Day. The show is going to be broadcast via radio and live stream.

Tuesday Microgrooves is a formation that pushes musical boundaries to their limits. Inspired by various influences, from E.S.T. to Medeski, Martin, and Wood, from Erik Satie and Claude Debussy, somewhere in between jazz and classic, drum n bass and pop.

The crew around captain W. Radl demands their listeners’ full attention, and in return, one experiences unique and beautiful musical journeys that leave a lasting impression.

Contact: Philipp Metzger | +43 6645441374
Official Website: Click here

Stockwerk Jazz Jakominiplatz 18

Graz, Styria
+43 316821433

Event Time: 19:30
Austria Radio Jazz Day Liezen 2021 – 10th '24 Hours of Jazz'

10th anniversary (2003, 2013 – 2021) – 24 Hours of Jazz, Live Talks with Musicians, Broadcasters etc & a lot of music on International Jazz Day – 2021 again without the usual Live–Concerts in the City Hall of Liezen (concerning the circumstances of the pandemic)

24 Hours, From Round Midnight till Round Midnight

Contact: Thomas Hein | +43 69910001698
Official Website: Click here

Radio Freequenns - Braodcast Studio Kulturhausstrasse 9
Liezen, Austria/Styria/Liezen
+43 361230111

Event Time: 00:24
Austria Celebrating IJD @ Vienna Music Institute Virtual

The Vienna Music Institute (VMI), a leading Conservatory for Contemporary Music in Austria, presents a wonderful blend of Jazz and World Music, performed by the international students and faculty of the Institute.

Contact: Markus Gottschlich | +43 1 786 04 92
Official Website: Click here

Vienna Music Institute Nobilegasse 23-25

Vienna, Austria
+43 1 786 04 92

Event Time: 00:00
Austria Stafford James Quartet

A gifted and versatile bassist, Stafford James has played bebop, hard bop, free, and R&B material since emerging in the late ’60s working with Monty Alexander, Albert Ayler, and Sun Ra. He’s equally capable on acoustic or electric, and has backed both jazz and R&B singers. Following his stints with Alexander, Ayler, and Ra, he played with Melba Moore, Roy Ayers, Garry Bartz, Rashied Ali, Betty Carter, Art Blakey, Al Haig, Barry Harris, Andrew Hill, Andrew Cyrille, and Chico Hamiliton… He will present his new “string” project, which features him also as a composer.

Contact: Christoph Huber | +43-1-503 7009
Official Website: Click here

Porgy & Bess Riemergasse 11
Vienna, Austria
+43-1-512 88 11

Event Time: 20:30
Austria Spaced Out on Jazz

10. International Jazz Day activities ran throughout the year at various venues and were conceptualized to respond to lockdowns and restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Madeleine Joel Kaindl, singer, musician and composer expressed the Zeitgeist in this way: “Music takes on the role of energetic reunification. People meet again, look forward to concerts, and look forward to the community.

Music will be healing; music will make people forget the severity and consequences of the pandemic for a few hours. Music means salvation, balm for the soul, joie de vivre, light-heartedness.” Autobiography by was composed by Madeleine during the pandemic.

The UNESCO Club Vienna inaugurated the 1st International Jazz Day in Austria with partner That’s Jazz with the Monday Session to support the next generation of jazz musicians.  We teamed up again this year to commemorate the 10th IJD with The Other Armstrong – The Next Generation of Sound Chapter 2.  The composer Paul Urbanek on piano was joined by Robin Gadermaieer (b,eb) and Lukas Boeck (dr).  Robin and Lukas had both participated in the 1st IJD and are now accomplished musicians on the jazz scene in Austria!

Activities were held throughout 2021 included live concerts, poster exhibit as well as the jazz-inspired action painting series Time Signatures.

Ö1 Dave Brubeck’s 100th birthday radio session The FeMale Jazz Art Quartet play Brubeck at the Kulturpicknick organized by Dorly Kapeller with Barbara Rektenwald piano, Swantje Lampert tenor sax, Peter Strutzenberger contrabass  with Wolfgang Wehner of Jazztrio.at  substituting on drums. With Christoph W. Band action painting.

Read More


Contact: Fran Wright | +43 1 6207776
Official Website: Click here

Various venues in-door, out-door and virtual Vienna, Austria
Azerbaijan JAZZ AT THE TOP

Azerbaijani jazz stars and a younger generation of musicians will unite to celebrate the jazz festival in Baku.
Jazz Day for Azerbaijan is a day of demonstration of all the culture and traditions of the country. It is a tribute to the past generation of jazz musicians and a look for the future.

Jazz in Azerbaijan continues its path, and the new jazz club will become another favorite place for jazz fans. Azerbaijan is a part of the world where jazz lives!

Contact: Leyla Efendiyeva | +994 557742623
Official Website: Click here

Jazz club Nizami Str. 90a

Baku, Baku
+99 4124652000​

Event Time: 19:00
Bahamas The Bahamas International Jazz Day Celebration 2021 Virtual

The Bahamas will celebrate International Jazz Day 2021 via livestreaming on our Facebook page. An overview of IJD will be shared; artists will be highlighted via videos and interviews. Also reflections on previous IJD celebrations will be shared.

Contact: Deidre Bevans | +12424220479


Event Time: 09:00
Bahrain Unity and Peace Through Music Virtual

On the occasion of International Jazz Day, Bahrain Woman Society and Bahrain Youth Society present an evening of musical delight under the banner of “Unity and Peace through Music” performed by a selection of prominent artists.


Event Time: 21:00
Bahrain Jazz is a Symbol of Unity and Peace Virtual

I’m Ahmed Al Ghanem, Flutist, Composer, and Music teacher from Bahrain.

I’m leading and will participate in an event organized by two Bahraini organizations, Bahrain Woman Society and Bahrain Youth Society, to Celebrate International Jazz Day. I will perform What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

I did the arrangements, recording, mixing, and video editing.

I will also perform Spain by Chick Corea with my friend Bahraini Guitarist Rashed Mattar, along with other guest artists.

Our Concert will be hosted on Zoom

Contact: Ahmed Al Ghanem | +973 39615157

Event Time: 21:00
Bahrain Bahrain Jazz Fest® presents International Jazz Day 2021 Virtual

The Bahrain Jazz Fest ®, Bahrain’s international jazz music festival dedicated to the development of jazz culture in the Kingdom since 2017, officially supported by the Kingdom of Bahrain through the Bahrain Tourism and Exhibition Authority, will be presenting for the first time a six day long celebration to commemorate the 10th year anniversary of the International Jazz Day 2021, live streamed on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. The specially curated live shows will be live streamed for free from April 4-9 and will feature 3 unique jazz projects from Bahrain as well as 5 special international showcases from Luxembourg and the playing a variety of styles from jazz hip hop, swing jazz, bebop, Arabic infused jazz, delta blues and more!

Contact: Jude D'Souza | +97339658618
Official Website: Click here

328, Building 111, Road 385
Manama, Al Manāmah

Event Time: 20:00
Belarus Джаз с Андреем Славинским. International Jazz Day in Belarus

К Международному дню джаза, который отмечается на всех континентах каждый год 30 апреля, клуб «Ангелы» и «Джаз с Андреем Славинским» представляют программу, в рамках которой вы услышите джазовые стандарты в оригинальном, а потому не всегда привычном, звучании.
Приходите в «Ангелы» на ул. Толбухина 2, 29 апреля к 20.00 и начните первыми на континенте отмечать Международный день джаза вместе с солисткой Екатериной Худинец и VIP Jazz Андрея Славинского!


To celebrate International Jazz Day, the Angels Club and Jazz with Andrey Slavinsky present a program in which you will hear jazz standards in the original, and therefore not always familiar, sound.

Come to the “Angels” on the street. Tolbukhina 2, April 29 at 20.00 and start the first celebration on the continent for International Jazz Day, together with the soloist Ekaterina Khudinets and VIP Jazz Andrey Slavinsky!

Contact: Андрей Славинский | +375 291880033
Official Website: Click here

клуб ул. Толбухина 2
ул. Толбухина 2
минск, Беларусь

Event Time: 20:00
Belgium Students on Stage_KASK Conservatorium Ghent Virtual

Jazz students at the KASK Conservatorium Ghent (Belgium) are celebrating Unesco International Jazz Day by showcasing a full day of free live-streamed concerts. Join these talented musicians for this celebration and showcase of jazz music!

Live stream (free): https://soundofghent.be/event/miry/international-jazz-day


10:00 FEG(U)R 5
The band’s repertoire is mainly based on traditional Latin jazz and mainstream jazz compositions from the 1960s. The musical vision of the band is to explore a modern interpretation of masterpieces from those two musical genres through the fusion of acoustic and electric sounds. The aim of this project is to connect the powerful rhythmic structures and characteristic flavors of Latin music with the mysterious and open atmospheres of 1960s mainstream jazz.
Band: Florjan Pauwels (sax), Gianluca Tozzi (guitar), Romuald Veys (piano), Etienne Gyselinckx (bass), Enrico Antonio Locci (drums)

Band: Anaïs Vijgen (vocals), Reinert Creve (piano), Wannes De Neve (guitar), Sander Huys (bass), Thijs Van Scharen (drums),

This piano trio got to know each other in the lessons of Erik Vermeulen. He helped them in their search for a balance between traditional jazz and all kinds of music, contemporary or not, that influences them daily. They play what is close to their hearts. Sit back and dream away to these inspiring rhythms.
Band: Romuald Veys (piano), Tristan Tarras (bass), Toon Putteman (drums)

Three of Sun is a representation of positive energy that the world of today needs more than ever. Driven by deep groove and the impressionist sounds of greats such as Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock and Bill Evans, Alexis Boone (piano), Sander Huys (bass) and Thijs van Scharen (drums) create new worlds for you to wander.
Band: Alexis Boone (piano), Sander Huys (bass) and Thijs van Scharen (drums)

This young group of jazz musicians was coached by Hans Van Oost for a year. They take you along on their favorite jazz tunes.
Band: Marthe Lasoen (vocals), Wilbert Kaal (piano), Midas Heuvinck (guitar), Stanzi Cresens (cello), Jente Vanderrusten (drums), Nele Vernaillen (flute)

Enjoy this project of Erasmus and Master student Gianluca Tozzi, born this year at KASK Conservatorium Ghent, playing a repertoire of original compositions, Bill Evans’ tunes, and standards in trio.
Band: Gianluca Tozzi (guitar), Zjef Van Steenbergen (doublebass), Enrico Antonio Locci (drums)

16:00 TEN
TEN consists of jazz master’s students, including 2 Italian Erasmus students, at KASK Conservatory Ghent. This year they were accompanied by Defoort. They play interpretations of some beautiful compositions from the modern jazz repertoire.
Band: Martina Garau (vocals), Ilias Verbelen (piano), Wannes De Neve (guitar), Etienne Ghyselinckx (bass), Andrea Murtas (drums)

Contact: Wendy Cocquyt | +32 478838691
Official Website: Click here

Club Telex

Event Time: 10:00
Belgium Eleven for Ten Concert Virtual

An extraordinary concert! Fifteen of our very first talents come together to create a performance with variable geometry. These confirmed artists take turns in changing formations, performing original compositions, or revisited standards. Enough to warm up the atmosphere and take us on an alternate route full of discoveries.

Jérémy Dumont, Dorian Dumont, Igor Gehenot : piano & claviers
Vincent Thékal, Maayan Smith : saxophones
Jean-Paul Estiévenart : trompette
Martin Méreau : vibraphone
Lior Tzemach : guitare
Célia Tranchand : chant
Vincent Cuper, Victor Foulon : basse & contrebasse
Armando Luongo, Fabio Zamagni, Noam Israeli : batterie

Contact: Lydia Reichenberg | +32 475918161
Official Website: Click here

Centre Culturel d'Uccle

Event Time: 20:00
Belgium Jelle Van Giel Group Streaming Concert at Jet Studio Virtual

Happy International Jazz Day!
Special for this year, we’ll do a concert from the oldest recording studio in Belgium, the great Jet Studio in Brussels.

Who are we?
Jelle Van Giel – drums/composities
Thomas Mayade – trompet/flugelhorn
Tom Bourgeois – alto sax/basklarinet
Egor Doubay – tenor sax
Tim Finoulst – gitaar/pedal steel
Bram Weijters – piano/keys
Janos Bruneel – contrabas

What do we play?
We’ll play music from our new album, Third Story, which will be released later this year. Enjoy!

More info:

with support of the Flemish Government

Contact: Jelle Van Giel | +32 473451228
Official Website: Click here

Jet Studio

Event Time: 20:00
Belgium Angelo Gregorio ft. Via Toledo Jazz Quartet Virtual

On the occasion of the International Jazz Day, 30 April 2021, the Belgian Italian Jazz Festival team proposes to organise a live streaming from the famous design atelier AFILO with the aim of bringing you the best of the Brussles Jazz scene LIVE at your place.

Angelo Gregorio is an upcoming jazz saxophonist with a warm saxophone sound and elegant way of composng. He will perform with the famous belgian quartet Via Toledo.

This project wants to present a unique kind of jazz musical performance to the live stage bringing together original compositions of the young upcoming artist Angelo Gregorio and less known jazz standards.

Angelo Gregorio: sax/compositions
Paolo Loveri: guitar
Fil Caporali: boublebass
Bruno Castellucci: Drums

Contact: Angelo Gregorio | +32471407804
Official Website: Click here

AFILO Chaussée de Waterloo 512

Event Time: 19:30

Les Lundis d’Hortense and the Jazz Station join forces to celebrate the tenth International Jazz Day. Two trios are the headliners for this evening: L’Âme des Poètes, a legendary band which has been performing for thirty years now and the piano trio of Alex Koo, a leading figure of the young generation of Belgian jazz. An evening that promises to be captivating!

LIVE RTBF on RTBF-Musiq3 (radio) and AUVIO (replay video)
Live Youtube on International Jazz Day – Belgium
Live Facebook on International Jazz Day – Belgium

Contact: Dana Petre | +3222195851
Official Website: Click here

Jazz Station Chaussée de Louvain

Event Time: 20:00

The oldest and the ancient music group still existing, POLY RYTHMO, their music is considered as African Jazz music.

Contact: Babatunde Joseph A.S | +229 66 99 63 23

Centre Culturel Africa Sound city à Kindonou rue en face de la pharmacie Africa Sound City - rue 2935 Mènontin

Cotonou, Littoral

+229 66 99 63 23

Event Time: 20:00
Bolivia Jazz Day Bolivia: The Voices of Jazz Virtual

Bolivia will celebrate Jazz Day with a festival, on virtual platforms, of jazz musicians of the U.S. and
Bolivia, with an emphasis on female jazz artists and Afro Bolivian musicians. The Festival will be during the entire month and will include concerts and master classes.

Contact: Fabiola Ibarnegaray | +59161273539
Official Website: Click here

Facebook Page La Paz


Event Time: 19:00
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sinan Alimanović – Things Ain’t What They Used to Be Virtual

Multi-award-winning pianist from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Sinan Alimanović, celebrates International Jazz Day 2021, from his living room.
Sinan Alimanović (solo piano) performs jazz standard Things Ain’t What They Used To Be by M. Ellington / T. Persons.

Contact: Lejla Alimanović | +387 61 265 642

Gradačačka 90

Sarajevo, Federation od Bosnia and Herzegovina
+387 61 265 642

Event Time: 17:00
Botswana International jazz Day 2021 Botswana Virtual

Botswana Society for jazz Education will conduct virtual workshops from the 26th till the 29th of April. The concert will be on the 30th featuring the following bands
– Kingdom Arts Academy ensemble
– The Metrophones
-Bosje Big Band
All the events will be pre recorded and aired on our website and all our social media platforms on the set dates.

Contact: Akhutleleng Mogami | +26772234740
Official Website: Click here

Kingdom Arts Academy Plot 1268, Thusanyo House
Gaborone West Industrial
Gaborone, South East
P O Box 106AAD

Event Time: 20:00
Brazil #JazzDay10 Celebration by International Session Virtual

#JazzDay10 Celebration by International Session will be the celebration of jazz, culture, diversity and friendship around the World.

Musicians around the world will host the Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of International Jazz Day playing jazz fusion and celebrating the World diversity together 🌎

The International Session is a musical project which reunites musicians around the world to record virtually.
Regardless of the country, nationality or culture, we collaborate and interpret music.

Contact: Guilherme Bittencourt | +55 47999042628
Official Website: Click here

https://linklist.bio/international.session Brazil
+55 47999042628

Event Time: 22:00

Celebração do Dia Internacional do Jazz com a participação de ícones da música instrumental jazzística de Belém – Pará, falando sobre o Jazz e sua importância na educação e em nossa cultura musical amazônida.


Celebration of the International Jazz Day with the participation of icons of jazz instrumental music from Belém – Pará, talking about Jazz and its importance in education and in our Amazonian musical culture.


Celebración del Día Internacional del Jazz con la participación de íconos de la música instrumental jazzística de Belém – Pará, hablando sobre el Jazz y su importancia en la educación y en nuestra cultura musical amazónica.

Contact: Robenare Marques | +5591988264862
Official Website: Click here

Fanpage Robenare Piano Jazz Belém, Pará

Event Time: 19:00
Brazil 10 Minutos de Jazz com Geisa Fernandes Virtual

Podcast em português

Sabia que o jazz, antes de ser um tipo de música para se ouvir, era um ritmo para se dançar? Já ouviu falar de Jazz Manouche? Sabe como Pixinguinha se interessou pelo saxofone? Em 10 minutos eu conto tudo para você.
Série em três episódios: Ep 1. Origens; Ep 2. Bebop, Cool jazz e Hard Bop; Ep 3. Bossa Nova e o surgimento do Brazilian Jazz


Did you know that jazz, before being a type of music to listen to, was a rhythm to dance to? Have you heard of Jazz Manouche? Do you know how Pixinguinha got interested in the saxophone? In 10 minutes I will tell you everything.
Series in three episodes: Ep 1. Origins; Ep 2. Bebop, Cool jazz, and Hard Bop; Ep 3. Bossa Nova and the emergence of Brazilian Jazz.


Contact: Geisa Fernandes
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 00:01
Brazil International Jazz Day 2021 – Maceió.Brasil Virtual

Presented by Juan Maurer, creator of the Jazz Panorama program, a radio program presented more than thirty years ago, this virtual edition of the Jazz Panorama Program will have as its guests the Clube do Jazz Maceió, the renowned drummer Kiko Freitas, the saxophonist Derico Sciotti, the trumpeter Joatan Nascimento and international Duofel.
The program will be shown at 8 pm on the next day 4/30/2021 on the Jazz Panorama channel on youtube.

Contact: Felix Baigon | +5582998119650
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 20:00
Brazil International Jazz Day on Rádio MEC Virtual

Rádio MEC will have a special program on International Jazz Day, Friday (30)

Rádio MEC prepared a special program for Friday, April 30, when the world celebrates International Jazz Day.

From midnight on Thursday to Friday, the broadcaster will play at least one piece of jazz every hour. And from 6 pm to 11:59 pm on Friday, the program is exclusively geared to the genre.

In the early hours of Thursday to Friday, at 0 am, the Rádio MEC Collection recalls the jazz programs already carried out by the Radio. The selection covers Paulo Santos and his “Em Tempo de Jazz”, in the 1940s, to “Momento de Jazz”, with a presentation by Nelson Tolipan, broadcast by the broadcaster until 2018.

At noon on Friday, the MEC Concerto presents “

Contact: Thiago Regotto | +5521996686483
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 00:00

Desde 2017 celebramos o Dia Internacional do Jazz e desde 2018 o Dia Municipal do Jazz. Para este ano o JUCA JAZZ FESTIVAL ocorre em duas datas, online no canal Juca Jazz no YouTube:
– 29 de Abril às 20:30 h: DJ VINY BLANCO
Viny Blanco é oficial DJ do Juca Jazz. Pesquisador e colecionador, fará uma mostra de jazz brasileiro em discos de vinil.
A jovem pianista Kevelin Bisco é uma das revelações do Juca Jazz. Acompanhada por Rafael Mendes no contrabaixo, Caio Riberti na bateria, e ainda participações especiais do guitarrista Paulo Sérgio e do cantor Gustavo Spínola, apresentam músicas de sua autoria e clássicos da música popular brasileira. #JucaJazz #JazzDay


Since 2017, we have celebrated the International Day of Jazz, and since 2018, the Municipal Day of Jazz. For this year, JUCA JAZZ FESTIVAL will take place on two dates online on the Juca Jazz channel on YouTube

April 29th at 8:30 pm: DJ VINY BLANCO.

Viny Blanco is an official DJ for Juca Jazz. Researcher and collector, he will make a show of Brazilian jazz on vinyl records.


The young pianist Kevelin Bisco is one of the revelations of Juca Jazz. Accompanied by Rafael Mendes on double bass, Caio Riberti on drums, and also special guest appearances by guitarist Paulo Sérgio and singer Gustavo Spínola, they present songs by his own and classics of Brazilian popular music.

Contact: Juarez Godoy | +55 19 99768.0923
Official Website: Click here

YouTube Americana, São Paulo

Event Time: 20:30
Brazil Africa Day 2021 – OHM + Casarão das Artes Virtual

On May 25, access the sets through the link: http://tiny.cc/nraxtz

Once again, the Casarão das Artes and the OHM Kollektive will hold, on May 25, a virtual celebration of Africa Day!
We have no doubt that this day also represents the importance of black musical expression around the world and are directly related to the day of Jazz.
It was from Mother Africa that our ancestors came, in the same inhuman conditions, but settled in the new lands, bringing us the strength of their cultural traditions, creating fraternal musical styles according to the imposed social conditions.

Africa Day is the annual celebration held since May 25, 1963 by the foundation of the Organization of African Unity – OAU. On this day, the leaders of 30 of the

Contact: Leonardo Plivera | +55 0310988135778
Official Website: Click here

Belo Horizonte Rua Domingos Viotti, 50
Bairro Santa Amélia
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

Event Time: 24:00
Brazil Jazz Day 10 – OHM Nujazz in the Park (virtual) Virtual

The Nujazz no Parque [OHM Koletitiv] project has been promoting outdoor events in the parks of Belo Horizonte, Brazil since 2018. The goal is to promote Jazz in all its manifestations, bringing together Jazz instrumentalists and DJs of various styles, playing together for a diverse audience.
The challenge is to make daytime presentations, with free access to an open audience, of all ages and musical references.
The events are the basis for building a new audience, based on the relationship between DJs and Jazz musicians as a place for exchanging knowledge and experiences about Jazz music.
Since 2020 the collective has promoted virtual events on its page with guest DJs. The available sets have already exceeded 18,000 plays.

Contact: Leo Olivera | +55 31 988135778
Official Website: Click here

Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais - Brazil Rua Domingos Viotti, 50
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais
+55 31 988135778

Event Time: 24:00

Belo Horizonte se junta a mais de 250 cidades em todo o mundo e celebrará, nessa sexta feira dia 30 de abril, o Dia Internacional do Jazz. A realização do evento é do Instituto Maestro João Horta, que tem a frente o instrumentista Toninho Horta, que pelo quinto ano consecutivo celebrará a data na cidade convidando alguns músicos para celebrar esta data! Este ano de pandemia, o evento será virtual numa live com vários músicos de Belo Horizonte numa confraternização com muita musica instrumental mineira, jazz e soul! Entre os músicos convidados estão: André Limão, Beto Lopes, Juarez Moreira, Ezequiel Lima, Eneias Xavier, Írio Junior, Deangelo Silvia, Laércio Vilar, Felipe Continentino, Yuri Popoff, Lena Horta, João Paulo Avelar e Cyrano.

a programação ao vivo será às 20h no instagram @jazzdaybh


Belo Horizonte joins more than 250 cities worldwide and will celebrate, this Friday, April 30, International Jazz Day. The event is held by Instituto Maestro João Horta, which is led by instrumentalist Toninho Horta, who for the fifth consecutive year will celebrate the date in the city by inviting some musicians to celebrate this date! This year, with the pandemic, the event will be virtual in a live with several musicians from Belo Horizonte in fraternization with a lot of instrumental music from Minas Gerais, jazz, and soul! Among the invited musicians are: André Limão, Beto Lopes, Juarez Moreira, Ezequiel Lima, Eneias Xavier, Írio Junior, Deangelo Silvia, Laércio Vilar, Felipe Continentino, Yuri Popoff, Lena Horta, João Paulo Avelar and Cyrano.

The live program will be at 8 pm on Instagram @jazzdaybh


Contact: Perla Horta | +5531984588003
Official Website: Click here

https://www.instagram.com/jazzdaybh/ Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

Event Time: 20:00
Brazil Festival Dia Internacional Do Jazz – 5ª Edição Virtual

O Festival vem promover um encontro com vários músicos de Belo Horizonte que se dispuseram a participar voluntariamente, entendendo a importância de se promover uma comemoração de alto nível cultural. O evento será na modalidade on line, com exibição de vídeos musicais inéditos gravados em estúdios especialmente para esta edição do festival. Além disso, vídeos de renomados músicos do cenário jazzístico brasileiro também serão exibidos. Toninho Horta preparou uma linda homenagem ao pianista Herbie Hancock, que também será exibida na programação do evento.


The Festival comes to promote a meeting with several musicians from Belo Horizonte who were willing to participate voluntarily, understanding the importance of promoting a celebration of a high cultural level. This event will be held online, with the exhibition of unpublished music videos recorded in studios especially for this edition of the festival. In addition, videos of renowned musicians from the Brazilian jazz scene will also be shown. Toninho Horta prepared a beautiful tribute to the pianist Herbie Hancock, which will also be shown on the event’s schedule.

Contact: Ana Cláudia Horta | +55 31 9984 98680

Avenida dos Bandeirantes
477 - 501
Belo Horizonte, MG

Event Time: 20:00

Sabará is a historic city in Minas Gerais, Brazil, founded in 1707 associated with the discovery of gold. There is the second oldest theater in use in Brazil, opened in 1819. Since 1781 there has also been the Musical Society Santa Cecília, one of the oldest and most traditional, with 239 years of uninterrupted activities.
In 1894 the Clube Mundo Velho was built, one of the first black recreational clubs in Brazil, founded by ex-slaves and still in activity.
This tradition of historical and current culture marked by black music becomes relevant to the organization of a Jazz festival.
This event will take place virtually, but with broadcasts of performances by DJs, Jazz musicians in the city of Sabará

Contact: Leonardo Oliveira | +55 31988135778
Official Website: Click here

Sabará, Minas Gerais Brasil Rua Domingo Viotti, 50
Bairro Santa Amélia
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

Event Time: 24:00

Samba is a Brazilian musical genre that officially originated with urban Afro-Brazilian communities in Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of the 20th century. But its origin dates back to colonial times. Brazil is internationally known for it.
We have no doubt that this day also represents the importance of black musical expression around the world and is directly related to the day of Jazz due to its roots and history.
Since 1964 0 National Day of Samba is commemorative date of the state of Rio de Janeiro, but its commemoration is recognized nationally.
The event proposes a meeting between DJs, singers and instrumentalists, bringing a current manifestation of the Samba scene in Brazil, in musical sets and presentations on the internet.

Contact: Leonardo Oliveira | 5531988135778
Official Website: Click here

Belo Horizonte Rua Domingos Viotti, 50
Bairro Santa Amélia
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais

Event Time: 24:00

Arte, pessoas e natureza em uma homenagem toda especial para o dia mundial do jazz.

Contact: ANDRE TRINDADE | +556196474307

Andre Trindade da Silva EIXO SUL


Event Time: 16:00
Brazil Caxias International Jazz Day- Jazz na Sacada Virtual

“Jazz na Sacada” – Show com o guitarrista Fernando Aver e a cantora e saxofonista Mirtinha Gomez na Sacada da Acordes Atelier de Ensino Musical/IGFA (Fernando Aver Guitar Institute).
Trasmitido via facebook e instagram


“Jazz na Sacada” – Show with guitarist Fernando Aver and singer and saxophonist Mirtinha Gomez at Sacada da Acordes Atelier de Ensino Musical / IGFA (Fernando Aver Guitar Institute).
Broadcast via facebook and instagram

Contact: Mirta Gomez | +5554984453326

Rua Sinimbu Rua Sinimbú, 982
Caxias Do Sul, RS

Event Time: 16:00
Brazil SESI Big Band recebe: Liz Rosa, Eduardo Taufic, Jubileu Filho e Zé Hilton do Arcodeon

Liz Rosa, Eduardo Taufic, Jubileu Filho & Zé Hilton do Acordeon. Espetáculo em comemoração ao Dia Internacional do Jazz (30/04), às 20h, concerto a ser exibido no Canal do YouTube do SESI-RN.


SESI BIGBAND: Liz Rosa, Eduardo Taufic, Jubileu Filho & Zé Hilton from Acordeon.

Performance in celebration of the International Jazz Day (04/30), at 8 pm, a concert to be shown on the YouTube Channel of SESI-RN.

Contact: Eugenio Graça | +55 84 99818 6303

SESI RN Av. Capitão-Mor Gouveia, 2770 - Lagoa Nova.
Natal, RN
+55 84 998186303

Event Time: 20:00
Brazil OSCAR & JAZZ Virtual


Contact: Simone Camillo | +55 16992751423

55 16 3981-4740
Pradópolis - SP, São Paulo

Event Time: 14:30
Brazil International Jazz Day Brasil Virtual

Some of the best artists and musicians from Brasil will record one song for International Jazz Day Brasil. The concert will be streamed on April 30th at 9PM on Blue Note Rio and Blue Note São Paulo’s YouTube channel. The artists are:
Adaury Mothé
Amanda Maria e Leandro Cabral
Camilla Marotti
Carol Saboya
Celso Fonseca
Claudio Dauelsberg
Claudio Infante
David Feldman
Gabriel Lara
George Israel
Girão Sessions + Frejat
Guto Wirti
Indiana Nomma
Jessé Sadoc
José Arimatea
Leo Israel
Leo Jaime
Luana Mallet
Lucia Richer
Luiz Brasil
Luiz Otavio
Marcelo Martins
Marcos Nimrichter
Mu Carvalho
Ney Conceição
Nico Rezende
Pedro Quental
Renato Massa
Renato Neto
Ricardo Silveira
Robertinho Silva
Rodrigo Santos
Sergio Morel
Taryn Szpilman
Tico Moraes
Torcuato Mariano
Tuto Ferraz

Contact: Teca Macedo | +55 21982445244

Rua Embaixador Carlos Tailor
apto 404 bloco 3
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

Event Time: 21:00
Brazil Rio Santos Jazz Fest 2021 Lives Virtual

O objetivo principal do RIO SANTOS JAZZ FEST 2021 LIVES é trazer entretenimento para o público da Baixada Santista através de um estilo que é um dos principais alicerces da música popular mundial, que é o JAZZ.

De forma acessível e com entrada gratuita, o público será incentivado a se integrar à música e ao ritmo, promovendo uma agradável confraternização entre os participantes.

Em razão ds pandemia do novo Covid-19, excepcionalmente esta ano será dividido em 04 dias, com várias atrações, que mostrarão com muita propriedade um repertório variado.
O festival acontecerá entre os dias 29 (quinta) e 30 de ABRIL (sexta) e 01 (sábado) e 02 (domingo) de MAIO, com apresentações e atividades programadas para a PINACOTECA BENEDICTO CALIXTO


The main objective of RIO SANTOS JAZZ FEST 2021 LIVES is to bring entertainment to the public of Baixada Santista through a style that is one of the main foundations of world popular music, which is JAZZ. In an accessible way and with free entrance, the public will be encouraged to integrate with music and rhythm, promoting a pleasant fraternization among the participants.

Due to the pandemic of the new Covid-19, this year it will exceptionally be divided into 04 days, with several attractions, which will show a varied repertoire. The festival will take place between the 29th (Thursday) and 30th of APRIL (Friday) and the 1st (Saturday) and 02 (Sunday) of MAY, with presentations and activities scheduled for PINACOTECA BENEDICTO CALIXTO

Contact: Cássio Laranja | +5513981321314
Official Website: Click here

Pinacoteca Benedicto Calixto Avenida Bartolomeu de Gusmão, 15 - Boqueirão
Santos, SP

Event Time: 19:30
Brazil Jack Will convida Johnathan Flett Virtual

Jack Will, músico brasileiro, baterista e percussionista, convida o talentoso músico violonista e guitarrista, Johnathan Flett para celebrar em Duo o dia internacional do Jazz. No repertório eles vão tocar clássicos da música mundial com muita criatividade e diálogo musical. A live vai ser transmitida pelo Instagram do músico Jack Will -https://instagram.com/jackwill.brazuca/
no dia 30/04/2021 ás 20h 01min . Felipe Oliveira é quem vai operar o sistema de som que vai ser gerado no Forelha Studio.


Jack Will, Brazilian musician, drummer and percussionist, invites the talented guitarist and guitarist, Johnathan Flett to celebrate the international day of Jazz in Duo. In the repertoire they will play classics of world music with a lot of creativity and musical dialogue. The live will be broadcast on the Instagram of the musician Jack Will -https: //instagram.com/jackwill.brazuca/
on 30/04/2021 at 20h 01min. Felipe Oliveira is the one who will operate the sound system that will be generated at Forelha Studio.

Contact: Jack Will | +5534992537990
Official Website: Click here

Forelha Studio Avenida, Seme Simão, 1830 - Sala 02- Granada
Uberlândia, Minas Gerais

Event Time: 20:01
Bulgaria Jazz In The Heart of Bulgaria

In the celebration of International Jazz Day, on 30 April, we invite our guests and visitors to enjoy some jazz. We hope that the ambiance created by the jazz in our facility will lighten our lives and put some smiles on our faces. The facilities of the hotel, including the pool and spa area, will feature some of the best-known jazz musicians from all over the world.

Contact: Veselin Valchanov | +359 888552762
Official Website: Click here

Relax Complex Detelina, Hissar Elin Paunov 16 Street

Hissar City, Plovdiv region
+359 888552762

Event Time: 14:30
Burkina Faso Festival Jazz à Ouaga

C’est depuis 29 ans que Jazz à Ouaga demeure fidèle aux valeurs qui font son succès : la qualité de sa programmation musicale, l’engagement bénévole et la fidélisation du public rendue possible grâce à des soutiens de partenaires multiformes et variés.
Curieux et enthousiaste, le public répond chaque année à l’appel des artistes et des organisateurs.
Tous les ans, le jazz est à la fête au Burkina, avec des concerts prestigieux attirant les foules.
Cette année, le Festival veut « Célébrer le jazz comme un symbole mondial de paix et de dialogue entre toutes les cultures»


For 29 years, Jazz à Ouaga has remained faithful to the values ​​that have made its success: the quality of its musical programming, the voluntary commitment, and the loyalty of the public made possible thanks to the support of multifaceted and varied partners.

Every year, jazz is celebrated in Burkina Faso, with prestigious concerts drawing crowds. This year, the Festival wants to “Celebrate jazz as a symbol world of peace and dialogue between all cultures ”.

Contact: Anselme Sawadogo | +226 70262803

Espace Culturel Ouagadougou, Kadiogo
+226 63624040

Event Time: 20:30
Burundi International Jazz Day Virtual

Marahaba Music Expo in Burundi present International Jazz Day for the first time our organization joining the world to celebrate jazz music in Burundi

Contact: Shabani Ramadhani | +257 68475873
Official Website: Click here

Asiatique Bujumbura 11 Avenue du 13 Octobre
Bujumbura, Bujumbura

+257 68475873

Event Time: 21:00
Burundi Journée International du Jazz – Concert Bachir & friends

Institut français du Burundi is organizing a concert in its backyard to celebrate International Jazz Day. The guest artist is Bachir Dia, a great Senegalese jazzman living in Burundi for several years. This concert aims to promote jazz and its culture, to make the public dance and to make them aware of this music.

Contact: Lisa Rendetzki | +25768987747

l'Institut français du Burundi 9 Chaussée du Prince Louis Rwagasore

Event Time: 18:00
Cameroon A Day In Jazz

The event will be held in Buea Cameroon to reach out to young musicians to make them understand the importance of Jazz and the value Jazz has and also how it links cultures together.
The first part will be a talk on Jazz, its origins, evolution and jazz influence over our culture. We would expose o. The walking bass line and the swing beat.
The second part will consist of a mini concert where some jazz standards will be played, most particularly Summertime that will be played in a Bantu rhythm.

Contact: Derick Sone Kome | (+237) 6 74 68 63 28

Buea, Cameroon

Event Time: 11:00
Canada MUSICODE: Jazz & Live Coding Virtual

I have YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrZNf0XkxtXE0tsy1y2RT0w) where in each episode I explore a topic in Music, a topic in Computer Science, and then I finish with a performance where I combine the two topics in creative ways.
For International Jazz Day I will make my 4th episode be on Jazz and Live Coding. Live Coding is a type of real-time programming that typically involves improvisation (either musical or technical).

I will couple the release of the episode with a livestream on YouTube where people can connect to ask me questions about Jazz (I will be in front of a piano so the answers can involve music).

Contact: Pablo Samuel Castro | +16132656625
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 10:00
Canada JAZZ.FM91 celebrates International Jazz Day Virtual

JAZZ.FM91 invites you to #DiscoverMusic this International Jazz Day.

We’re bringing you a full day of musical performances on the air and online between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. ET, featuring Emilie-Claire Barlow, Ian Shaw, Brandi Disterheft, Joe Bowden, Amanda Tosoff, Jodi Proznick & Tilden Webb, Elizabeth Shepherd, Florian Hoefner, Adrean Farrugia, Jesse Ryan, Amy Cervini & Oded Lev-Ari, Kevin Clark, Nathan Hiltz & Melissa Lauren, Steve Amirault and Jeff Babko.

Then, John Devenish hosts a roundtable discussion called Impressions: The Universality of Jazz, featuring musicians Molly Johnson, Joanna Majoko, Rich Brown and Curtis Nowosad. We’ll be streaming their conversation on Facebook and YouTube at 6 p.m. ET.

Contact: +1 416 595 0404
Official Website: jazz.fm

Contact: Adam Feibel | +1 416 816 8875
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 09:00
Canada TD Niagara Jazz Festival Presents: International Jazz Day – Celebrating the Jazz Greats Virtual

Come celebrate International Jazz Day with the TD Niagara Jazz Festival!

We will be Celebrating the Jazz Greats!

We have opened the borders for this livestreamed show and will be featuring guitarist James Bryan (Canada), Bass / Vocal duo Chris Northington and DeeAnn (US) and jazz pianist Abel Marcel (Cuba/Holland), bringing you compositions from their favourite jazz influences as well as some original compositions.

Join us on April 30th at 7pm for a FREE event to celebrate the occasion, featuring both local and International jazz musicians!

For more details on our lineup and how to watch this FREE event, please visit our website.

Contact: Juliet Dunn | +1 844 548 5299
Official Website: Click here

St. Catharines, Ontario

Event Time: 19:00
Canada Bravo Niagara! Presents: Sing About Freedom Virtual

Bravo Niagara! will celebrate International Jazz Day and freedom through music. For years, artists have fought for freedom of expression, as is seen by music being at the core of every major social movement in history. This year, we hear from Canadian and international artists, educators, and authors, about the importance of jazz and social justice, jazz education, women in jazz music, and legacy. Curated by Céline Peterson, this one-time-only broadcast features performances from Monty Alexander, Robi Botos, Larnell Lewis, Molly Johnson, Laila Biali, Lara Driscoll, Paul Marinaro, Mike Downes, Matt Woroshyl, Dione Taylor, and Brandon Goldberg, plus a conversation about jazz and social justice between John Clayton and Howard Reich.

Contact: Céline Peterson | +1 3477892034
Official Website: Click here

Niagara, ON, Canada

Event Time: 19:00
Canada Rada & Nazar Zinchuk Performance

We are going to prepare around 2-4 songs-performances for your celebration. We going to recording videos and can share them with you + upload them to our social media as well.

Contact: Nargiza Usmanova | +1 6479958025

Home base studio North York, ON
M2R 1B6

Event Time: 02:00
Canada TD Markham Jazz Festival presents – The Mark Kelso Jazz Project Virtual

Belfast-native, Toronto-based, award-winning drummer, composer, educator, and band leader Mark Kelso leads his all-star “Jazz Project”, through his acclaimed, and 2020 Juno Award nominated, album “The Chronicles of Fezziwig”. A mainstay of the Toronto jazz community, Mark’s numerous collaborations include; Donny McCaslin, Pat Metheny, Holly Cole, Gino Vannelli and many more.
* Mark’s Jazz Project band includes*
Kelly Jefferson – saxophone
Michael Occhipinti – guitar
Gordon Sheard – piano
Mike Downes Music – bass
Mark Kelso – drums
View at markhamjazzfestival.com, click onto “CONCERT LINK” — OR — YouTube “Markham Jazz Festival”. Enjoy! The album “Chronicles of Fezziwig” is available on Bandcamp!

Contact: Mark Lemieux | +1 416 471 8334
Official Website: Click here

The Biltmore Theater Oshawa, ON

Event Time: 20:00
Canada Kris Davis Virtual

A special concert co-presented by the National Arts Centre and the Canada Council for the Arts for jazzahead! and Canada’s Guest of Honour presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2021.

Canadian Pianist-composer Kris Davis was voted pianist of the year in the 2020 Downbeat Critics Poll and in the 2019 Jazz Times Critics Poll. She won both composer and pianist of the year in 2020 by the Jazz Journalists Association. The New York Times dubbed her as one of the top up-and-comers, saying: “One method for deciding where to hear jazz on a given night has been to track down the pianist Kris Davis.”

To date, Davis has released twelve recordings as a leader. Her newest release, Diatom Ribbons, was voted jazz album of the year in the New York

Contact: Jennifer Covert | +1 6135134686
Official Website: Click here

National Arts Centre 1 Elgin Street

Ottawa, Ontario
K1P 5W1
+1 6139477000

Event Time: 20:00
Canada FYEAR Virtual

A special concert co-presented by the National Arts Centre and the Canada Council for the Arts for jazzahead! and Canada’s Guest of Honour presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2021.

FYEAR bridges improvisation and composition, electronic and acoustic instrumentation, language and abstract vocalization, a strident pulse with an expansive sense of freedom. Its mixed-media compositions invoke the urgency of this moment and level a gaze at the future.

FYEAR’s regular contributors are Jason Sharp (electronic sound design, bass and baritone saxophones), Kaie Kellough (text, voice), and Kevin Yuen Kit Lo (type and visual design). In this incarnation, that core has expanded to include Joe Grass (Pedal Steel), the drummers Stefan Schneid

Contact: Jennifer Payette | +1 6136685959
Official Website: Click here

1 Elgin Street

Ottawa, Ontario
K1T 3X9

Event Time: 20:00
Canada West Coast Jazz Festival Virtual

We are an online student jazz festival taking place April 6-30, 2021 out of Alberni District Secondary, Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, B.C., Canada. We are a regional festival for Musicfest Canada. Our adjudicator this year is Jon Challoner-trumpet from New York.

Contact: Sarah Falls | +12507240873

Online 4000 Roger Street
Port Alberni, BC

Event Time: 08:30
Canada MAD Jazz LIVE @The Loft! Virtual

MAD Jazz LIVE! @ The Loft will be celebrating Bubble Tea Day and possibly making them alcoholic just for fun to not only celebrate the joyous occasion of International Jazz Day itself but also our living in Richmond, BC which has so many Bubble Tea options right out our front door!We will be serving up The Great American Songbook as your sommeliers of song in a fresh, innovative, and exciting way.Stay tuned but we are exploring putting on a show starting with songs from the copyright date of music from 100 years ago aka Tin Pan Alley, The Great White Way, Bossa Novas up to pop songs of the day reimagined! #JazzDay #Jazzday10 #InternationalJazzDay#MadJazzLive #MadJazzLiveAtTheLoft

Contact: Mandy Rushton | +16044408672
Official Website: Click here

MAD Jazz LIVE @ The LOFT! 8628 Hazelbridge Way
TH 37
Richmond, British Columbia

Event Time: 20:00
Canada Bleu jazz édition spécial Journée internationale du Jazz

Émission de radio spéciale de 14 à 18 heure, à CFLX, 95,5 FM, à Sherbrooke, Québec.
Disponible par Internet, site CFLX.


Special radio show from 2 to 6 p.m., on CFLX, 95.5 FM, in Sherbrooke, Quebec.
Available on the Internet, CFLX site.

Contact: Alain Robert | +18198723450

67, rue Wellington Nord
Sherbrooke, Québec
J1H 5A9

Event Time: 13:00
Canada Dans l'univers jazz de Pierre-Armand Tremblay

Le Cabaret Jazz Band présente les compositions de PA Tremblay avec la chanteuse invitée Nathalie Albert. 12 musiciens sur scène . Au programme des chansons en français et en anglais, funk, latino, swing and ballades


The Cabaret Jazz Band presents PA Tremblay’s compositions with guest singer Nathalie Albert. 12 musiciens on stage. On the program: French & English songs, funk, latino, swing and ballads

Contact: Pierre-Armand Tremblay | +15147131470
Official Website: Click here

Théâtre des 2 Rives 30, boulevard du Séminaire Nord (CEGEP)
St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec
J3B 5J4

Event Time: 19:00

From Toronto to the world, Jazzcast.ca brings you incredible jazz with broadcast and music experts who continually add context and passion!

On April 30th, we’ll share messages from musicians all over the world, who are celebrating in their own unique way, how much they love this music.

Listen in and feel some Jazz love!

Contact: Dani Elwell | +1 6478028040
Official Website: Click here

jazzcast.ca Toronto, Canada

Event Time: 00:00
Canada Jazz Day in Toronto with Hugh’s Room Live! Virtual

Toronto’s celebrated club Hugh’s Room Live presents a virtual concert of at-home jazz musicians. Featuring JUNO Award nominees (Canada’s Grammy) Okan, Jocelyn Marie Gould, and Sammy Jackson, as well as Eliana Cueves and Jeremy Ledbetter, Drew Jurecka and Adrean Farrugia, and Nathan Hiltz and Melissa Lauren, along with Jazz FM’s Jaymz Bee as our host.

Contact: Michael Occhipinti | +1 416 904 5494
Official Website: Click here

Hugh's Room Live Toronto, Ontario

Event Time: 20:00
Canada Jazz for Vincy – Toronto Benefit for St. Vincent Relief Virtual

Some of Toronto’s finest jazz musicians will celebrate Jazz Day 2021 with “Jazz for Vincy”! It’s a benefit concert for the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, facing hard times after the eruption of the La Soufrière volcano 3 weeks ago.

Hosted by singer Faith Amour, this virtual Zoom experience features an exciting roster of award-winning artists alongside rising talent, including the artistry of Eddie Bullen, Faith Amour, Ori Dagan, Jim Clayton, Carrie Chesnutt, KIMYA, and more! Stay for the post-show Meet and Greet!
Each artist exemplifies the diversity that exists within the jazz idiom, with vocalists and instrumentalists that span swing, crooner, Caribbean, and soul styles. Grab a ticket or donate today! https://bit.ly/32Ttp5W

Contact: Faith Amour
Official Website: Click here

Toronto, ON

Event Time: 21:00
Canada Cheers to 40 Years! Virtual

Hermann’s Jazz Club, a historical institution in Victoria BC’s vibrant culture and music scene, celebrates 40 years in business this International Jazz Day.

There seems no better way to celebrate than to create a legacy album – Cheers to 40 Years – which features a collection of tracks performed by the musicians who played the Club back in 1981 and continue to this day.

Listeners of both the album and album-launch live stream show will be transported back in time to the full-band sounds of swing, jazz and Dixieland, when the club first opened at the Bastion Inn.

Join us on live stream for the album-launch, featuring performances with the album’s top-class jazz performers, at this link: youtube.com/c/hermannsjazzclublive

Contact: Samantha Duerksen | +1 204 799 6154
Official Website: Click here

Hermann's Jazz Club 753 View Street
Victoria, BC
V8W 1J9
+1 250 388 9166

Event Time: 19:00

In the jazzday conmmemoration of this year we have in sanantonio (chile) a special concert remembering to “chick corea”.
Valentino Baos (piano and keyboard)
Felipe Martinez (bass and doublebass)
Sebastian Aspe (drums)

Contact: Valentino Baos | +56 988242087
Official Website: Click here

Centro Cultural San Antonio Antofagasta 545, Barrancas
San Antonio, Chile
+56 988242087

Event Time: 19:00
Chile Jazz day Celebration / Concepción-Chile

The city of Concepción is pleased to announce that it will officially celebrateIinternational Jazz day on Abril 30.
We will launch on all the RRSS videos with live Performances by local bands in Concepción. It will be a virtual and hybrid celebration from Concepción city, Chile.
This event is sponsored by ministerio de las culturas de Chile.
The bands:
-Concepción 14.
-Rodrigo Leible Quinteto.
-Ignacio Gónzalez Ensamble.
-Hualpén Big Band.
-Bigband juvenil de jazz de Concepción.
-Raiquen Bigband de Jazz de Chiguayante.

Contact: Francsico Molina | +56975731030

Artistas del Acero O'Higgins 1255
Concepción, Region del Bio Bio

Event Time: 12:00
Chile Dia Internacional del Jazz San Fernando 2021 Virtual

Para este 2021 debido a la pandemia del Covid-19. y a lo difícil que ha sido poder hacer eventos de música en vivo, Jazz Day San Fernando, está trabajando en una cápsula audiovisual, donde tendremos la destacada presentación de artistas locales del jazz San Fernando.


In 2021, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the difficulties associated with doing live music events, Jazz Day San Fernando is working on an audiovisual project featuring the presentation of outstanding local jazz artists San Fernando.

Contact: Rodrigo Piña | +56951498240
Official Website: Click here

San Fernando San Fernando, Chile

Event Time: 22:00
Chile Global Music Therapy Center Celebrates Jazz Day Virtual

Do not miss the virtual event of the Global Music Therapy Center Celebrating the relationship between the history of jazz and social activism.

Contact: Patricia Perez | +16179344949
Official Website: Click here

Facebook Live! Santiago

Event Time: 19:00
Chile Historias del Jazz Virtual

Join us in this musical journey through the delightful memories of two of Chile’s most influential Jazz musicians in “Historias del Jazz” (Jazz Stories)

Patricio Ramírez, one of the greatest references in modern sax and unconventional Jazz, music teacher at Instituto Profesional ProJazz and founding member of many legendary Chilean Jazz bands will be joined by Federico Dannemann, born in Argentina, raised in Chile, he is one of the most relevant jazz musicians in Chile’s history performing in many bands as well as being a solo artist, for an evening of fantastic music and amazing stories to paint the picture of Chile’s rich jazz history.

Contact: Mario Clemente | +56997162312
Official Website: Click here

Santiago, Chile

Event Time: 17:00
Chile International Jazz Day Chile: Melissa Aldana and Claudia Acuña Virtual

The Regional Office of Education for Latin America and the Caribbean (OREALC/UNESCO Santiago) invites you to celebrate Jazz Day through two events that will take place on Friday, April 30:

The musician Orión Morales will interview the singer-songwriter Claudia Acuña and the saxophonist Melissa Aldana (11 a.m., Chile)

At 8:00 p.m. (Chile), a video will be released with the musical presentations of: Rodrigo Leible, Concepción 14 and Pancho Molina (former drummer of Los Tres), directed by Luis Ayala from Concepción. From the Chilean capital, the Comprovisation Project, led by Orión Lion, will join. Click here to watch.

Contact: Nicolás Rojas Inostroza
Official Website: Click here

Enrique Delpiano 2058, Providencia 7511019 Santiago, Chile

Event Time: 11:00
Chile Jazz Without Borders Virtual

Q&A with Pablo Sanhueza, Latin Jazz genre percusionist and bandleader of Kansas City Latin Jazz Orchestra

Contact: Ximena Figueroa | +56 97 660 7304

Event Time: 19:00
China Blue Note China Big Band – Cowboy Bebop Concert

Contact: Wang Cecilia | +18615210951512
Official Website: Click here

Blue Note Beijing 23 Qianmen East Street
Dongcheng District

Event Time: 19:00
China Anne Evenou Quintet @ JALC in Shanghai "April in Paris" for IJD

Anne Evenou (France) lives and performs in China for 25 years. She is gathering friends from all around the world to celebrate the International Jazz Day at the prestigious Jazz at Lincoln Center in Shanghai. Her repertoire will feature songs in 6 different languages (French, Chinese, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) from swing to Samba & French chansons. Anne Evenou’s concert signature is to build bridges between cultures. Jazz is a universal language that embraces the richness of diversity to act as a force for peace, dialogue and mutual understandings. Anne is devoting her life to that noble mission.

Line up:
Vocals Anne Evenou, piano JUNDA Cn, double bass Brian HURLEY Ca, drums Guillaume PALOMBA Fr, Sax Murray James MORRISON Usa.

Contact: Evenou Anne | +8613501753735

Jazz at Lincoln Center in Shanghai Huangpu District, 200002, Nanjing East Road 139, 4F
Shanghai, Shanghai
+86 21 6330 9218

Event Time: 19:30
China Anne Evenou Quintet @ JALC in Shanghai "April in Paris" for IJD

Anne Evenou (France) lives and performs in China for 25 years. She is gathering friends from all around the world to celebrate the International Jazz Day at the prestigious Jazz at Lincoln Center in Shanghai. Her repertoire will feature songs in 6 different languages (French, Chinese, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) from swing to Samba & French chansons. Anne Evenou’s concert signature is to build bridges between cultures. Jazz is a universal language that embraces the richness of diversity to act as a force for peace, dialogue and mutual understandings. Anne is devoting her life to that noble mission.

Line up:
Vocals Anne Evenou, piano JUNDA Cn, double bass Brian HURLEY Ca, drums Guillaume PALOMBA Fr, Sax Murray James MORRISON Usa.

Contact: Evenou Anne | +8613501753735

Jazz at Lincoln Center in Shanghai Huangpu District, 200002, Nanjing East Road 139, 4F
Shanghai, Shanghai
+86 21 6330 9218

Event Time: 21:30
China JZ Spring 2021 Opening Ceremony and Performance – JZ ALL-STAR BIG BAND FEAT. SPECIAL GUESTS

JZ Spring is an annual event brought to you by JZ Music, organizers of the largest jazz festival in China.

April 30th is the annual International Jazz Day and also the opening ceremony of JZ Spring 2021. On that night, nearly 20 top Chinese jazz musicians such as jazz guitarist Lawrence Ku (顾忠山), jazz pianist Huang Jianyi (黄健怡), jazz trumpet player Li Xiaochuan (李晓川), jazz guitarist Zhang Xiongguan (张雄关), and Chinese singer James Li (李泉), Gu Feng (谷峰), rapper J-Fever (小老虎) will bring top-level jazz live with JZ All-Star Big Band conducted by jazz saxophone player Li Shihai at Jing’an Park.

Contact: Kuangyu Ren

Jing'an Park No.1649 West Nanjing Road

Shanghai, Shanghai

Event Time: 19:00
China Penny Black Jazz Club – In Jazz we are together

In Jazz, we are together, will be a tribute to jazz music, and the musicians that gave us the standards.

Contact: DAVID Macphee | 86 13923412155
Official Website: Click here

Penny Black Jazz Club No. 134, Block A5
(Overseas Chinese Town) Oct -Loft North Area, Wenchang St,
Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

86 (755) 86098585

Event Time: 19:30
China Garden Party at Southern Painting Academy

A cocktail party with the Kenny Du jazz quartet

Contact: Ayunts Anahit | +86 18688127688

Southern Painting Academy 25 Shimen Road, Cuiheng Village, Nanlang Town

Zhongshan, Guangdong

+86 18688127688

Event Time: 20:00
Colombia Jazz Mutante, 25th anniversary Jazz al Parque Festival Virtual

Jazz al Parque Festival celebrates 25 years, and prepared digital products, related to artistic, interdisciplinary, and memory content.

District Institute of Arts – Idartes, launches a transmedia project that traces the history of the Festival and its impact on the development of the jazz scene in Bogotá and Colombia, through five memory products: an audiovisual series, a podcast series, a digital music compilation “25 years in 25 songs”, a virtual bank of music scores for the Big Band Bogotá and a digital book with multimedia content.

Everything for the citizens has full and free access to a unique experience and fundamental material, not only for their enjoyment but also for learning, audience development, research, and study.

Contact: Salomé Olarte | +57 319 2378300
Official Website: Click here

District Institute of Arts Bogotá, Colombia

Event Time: 16:00
Colombia XI Festival Internacional de Blues y Jazz Virtual

Talleres, conversatorios y presentaciones musicales virtuales con musicos y educadores de diferentes paises quienes compartiran sus experiencias en el Jazz con alumnos y profesores de las escuelas de musica locales ,en esta version 2021 tendremos especial enfasis en estimular la participacion de niños y jovenes para que inicien su gusto por el Jazz y demas variantes del genero.


Workshops, talks and virtual musical presentations with musicians and educators from different countries who will share their experiences in Jazz with students and teachers from local music schools, in this 2021 version we will have a special emphasis on stimulating the participation of children and young people to spark their enthusiasm for Jazz and other variants of the genre.

Contact: Henry Moros | +57 3143698468
Official Website: Click here

Bucaramanga Calle 21 # 31 - 59
Bucaramanga, Santander

Event Time: 22:00
Colombia Torcuato Mariano Jazz Day Virtual

LO MEJOR DE BAJO FONDO RADIO CLUB, desde Río de Janeiro, TORCUATO MARIANO, uno de los mejores guitarristas de Brasil, productor y compositor, trabajó con grandes nombres de la música brasileña como Djavan, Jonhy Alf, Cazuza, Lobão, Gal Costa, Flávio Venturini y Leo Gandelman entre otros. Varios álbumes producidos por él alcanzaron más de 1 millón en ventas. Como compositor, lanzó 6 discos en solitario, estando entre los 10 artistas más escuchados según la revista Billboard. 107.5 Javeriana Estéreo Cali / Colombia. Dirección: Daniel Mariscal / Argentina. Link para escuchar: https://soundcloud.com/bajofondoradioclub/torcuato-mariano-interview-bajo-fondo-radio-club-jazzday


THE BEST OF BASS RADIO CLUB, from Rio de Janeiro, TORCUATO MARIANO, one of the best guitarists in Brazil, producer and composer, worked with big names in Brazilian music such as Djavan, Jonhy Alf, Cazuza, Lobão, Gal Costa, Flávio Venturini and Leo Gandelman among others. Several albums produced by him reached more than 1 million in sales. As a songwriter, he released 6 solo albums, ranking among the 10 most listened to artists according to Billboard magazine. 107.5 Javeriana Estéreo Cali / Colombia. Address: Daniel Mariscal / Argentina. Link to listen:

Contact: Daniel Mariscal | +573147928512
Official Website: Click here

107.5 Javeriana Estereo Cali Cali
Valle del Cauca

Event Time: 16:00
Colombia ROSSE AGUILAR interview BAJO FONDO RADIO CLUB #JazzDay10 Virtual

Desde la ciudad de Guatemala, la saxofonista, cantante, compositora y educadora Rosse Aguilar Barrascout, integrante del cuarteto Imox Jazz, en entrevista exclusiva con Daniel Mariscal dentro del marco del 10º Dia Internacional del Jazz #JazzDay10. Musica: Caminando / Imagine / New perspective / Dont say no / La forma / Silent talk / Respuesta / El mishito / Amanecer / Noche de luna entre ruinas / Que todo el mundo sepa / Luis Pedro Gonzalez (Testimonio) / Ven a mi / Son de la Catarina. Bajo Fondo Radio Club 107.5 Javeriana Estereo Cali / Colombia. Locucion institucional: Daniel Mariscal. Arte grafico: Johanna Villaba. Conduccion y Direccion: Daniel Mariscal / Argentina. Link para escuchar: https://soundcloud.com/bajofondoradioclub/rosse-ag


From Guatemala City, the saxophonist, singer, composer, and educator Rosse Aguilar Barrascout, a member of the Imox Jazz quartet, in an exclusive interview with Daniel Mariscal within the framework of the 10th International Jazz Day # JazzDay10.

Musica: Caminando / Imagine / New perspective / Dont say no / La forma / Silent talk / Answer / El mishito / Dawn / Moonlit night among ruins / Let everyone know / Luis Pedro Gonzalez (Testimony) / Come to me / Son of the Catarina. Bass Radio Club 107.5 Javeriana Estereo Cali / Colombia. Institutional locution: Daniel Mariscal. Graphic art: Johanna Villaba. Conduction and Direction: Daniel Mariscal / Argentina.

Link to listen: https://soundcloud.com/bajofondoradioclub/rosse-ag

Contact: Daniel Mariscal | +57 3147928512
Official Website: Click here

107.5 Javeriana Estereo Cali Cali, Valle del Cauca

Event Time: 16:00
Colombia JAZZ DAY 10º en BAJO FONDO RADIO CLUB Virtual

Celebracion del 10º Dia Internacional del Jazz en Bajo Fondo Radio Club. Entrevistas de Daniel Mariscal a Ron Carter, Chucho Valdés, Rosa Passos, Francisco Zumaqué, Harold Lopez-Nussa, Torcuato Mariano, Oscar Giunta, Corina Bartra, Danilo Perez y Oscar Stagnaro. Domingo 4pm. en 107.5 Javeriana Estereo Cali / Colombia. Direccion: Daniel Mariscal. Link para escuchar: https://soundcloud.com/bajofondoradioclub/dia-internacional-del-jazz-10-anivesario-bajo-fondo-radio-club


Celebration of the 10th International Jazz Day at Bajo Fondo Radio Club.

Daniel Mariscal interviews with Ron Carter, Chucho Valdés, Rosa Passos, Francisco Zumaqué, Harold Lopez-Nussa, Torcuato Mariano, Oscar Giunta, Corina Bartra, Danilo Perez and Oscar Stagnaro.

Sunday 4 pm. at 107.5 Javeriana Estereo Cali / Colombia. Address: Daniel Mariscal.

Link to listen: https://soundcloud.com/bajofondoradioclub/dia-internacional-del-jazz-10-anivesario-bajo-fondo-radio-club

Contact: Daniel Mariscal | +57 3147928512
Official Website: Click here

Javeriana Estereo Cali Cali, Valle del Cauca

Event Time: 16:00
Colombia JazzDay Celebration at Colegio La Colina from ISP, Colombia Virtual

Students from Preschool, Primary, Secondary, and High School will participate in different activities to celebrate Jazz Day: Introduction to Jazz, JazzArt, and JazzTrivia.

Contact: Raúl Torres | +57 3114534292
Official Website: Click here

International Jazz Day Celebration

Event Time: 08:00
Colombia Un cuento de jazz para niños Virtual

Un cuento de jazz para niño es contenido radiofónico que busca acercar a los más jóvenes al jazz a través del sistema “cuenta cuentos” y con ejemplos musicales.
Es un proyecto de la Corporación Cultural Música Maestro a través de sus programas educativos Coloreando la música y la música tiene quién le escriba.


A jazz story for children is radio content that seeks to bring young people closer to jazz through the “storytelling” system and with musical examples.

It is a project of the Corporación Cultural Música Maestro through its educational programs Coloring music and music has who writes.

Contact: Sandra Cano Bedoya | +573117553985
Official Website: Click here

Música Maestro Radio Calle 54, N0. 86A60.
Medellín, Antioquia

Event Time: 11:00
Colombia Viernesito Alegre presenta Latin Jazz Virtual

Un espacio musical para celebrar el Día Internacional del Jazz. Una selección de Latin Jazz, para que viajemos juntos a través del Sonido. Conduce: Juan David Gómez Ecléctik / Presenta: Fernando Chica. Una producción de La Ciudad del Sonido & Música Maestro Radio. Medellín, Colombia.


A musical space to celebrate International Jazz Day.

A selection of Latin Jazz, so that we travel together through Sound.

Hosts: Juan David Gómez Ecléctik / Presents: Fernando Chica.

A production of La Ciudad del Sonido & Música Maestro Radio.

Contact: Juan David Gómez Rodas | +57 3113706309
Official Website: Click here

La Ciudad del Sonido Calle 34 A # 85 A 49, 212
Medellín, Antioquia
+57 4 3113706309

Event Time: 08:00
Colombia Día Internacional del Jazz en Medellín Virtual

El 30 de abril de 2021, vamos a gozar con el jazz latino de ¡Tomate’s Quinteto & Carojazz! Muchas gracias a la Unesco, Comfama y Latina Stereo 100.9 FM

Celebraremos la vida y el talento del maestro Luis Fernando Mesa “Tomate”, leyenda de la salsa colombiana. Este gran pianista es recordado por su participación en grabaciones y presentaciones de agrupaciones como Latin Brothers y Fruko y sus Tesos.

Este ensamble ha sido conformado por Teo Grajales y José Tobón para regalarle al maestro un espacio de libertad y aventura que permita a su vez explorar su faceta más jazzística, sin perder su sabor característico.

El show es de ingreso libre, pero es indispensable el registro en http://bit.ly/DíaInternacionalDelJazz


On April 30, 2021, we are going to enjoy the Latin jazz of ¡Tomate’s Quinteto & Carojazz! Many thanks to Unesco, Comfama and Latina Stereo 100.9 FM. We will celebrate the life and talent of maestro Luis Fernando Mesa “Tomate”, legend of Colombian salsa. This great pianist is remembered for his participation in recordings and performances by groups such as Latin Brothers and Fruko y sus Tesos.

This ensemble has been formed by Teo Grajales and José Tobón to give the maestro a space of freedom and adventure that allows in turn to explore its more jazzy side, without losing its characteristic flavor. The show is free, but registration is required at http://bit.ly/DíaInternacionalDelJazz

Contact: Silvana Tobón / Improductionz | +57 3192510485
Official Website: Click here

Teatro Comfama Alfonso Restrepo Moreno Calle 48 # 43 - 87
Medellín, Antioquia 050016

Event Time: 19:00
Colombia Gran Concierto de Celebración Día Internacional del Jazz 2021 & X Aniversario de fundación El Club del Jazz

Celebra con nosotros el Día Internacional del Jazz 2021 y los primeros 10 años de nuestro querido proyecto El Club del Jazz.

El pasado 30 de abril, por motivos de salud pública no pudimos celebrar el día oficial del jazz, es por ello que decidimos mover la fecha de celebración para el próximo 8 de octubre, y no perder la tradición que hemos llevado por más de 8 años.

Hemos preparado un maravilloso concierto, a cargo de la vocalista de Jazz francesa Isabelle Gueldry, acompañada por un ensamble de talentosos jóvenes de la ciudad; Carlos Posada al Piano, Sebastián Guerrero en el contrabajo y Samuel Perez en la Batería.

¡Estamos haciendo historia y tu estas invitado, Te esperamos!


Join us in celebrating International Jazz Day 2021 and the first 10 years of our beloved project, “El Club del Jazz.”

This past April 30, for public health reasons we were not able to celebrate the official Day of Jazz. Therefore we decided to move the date of our celebration to 8 October, and not lose the tradition that we have kept for more than eight years.

We have prepared a marvelous concert, featuring the French jazz vocalist Isabelle Gueldry accompanied by an ensemble of talented young players: Carlos Posada on piano, Sebastián Guerrero on bass and Samuel Perez on drums.

We are making history and you are invited–see you there!

Contact: Christian Salgado B. | +57 3002037909
Official Website: Click here

CasaTeatro El Poblado Cra. 47b ##17 b sur 30
Medellín, Antioquia
+57 43211100

Event Time: 20:00

Celebramos el cumpleaños de la cantante, compositora y guitarrista Bahiana, nacida en Salvador de Bahia en 1952 y el 10º Jazz Day con una entrevista de Daniel Mariscal y testimonio de Ron Carter. Bajo Fondo Radio Club. Domingos 4pm. 107.5 Javeriana Estereo Cali / Colombia.


We celebrate the birthday of the singer, songwriter, and guitarist Bahiana, born in Salvador de Bahia in 1952. We also celebrate the 10th Jazz Day with an interview from Daniel Mariscal and testimony from Ron Carter.

Sundays 4pm

107.5 Javeriana Estereo Cali / Colombia.

Contact: Daniel Mariscal | +57 3147928512
Official Website: Click here

Javeriana Estereo Cali Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca

Event Time: 16:00
Colombia El jazz colombiano por el mundo Virtual

Se recogerán varios video de músicos colombianos que se encuentran desempeñándose en el jazz al rededor del mundo y por medio de nuestras redes sociales daremos a conocer todas estas vivencias, además realizaremos un especial del programa encuentros con el jazz en dónde hablaremos de las diferentes vertientes del jazz, este programa se transmitirá por medio de 5 emisoras radiales con el fin de poder llegar a un mayor público.


Several videos of Colombian musicians who are performing in jazz around the world will be collected and through our social networks, and we will publicize all these experiences. Additionally, we will carry out a special of the program meetings with jazz where we will talk about the different aspects of jazz. This program will be broadcast through 5 radio stations in order to reach a wider audience.

Contact: Arian Cuervo | +57 310 322 7072

Villa de Leyva Jazz Festival Cra 7 # 8-48

Villa de Leyva, Boyacá

Event Time: 15:00
Costa Rica Celebration of International Jazz Day at the National University of Costa Rica Virtual

This International Jazz Day celebration aims to promote the Master’s Degree in Jazz at the School of Music of the National University of Costa Rica (UNA).
It seeks to create cultural spaces for training and projection for people interested in Jazz, to disseminate the educational and musical capacity of the professors at the UNA’s School of Music and to show the musical level achieved by the School’s Jazz music students. The event will consist of a series of masterclasses given by UNA professors:
• Improvisation beyond Jazz (by Tupac Ulloa Valverde).
• Swing Articulation (by Josh Quinlan)
• Blues (by Alejandro Cardona)
• Reharmonizations (by Luis Monge)
Finally, there will be a concert by the students, and one more by the Faculty.

Contact: Laura Jiménez Tassara

Event Time: 13:00
Costa Rica Costa Rica Jazz Day

A day with 4 masterclasses and 2 concerts with the Music School Jazz Ensemble of the National University of Costa Rica.
It also will be the launch of the Master’s Degree in Jazz and Contemporary Music Practices.

Contact: Laura Jiménez | +506 88645511

Auditorio Complejo San Pablo San Pablo de Heredia

Heredia, Heredia

Event Time: 13:00
Costa Rica Everywhere from Within Virtual

This virtual concert will bring together artists from different parts of the world, such as Costa Rica, the United States, Brazil, Chile, and Poland. The featuring artists, with the students of the educational program Orquesta Juventud Esperanza, will celebrate the values and legacy of Jazz.

Aga Derlak, Lihi Haruvi Jose Arturo Soto, Jacob Means, Luke Norris, Maria Amalia Quesada, Sofia Kriger, Gustavo D’Amico, Jacob Means, Jacob Jezioro, Juan Carlos Martinez, Orquesta Juventud Esperanza, among others.

Contact: Maria Quesada | +1 617 9828 545
Official Website: Click here

San José, Costa Rica

Event Time: 17:00
Costa Rica Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences will be able to watch from the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +50625192201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3
San Jose, San Jose


Event Time: 00:00
Costa Rica Pablo Campos – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch vial the National Theater of Costa Rica’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +50625192201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3
San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 17:00
Costa Rica Mali – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch vial the National Theater of Costa Rica’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +50625192201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3
San Jose, San Jose


Event Time: 20:00
Costa Rica Eduardo Montero – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 14:01
Costa Rica Jose & Michelle Gonzalez – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 12:00
Costa Rica Sonsax – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 11:01
Costa Rica Florida International University’s Jamie Ousley – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.


Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 12:00
Costa Rica New Orleans Jazz Museum – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 13:29
Costa Rica Yellow Jackets – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 19:00
Costa Rica University Southern California – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 14:00
Costa Rica Edgar Sequeira – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 14:04
Costa Rica Swing en 4 – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 15:22
Costa Rica University of Minnesota – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 11:01
Costa Rica Jazz Garbo – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 21:01
Costa Rica NYU’s Dave Prieto – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 12:00
Costa Rica Florida State University’s Greg Jones – Costa Rica Jazz Fest at the National Theater Virtual

100+ U.S. and Costa Rican artists meet for this virtual International Jazz Fest, which audiences are able to watch via the Costa Rican National Theater’s Facebook page. Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica, and organized by the Centro Cultural Costarricense-Norteamericano.

Contact: Lauren Garza | +506 2519 2201

National Theater of Costa Rica Ave. 2, C. 3

San Jose, San Jose

+506 2010 1100

Event Time: 10:31

American Space UFHB invite les musiciens, universitaires, étudiants et passionnés de jazz à célébrer la journée internationale du jazz ce 30 Avril 2021,
Cette journée marquera le 10e anniversaire de la Journée Internationale du Jazz. A cet effet, Monsieur Constant Boty, guitariste / compositeur et éducateur ivoirien, animera une conférence sur le thème : « Les ambassadeurs du jazz »,Il plongera le public dans les magnifiques expériences des Jazzmen américains qui ont utilisé le jazz pour transcender les différences politiques et économiques, gagnant le cœur et l’esprit des gens du monde entier. L’événement sera cloturé par un récital de guitare du riche répertoire de jazz, et musique du monde du Conférencier.


American Space UFHB invites musicians, academics, students, and jazz enthusiasts to celebrate International Jazz Day this April 30, 2021. This day will mark the 10th anniversary of International Jazz Day. To this end, Mr. Constant Boty, Ivorian guitarist/composer and educator, will host a conference on the theme: “Jazz Ambassadors”. He will immerse the public in the magnificent experiences of American Jazzmen who have used jazz to transcend economic and political differences, winning the hearts and minds of people around the world. The event will close with a guitar recital from the Lecturer’s rich jazz repertoire and world music.

Contact: Djibril Silue | +225 0707386198

American Space UFHB Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire
+225 0707386198

Event Time: 14:00
Croatia Celebrating International Jazz Day – Lela & Joe Kaplowitz Virtual

Renowned American – Croatian Jazz couple Lela and Joe Kaplowitz are joining their forces in this year’s celebration of the International Jazz Day online from their home. They will be performing and celebrating the artistry of the great lyricist and composer Eddy Jefferson. Tune into their FB live: https://www.facebook.com/lela.kaplowitz/

Contact: Lela Kaplowitz | +385996761430
Official Website: Click here

Live from Home Ante Kovačića 20

Donja Bistra

Event Time: 17:00
Croatia Elvis Stanic Group – International Jazz Day Celebration

The city of Opatija (Croatia) will have the opportunity to celebrate Jazz Day with a concert by the Elvis Stanić Group.

ELVIS STANIĆ GROUP is a jazz fusion group that combines the Mediterranean melody of traditional Croatian music with the rhythms of Latin expression and contemporary jazz tendencies. ESG is a winner of 15 Croatian discographic awards and a Porin Music Award for jazz music.
In the meantime, the band has been “updated” with new members, the repertoire has been refreshed with electronics, digital music technology, and a new approach to their most popular original compositions. Along with Elvis Stanic, the band members Alba Nacinovich, Ivan Popeskic, Branimir Gazdik, and Damjan Grbac will also perform at the concert.

Contact: Elvis Stanic | +385912011531
Official Website: Click here

Centar Gervais Nikole Tesle 5
Opatija, Primorsko-goranska

Event Time: 20:00
Croatia Jazzy Ride

Hosted by Informal Initiative of Cultural Associations from Osijek and by various local jazz musicians, this event is going to be a one-day contribution for global awareness of the historical and cultural importance of jazz.
United by love, art and rhythm, the event will provide free access to all citizens intrested in multiform rich and energetic music. The event will take the form of a musical performance by 4 bands on a tram trailer that will pass through the city of Osijek. In this way, the safety and protection of all participants as well as citizens will be guaranteed.

Contact: Jelena Rebić | +385977738988


Event Time: 13:00
Croatia International Jazz Day at Music School Josip Hatze, Split, Croatia

On the 10th anniversary we are planning a big event in Park-forest Marjan in Split Town.
The performance will be very colourful: from Big Band to Trio, Choir to vocal soloists. Everything is going to happen in a beautiful audience of the park forest Marjan in Split, Croatia.

Contact: Jaksa Matosic | +385911505338
Official Website: Click here

Park forest Marjan Obala Hrvatskog narodnog preporoda 25, 21000, Split


Event Time: 18:00
Croatia Međunarodni dan jazza u Hrvatskoj

Croatian national television is making a TV show about International jazz day in Croatia. The programme includes a live concert with the Croatian television jazz orchestra, conversations with various eminent jazz musicians (senior and young), women in jazz, and features jazz scenes from various cities (Zagreb, Pula, Rijeka, Dubrovnik).

Contact: Melanija Pović Jagarinec | +385 0913867817

Međunarodni dan jazza u Hrvatskoj Prisavlje 3


Event Time: 19:30
Cuba Jazz Day in Havana Virtual
El Festival Jazz Plaza de la Habana y el Programa Transcultura: Integrando a Cuba, el Caribe y la Unión Europea mediante la Cultura y la Creatividad de la UNESCO, celebran el Día Internacional del Jazz en 2021 con un Concierto Online e Intercambio Creativo del Caribe, dirigido por el músico cubano Roberto Fonseca, quien presenta a la Banda del Jazz Plaza, y con la participación, por primera vez, de artistas de nueve de los 17 países del Caribe beneficiarios del Programa Transcultura, los cuales se unirán de forma virtual a esta fiesta del jazz.
Este concierto subregional contará con la participación de los músicos caribeños Andre Woodvine de Barbados, Barbara Cadet de Santa Lucia, Oshane Love de Jamaica, Michele Henderson de Dominica, Reginal Policard de Haiti, James Sanker de Belice, Casandra Núñez de la República Dominicana, y los cubanos Roberto Fonseca y Bobby Carcassés.
El concierto será un vehículo de promoción e integración para la obra de artistas caribeños, a la vez que un material didáctico disponible para su uso en los procesos de enseñanza-aprendizaje en la región.
The Havana Jazz Plaza Festival and the UNESCO Transcultura Programme: Integrating Cuba, the Caribbean and the European Union through Culture and Creativity celebrate International Jazz Day 2021 with an online concert and creative exchange from the Caribbean, directed by Cuban musician Roberto Fonseca who presents the Jazz Plaza Band, and with the participation, for the first time, of artists from nine of the 17 Caribbean beneficiary countries of the Transcultura Programme, who will join this jazz festival virtually.
This sub-regional concert will feature Caribbean musicians Andre Woodvine from Barbados, Barbara Cadet from Saint Lucia, Oshane Love from Jamaica, Michele Henderson from Dominica, Reginal Policard from Haiti, James Sanker from Belize, Casandra Núñez from the Dominican Republic, and Cuba’s Roberto Fonseca and Bobby Carcassés.
The Concert will be a means to promote and integrate the work of Caribbean artists, as well as a didactic material available for use in the teaching-learning process in the region.

Contact: Liliam Pérez | +5353200933
Official Website: Click here

Jazz Plaza Festival Calle 1ra
Entre 10 y 12
Habana, La habana

Event Time: 18:00
Cuba Matanzas. Jazz Festival

Annual 4 day event in Matanzas Cuba featuring Many of Cuba’s top artists as well as international guest performers. The event features daily conferences, masterclasses, workshops and many concerts.
The festival is scheduled to be live but many activities will go online depending on the Covid situation.

Contact: Aldo Mazza | 514 824 2063
Official Website: Click here

Sala White
Teatro Sauto

Event Time: 10:00
Curacao International Jazz Day Celebration in Curaçao Virtual

Two days of celebration, interaction, sharing, and caring for each other. Due to Covid-19, we are limited in our possibilities but with the support of technology, we are able to connect, share and enjoy the music that we all love. International Jazz Day will be our common ground. On April 29 and 30, 2021 we will dedicate ourselves to sharing local past performances, interactive sessions, presentations, and virtual live at-home concerts by local musicians in Curacao and abroad. The Global Concert will be streamed live via social media. Jazz still lives in Curaçao! We will be back!

Contact: Vanessa Tore | +599 95128443

Curacao Cool's Corner Virtual Exhibit @BNK Virtual

In collaboration with DOJACMC Foundation, will showcase an attractive wall of dedicated to the late jazz legend, saxophonist and DOJACMC founder John James Willekes Jr. (1957-2019). Cool’s Corner: A dedication to John James “JJ Cool” Willekes will spotlight a selection of historical photographs, documentation, musical compositions and videos.

Contact: Edna Willekes-King | +59995101254

Curacao Kaylee & Chris Jam Session

DOJACMC Foundation “1st Jazz Appreciation Month in Curacao” with young artists: 18 y/o
vocalist, Kaylee de Haas, and 17 y/o instrumentalist Christopher Rojer, in an interactive jazz performance with the children at both the Biblioteka Nashonal Library and the Children’s Museum Curacao, in celebration of UNESCOs 10th year IJD Concerts.
Special jazz compositions will be presented in honor of Curacao jazz legend, saxophonist, John James Willekes, Jr.

Contact: Kaylee de Haas | +59995134307

Children's Museum Curaçao Curaçao

Curacao Tra'i Merdia Appreciates Jazz!

The daily and popular afternoon talk show Trai Merdia will feature live interviews and pre-recorded performances and interviews during the program. Telecuracao Multi Media will also feature selected concerts of our local Jazz Musicians as part of the regular programming. During the pandemic and during the past year Telecuracao was the first local channel to host virtual concerts showcasing local musicians that could be seen around the world, hence providing a platform for artistic and cultural expression and shall do so in appreciation of International Jazz Day!

Contact: MERIETZA HAAKMAT | +59995253991
Official Website: Click here

Telecuracao - TV Channel Berg Ararat Z/N


Event Time: 13:00
Curacao Jazz Expo Virtual

Curacao Jazz Artist in Spotlight

Contact: Arthur Tholel | +599 9 526 7878
Official Website: Click here

Biblioteka Nashonal Korsou A.M. Chumaceiro Blv 17
Willemstad, Curacao
+599 9 841 2665

Event Time: 10:00
Czech Republic JazzFestBrno On Screen > Jiří Levíček Trio Virtual

JazzFestBrno will live stream a STAY IN TUNE performance by Jiří Levíček Trio to participate in the International Jazz Day celebration. Stay in Tune is a new project by the Czech pianist Jiří Levíček based on original compositions and arrangements of jazz standards. In trio with the bassist Peter Korman and drummer Martin Novák, Jiří looks for unity of expression and freedom of collective improvisation.

Facebook event: bit.ly/denjazzu

JazzfestBrno celebrates 20 years in 2021, we hope jazz will return on stage in our anniversary year so that we can enjoy the irreplaceable energy of live performances with our audiences again.

Contact: Jitka Miková | +420 737 033 341
Official Website: Click here

Besední dům Brno, Czech Republic

Event Time: 20:00
Czech Republic Jazz World Photo 2021 exhibition Virtual

Come and see 30 best photos
from the Jazz World Photo 2021
contest! This year due to the
COVID-19 restrictions it will be
accessible online only. Thanks to
the cooperation with the American
Center you can visit the exhibition
in 3D virtual exhibition hall at

Contact: Vít Nejedlo | +420724166923
Official Website: Click here

www.kunstmatrix.com Prague

Event Time: 00:00
Czech Republic Jazz World Photo 2021 Opening Ceremony Virtual

Opening ceremony will take place
on the International Jazz Day,
Friday, April 30 at 4pm via Zoom.
U.S. Embassy Prague Cultural
Attaché, Mr. Erik Black, will deliver
his opening remarks. You will also
have the opportunity to enjoy jazz
music performance by MyBand.
You can visit the exhibition from
April 22 through May 31, 2021.

Contact: Ivan Prokop | +420724444542
Official Website: Click here

ZOOM Prague

Event Time: 16:00
Czech Republic Mladi ladi jazz: 7krát3 live band & Ochepovsky Project feat ILÆY

The first celebration of International Jazz Day 2021 in Prague, Czech Republic will present two popular Czech bands: 7krat3 and Ochepovsky Project feat ILÆY. Both bands are playing a fresh mixture of jazz, hip hop, electronic, and r&b.

The concert will take place LIVE as a drive-in event at a parking lot made out of Prague’s central market.

The show is part of a year-round program of the internationally recognized Mladi ladi jazz festival. The second celebration of International Jazz Day in 2021 is planned for September 9th, 2021!

Contact: Inka Jurkova
Official Website: Click here

Prazska trznice Bubenské nábřeží 306

Prague 7, Czech Republic

Event Time: 19:00
Czech Republic International Jazz Day in studio pARTa

Czech jazz masters celebrate joy of jazz and freedom

Contact: Fedja Nanič | +420 773188637
Official Website: Click here

studio pARTa Konevova59


Event Time: 19:00
Czech Republic Frenstat Po Zitivni 5 – Jazz Day Celebration

During our 5th edition of Frenstat po Zitivni streamed show, we will host great pianist, singer, and composer Beata Hlavenkova to discuss and celebrate jazz. https://youtu.be/O0eaWTm43-A

Contact: Marian Friedl | +420 737978928
Official Website: Click here

Lesni hotel Rekovice Lesni hotel Rekovice
Trojanovice, Česká republika

Event Time: 18:00

This Spring 2021, the Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective embarks on an exceptional and ambitious concert hall tour of Denmark from April 30th to May 2nd with a project entitled MODERN STANDARDS SUPERGROUP. The tour covers Aarhus, Copenhagen and Holbæk, and features an international stellar cast of musicians that includes three of America’s greatest jazz legends of all time Billy Cobham, Randy Brecker, and Bill Evans, in addition to the French bass virtuoso François Moutin, and the knighted Danish jazz pianist Niels Lan Doky. MODERN STANDARDS SUPERGROUP will take on the biggest pop hits of today and approach them as modern jazz standards, including songs by The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, and the likes.

Contact: Jonas Holmark | +4527629629
Official Website: Click here

Musikhuset Århus Thomas Jensens Allé 2

Event Time: 20:30
Denmark Radio Jazz Broadcast Virtual

A special 3 hours broadcast with jazz from around most of the world.

Contact: Michael Thrane | +45 40754360
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 21:00

This Spring 2021, the Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective embarks on an exceptional and ambitious concert hall tour of Denmark from April 30th to May 2nd with a project entitled MODERN STANDARDS SUPERGROUP. The tour covers Aarhus, Copenhagen and Holbæk, and features an international stellar cast of musicians that includes three of America’s greatest jazz legends of all time Billy Cobham, Randy Brecker, and Bill Evans, in addition to the French bass virtuoso François Moutin, and the knighted Danish jazz pianist Niels Lan Doky. MODERN STANDARDS SUPERGROUP will take on the biggest pop hits of today and approach them as modern jazz standards, including songs by The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, and the likes.

Contact: Jonas Holmark | +4527629629
Official Website: Click here

Tivoli Concert Hall Vesterbrogade 3
Copenhagen V,

Event Time: 17:00

This Spring 2021, the Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective embarks on an exceptional and ambitious concert hall tour of Denmark from April 30th to May 2nd with a project entitled MODERN STANDARDS SUPERGROUP. The tour covers Aarhus, Copenhagen and Holbæk, and features an international stellar cast of musicians that includes three of America’s greatest jazz legends of all time Billy Cobham, Randy Brecker, and Bill Evans, in addition to the French bass virtuoso François Moutin, and the knighted Danish jazz pianist Niels Lan Doky. MODERN STANDARDS SUPERGROUP will take on the biggest pop hits of today and approach them as modern jazz standards, including songs by The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, and the likes.

Contact: Jonas Holmark | +4527629629
Official Website: Click here

Tivoli Concert Hall Vesterbrogade 3
Copenhagen V,

Event Time: 20:00

This Spring 2021, the Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective embarks on an exceptional and ambitious concert hall tour of Denmark from April 30th to May 2nd with a project entitled MODERN STANDARDS SUPERGROUP. The tour covers Aarhus, Copenhagen and Holbæk, and features an international stellar cast of musicians that includes three of America’s greatest jazz legends of all time Billy Cobham, Randy Brecker, and Bill Evans, in addition to the French bass virtuoso François Moutin, and the knighted Danish jazz pianist Niels Lan Doky. MODERN STANDARDS SUPERGROUP will take on the biggest pop hits of today and approach them as modern jazz standards, including songs by The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, and the likes.

Contact: Jonas Holmark | +4527629629
Official Website: Click here

Holbæk Jazz Club Gasværksvej 9

Event Time: 17:00

This Spring 2021, the Niels Lan Doky International Jazz Collective embarks on an exceptional and ambitious concert hall tour of Denmark from April 30th to May 2nd with a project entitled MODERN STANDARDS SUPERGROUP. The tour covers Aarhus, Copenhagen and Holbæk, and features an international stellar cast of musicians that includes three of America’s greatest jazz legends of all time Billy Cobham, Randy Brecker, and Bill Evans, in addition to the French bass virtuoso François Moutin, and the knighted Danish jazz pianist Niels Lan Doky. MODERN STANDARDS SUPERGROUP will take on the biggest pop hits of today and approach them as modern jazz standards, including songs by The Weeknd, Billie Eilish, Dua Lipa, Justin Bieber, and the likes.

Contact: Jonas Holmark | +4527629629
Official Website: Click here

Holbæk Jazz Club Gasværksvej 9

Event Time: 20:00
Denmark World Jazz Day

International Jazz Day is celebrated around the world on April 30 and recognizes jazz as a force for peace, intercultural dialogue, and international communication. We also celebrate it at the Greenland National Theater together with a handful of talented musicians on April 30 at 16.00 There is free admission.

Contact: Pilutaq Lundblad | +299 588887

Industrivej 27


Event Time: 16:00
Denmark PS Swingband livestreaming Virtual

Vi vil lave en livestreaming på Facebook
i et lokale hvor vi vil skabe noget swingende fed stemning. Musikken er Gypsy inspireret med sang og et varieret udbud af numre.
Violin, 2 guitarer og en kontrabas får fødderne til at vippe og humøret til at sige. Det hele bliver serveret med musik glæde og humor.


We will livestream on Facebook in a room where we will create a swinging cool atmosphere. The music is Gypsy inspired and a varied range of songs. Violin, 2 guitars and a double bass will cause the feet to move and the mood to speak. It is all served with musical joy and humor.

Contact: Per Sørensen | +45229766202
Official Website: Click here

Silkeborg Danmark Tyttebærvej 46
Silkeborg, Danmark
8600 KR.
+452297 6620

Event Time: 17:18
Dominican Republic Nina Simone: Jazz. Rebeldia y Ternura.

“Nina Simone: Jazz, Freedom, and Tenderness”, a documentary made in the Dominican Republic with text and direction by Carlos Francisco Elias.

This documentary shows her story from a lyrical, political, and poetic point of view. It includes her main love and political songs, those that were anthems in the fight for civil rights in America.

Contact: Tony Dominguez | +1 809 852 0621

Event Time: 06:15
Dominican Republic Conversando con Junio Santos, desde Canadá. Virtual

Conversaremos con Junio Santos, desde Canadá acerca de su producción musical y su nominación a los premios Juno 2021 en Canadá.
El músico Junior Santos de origen dominicano, de la provincia Puerto Plata, al norte de la República Dominicana, radicado en Canadá desde hace 32 años, conversará con nosotros, sobre su nominación a los premios Juno 2021, en ese país del norte.
Su nominación es en la categoría álbum de jazz del año: solista, denominado Conpambiche, que hace entrega estos prestigiosos premios, donde los premios JUNO se fundaron para elevar el perfil público y el reconocimiento de los artistas musicales en dicho país.
Conversaremos acerca de su álbum Conpambiche es una selección de once temas, que incluyen: “Tambora Blues” Jar 2.


We will talk with Junior ​​Santos, from Canada, about his musical production and his nomination for the Juno 2021 awards in Canada. The musician Junior Santos of Dominican origin, from the Puerto Plata province, north of the Dominican Republic, has lived in Canada for 32 years. .His nomination is in the category jazz album of the year: soloist, called Conpambiche. They were founded to raise the public profile and recognition of musical artists in that country. We will talk about their album Conpambiche is a selection of eleven songs, including: “Tambora Blues” Jar 2.

Contact: Ángel Rafael Feliz | +1 809 848 7679
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 19:00
Dominican Republic Conversando el jazz en Haina Virtual

En Conversando el en jazz en Haina, haremos un recorrido por los seis años que el concierto Haina de Jazz se ha presentado en diversos escenarios, con la participación de Alexis Méndez, productor y conductor del programa Música Maestro. Augusto Valdivia, presidente de la Fundación Municipios al Día y director del periódico digital Municipios al Día. Y los Jazzistas, Javier Vargas guitarra, Josean Jacobo piano, Tony Vicioso guitarra y el doctor Paul Austerliz de New York y el productor general del concierto Haina de Jazz, Ángel Rafael Feliz.


In Conversando el en jazz en Haina, we will take a tour of the six years that the Haina Jazz concert has been presented on various stages, with the participation of Alexis Méndez, producer and host of the program Música Maestro. Augusto Valdivia, president of the Fundación Municipios al Día and director of the digital newspaper Municipios al Día. Y los Jazzistas, Javier Vargas guitar, Josean Jacobo piano, Tony Vicioso guitar and doctor Paul Austerliz from New York and the general producer of the concert Haina de Jazz, Ángel Rafael Feliz.

Contact: Ángel Rafael Feliz | +18098487679
Official Website: Click here

Plataforma virtual de google meet Haina
Dominican Republic

Event Time: 19:00
Dominican Republic La palabra melodiosa: jazz y literatura Virtual

Es un paseo por la literatura y el jazz de las manos del poeta Luis Reynaldo Pérez, que comparte con el público a través de la plataforma digital de google meet


A walk through literature and jazz by the hands of the poet Luis Reynaldo Pérez, who shares with the public through the digital platform of google meet


Contact: Ángel Rafael Feliz | +18098487679
Official Website: Click here

Plataforma virtual de google meet Haina
Dominican Republic

Event Time: 19:00
Dominican Republic Recordando a grandes del Jazz que recientemente partieron con su música a otro plano. Virtual

Recordando a grandes del Jazz que recientemente partieron con su música a otro plano, es un dialogo con el público acerca de los jazzistas que han fallecido y que su música lo ha inmortalizado, como es McCoy Tyner, Ellis Marsalis, John Pizzarelli y Chick Corea, este encuentro tendrá la participación del locutor y productor: Enmanuel Ventura.


Remembering jazz greats who recently took their music to another plane, it is a dialogue with the public about jazz players who have passed away and who have been immortalized by their music, such as McCoy Tyner, Ellis Marsalis, John Pizzarelli and Chick Corea, this meeting will have the participation of the announcer and producer: Enmanuel Ventura.

Contact: Ángel Rafael Feliz | +18098487679
Official Website: Click here

Plataforma virtual de google meet Haina
Dominican Republic

Event Time: 19:00
Dominican Republic Afrodescendiente Jazz; Pervivencia en La Ruta del Esclavo

Se trata de un Concierto-Ensamble-Jameo musical guiado con instrumentos de vientos y de percusión de orígenes de África y el Caribe, patrimonio cultural inmaterial, recreado en un ingenio azucarero del XVI Boca de Nigua, un sitio de memoria asociado a la resistencia a la esclavitud del pasado colonial de la República Dominicana donde participan artistas locales y gestores culturales estableciendo diálogo intercultural y reflexionando acerca de los aportes culturales de los africanos esclavizados en el Caribe y al jazz como un mecanismo de resistencia e identidad cultural de nuestros pueblos en el contexto del Decenio Internacional de los Afrodescendientes (ONU 2013-2024) que se planea la eliminación de la discriminación racial y el racismo.


It is a musical Concert-Ensemble-Jameo guided with wind and percussion instruments of African and Caribbean origins, intangible cultural heritage, recreated in a sugar mill from the XVI Boca de Nigua, a site of memory associated with the resistance to the slavery of the colonial past of the Dominican Republic where local artists and cultural managers participate, establishing intercultural dialogue and reflecting on the cultural contributions of enslaved Africans in the Caribbean and jazz as a mechanism of resistance and cultural identity of our peoples in the context of the International Decade for People of African Descent (UN 2013-2024) that plans to eliminate racial discrimination and racism.

Contact: Dario SOLANO Marlenin ROMAN | +829 683 5035

Ingenio de Boca de Nigua Ingenio de Boca de Nigua
Boca de Nigua
Nigua, San Cristobal

+1 829 683 5035

Event Time: 18:00
Dominican Republic Green International Jazz Day

FEDUJAZZ celebrate International Jazz Day with a green day.

Contact: Rosa Burroughs | +1 8099723343
Official Website: Click here

Sea Horse Ranch Carretera Sosua Cabarete Republica Dominicana

Puerto Plata, Cabarete

Event Time: 10:00
Dominican Republic Jazz en Dominicana – Fiesta Sunset Jazz presenta Carlito Estrada Quartet – Día Internacional del Jazz 2021

Jazz en Dominicana y el Fiesta Sunset Jazz celebraran, por décimo año consecutivo el Día Internacional del Jazz con un concierto que será fuera de serie a cargo del cuarteto del saxofonista puertoplateño Carlito Estrada; y en el cual serán entregados reconocimientos a músicos, productores, y otras figuras que han enaltecido el Jazz en nuestro país. En esta noche el Fiesta Sunset Jazz se honra en presentar a todos los asistentes una noche llena de magia musical con uno de los más talentosos, queridos y carismáticos músicos de nuestro país, quien en esta noche estará debutando muchas composiciones propias con su cuarteto, las mismas forman parte de su producción discográfica ¨PambiJazz¨. El electrizante saxofonista estará tocando los saxofones soprano, alto y tenor, la flauta, el sopranino y el clarinete bajo; siendo acompañado por Daroll Méndez en bajo, Samuel Atizol en piano y el baterista Bryan Paniagua.También harán entrega de conocidos estándares del Jazz, Jazz Contemporáneo, Latin, y más – todos con ese saborcito y picante especial desde el Cibao!! A disfrutar en grande de esta especial propuesta, un especial concierto, en una especial noche, que será inolvidable -que- NO SE PUEDEN PERDER!!!


Jazz en Dominican and Fiesta Sunset jazz will celebrate International Jazz Day for the tenth consecutive year, with a concert that will be out of this world by the quartet of Puerto Plata´s horn player Carlito Estrada; event in which awards will be given to musicians, producers, and other figures that have exalted Jazz in the Dominican Republic. On this night Fiesta Sunset Jazz will be very honored to present to all a night full of musical magic with one of the most talented, beloved and charismatic musicians in our country, who tonight will be debuting many of his own compositions with his quartet, songs that are part of his record “PambiJazz”. The electrifying saxophonist will be playing the soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, the flute, the sopranino and the bass clarinet; and shall be accompanied by Daroll Mendez on bass, Samuel Atizol on piano and Bryan Paniagua on drums. They will also play known standards in Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, Latin, and more – all with that special and spicy flavor from the country’s Cibao region!! You are all invited to enjoy this special concert, on such a special night, which will be unforgettable -that simply- CANNOT BE MISSED !!!

Contact: Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert | +1 829 586 9177
Official Website: Click here

Fiesta Sunset Jazz Av. Anacaona 101 - Mirador Sur
Santo Domingo, DN

Event Time: 19:00
Dominican Republic Women in Jazz in the Dominican Republic – Book Release & Concert
A las 7:00pm del viernes 23 de abril Fernando Rodríguez de Mondesert, en medio de un conversatorio, lanzará su libro Mujeres en el Jazz .. en Dominicana, su segundo titulo, publicado por la Ukiyoto Publishing Co., siendo el primero como premio por haber sido uno de los ganadores del Global Blog Awards 2019.
La obra, en Español e Inglés, pretende resaltar la contribución de las mujeres a nuestro jazz. Es un homenaje, una oportunidad para conocer algunas de las propuestas contemporáneas de mujeres que han entregado sus talentos, su música; que han compartido sus almas y corazones con el público; que han trillado y abierto camino a otras que les han seguido.
Las mujeres siempre han sido una parte importante del jazz, aunque a menudo sus logros no han tenido el mismo reconocimiento que el de sus colegas masculinos. Ellas, han contribuido enormemente en todos los estilos y en todas las épocas de la historia del jazz. Igualmente ha ocurrido y sigue ocurriendo en la República Dominicana, razón por esta obra: ¨Mujeres en el jazz …en Dominicana¨! Libro que abre una ventana a las mujeres que han sido, son y serán parte de la escena del jazz en el país!
A las 9:00pm el festejo continúa con la presentación del Fiesta Sunset Jazz Vocal Jam 2021. Si los Jam sessions son especiales y muy esperados tanto los músicos como el público para experimentar estas descargas – no se imaginan cuan grandes y vivos son los Vocal Jams. He aquí uno muy especial. Nuestro trío base a cargo de Jordi Masalles servirá de plataforma para los despegues de unas muy talentosas vocalistas. La magia del Jazz…Se da en su máxima expresión en los jammeos…vayan, y … que no se lo cuenten.
At 7:00 pm on Friday, April 23, Fernando Rodríguez de Mondesert will release his book Jazz en Dominicana: The Interviews 2019, product of the award received from Ukiyoto Publishing Co. for having been second finalist of the Global Blog awards Awards 2019.
The publication, in Spanish and English, is a tribute to the contribution of women to jazz in our country, it has been an opportunity to learn about some of the contemporary proposals in this genre from women who have given their talents and music; have shared their souls and hearts with audiences; have trodden and paved the way for those who are to follow them.
Women have always been an important part of jazz, although their achievements have often not received the same recognition as that of their male colleagues. They, have contributed enormously in all styles and in all eras of jazz history. The same has happened and continues to happen in the Dominican Republic, reason for this title: ¨ Women in Jazz… in the Dominican Republic¨!. Book which looks into the women that have been, are and will be a part of the jazz scene in the country!
And at 9:00 pm, the celebration continues with the presentation of the Fiesta Sunset Jazz Vocal Jam 2021. If Jam sessions are special and highly anticipated by both musicians and the public to experience these get down sessions – you cannot imagine how big and alive Vocal Jams are. Here’s a very special one. Our base trio led by Jordi Masalles will serve as a platform for the takeoffs of some very talented female vocalists. The magic of Jazz … It occurs at its best in jams … and get the scoop .. live!

Contact: Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert | http://jazzendominicana.blogspot.com

Fiesta Sunset Jazz Av. Anacaona 101 - Mirador Sur
Santo Domingo, DN
Dominican Republic Jazz Nights at Acrópolis celebrates International Jazz Day 2021 with the Ernesto Nuñez Quartet

El espacio Jazz Nights at Acrópolis nuevamente se une a las celebraciones oficiales del ¨Día Internacional del Jazz¨.  Con el aval de Internacional Jazz Day, la UNESCO y el Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz, el espacio festeja la efeméride con la agrupación del trompetista costarricense Ernesto Núñez, que a través de su tiempo en la República Dominicana se ha ganado el cariño y respeto del público y de los amantes del jazz en nuestro país. Hoy día, Ernesto es -sin duda alguna- uno de los mejores trompetistas de Jazz que tenemos; como líder de su agrupación ha preparado una entrega de altísimo nivel honrando al jazz con afamadas piezas del género, y composiciones propias para que el público disfrute en grande no solo de la presentación, si no del concierto especial para celebrar esta efeméride mundial. Núñez en trompeta y flugelhorn estará acompañado de los muy reconocidos músicos y amigos, Corey Allen en piano, Pengbian Sang en bajo, y Guy Frómeta en batería. Una noche que cualquier reconocido club de jazz en el mundo quisiera presentar. Sin duda, que éste será un memorable e único concierto, de primerísima, que no se deben perder!!!


Jazz Nights at Acropolis once again joins in on the official celebrations of “International Jazz Day”. With the endorsement of International Jazz Day, UNESCO and the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz, the venue celebrates the event with the band of Costa Rican trumpeter Ernesto Núñez, who throughout the time he has lived in the Dominican Republic has earned the love and respect of jazz lovers in our country. Today, Ernesto is -without a doubt- one of the best Jazz trumpeters we have; as bandleader he has prepared a very high level repertoire honoring jazz with famous songs of this genre, as well as his own compositions so that all attendees can not only enjoy the presentation, but also the special concert that shall celebrate this worldwide event. Núñez on trumpet and flugelhorn will be accompanied by the well-known musicians and friends, Corey Allen on piano, Pengbian Sang on bass, and Guy Frómeta on drums. One night that any renowned jazz club in the world would like to present. Undoubtedly, this will be a memorable and unique concert, that should not be missed out on!

Contact: Fernando Rodriguez De Mondesert | +1 829 586 9177
Official Website: Click here

Jazz Nights at Acropolis Av. Winston Churchill
Acropolis Center
Santo Domingo, DN
Dominican Republic Espacio Universal – Caribbean Jazz and the perspective of jazz in the Dominican Republic. Virtual

Musicians and promoters in the dissemination of local jazz.
Two-hour radio broadcast that Cesar Payamps presents with the actors of the promotion and management of jazz, new CD productions and projects to come.

From the Dominican Fiesta Hotel, we will celebrate the 22nd anniversary of this program out of Santiago, broadcasting on Saturday, May 1 from 12:00 to 2:00pm via Studio 97.9 and 98.5Fm throughout the Cibao region. Quisqueya 96.1fm in the Dominican capital and Greater Santo Domingo.
Listen online at www.espaciouniversal.com


Músicos y  gestores en la difusión del jazz local.
Emisión radial de dos horas que Cesar Payamps nos presenta con los protagonistas de la difusión y gestión del jazz, nuevas producciones publicadas y los proyectos por venir.
Desde el Dominican Fiesta Hotel, celebraremos los 22 años de este programa radial desde Santiago con la emisión de radio el Sábado 1 de Mayo de 12:00 a 2:00pm por Estudio 97.9 y 98.5Fm en toda la region del Cibao. Quisqueya 96.1fm en la capital dominicana y el Gran Santo Domingo.
Escuchanos por Internet

Contact: Cesar Payamps | +1 809 330 3658
Official Website: Click here

Espacio Universal Radio Santiago, Dominican Republic

Event Time: 12:00
Dominican Republic Músicos de 10 países en el Dia del Jazz # 10

On stage there will be musicians from 10 countries celebrating the 10th anniversary of the International Jazz Day:
1) René Suarez, percussion from Cuba
2) Tadeu de Marco, singer and multi instrumentist from Brazil
3) Niccole Meza, (13 years old girl!) trumpet from Venezuela
4) Alex Jacquemin, guitar from France,
5) Hisdra Alvarez from Dominican Republic
6) Sergio Laccone, singer and multi instrumentist from Italy,
7) Ernesto Núñez, trumpet from Costa Rica
8) Anthony Jefferson, singer from U.S.A.
9) Dennis Beliakof, sax from Russia
10) Rafelito Mirabal & Sistema Temperado from Dominican Republic.

Contact: Rafelito Mirabal | +18099175790

2do. nivel de VICTORIAS Centro de Recreo
Santiago De Los Caballeros 51000

Event Time: 19:00
Dominican Republic Unphu Music School Concert Virtual

The International School of Contemporary Music (@unphumusic) from the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena (UNPHU) will present a 1 hour concert of original songs and arrangements which shall be performed by Teachers and advanced students of the Music School at Unphu. The songs are original compositions and some are arranged by students and teachers alike. The group itself shall be comprised of 8 to 9 musicians with diverse rhythms and amazing harmonies.
The International Contemporary Music School at UNPHU opened 4 years ago, giving students the ability to get a Bachelor degree in music. It has received intl. recognition 16 times.
Heads and Coordinators: Maestro Corey Allen, Silvestre A. de Moya & Silvestre J. de Moya Castillo.


UNPHU, Salon Multiuso
Ave JFK km 7.5
Edificio: 3 Piso: 3
Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional

Contact: Silvestre Jose De Moya Castillo | +18097779997
Official Website: Click here

Salon Multiuso UNPHU UNPHU
Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional

Event Time: 01:10
Dominican Republic Jazz a lo dominicano Virtual

Transmisión especial de radio, a través de http://musicamaestroradio.com/, con un recorrido por el Jazz hecho en República Dominicana, en celebración del Día Internacional del Jazz, con la conducción de Manuel Betances y Luis Reynaldo Pérez. Una producción de Fundación Cultural Lado B, Música maestro Radio y 360 Vinyl.


Special radio broadcast, through http://musicamaestroradio.com/, with a tour of Jazz made in the Dominican Republic, in celebration of International Jazz Day, hosted by Manuel Betances and Luis Reynaldo Pérez. A production of Fundación Cultural Lado B, Música maestro radio and 360 Vinyl.

Contact: Luis Reynaldo Pérez | +18293334825
Official Website: Click here

Eladio Peña 114, Res. Los Maestros
Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo

Event Time: 21:00
Dominican Republic Jazz a la Carta. 24 horas de jazz por Música Maestro Radio Virtual

Con motivo del Día Internacional del Jazz la emisora Música Maestro Radio ofrece una programación de 24 horas con producciones especiales y la diversidad del jazz y sus fusiones.
Esta programación contará con la colaboración de los programas Vuelvo al Sur, Unísono, Yambeque (Salsa Meets Jazz), Alegría Plena y Bomba (Especial de jazz fusionado con bomba y plena), Viernesito Alegre (Un viernesito alegre de jazz latino). Además, contará con la presentación especial del programa Monk-Tuno, y las producciones especiales Jazz a lo dominicano y Música Maestro en emisión especial.


On the occasion of International Jazz Day, the Música Maestro Radio station offers a 24-hour program with special productions and the diversity of jazz and its fusions.
This program will feature the collaboration of the programs Vuelvo al Sur, Unísono, Yambeque (Salsa Meets Jazz), Alegría Plena y Bomba (Special of jazz fused with bomba and Plena), Friday Happy (A happy little Friday of Latin jazz). In addition, it will feature a special presentation of the Monk-Tuno program, and special productions Jazz a lo Dominican and Música Maestro in a special broadcast.

Contact: Alexis Mendez | +18208774378
Official Website: Click here

Música Maestro Radio 3421, Urb. Prados del Cachón. Lucerna.
Santo Domingo

Event Time: 00:01
Dominican Republic Música Maestro Emisión Especial Virtual

Dos horas para celebrar el Día Internacional del Jazz. El programa de radio Música Maestro invita a colaboradores de varias ciudades de América para realizar una emisión especial con diferentes estilos del jazz.

Contact: Alexis Mendez | +18298774378
Official Website: Click here

Música Maestro Radio 3421, Urb. Prados del Cachón. Lucerna.

Event Time: 16:00
Dominican Republic Jazz en Dominicana on Music Maestro Radio – 10 years of International Jazz Day Virtual

On the occasion of the celebration of the tenth anniversary of International Jazz Day, Jazz en Dominicana will carry out a special broadcast on the virtual station Musica Maestro Radio (www.musicamaestroradio.com)

The one-hour program will be a tour of the current jazz scene in the Dominican Republic, and of the recent past, through jazz recordings delivered by various groups in the venues that, since 2007, Jazz en Dominicana has been creating and developing – unique, magical and unrepeatable moments. ///


Jazz en Dominicana en Música Maestro Radio – 10 años del Día Internacional del Jazz
Con motivo de la celebración del décimo aniversario del Día Internacional del Jazz, Jazz en Dominicana realizará una transmisión especial en la emisora virtual Musica Maestro Radio (www.musicamaestroradio.com)
El programa de una hora de duración, será un recorrido de la escena del jazz actual en la República Dominicana, y del pasado reciente, a través de grabaciones de jazz entregadas por varias agrupaciones en los espacios que, desde el 2007, Jazz en Dominicana ha venido creando y desarrollando – momentos únicos, mágicos e irrepetibles.

Contact: Fernando Rodriguez | +1 8295869177
Official Website: Click here

Musica Maestro Radio Santo Domingo, DN
+1 8295869177

Event Time: 15:00
Dominican Republic Celebrating Jazz Camino al Sol / Celebrando el Jazz Camino al Sol Virtual

Since 2012, we have been sharing content that promotes well-being and human development for you, a public that believes in society, that is a lover of thought, knowledge, and good music.

Today, Fernando Rodríguez De Mondesert of Jazz en Dominicana accompanies us, and together we will be celebrating the 10th anniversary of International Jazz Day. We hope to help promote the ideals of the event created by UNESCO in 2011 to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people from all corners of the world, promoting peace, dialogue between cultures, diversity and respect for human rights and human dignity, eradicating discrimination, promoting freedom of expression, promoting gender equality and strengthening the role of youth in enactment of social change.


Jazz en Dominicana – Camino al Sol – Programa para celebrar el Día Internacional del Jazz
Viernes 30 de Abril – 8:00AM
Celebrando el Jazz Camino al Sol
Desde el 2012 venimos compartiendo un contenido que promueva el bienestar y el desarrollo humano para ustedes, un público que cree en la sociedad, que es amante del pensamiento, del conocimiento y de la buena música.
En este día nos acompaña Fernando Rodríguez De Mondesert y juntos estaremos celebrando el 10mo aniversario del Día Internacional del Jazz, efeméride dispuesta por la UNESCO en el 2011 con el fin de destacar el jazz y su rol diplomático de unir a personas de todos los rincones del mundo, promover la paz, el diálogo entre culturas, la diversidad y el respeto de los derechos humanos y la dignidad humana, la erradicación de la discriminación, promover la libertad de expresión, fomentar la igualdad de género y reforzar el papel de la juventud en la promulgación del cambio social.

Contact: Fernando Rodriguez | +1 8295869177
Official Website: Click here

Estacion 97.7FM Paseo de los Periodistas No. 52 Ens Miraflores

Santo Domingo, DN

Event Time: 08:30
Dominican Republic Jazz Night Club Video

In the Dominican Republic, since November 2020, the Radio Jazzomania program together with the “Quinta Dominica” Cultural Center have offered the Dominican public the project “Jazz Contra La Pandemia”, with notable success and reception. We have worked according to health protocols, which implies regulatory distance and mask.

Throughout November (Charlie Parker centennial), January (Chet Baker) February (Bill Evans), and then Nina Simone in April, we hosted four events that have marked the Jazz scene in the Dominican Republic. Jazz Night Club Video is the synthesis of a project framed on the theme: Jazz against the Pandemic, whose mission is to open a space to illusions, life, and hope.

Contact: Tony Dominguez | +1 809 852 0621

Quinta Dominica C Padre Billini 202, Santo Domingo

Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo/Distrito Nacional
+1 809 687 5944

Event Time: 18:00
Dominican Republic Celebra el dia Internacional del Jazz en el Restaurante Nacan con Josean Jacobo Trio e invitados

Nacan es un restaurant ubicado en el mismo centro de la ciudad colonial en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.
Su ubicación urbana, es privilegiada y sus atenciones son especiales.
Tiene Jazz todos los domingos a partir de la 3 de la tarde.
Organiza un evento para celebrar el día internacional del jazz el proximo 30 de abril.


Nacan is a restaurant located in the very center of the colonial city in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Its urban location is privileged and its attentions are special. It has Jazz every Sunday from 3 in the afternoon. It organizes an event to celebrate International Jazz Day on April 30.

Contact: Elias Dominguez | +1 809 852 0621

Restaurante Nacan C Isabel La Catolica, Esquina Calle Mercedes.

Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo/Distrito Nacional
+1 829 954 8908

Event Time: 19:00

La Carrera de Artes Musicales de la UCSG por motivo del Día Internacional del Jazz, presentarán el FESTIVAL VIRTUAL UCSG conmemorando a este género musical rico en lenguaje y sonoridad. Será transmitido a través de la cuenta de Facebook: Artes Musicales UCSG.




The UCSG Musical Arts Race on the occasion of International Jazz Day will present the UCSG VIRTUAL FESTIVAL commemorating this musical genre rich in language and sound. It will be broadcast through the Facebook account: UCSG Musical Arts.

Contact: Jenny Villafuerte | +593999104890


Event Time: 17:00
Ecuador International Jazz Day at the Jazz Society Cafe

The Jazz Society of Ecuador All-Stars perform at the Jazz Society Cafe in Cuenca, Ecuador. 4PM—8PM
Featuring: Jim Gala (piano), Jonnathan Arevalo (bass), Christian Torres (bass), Freddy Abad (drums), Pedro Ortiz (drums), Luis Carrion (sax) Su Terry (clarinet), Mariangel Blanco (vocal), tatiana Dumas (vocal), Bianca Rodriguez (violin), Walt Syzmanski (trumpet), & many others.
RSVP: jazzsocietyofecuadoe@gmail.com

Contact: James Gala | +593939342714

Jazz Society Cafe Los Claveles 203 y Los Cedros (esquina)

Event Time: 16:20
Ecuador Día Internacional del Jazz Artes Musicales UCSG

La carrera de Artes Musicales de la Universidad Católica De Santiago De Guayaquil en conjunto con Paradero Arte Café celebran el día Internacional del Jazz con una serie de eventos virtuales y uno presencial del 28 al 30 de Abril 2021.


The Musical Arts School at the Universidad Católica De Santiago De Guayaquil in conjunction with Paradero Arte Café celebrate International Jazz Day with a series of virtual events and one in person from April 28 to 30, 2021.

Contact: Jenny Villafuerte | +593999104890
Official Website: Click here

Guayaquil 090615,

Event Time: 19:00
Egypt Michelle Rounds live streaming jazz vocals in Cairo Virtual

I will dedicate all my live streaming on 30 April to IJD. I am a professional jazz vocalist and songwriter and all my streams are jazz based and broadcast from my home. I will sing any jazz tune requested at this time (my repertoire consists of about 250) and will share info about IJD and chat with viewers about jazz, my life in Cairo, Egypt and anything else that comes up! I will sing with good quality jazz tracks and also acapella – see you then !! https://17.live/profile/r/6377214

Contact: Michelle Rounds | +201093042098
Official Website: Click here

Livit Cairo

Event Time: 15:00
Egypt Jazz from Egypt Virtual

A selection of jazz original compositions by jazz composers from Egypt presented by the Jazz Society of Egypt and Cairo Jazz Festival.

Founded and led by pianist and composer Amro Salah, the Jazz Society of Egypt together with Egyptian Jazz musicians pay tribute to one of the unique artforms in history, jazz!

Contact: Amro Salah
Official Website: Click here

Cairo, Egypt

Event Time: 13:00
Estonia Joel Remmel Trio’s New Album Virtual

The Joel Remmel Trio celebrates its 10th anniversary with the album “Spring”! This time, in addition to the regular members of the ensemble, the album also includes the beloved singer Liisi Koikson, Finnish lead trumpet player Jukka Eskola and the excellence of the domestic saxophone performance by Aleksander Paal.

The album mainly features Joel Remmel’s original work, which is fresh and diverse. Like jazz music mostly — you can enjoy lively improvisations and soft grooves.

Contact: Maret Mikk | +372 56482848

Event Time: 00:00
Estonia Philly Joe’s Jazz Club TV in Estonia celebrates International Jazz Day with a free concert Virtual

Come and celebrate International Jazz Day on 30th of April with extraordinary Estonian jazz artists — 𝐋𝐢𝐯𝐞 @ 𝐏𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐲 𝐉𝐨𝐞’𝐬 𝐉𝐚𝐳𝐳 𝐂𝐥𝐮𝐛 𝐓𝐕 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥!
The event is free of charge!
(Time zone: UTC/GMT +3 hours)
18:00 – 𝐊𝐢𝐫𝐤𝐞 𝐊𝐚𝐫𝐣𝐚 𝐐𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐭
20:00 – 𝐒𝐮𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐚 𝐀𝐥𝐞𝐤𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐫𝐚
22:00 – 𝐀𝐥𝐞𝐤𝐬𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫 𝐏𝐚𝐚𝐥 𝐐𝐮𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐞𝐭
Watch the concert here -> www.phillyjoes.tv
International Jazz Day is the culmination of Jazz Appreciation Month, which draws public attention to jazz and its extraordinary heritage throughout April. In December 2012, the United Nations General Assembly formally welcomed the decision by the UNESCO General Conference to proclaim April 30 as International Jazz Day.

Contact: Reigo Ahven | +3725160196
Official Website: Click here

Philly Joe's TV
, ---


Event Time: 18:00
Estonia Music without borders

On April 30 a unique concert takes place in the border cities of Narva and Ivangorod on the Estonian-Russian border. Renowned jazz-musicians of the two countries – Estonian guitarist Jaak Sooäär and Russian saxophonist Alexey Kruglov – perform on both sides of the Narva river. Even in the conditions of the pandemic when physical movement between countries has become almost impossible, there are no borders between people. Music is what conquers hardships and unites people during difficult times.

Alexey Kruglov and Jaak Sooäär have been cooperating since 2007. They have released seven albums together and performed in USA, China, France, UK, Austria, Finland, Russia and Estonia. Both musicians have received several awards.

Contact: Jaak Sooäär
Official Website: Click here

Narva Castle Peterburi mnt 2

Event Time: 15:00
Ethiopia Salute to Jazz

This event on April 23, 2021 is a live concert and jazz awareness creation stage by Jazbyssinia Ethio-African Jazz Band, a band owned by Elias Mulugeta Music and Band Activities company. The event is public event both in person and virtually. Big banners with the photos of great jazz legends will be posted in the venue and description will be given about their musical contribution. The history of jazz will be explained by jazz historians. Jazbyssinia band perform jazz live for both physically and virtually attaining audiences. Jazz album gifts will be given for the audiences. invited musicians will jam on the stage. JazzDay!!

Contact: Elias Mulugeta | +251920719177

Morning star Mall Cameroon St,
Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa

+251934 24 04 88

Event Time: 17:30
Finland International Jazz Day Concert, Kansainvälinen jazzin päivän konsertti

We are going to have a concert in the culture and youth house Monde, Rovaniemi.

Contact: Hannu Raudaskoski | +35840761714

Monde Pohjolankatu 4-6

Event Time: 18:00
France JazzDay'21 @ Sessions Live Virtual

Join me virtually at 5 pm (Paris time)

Contact: Chantal

Event Time: 05:00
France Festival Jazz Ô Château

En Bretagne dans les Côtes d’Armor, la sixième édition de Jazz Ô Château se déroulera sur cinq jours, du 27 avril au 1er mai 2020, à Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Binic et au château de Pommorio, à Tréveneuc. Au menu : quatre soirées de concerts et un film sur le thème du jazz !


In Brittany in the Côtes d’Armor, the sixth edition of Jazz Ô Château will take place over five days, from April 27 to May 1, 2020, in Saint-Quay-Portrieux, Binic and at the Château de Pommorio, in Tréveneuc. On the menu: four evenings of concerts and a film on the theme of jazz!

Contact: Yvon Botcazou
Official Website: Click here

Château de Pommorio

Radio hosts Coco Jazz (Montreal, Canada) and Kristin Marion (Annecy, France) present their program dedicated to the harp for International Jazz Day, including appearances from several international harpists.

Contact: Kristin Marion | +1 5149987482
Official Website: Click here

Annecy, France

Event Time: 12:00
France Jazz n’ Reggae- Jazz òbò Kaz- Ville de Cayenne

4 concerts en plein air au Kiosque des Amandiers, place au bord de la mer, de 16h à 18h30, le 30 avril.
Avec :
– Niayabingi : Lion of Judah
– Friroots Trio
– Eric Bonheur Quartet
– Blackwood
Hommage à l’ami musicien KIKO
Captation et diffusion en direct sur les réseaux et site de lunesco.
Événement Direction culturelle Ville de Cayenne
Partenaire : Association Espaces Cultures et Traditions


4 outdoor concerts at the Kiosque des Amandiers, place by the sea, from 4 p.m. to 6.30 p.m., April 30.


– Niayabingi: Lion of Judah

– Friroots Trio- Eric Bonheur Quartet

– Blackwood

Tribute to musician friend KIKO

Captation and live broadcast on the lunesco networks and website

Cultural Department Event City of Cayenne

Partner: Association Espaces Cultures et Traditions

Contact: Françoise James | +594694049845
Official Website: Click here

Place des Amandiers Place des Amandiers
Cayenne, Guyane française

Event Time: 16:00
France In the Heart We Trust, In Music We Trust Virtual

Sissi Imaziten, inspired by ancestral wisdom and poetry from the Berber mountains of Kabylia in Algeria, composed traditional songs for her 1st album ANZUR (Pilgrimage). Sissi Imaziten loves International Jazz Day because it breaks down boundaries and brings us together through music.

With that, she’d like to share this:
A new version of ‘Zzehr-iw’ has been created for JazzDay 2021. Sensitive musicians, Karim Malki (guitar, composer,arranger), Slimane Tadjer (flute), and Lounes Bouali (mandole,bouzouki) give a jazz and world flavour to a piece of her ancestral repertoire. The result definitely testifies that music has no borders.
Next, ‘vav w ahriq’ is an ode to Mother Nature. The thrilling sound of virtuoso Said Akhelfi’s ney flute and Sissi’s voice accompany olive picking.

Contact: Aicha Boudjenoui | +33 624502283
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 20:00
France Jazz Day Lyon Virtual

18 :00 > 19 :15 Lady Swing au Ninkasi Saint Romain en Gal

19 :15 > 20 :45 Hirsute au Solar, Scène de Jazz, à Saint Etienne

20 :45 > 22 :00 Jasual Cazz au Ninkasi Lyon Vaise


Contact: Salomé Imboden

Event Time: 18:00
France Let's Build the Culture of Peace-Let's Change the Era! w/Stefan ORINS' jazz musicians Virtual

APRIL 2 Stefan ORINS’ Ten Worlds group – Karine Gobert (text/vocals), François Taillefer (perc./vocals), Pascal Lovergne (bass), Stefan Orins (piano/vocals/comp.), interpret “Humanity.” Stefan ORINS Jazz Trio (Peter ORINS drummer, Christophe HACHE contrabass, & Stefan ORINS (composer/pianist/group founder) play “Pétales au vent” from set of poems in homage of their author Daisaku Ikeda + “Wangari Maathaï” in homage of the Nobel Peace laureate.
2 AVRIL Le groupe “Ten Worlds” de Stefan ORINS – Karine Gobert (texte et voix), François Taillefer (percussions et voix), Pascal Lovergne (basse) et Stefan Orins (piano, voix et composition) interprétera «Humanity.» Stefan ORINS Jazz Trio (Peter ORINS batteur, Christophe HACHE contrebassiste, et Stefan ORINS compositeur/pianiste/fondateur) interprétera “Pétales au vent,” un recueil de poèmes en hommage à son auteur, Daisaku Ikeda + “Wangari Maathaï” en hommage à la lauréate du prix Nobel de la Paix

Contact: Michèle de GASTYNE | +330613311158
Official Website: Click here

Paris, France

Event Time: 20:00
France Construisons la culture de la paix – Changeons d'ère ! avec "Epopée POP Mandingue" + Martine Lévy-G sur l'histoire et cultures de la Paix Virtual

9 AVRIL (« Ô Mercy, no mercy…Hymne à la vie, blues paradoxal ») Inspiré par la Charte du Mandé proclamée c.1200 “Epopée POP Mandingue” est une fraternité du griot guinéen Karamba DIOUBATE et l’accordéoniste PITCH’Mi (Michel PICHON); Présentation de Martine Lévy-Gougenheim sur l’histoire int’l de la construction des cultures de paix, sa carrière avec l’Unesco et les éclaireuses/Scouts, & fondation d’une école de filles en Côte d’Ivoire.


APRIL 9 (“O Mercy, No Mercy…Hymne à la vie, blues paradoxal”) Inspired by Charter of Mande proclaimed c.1200,”Epic Story POP Mandingue” is a brotherhood of Guinean griot Karamba DIOUBATE & accordionist PITCH’Mi (Michel PICHON); Presentation by Martine Levy-Gougenheim on history of Building Peace Cultures and geopolitics, her career w/UNESCO in Girl Scouts/Guides Movement, & founding a girls’ school on Ivory Coast

Contact: Michèle de Gastyne | +33613311158
Official Website: Click here

Facebook Paris, France

Event Time: 20:00
France HumanHymne Project of Pedro ALEDO w/ Maurizio CARBONE, Michele COLUCCI (Venovan) Virtual

16 avril : Pedro ALEDO, compositeur/guitariste/chanteur d’origine espagnole, interprétera “Considerando”+ Maurizio CARBONE(perc.),Michele COLUCCI «Venovan»(claviers). Exemple de l’éducation aux droits de l’homme par musique-Arts, chanson basée sur préambule DUDH; présentation de M. ALEDO sur son projet HumanHymne;le spectacle à Luxembourg et Parlement européen à Strasbourg avec des jeunes


APRIL 16: Spanish composer/guitarist/singer Pedro Aledo, with percussionist Maurizio Carbone, Michele Colucci, and keyboardist Venovan

with focus on Human Rights Education and with Music-Arts in ‘Considerando’, based on Preamble of the UDHR;

Presentation by Pedro on ‘HumanHymne’ project; In Luxembourg + European Parliament in Strasbourg w/Erasmus+ youth. (Spanish, French, Italian)

Contact: Michèle de Gastyne | +33 613311158

66, rue de la Folie Mericourt
Paris, France

Event Time: 20:00
France Peace Paix Pax – Music of Poems, Tales, and Ancient Wisdom : Marie TROUSSARD, Malek BOUKERCHI Virtual

23 AVRIL : Marie TROUSSARD, poète en résidence au Musique Universelle Arc-en-Ciel, récite “La Paix” avec explication historico-culturelle. Présentation de “PAX”, l’ultra-marathonien Malek BOUKERCHI, “tisseur de rêves et anthropologue des connexions sociales” qui mélange la sagesse ancienne des civilisations avec l’engagement envers les jeunes défavorisés.

MUAC (Musique Universelle Arc-en-Ciel) poet “in residence” Marie Troussard recites “La Paix” with cultural-historic explanation (Fr w/Eng provided).

Presentation “PAX”, ultra-marathonian Malek Boukerchi, ‘dream-weaver & anthropologist of social connections’ who mixes ancient wisdom of Civilizations with engagement toward disadvantaged youth. (Fr w/Eng summary provided)

Contact: Michèle de Gastyne | +33 (0) 613311158

Musique Universelle Arc-en-Ciel

Paris, France

Event Time: 20:00
France Danse + guitare = La magique et humanisme de Fernando SOR Virtual

30 avril :Danse Interprétation /Improv par ex première ballerine Kasumi SANADA sur “Fantaisie en do mineur” de Fernando SOR jouée par Lou Marinoff. Lou MARINOFF, prof NYC College, prés-fondateur de l’American Philosophical Practitioners Assoc & auteur à succès de ‘Plato Not Prozac,’ parlera de son roman historique sur compositeur/guitariste espagnol Fernando SOR: images+extraits musicaux.
April 30: Dance Interpretation/Improv by former prima ballerina Kasumi SANADA on Fernando SOR’s “Fantasy in C Minor” played by Lou Marinoff.

Lou MARINOFF, professor at The City College of New York, founding pres. of American Philosophical Practitioners Association & best-selling author of ‘Plato Not Prozac,’ discusses his historical novel on Spanish composer/guitarist Fernando SOR

Contact: Michèle de Gastyne | +33 613311158


Event Time: 20:00
France Piano-voix Edith Reyboubet Virtual

Partageons ce moment ensemble!
Jazz intimiste avec Edith Reyboubet en piano-voix.
Compositions & standards.
Swing, Bossa nova, Samba, ballades.
Répertoire en français, anglais, et brésilien.


Let’s share this moment together!
Intimist jazz with Edith Reyboubet piano-voice interpreting her compositions & standards (Swing, Bossa, Samba, Ballads) in French, English, or Brazilian

Contact: Edith Reyboubet
Official Website: Click here

Rouen, France

Event Time: 22:00
France Lady Swing Duo

Lady Swing Duo will be on stage at the St Romain en Gal Ninkasi’s café (Bar à bières and restaurant) on April 30th 2021.
Style: songs jazz standards. years 30/50 in English or French.

Contact: BOUTS Emmanuel | +33677244385
Official Website: Click here

Emmanuel 15 impasse du Rond Point
Saint-Romain-en-Gal, France

Event Time: 20:30

We bring Jazz -and a very nice dinner- in your hotel room, in a “speakeasy” atmosphere !

– Champagne Apéritif
– 3-course dinner drinks included, served “restaurant-like” in your room
– Live Music at your doorstep with Jérôme Etcheberry Trio
– Overnight in a double room
– In-room continental breakfast

Swing is jazz that makes people dance, “popular” jazz; and when the most talented Crooners, from Nat King Cole to Tony Bennett, take hold, they create the legend of the Great American Songbook.

The 3 great musicians that we welcome for this International Jazz Day are among the best representatives of this music.
Will you dance in the hall ?

Contact: Gaetan Delesalle | +33 689116048
Official Website: Click here

Relais & Châteaux Cazaudehore 1 avenue du Président Kennedy

+33 130616464

Event Time: 20:00
France WIT Rojaze Jazz band: Paul Guta & Hugo Guezbar Virtual

WIT Rojaze Jazz band: Paul Guta & Hugo Guezbar

Contact: Florian Calvez
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 19:00
Gabon Journée Internationale du Jazz Libreville (GABON) Virtual

Virtual concert with Frederic Gassita on piano.
Alexis Bouchard (Piano) and Orphée Nyangone (singing)
Music touch
Willy trumpet and LIGHT FANFARE
and interviews of Frederic Gassita and others

Contact: Bouchard Alexis Georges | +241 065676062

Georgia U.S. Ambassador to Georgia Hosts Jazz Promoters and Artists

U.S. Ambassador to Georgia is hosting a group of Jazz promoters and artists in order to commemorate International Jazz Day. Famous Georgian Jazz musicians Beka Gochiashvii and Levan Deisadze will perform some of their favorite songs from the repertoire.
Their performance will be featured on U.S. Embassy’s Facebook @usingeo

Official Website: Click here


“Red Piano” is a documentary about International Tbilisi Jazz Festival 1989, Tbilisi, Georgia; first ever greatest international jazz festival in the history of former USSR. Featuring the jazz legends of the time: Art Blakey, Sun Ra, Jimmy Smith, Freddie Hubbard, Curtis Fuller, Les McCann, Eddie Harris, Bennie Golson, Jackie McLean, Leni Stern, Luther Allison, Kenny Drew, George Adams and many others. The Festival became the turning point in the history of jazz culture development in Georgia and the region, annualy keeping up its valuable tradition up to date. Today, Georgia enjoys three annual international jazz forums – Tbilisi Jazz Festival, Black Sea Jazz Festival and Jazz & Wine Kakheti.

Contact: Mikheil Giorgadze | +995577514001
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 12:00
Germany Blog Cinema with Paul Hubweber Virtual

For the lockdown weekend in Berlin, we’ll have virtual open access to short video collages made with music by German trombonist and composer Paul Hubweber. Some of the videos by filmmaker Ebba Jahn are shown at film festivals, art exhibitions, or London’s Mopomoso tv, and some are straight from long-distance lockdown collaboration endeavors with Paul Hubweber made for your desktop enjoyment.

Contact: Ebba Jahn
Official Website: Click here

Blog Cinema Ebba
Germany Jazzzz Lunch*Break. In memoriam Manu Dibango Virtual

On the occasion of International Jazz Day 2021, the German Commission for UNESCO invites you to 60 Minutes for Eyes and Ears as part of the UNESCO ResiliArt series. This hour will begin with a tribute to Manu Dibango, who, as a UNESCO Artist for Peace, has been passionately committed to the goals of UNESCO with his artistic and personal work since 2004. He succumbed to the Covid 19 virus in March 2020. With a view to the former German capital Bonn as a genius loci, a jazz trip will take you figuratively and musically to places of democracy. We’ll make a foray through Baden-Baden, take the ‘Steamtrain’, and ask how far gender equality has progressed in the German jazz scene. We look forward to your participation!

Contact: Christine M. Merkel
Official Website: Click here

Bonn and the Internet

Event Time: 12:00

A collaborative video contribution by Massimo Magee and Alfred 23 Harth for the Concert Series “Chamäleon Verbindungen”.
Video Premiere at 20:15 (CET) at https://youtu.be/5SsaaMYf8xs

Contact: Joshua Weitzel
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 20:15
Germany KAVD STUDIO SESSIONS mit Stefan Kuchel und Peter Ortmann Virtual

In celebration of International Jazz Day, we present the KAVD STUDIO SESSIONS No 54, 55, and 56 with three great songs – “Summertime”, “Now’s the time”, and “Triste” – performed by saxophonist Stefan Kuchel with pianist Peter Ortmann.

The KAVD Studio Sessions were designed in April 2020 to help artists from around Lübeck to get through these times without any public and paid gigs and appearances. In cooperation with the Musikhochschule Lübeck and through the help from the Possehl Stiftung, the KAVD was able to produce digital concerts and pay at least a small fee.

Official Website: Click here

Triftstr. 139a 23554
Lübeck, Germany
Germany Tuija-Komi-Duo & Angela-Avetisyan-Quartet Virtual


Im Rahmen des Internationalen Jazz-Tags am Freitag, 30. April präsentieren ab 20 Uhr der Moosacher Kulturverein „DIE LINIE 1“ e.V. und das Kultur- und Bürgerhaus Pelkovenschlössl zwei renommierte Jazz-Musiker*innen via Livestream aus dem Kulturhaus. Zu Besuch sind das TUIJA KOMI DUO und das ANGELA AVETISYAN QUARTET.

Das erste Set um 20 Uhr spielen Tuija Komi und Stephan Weiser und das Publikum darf sich auf „Those Fantastic Songs“ freuen. Wenn die großartige finnische Sängerin und Wahlmünchnerin Tuija Komi die Bühne betritt, dann tut sie das mit ungeheurer Präsenz. Allein die Kraft ihrer Stimme schafft eine Atmosphäre, die dem Publikum Zugang zu der Welt des nordischen Landes der Mitternachtssonne gewährt. Tuija Komi tritt im Duo mit dem sympathischen und versierten Musikerkollegen Stephan Weiser auf.

Um ca. 20.50 Uhr startet das 2. Set mit dem Angela Avetisyan Quartet. Die armenische Trompeterin bringt ihren eigenen Klang auf die Bühne. Mit ihrer Musik spielt sie sich in die Herzen der Zuhörer, mit höchster Virtuosität und klarer Einfachheit verwischt sie die Grenzen zwischen Menschen und Musikrichtungen. Misha Antonov, Maximilian Hirning und Simon Popp komplettieren das Quartet.

2011 ernannte die Organisation der Vereinten Nationen (UNESCO) den 30. April offiziell zum Internationalen Jazz-Tag, um den Jazz und seine diplomatische Rolle bei der Vereinigung von Menschen in allen Teilen der Welt hervorzuheben. Der Kulturverein „DIE LINIE 1“ e.V.  und das Pelkovenschlössl beteiligen sich erstmals am Internationalen Jazz-Tag.

Der Eintritt kostet 15 € (ermäßigt 10€ – für Schüler*innen, Student*innen und München Pass Besitzer*innen) pro Link – gerne auch pro Person. Anmeldung und Bezahlung bis Freitag, 30.04.21 um 14 Uhr unter info@pelkovenschloessl.de; via: www.paypal.me/pelkovenschloessloder Überweisung:  IBAN DE58 7015 0000 0028 2741 40 (Stadtsparkasse München); Empfänger: Gesamtverein Moosach e.V.; im Verwendungszweck bitte unbedingt Mail-Adresse angeben. Der Link wird ca. eine Stunde vor Konzertbeginn verschickt. Weitere Infos unter www.pelkovenschloessl.de oder www.dielinie1.de .


As part of the International Jazz Day on Friday, April 30th, the Moosach cultural association “DIE LINIE 1” e.V. and the Pelkovenschlössl cultural and community center will present two renowned jazz musicians via livestream from the Kulturhaus. The TUIJA KOMI DUO and the ANGELA AVETISYAN QUARTET are visiting.
Tuija Komi and Stephan Weiser play the first set at 8 p.m. and the audience can look forward to “Those Fantastic Songs”. When the great Finnish singer and Munich resident Tuija Komi takes the stage, she does it with a tremendous presence. The power of her voice alone creates an atmosphere that gives the audience access to the world of the Nordic land of the midnight sun. Tuija Komi appears in a duo with the sympathetic and accomplished musician Stephan Weiser.
The 2nd set with the Angela Avetisyan Quartet starts at around 8:50 pm. The Armenian trumpeter brings her own sound to the stage. With her music she plays her way into the hearts of the audience, with the highest virtuosity and clear simplicity she blurs the boundaries between people and styles of music. Misha Antonov, Maximilian Hirning and Simon Popp complete the quartet.
In 2011, the United Nations Organization (UNESCO) officially designated April 30 as International Jazz Day to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role in bringing people together in all parts of the world. The cultural association “DIE LINIE 1” e.V. and the Pelkovenschlössl take part in the International Jazz Day for the first time.
Admission costs € 15 (reduced € 10 – for schoolchildren, students and Munich Pass holders) per link – also per person. Registration and payment by Friday, 04/30/21 at 2 p.m. at info@pelkovenschloessl.de; via: www.paypal.me/pelkovenschloessl or bank transfer: IBAN DE58 7015 0000 0028 2741 40 (Stadtsparkasse München); Recipient: Gesamtverein Moosach e.V .; Please make sure to include your email address in the intended use. The link will be sent about one hour before the start of the concert. More information at www.pelkovenschloessl.de or www.dielinie1.de.

Contact: Uli Krautwasser | +491756375422
Official Website: Click here

Kultur- und Bürgerhaus Pelkovenschlössl Moosacher St.-Martins-Platz 2
München, Bayern

Event Time: 20:00
Germany YogaLoveJazz Virtual

Still in organizing the project the idea it´s born to to emphasise the connection between the two passions of yoga and jazz, highlighting the forces generated by one hour of yoga and one hour of listening to jazz. The combination of the two opens up frontiers in the heart and soul and leads us to a healthy inner world, which is expressed in the realisation of an equally healthy outer world… Jazz represents music where each musician is closely connected in a domino cascade with the sound of the others, each time creating a different version of the same music, it sustains a unique and profound rhythm that opens sound barriers for the listener. Jazz tempos caress the deepest emotions, supporting the performer, the sound, the listening…

Contact: Luana Marini Bellisari | +49015736364410

Wiesentrasse, 7
Berlin, Brandenburg

Event Time: 19:00

BEST OF THE LOCKDOWN SESSIONS | live @ Quasimodo Berlin

For this special occasion we made a selection of some of the best tunes played the last months at the Lockdown Sessions. We hope you enjoy them!
You can find a link to each one of the full shows by scrolling down.

CRISIS MANAGEMENT- https://youtu.be/AvwwBr1YkKY
WITCHES BREW RELOADED- https://youtu.be/aZppIKY48k8
BLOWING FRONT- https://youtu.be/2slOPNtGhH8
JOURNEY TO THE SOURCE- https://youtu.be/rNtHugupY6Y
THREE 4 SOUL- https://youtu.be/277_PaLTqOY
THE LOCKDOWN JAM SESSION- https://youtu.be/Xfn2k1j188E
Angele Tremsal’s ENIVRANCE- https://youtu.be/2bkXHQ3acv0
DVORA DAVIS ENSEMBLE- https://youtu.be/cPVbaUeKdw4

Quasimodo Club & Bar: https://linktr.ee/Quasimodo_Berlin

Contact: Luis Dobarro
Official Website: Click here

Quasimodo Club Kantstr. 12 A
Berlin, Germany
+49(0) 30 318 045 60

Event Time: 20:00
Germany jazzahead!

Bremen, Germany-based jazzahead! is the world’s largest jazz trade fair and one of the most significant annual events on the global jazz scene. Set for late April every year since 2006, it temporarily coincides with International Jazz Day. This year we started a partnership with IJD, including diverse showcases that you find on our website and an interactive zoom concert with Tin Men & The Telephone from the Netherlands.

Contact: Peter Schulze | +491755604221
Official Website: Click here

Diverse Bremen, Germany

Event Time: 16:30

The jazz.grafing association is participating on IJD. The jazz.grafing association is participating in this global event for the fourth time and will be presenting four young jazz musicians who swarmed from their Bavarian homeland to establish oneself in the international jazz scene.

Alma Naidu, 25, born in Munich, with her expressive soprano voice together with the 30-year-old Augsburg bassist Julia Hornung and pianist Niklas Roever, born in Ebersberg in 1998, completed by the 29-year-old drummer Johannes Rothmoser (grown-up in Grafing).

In addition to the live music, which is the focus, there will also be interviews and surprise guests. Due to the pandemic-related restrictions, the event must be broadcast from the Grafing town hall

Contact: Frank Haschler | +49 171 3343572
Official Website: Click here

Stadthalle Grafing Jahnstr. 15
Grafing, Bavaria
+49 171 3343572

Event Time: 20:30
Germany Jazz goes to School

Our online-project is titled “Jazz goes to School”, with which we present educational videos and material for schools and teachers based in Hamburg but also to whom it may interest. There are four videos of different musicians of 5 – 10 Minutes with supplementary educational material. The musicians will interpret the standard Jazz tune “Body and Soul” in their individual mode and will be interviewed about their musical understanding, their everyday life and connected questions. If teachers like the material will be presented online or analogue by local professionals. The project is co-financed by a local foundation with additional means of our volunteer organization. The URL address to find the documents and videos is:


Contact: Günter Muncke / Jazz Federation Hamburg | +49 172 67 08 429
Official Website: Click here

Hamburg, Germany
Germany International Jazz Day – Doppelkonzert

Opening/greetings by FRANK MEYER
Lord Mayor of the City of Krefeld

TOBIAS KLEIN saxophone
JOHN DIKEMAN saxophone
BART MARIS trompete

PHILIPP GROPPER tenor saxophone, composition
ELIAS STEMESEDER piano, synthesizer

Contact: Christoph Kuntze | +491722661732
Official Website: Click here

Burg Linn, Krefeld Rheinbabenstr. 85

Event Time: 20:00
Germany Christoph Spendel Electric Group | Online Concert Virtual

A new chapter in the history of the legendary Christoph Spendel Group, with international musicians from around the world. The “CSG” has been touring Europe in the eighties and nineties and is now back on road with new music from contemporary influences, between jazz, latin, pop, and world.

Peter Klohmann – sax, flute
Christoph Spendel – keyboards, piano
Thomas Heidepriem – electric bass
Martin Standke – drums

Contact: Ron Heinrich | +49 15152717078
Official Website: Click here

Ella & Louis Rosengartenplatz 2

Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg

Event Time: 20:00
Germany International Jazz Day Concert 2021 by Enjoy Jazz Festival Virtual

A concert with Alexandra Lehmler and other German Jazz musicians.

Enjoy Jazz Festival wants to support musicians in times of the pandemic. The musicians will be paid by the organizers plus all funds collected during the broadcast by way of donation will go to the artists.

Last years’s edition raised nearly 5000 Europe donations for the participating artists that barely had and have other income due to the Corona lockdown regulations.

Contact: Michael Braun | +4962216470425
Official Website: Click here

Alte Feuerwache Mannheim Brückenstraße 2
Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg
+49 621 293 92 81

Event Time: 20:00
Germany Paul Zauner’s Blue Brass – Freedom Now Virtual

Paul Zauner’s Blue Brass is the musical base for contemporary Jazz expeditions. The program Freedom Now is to inspire every single person to go a peaceful way.

The Band:
Paul Zauner-tb
Barney Girlinger-tp,flgh
Klemens Pliem-ts,fl
Milan Nikolic-b
Dusan Novakov-dr
Omar Belmonte-perc

All the improvised music will be centered around Max Roach and Abbey Lincoln Freedom Now Suite and some other historic songs done by Abbey Lincoln

Contact: Paul Zauner | +43 6769046822
Official Website: Click here

Cafe Museum Passau Bräugasse 17

Passau, Bavaria
+43 6769046822

Event Time: 20:00
Germany Dokumentation über Jazzmusiker: JazzDayGermany. Virtual

Gemeinsam mit Musikern aus Deutschland, dem deutschsprachigen Raum, vielen anderen aus Europa und der ganzen Welt, wollen wir zeigen, wie vielfältig, kreativ, inspirierend und hinreißend Jazz Musik sein kann. Wir feiern also den Tag, der “unser” Tag ist: International Jazz Day gemeinsam mit der ganzen Welt.

Wir berichten mit berührenden Dokumentationen, Konzertberichten, Fotos über Musiker und Bands, die uns begeistern und mit ihrer Musik begleiten.

In Zusammenarbeit mit jazzahead! wollen wir im Jahr 2021 50 Musiker auf unserer Plattform jazzdaygermany.de vorstellen.


Together with musicians from Germany, the German-speaking region, many others from Europe and around the world, we want to show how diverse, creative, inspiring and gorgeous jazz music can be. So we celebrate the day that is “our” day: International Jazz Day together with the whole world. We report with touching documentaries, concert reports, photos about musicians and bands who inspire us and accompany us with their music.

In cooperation with jazzahead! we want to introduce 50 musicians on our platform jazzdaygermany.de in 2021.


Contact: Jacek Brun | +4951919989101
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 00:00
Ghana Virtual Hub Gh International Jazz Day Virtual

Geared towards celebrating Jazz Music globally and locally powered by Virtual Hub Ghana to bring to the world the brand referred to as afro jazz (The African brand of jazz ). Unveiling the untapped talents of Africans who are embracing Jazz vis a vis getting the youth to appreciate Jazz music in the form that it is being presented. This includes Steve Bedi, Komla young, Owura K and also some amazing contemporary gospel jazz artistes ; Kyei Mensah, Kingsley Ampofo. Portraying African jazz talents in the world. The Virtual Hub is presented as a venue to the potential jazz artists and stake holders across Ghana and overseas

Contact: James Amoakohene | +233551814138

Virtual Hub GH 119 Freetown Avenue Eastlegon, Accra-Ghana
20 Asoyi Crescent Eastlegon, Accra-Ghana
Accra, Greater Accra Region


Event Time: 19:00
Ghana Celebrating Ten Years of International Jazz Day featuring The GhJazz Collective and Friends

An evening Live Concert featuring the GhJazz Collective and other jazz musicians and collaborators who have participated in our annual IJD events since April 30 2011.

Contact: Adrian Oddoye | +233244448404

+233 Jazz Bar & Grill 75, Dr Isrrt Road
North Ridge
Accra, Greater Accra
OS 1952

Event Time: 21:00
Ghana Ylounge Virtual

UNESCO Accra coordinated events from Ghana. This is one of them.

Live Performance by Steve Bedi
Other Jazz music-related content will be included in the show.

Contact: Ian Otchere and Raven

Accra, Ghana

Event Time: 20:00
Ghana JOY FM Cosmopolitan Mix Virtual

This is one of the events coordinated by UNESCO Accra.

JOY FM 99.7
Hosted by Doreen Andoh
– Special guest Steve Bedi and guest presenter Ken Addy
– Topic: What’s your favourite jazz tune?

Contact: Doreen Andoh and Nhyira of JOY FM

JOY FM 99.7 Accra, Ghana

Event Time: 10:00
Ghana Maximum Jazz with Yomi Sower Virtual

Maximum Jazz with Yomi Sower
A Jazz appreciation month

Contact: Yomi Sower

Ghana Virtual Hub

This is one of the activities coordinated by UNESCO Accra.

– Headline Steve Bedi
– Special guests Komla Young Owura, Kay Ananse Band and others
– Gospel artists include Kyei Mensah and Kingsley Amporful

Contact: Paa Kay

Virtual Hub, East Legon MTN Office

Event Time: 21:00
Ghana Concert In Honour of the Late Jerry John Rawlings

This is one of the events under UNESCO Accra coordination

MUSIGA Concert in honour of the late Jerry John Rawlings:
– Live statements by Mr Diallo and Dr Ibrahim Mohammed Awal
– Pre-recorded messages and live performances

Contact: Ahuma Bosco
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 21:00
Ghana JOY FM Program and Kristocentic Radio Virtual

This is one of the activities coordinated by UNESCO Accra.

Play jazz and acknowledge IJD at Joy FM 99.7 FM and online radio www.kristocentric.com

Contact: Fiifi Folson

JOY FM 99.7

Event Time: 12:00
Greece Jazz blooming – Jazz friends play for the world Virtual

The Jazz friends from Thessaloniki, play & dedicate this digital event to the whole world and wish to become a hug as before.
This year we celebrate International Jazz Day, the 10th edition & our moto are:
* Living the Jazz pulse
* Jazz is blooming!

Jazz is constantly blooming and passes its own messages that touch the souls of the world!
We also activevely participate, giving our own position and putting our little stone in this whole project.

The musicians which taking part are:
Christos Kasiolas
Christos Anastasiadis
Michael Chatzianastasiou
Evi Siamanta
Sia Koskina
George Tryfon
Grigoris Simadopoulos
Myrto Boziki
Vagelis Vrachnos
Angel Sersemis
Efthimis Chatzianagnostou

Special thanks to Aris Sobotis

Contact: Alexandra Kaletsari | +306972461214
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 22:00
Greece Celebrating Jazz Day – Solo Piano Virtual

On April 30th, we celebrate International Jazz Day.

Emmanuel Manos Saridakis will perform solo piano via live streaming from his Facebook page.

Start time 21:00 Athens GR time, (14:00 NYC time EST) Free entrance!

Event link: https://fb.me/e/2dFjsN664

Or visit: https://www.facebook.com/emmanuelsaridakis.piano/

Contact: Emmanuel Saridakis
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 21:00
Greece Free Jazz

For Jazz Day, the volunteers of Praxis will organize a small workshop containing an introduction to Jazz music, as well as a portion where they will play dance music and let people dance to it in a dark room to feel free. There will also be a broadcast on the local radio station where they will play Jazz music.

Contact: Melissa Mussa

PRAXIS cultural Organisation
Ioustinianou 19
62124 Serres
Guatemala In Celebration of International Jazz Day Virtual

U.S. Embassy Guatemala will host a virtual conversation and concert with U.S. jazz artist LaFrae Sci and Guatemalan jazz artists Rosse Aguilar, Victor Arriaza, Youko Martinez, and Luis Marcial. The event will take place on the Embassy’s Facebook fan page on April 30, 2021, at 5:00 p.m. (UTC-06:00 Central America)

Contact: Diana Braunschweig

Event Time: 17:00
Guatemala La Esquina JAZZ Festival

La Esquina JAZZ Café & Cervecería La 14 presentan:
International JAZZ Day Festival 2021
Once again we bring you the one and only outdoor jazz gathering in Guatemala. Two days surrounded by stunning landscapes in the Guatemalan highlands enjoying the best of the local JAZZ scene along with the best craft beer and food. Join us for this musical experience!!!

Contact: Carlos Castellanos | +50240060800
Official Website: Click here

Cervecería 14 Km 51.5 RN10, Camino a San Miguel Dueñas, Cd Vieja, Guatemala

Event Time: 04:20
Guyana Women in Jazz Virtual

Students of the Georgetown International Academy will be researching and presenting on female jazz artists and composers from past and present!

Contact: Ellenelle Gilliam | +592 6512708341

Haiti Big Jam Haiti

The Haiti Jazz Foundation will celebrate International Jazz Day by promoting jazz in all its diversity. The Haiti Jazz Foundation will organize an in-person and virtual evening at Quartier Latin with singer Alexa, the Rasin Mwen project, Joël & Mushy Widmaier, and guest artists such as Jacques Schwarz-Bart from Guadeloupe or the promising young Haitian trumpeter Maxime Lafaille. These performances will be followed by a Big Jam which will bring together at least twenty Haitian jazzmen. This evening will bring together jazz fans from Haiti and all over the world by broadcasting the event live on our Facebook page and our Youtube channel.

Contact: Joel Widmaier | +50936050588
Official Website: Click here

Quartier Latin 10 rue Goulard

Pétion-ville, Ouest

Event Time: 20:00
Haiti Jacmel Jazz Festival 6th edition

Despite the difficult contexts we will be celebrating the international jazz day this during the 6th edition of the Jacmel Jazz Festival, on April 28, 29 and 30 in Jacmel. We welcome local artists from different regions of Haiti and present workshops and conferences around Creole Jazz.

Contact: Richecard Ciné | +50948737583
Official Website: Click here

Lakou New-York Jacmel, Haiti

Event Time: 19:00
Honduras 12 horas de Jazz con Hibriduz Jazz Virtual

De 10AM (-6 GMT) a 10PM, una serie de conciertos internacionales de Hibriduz Jazz Honduras en las redes sociales de @HibriduzJazz en Facebook. Con el siguiente horario:

Bossa Jazz Concert 10 AM
Taichung Concert 12M
Taipei Concert 3PM
El viejo – Video Oficial 6PM
Jazz fest con Jose 7PM
Sons For Andre – Video Oficial 9pm
Big Band Tokio Concert 10PM


From 10AM (-6 GMT) to 10PM, a series of international concerts by Hibriduz Jazz Honduras on the social networks of @HibriduzJazz on Facebook. With the following schedule:

Bossa Jazz Concert 10 AM
Taichung Concert 12M
Taipei Concert 3PM
El viejo – Video Oficial 6PM
Jazz fest con Jose 7PM
Sons For Andre – Video Oficial 9pm
Big Band Tokio Concert 10PM


Contact: Mario Guevara | +50489888923
Official Website: Click here

12 Horas de Jazz con Hibriduz Jazz Tegucigalpa

Event Time: 10:00
Hong Kong Stop-time… celebrates International Jazz Day on air Virtual

Live radio programme, Stop-time.. will present a special every Friday featuring a diverse range of jazz tunes and arrangements. The selections may even include your choice of music. Make your request now, regardless of genre to radio4@rthk.hk or leave a message on Radio 4’s Facebook page.

Online streaming and web archive available on https://www.rthk.hk/radio/radio4.

Contact: Livia Lin | +85223396425
Official Website: Click here

Hong Kong

Event Time: 18:00
Hungary Harmónia Jazz Workshop: Borbély-Dresch Quartet Virtual

On International Jazz Day, the Harmónia Jazz Workshop brings you the summit meeting of two great horn players who lend a distinctly Hungarian flavour to the genre. Saxophonist and multi-reed instrumentalist, MIHÁLY BORBÉLY is equally at home in folk and world music, in jazz and contemporary music. On this special occasion, he will be joined by tenor/soprano-sax player and multi woodwind instrumentalist MIHÁLY DRESCH, who is, without a doubt, the finest exponent of Hungarian ethno-jazz and uses Hungarian folklore as the starting point of improvisation much as black Americans use the blues. His own group is a real musical workshop.

Formation: bass player BALÁZS HORVÁTH and drummer HUNOR G. SZABÓ.

Contact: Reka Irk | +36 209998781

Harmónia Jazz Workshop: Borbély-Dresch Quartet

Event Time: 19:50
Hungary Ektar Instrumental Quintet – Ethno Jazz Concert Virtual

The band, which has been active since 2002, plays improvisational chamber music.
Members of the band
SZŐKE Szabolcs -gadulka, sarangi, array mbira
VÁCZI Danel – soprano and saxophone
Zsolt CSÓKÁS – guitar
BENKŐ Robert – double bass
Zsolt KOVÁCS SÁRVÁRI – drums
Their name is also their poetics of ars, so EK-TAR is an Indian Sanskrit word, meaning: one-string: The five musicians try to merge in terms of expression, melodic variations, rhythm as if they were playing only one string. Their instrumentation is definitely traditional jazz instruments and quite special, exotic instruments, such as a Balkan 14-string string instrument, a gadulka, or a 4-octave, modern-developed, 120-sheet metallophone instrument, the array mbira.

Contact: Szabolcs Szőke | +36205437077
Official Website: Click here

PATYOLAT Baross utca 85.
Budapest, Pest megye

Event Time: 20:00
Hungary Borbély-Dresch Quartet – Online Concert

The two top exponents of Hungarian ethno-jazz lead this outfit

Contact: Peter Janos Pallai | +36 209 340 390
Official Website: Click here

Budapest Jazz Club Hollán Ernő utca 7

Budapest, Pest

Event Time: 19:50
India Jamal Mania (Louiz Banks) – Drum Cover by Prathamesh Chari Virtual

Happy International Jazz Day! My name is Prathamesh Chari from Goa, India. I am very excited to share my drum cover on Louiz Banks Sir’s tune “Jamal Mania” on the occasion of International Jazz Day.

Contact: Prathamesh Chari | +919604252827

Event Time: 11:00
India The Patio in association with Jazz Goa presents International Jazz Day 2021

The Patio at Pizza Delizia,. Arpora, Goa has established an iconic jazz night every Saturday all year round.
The international Jazz Day concert on 1st of May will be hosted in association with Jazz Goa.
The house band ‘Orleans’ will feature:
Julia Krachler – vocals
Xavier Peres – Piano
Colin D’Cruz – bass
Lester Godinho – drums
With guest artists from across India and around the world.

Contact: Jazz Goa | +919657574480
Official Website: Click here

The Patio The Patio
Maina Bhatti
Arpora, Goa

Event Time: 20:00
India International Jazz Day Bengaluru by BSM

This year’s Jazz Day will be a 3 day event at 3 different venues as follows:

April 30 – Jagriti Theatre – a Live Production-Performance by MoonArra World Fusion Ensemble of 12 musicians – 20:00hrs
May 1 – Aruna Sunderlal Auditorium at BSM – BSM Faculty and students and bands – 16:00hrs onwards
May 2 – JazzDay Jam with bands at Guruskool – 14:00hrs onwards

Contact: Jagadeesh Ramanujam Mudambi | +919844245577
Official Website: Click here

To be decided The Bangalore School of Music
Bangalore, Karnataka

Event Time: 16:00
India International Jazz Day – Mumbai

International Jazz Day – Mumbai is celebrated since its inception. The Event features some of the finest Jazz Artists from India and around the World.
The Event is organized by Gigatainment and is curated by the Legendary Mr. Louiz Banks.
This year, International Jazz Day – Mumbai is produced by NCPA.

Contact: Neil Banks | +919920114728
Official Website: Click here

TATA Theatre
TATA Theatre

Event Time: 19:00
India Big FM presents International Jazz Day 2021

98.3 Big FM Shillong and 92.7 Big FM Aizawl, in association with Jazz Goa, presents International Jazz Day 2021. This two-hour radio broadcast will feature jazz virtuosos from Goa, across India, and around the world from 6 pm to 8 pm IST.

Contact: Mark Swer | +91 9862439515
Official Website: Click here

Big FM Barik

Shillong, Megalaya
+91 9862439515

Event Time: 18:00
Indonesia Hotel Soul Good: Celebrating Jazz Day Virtual

Hotel Soul Good is a band from Makassar, Indonesia. The member is Arini (vocal), Achmad Ramadhan (guitar), Rhesa Siregar (keyboards), Eka Yudhistirianto (bass), Gentur Suryo Aji (drums).

Together they will perform few jazz standards to celebrate the music and arts that unite us as human beings.

Contact: Rhesa Siregar
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 19:00
Indonesia Rising Riau Islands

An early celebration of International Jazz Day 2021, will be held at Grand Batam Mall (Outdoor Space), Batam Island, Kepulauan Riau, on 27 and 28 of March 2021, from 5 PM until 9 PM.
the event will use an hybrid format of event; live streaming and live show with CHSE based (Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environment friendly).
Performers are from Indonesia.

Contact: Gardiana Karnasaputra | +62811692223

Grand Batam Mall Jl. Pembangunan
Batu Selicin, Lubuk Baja
Batam, Kepulauan Riau
+62 813-6441-9997

Event Time: 17:00
Indonesia International Jazz Day 2021, Rising Riau Islands Virtual

To celebrate the 10th International Jazz Day in Batam,
BJS will present ‘Rising Riau Islands’ which will be held at Outdoor Space of Mall Botania 2 Batam.
The event will be filled with :
-Music Clinic,
-Live Performance : C.O.A, Chepy Soekardi Quintet, Groovinity
-Jam Session

Contact: Gardiana Karnasaputra | +62811692223

Mall Botania 2 Jl. Raja Alikelana
Batam, Kepulauan Riau

Event Time: 16:30
Indonesia Cirebon-West Java International Jazz Day

An International Jazz Day event 2021 at Cirebon-West Java.
Will be performed by young and professional range musicians at Montir Kopi Cirebon, a small club and live streaming concert.
This event initiated by Ringga Hardika and presented by Montir Kopi.

Contact: Ringga Hardika

Montir Kopi Montir Kopi Jl. Tuparev No.20 (Autobutiq)
Jl. Tuparev No.20 (Autobutiq)
Cirebon, West Java

+62 821-8778-1112

Event Time: 11:00

Sending love and optimism from Bali, which economically is the most Covid-19 affected province, through jazz music. We are celebrating and sharing the spirit of jazz, the spirit of caring, love, and optimism in most challenging times with a hybrid jazz concert involving 4 Bali’s local jazz musos and groups

Contact: Astrid Sulaiman | +62 818173170
Official Website: Click here

Antida Soundgarden Jl. Waribang No.32. Kesiman
Denpasar Timur
Denpasar, Bali
+62 361285196

Event Time: 19:00
Indonesia Indra Lesmana Solo Piano Improvisation Virtual

This year, Sanur Mostly Jazz presents Indonesian Jazz Icon Indra Lesmana, who will play a total solo piano improvisation for the first time after more than 30 years.

Contact: Indra Lesmana | +62 818902818
Official Website: Click here

Sanggar Musik Indra Lesmana Waribang 45
Denpasar, Bali

Event Time: 21:30
Indonesia International Jazz Day with Global Pandemic Series of Studio Performances Virtual

International Jazz Day is celebrated again in Indonesia by @icanstudiolive from 25 April to 30 April 2021, carrying the spirit of #jazzathome. Featuring @sashiievelyn, Manna @jazzwith_MANNA, JuGiDi by @gihonlohanda, @duaempatmusic, @nesiaardi, @nonariamusic, and @Beatluz Jazz Collective led by @barrylikumahuwa. Some of them are part of the Global Pandemic Series of Studio Programs, organized by @icanstudiolive to support musicians to stay productive in times of pandemic. This year, @indika9160fm will also collaborate in broadcasting International Jazz Day.

#internationaljazzday #jazzathome #indonesianjazz #icanstudiolive #globalpandemicseriesofstudioperformance

Contact: Lucy Willar | +62816633846
Official Website: Click here

iCanStudioLive Jl. Erlangga V no. 14
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Event Time: 20:30
Indonesia International Jazz Day with Global Pandemic Series of Studio Performance Virtual

@sashievelyn has been active in the choir since joining PSM UI Paragita in 2009, and then practiced vocals under the guidance of sopranist Aning Katamsi. This talented mezzo-soprano was chosen to join the Batavia Madrigal Singers under the leadership of Avip Priatna. In 2015, @sashievelyn continued his Graduate Diploma in Vocal Performance studies at the Royal College of Music, London. Successfully getting an LPDP scholarship and winning the National Singing Competition by Catharina Leimena in 2016, Yasashi then continued to study Master of Program in Performance (Voice) at the same conservatory. Currently, Yasashi is active as a performer and educator in Jakarta.

#internationaljazzday #jazzathome #indonesianjazz #icanstudiolive #gpsp

Contact: Lucy Willar | +62816633846
Official Website: Click here

iCanStudioLive Jl. Erlangga V no. 14
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Event Time: 20:30
Indonesia International Jazz Day with Global Pandemic Series of Studio Performance Virtual

@jazzwith_MANNA consists of @as_mates, the legendary bassist, member of Bhaskara 86, the first Indonesian band performed at North Sea Jazz Festival. The other is a multi-colored guitarist, @achmad_ananda, who also met and played with John Stowell and pianist Hideaki Tokunaga, and continuously perform at many Asian Jazz Festivals. MANNA build a new concept of Acoustic Duo based on development in jazz history and modern harmony. Now MANNA is featuring a 17 y.o drummer @Dharrian Emillio Yanuanto, who has joined Balawan & Batuan Ethnic Fusion, the Ethnic Fusion Europe Tour 2018, Tong Tong Festival in Holland, UNESCO Batik Day in Paris, and International Gamelan Festival in Munich.
#internationaljazzday #jazzathome #icanstudiolive #gpsp

Contact: Lucy Willar | +62816633846
Official Website: Click here

iCanStudioLive Jl. Erlangga V no. 14
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Event Time: 20:30
Indonesia International Jazz Day in Jakarta, Indonesia by iCSL Virtual

@duaempatmusic is a jazz guitar duo @missiangellita and @alvinghazalie. They are based in Jakarta. Their mission is to revitalize jazz music for generations to come.
#internationaljazzday #jazzathome #icanstudiolive #gpsp

Contact: Lucy Willar | +62816633846
Official Website: Click here

iCanStudioLive Jl. Erlangga V no. 14
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Event Time: 20:30
Indonesia International Jazz Day in Global Pandemic Series of Studio Performance by iCSL Virtual

@jazzwith_MANNA consists of @as_mates, the legendary bassist, member of Bhaskara 86, the first Indonesian band performed at North Sea Jazz Festival. The other is a multi-colored guitarist, @achmad_ananda, who also met and played with John Stowell and pianist Hideaki Tokunaga, and continuously perform at many Asian Jazz Festivals. MANNA build a new concept of Acoustic Duo based on development in jazz history and modern harmony. Now MANNA is featuring a 17 y.o drummer @Dharrian Emillio Yanuanto, who has joined Balawan & Batuan Ethnic Fusion, the Ethnic Fusion Europe Tour 2018, Tong Tong Festival in Holland, UNESCO Batik Day in Paris, and International Gamelan Festival in Munich.
#internationaljazzday #jazzathome #icanstudiolive #gpsp

Contact: Lucy Willar | +62816633846
Official Website: Click here

iCanStudioLive Jl. Erlangga V no. 14
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Event Time: 20:30
Indonesia International Jazz Day in Global Pandemic Series of Studio Performance by iCSL Virtual

GIHON (27 April)
@gihonlohanda is imensely talented musician with a jazz guitar background. He has created many compositions of original and cover songs, as well as performed them in numerous TV shows, concerts, albums and events. His collaborations include highly respected artists such as Grammy Award winner Nestor Torres, Kirk Whalum, Diane Warren, and Israel Houghton, also many award-winning album productions for Indonesian artists, like Ruth Sahanaya, Raisa, the late Mike Mohede, and many others. He and his fellow educators in Archipelagio Music School formed a project named JuGiDi. Gihon is also an active lecturer in the Conservatory of Music of Pelita Harapan University.
#internationaljazzday #jazzathome #icanstudiolive #gpsp

Contact: Lucy Willar | +62816633846
Official Website: Click here

iCanStudioLive Jl. Erlangga V no. 14
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Event Time: 20:30
Indonesia International Jazz Day in Global Pandemic Series of Studio Performance by iCSL Virtual

This talented mezzo-soprano @sashiievelyn achieved her Graduate Diploma in Vocal Performance studies at the Royal College of Music, London, in 2015. Successfully getting an LPDP scholarship and winning the National Singing Competition by Catharina
Leimena in 2016, Sashi then continued to study Master of Program in
Performance (Voice) at the same conservatory. Currently, Sashi is active
as a performer and educator in Jakarta.
#internationaljazzday #jazzathome #indonesianjazz #icanstudiolive #gpsp

Contact: Lucy Willar | +62816633846
Official Website: Click here

iCanStudioLive Jl. Erlangga V no. 14
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Event Time: 20:30
Indonesia International Jazz Day in Jakarta, Indonesia by iCSL Virtual

Having born in a music family, @nesiaardi has interested in painting/scratches and music, especially singing since a very young age. Her father was pianist who passed away before she could learn music from him. However, his collection of CDs and Cassettes from Bob James, Nick Mamahit, Laura Fygi, Tania Maria, Ermi Kullit has made Nesia attracted to Jazz.
Nesia studied vocal at Institut Daya Indonesia guided by Tjut Nyak Deviana. She has won many sing competition and band. She collaborate with many musician such as Sri Hanuraga, Oele Pattiselano, Glen Dauna, Nial Djuliarso , Andy Gomez, Robert Mulyarahardja, etc. Now Nesia is a member of trio @nonariamusic.
#internationaljazzday #jazzathome #icanstudiolive #gpsp

Contact: Lucy Willar | +62816633846
Official Website: Click here

iCanStudioLive Jl. Erlangga V no. 14
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Event Time: 20:30
Indonesia International Jazz Day in Jakarta, Indonesia by iCSL Virtual

@nonariamusic is a jazz music group from Indonesia formed in 2012. It consists of @nesiaardi, @naninwardhani and Yasintha Pattiasina @yaspatt. The name “NonaRia” comes from “cheerful ladies”. NonaRia’s music contains messages and elements of life that are packaged in the style of a musical drama. They also carry the old style of music. In music, NonaRia is influenced by Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Bubi Chen, Ismail Marzuki, The Chordettes, The Andrews Sisters and Dara Puspita. NonaRia released the eponymous album in 2018.
#internationaljazzday #jazzathome #icanstudiolive #gpsp

Contact: Lucy Willar | +62816633846
Official Website: Click here

iCanStudioLive Jl. Erlangga V no. 14
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Event Time: 21:00
Indonesia International Jazz Day in Jakarta, Indonesia by iCSL Virtual

@Beatluz Jazz Collective is led by @barrylikumahuwa, a talented young bassist in Indonesia. In 2008 he released his first solo album, “Good Spell,” followed by second album “Generasi Synergy” in 2011 through his project named Barry Likumahuwa Project (BLP) reaching number 9 out of 20 best albums according to Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine. Three years later BLP released “Innerlight,” collaborated with great Indonesian singers including Glenn Fredly, which ranked no. 1 in iTunes Indonesia’s top downloads in the first week the album was released.
#internationaljazzday #jazzathome #icanstudiolive #gpsp

Contact: Lucy Willar | +62816633846
Official Website: Click here

iCanStudioLive Jl. Erlangga V no. 14
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan, DKI Jakarta

Event Time: 20:30
Indonesia Let’s Celebrate Jazz with the “Fabster All Stars & Guests”

At FabsterStage, we are so lucky to be able to offer some serious Jazz to our audience. Week after week, fantastic musicians are delivering amazing performances to an ever-growing crowd. Now, as one of the only Jazz clubs in Jakarta, we aim to spread the beauty of Jazz to as many people as we can reach. It is time to celebrate all together and give as much as we can to the public and help them love Jazz. Get ready to swing! Join us for a unique Jazz night. We hope to see you on Friday! Let’s Jazz it up!

Contact: Fabien Tourneur | +62 87864848488

FabsterStage Jalan Kemang Timur No.89B,
R.T.001/R.W.003, Bangka, Kec. Mampang Prpt.
Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
+62 87864848488

Event Time: 20:00
Indonesia Celebrating International Jazz Day “Jazz Ghondes” Virtual

Celebrating International Jazz Day “Jazz Gondhes” with Jazz Ngisoringin Community Semarang.

Every Beat of Local is A Tribute To Global

Performer :
Fatty Katty, 23 Kuartet, Malikros, Mac Dallen x Ardner, podcast by Makelar Tjerita

This event is virtual on Youtube and Instagram: Jazz Ngisoringin


Contact: Herdito Tamami | +62 085640600202
Official Website: Click here

PUPA SPACE Jl. Letnan Jenderal S. Parman No.56, Bendungan, Kec. Gajahmungkur, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah 50232
SEMARANG, jawa tengah
+62 085640600202

Event Time: 16:00
Ireland Kevin Lawlor Quartet Virtual

Streaming from Wexford Arts Centre from 8pm – Celebrate the 10th UNESCO International Jazz Day 2021 with Wexford jazz drummer and Director of Jazz Studies at CWSM Kevin Lawlor and his quartet. An extended set of music has been chosen by the bandleader including music by Oscar Pettiford, Thelonious Monk and the great pianist Chick Corea who passed away a few weeks ago.The set will also include new music by the leader for its debut performance.

Contact: Kevin Lawlor
Official Website: Click here

Wexford Arts Centre Cornmarket Square
Wexford, Wexford

Event Time: 20:00
Ireland Jazz Across the Bay: hosted by Melanie O’Reilly Virtual

Jazz Across the Bay: hosted by Melanie O’Reilly, on LirMedia.Tv in affiliation with Wexford Arts Centre & Jazz Appreciation Series.

Celebrate International Jazz Day by joining Jazz singer Melanie O’Reilly when she hosts the first programme in her online radio series Jazz Across the Bay – devoted to the spirit of jazz everywhere.

Today’s programme features three international jazz musicians:
Saxophonist Lisa Pollard, also known as Saxlady
Pianist/Arranger/Producer/Composer Frank Martin
Pianist/Music Educator: Jericho Traore

Contact: Jackie Kilgannon | +3530539123764
Official Website: Click here

Wexford Arts Centre Cornmarket

Wexford, Wexford
Y35 X5HF

Event Time: 13:00
Israel Thelma Yellin jazz dept.Israel, Ensembles marathon

In Israel, the city of givatayiim, 20 different ensembles, from combo’s , acappella, percussion to big band , in the annual marathon dedicate to the 10th Anniversary of International Jazz Day.
Head of the dept. Mr. Yossi Regev

Contact: Yossi Regev | +972 52 2511767

Thelma Yellin High School Givatayim, Israel

Event Time: 18:00
Israel Spiritual Awakening

Spiritual Awakening is also the title of the concert’s leading composition and marks an on going process of change and creativity and marks 9 new compositions by Saxophonist/Composer Shlomi Goldenberg created during the pandemic from March 2020 till February 2021. Performed by the latest rendition of the Little Big Band, Shlomi’s Group formed in Boston Mass. in the late 1980’s. The L.B.B featured some of world’s most renown Jazz Artists: John Medeski , Danilo Perez , Bob Moses just to name a few. The group’s current personnel: Shlomi Goldenberg Tenor Saxophone , Jacob Amar Flugel Horn , Tamir Miler Piano , Gonen Rosenberg Drums , Elad Muskatel – Bass , Marcello Nami Guitar , Rami Shuler Vibraphone

Contact: Doctor Shlomi Goldenberg | +972508322361
Official Website: Click here

Jazz Alley at Hasimta Theatre 8 Mazal Dagim
Old Jaffa, Israel

Event Time: 21:00
Israel Israel Jazz Society: Celebrating Israeli Jazz

This is the third time we are celebrating Israeli jazz in a very special event on international jazz day. We are happy to announce that we will celebrate with live audience.

This year we are hosting two great all-star combos:
Katia Toobool (piano) and Yehonatan Cohen (saxophones) will celebrate their new album “Neshima”, presenting beautiful original music hosting Gilad Dubretzky (percussions)
Ronen Shmueli (piano) will play a tribute to his long time hero, Horace Silver, with Yonatan Voltzok (trombone), Eyal Hai (tenor) and Gilad Dubretzky (percussions).

Contact: Yair Spiegel | +972549471065
Official Website: Click here

Terminal 4, Tel-Aviv Terminal 4

Event Time: 20:30
Israel Beit Haamudim Jazz Day Festival!


Mamelo Gaitanopoulos – Trumpet
Katia Toobool – Piano
Ofer Ganor – Guitar
Yonatan Levi – Bass
Ofri Nehemya – Drums

Maya Itzkovich – Trumpet
Noam Levy – Sax
Yoav Cohen Azulai – Piano
Guy David – Bass
Shahar Eilam – Drums

YONATAN VOLTZOK BIG BAND 19:00 | 20:15 | 21:30
Sax: Asaf Yuria, Alexander Levin, Alon Roe, Itai Raiten
Bones: Yoav Trifman, Dan Bluer
Trumpets: Assa Kook, Matan Levy
Piano: Yonatan Riklis
Bass: Oren Hardy
Drums: Alon Benjamini

Contact: Neta Silbiger | +072545333729

Beit Haamudim Rambam st. 14
Tel Aviv, Israel

Event Time: 15:00
Italy Tribute to Steve Grossman

A live/love concert, tribute to the late Steve Grossman passed away in 2020, age 69.

Contact: Danilo Memoli


Event Time: 21:00
Italy Jazz on radio/altriSuoni


ascolti, percorsi, visioni

06:00-08:00 / newSUN
viaggio musicale senza spazio né tempo

08:00-11:00 / AROUND JAZZ
storie, aneddoti, racconti

11:00-13:00 / JAZZ’IN
pop, poesie, pernacchie

acqua e aria nella storia del jazz

intervista: kosmos trio

racconto in jazz

17:00-19:00 / BIX BEIDERBECKE
la storia; guida all’ascolto

19:00-21:00 / PUGLIA IN JAZZ
continuità nella tradizione

21:00-24:00 / STEVE LACY
intervista; dentro la musica

00:00-02:00 / ‘ROUND MIDNIGHT
omaggio a bertrand tavernier

app iOS e Android


program www.altrisuoni.eu

00: 00-06: 00 / THE LONG NIGHT OF JAZZ: Listens, itineraries, visions

06: 00-08: 00 / newSUN: A musical journey without space or time

08: 00-11: 00 / AROUND JAZZ: stories, anecdotes, tales

11: 00-13: 00 / JAZZ’IN: pop, poems, parnacchie

13: 00-14: 00 / CLOUD ATLAS: water and air in the history of jazz

14: 00-16: 00 / PANDEMIC ATLAS: interview: kosmos trio

16: 00-17: 00 / TONY’S METAMORPHOSIS: Story in jazz

17: 00-19: 00 / BIX BEIDERBECK: The story; listening guide

19: 00-21: 00 / PUGLIA IN JAZZ: continuity in tradition

21: 00-24: 00 / STEVE LACY: interview; inside the music

00: 00-02: 00 / ‘ROUND MIDNIGHT: Tribute to Bertrand Tavernier

www.altrisuoni.eu iOS and Android app

Contact: Francesco Varriale | +39 345 0508999
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 00:00
Italy Emergency exit Virtual

To listen music ,dedicated to everyone with love

Contact: Ivano | +393395216362

House Via Trionfale

Event Time: 18:00
Italy Unesco in Musica – International Jazz Day Virtual

Il programma promosso da I-Jazz, con il sostegno del MiC, per questo IJD 2021 si articolerà in sei concerti in sei diversi siti Unesco 𝐢𝐧 𝐝𝐢𝐫𝐞𝐭𝐭𝐚 𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐬𝐮𝐥𝐥𝐚 𝐩𝐚𝐠𝐢𝐧𝐚 𝐅𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐛𝐨𝐨𝐤 𝐝𝐞𝐥𝐥’𝐚𝐬𝐬𝐨𝐜𝐢𝐚𝐳𝐢𝐨𝐧𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐞 𝐨𝐫𝐞 𝟏𝟖.

• 𝙈𝙖𝙩𝙩𝙚𝙤 𝙈𝙖𝙣𝙘𝙪𝙨𝙤 𝙩𝙧𝙞𝙤 – Valle dei Templi di Agrigento
• 𝙀𝙩𝙩𝙤𝙧𝙚 𝙁𝙞𝙤𝙧𝙖𝙫𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙞 𝙚 𝙈𝙖𝙧𝙘𝙤 𝘾𝙤𝙡𝙤𝙣𝙣𝙖 – Sassi di Matera
• 𝙅𝙖𝙫𝙞𝙚𝙧 𝙂𝙞𝙧𝙤𝙩𝙩𝙤 𝙚 𝙑𝙞𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝘼𝙗𝙗𝙧𝙖𝙘𝙘𝙞𝙖𝙣𝙩𝙚 – Villa Medice di Cerreto Guidi
• 𝙓𝙔𝙌𝙪𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙚𝙩 & 𝙅𝙤𝙝𝙣 𝘿𝙚 𝙇𝙚𝙤 – Villa Emo
• 𝙇𝙪𝙘𝙖 𝘼𝙦𝙪𝙞𝙣𝙤 – Sacro Monte di Varallo
• 𝙂𝙞𝙖𝙣𝙡𝙪𝙘𝙖 𝙋𝙚𝙩𝙧𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙖 𝙚 𝙋𝙖𝙨𝙦𝙪𝙖𝙡𝙚 𝙈𝙞𝙧𝙧𝙖 -Palazzo Ducale di Urbino

Contact: Corrado Beldì | +393482488257
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 18:00
Italy FestiValle – Matteo Mancuso Trio – Valley of the Temples

Streaming live from the stunning Giardino della Kolymbethra at Valle dei Templi, Agrigento – Sicily with the faboulous Matteo Mancuso Trio

Matteo Mancuso – Guitar
Giuseppe Bruno – Drums
Stefano India – Bass

in partnership with Italia Jazz and FAI
FestiValle: International digital arts and music festival

Contact: Fausto Savatteri | +393384370056
Official Website: Click here

Valle dei Templi Viale Caduti di Marzabotto, 92100 Agrigento AG
Agrigento, Italy, Sicily

Event Time: 19:00
Italy International Jazz Day – Alba by Milleunanota Alba Virtual

In the beautiful landscape of Langhe-Monferrato-Roero already World Heritage Site Unesco, we are proud to organize a virtual concert with some of the greatest musicians of our District showing the beauty of our vineyards

Contact: Adriana Riccomagno | +393347867028
Official Website: Click here

Scaparoni vineyard Scaparoni
Alba, Piemonte

Event Time: 18:00
Italy JD021AL Virtual

Concert of the Students of Conservatorio Vivaldi in Alessandria
Master Graduating of the jazz Department

Contact: Antonio Bologna | +39 3276924783
Official Website: Click here

Conservatorio A. Vivaldi Via Parma 1

Alessandria, Italia/Alessandria/Piemonte
+39 0131 051500

Event Time: 18:00
Italy Jazzhotel 🛎️ International Day Virtual

Good morning,
we are three non-professional friends of the music industry, but very passionate about the most eccentric and satisfying music genre. Through the frequencies of a local radio of Salento RNS 93.4 fm, in addition to Facebook and Instagram, we accompany radio listeners and those who, from afar, through the most common social channels, follow the program called Jazz Hotel🛎️, A musical hotel virtual reality of RNS, which “hosts” the greats of Jazz. For the international occasion we have reserved the “suite” for the artist Michel Petruccianí. We thank.
Jazz Hotel 🛎️

Contact: Prete Tomas | +393293110867
Official Website: Click here

Radio RNS 93.4 fm Piazza San Nicola
Aradeo, Lecce

Event Time: 20:00
Italy SudAmerica Domenico Balducci Trio

Domenico Balducci Trio
Al Saint Patrick Jazz Club di Barletta Italy si esibirà Domenico Balducci Trio in una performance live dedicata alla musica Sudamericana.

Contact: Domenico Balducci | +393486618547

Saint Patrick Jazz Club Via cialdini, Barletta Bt Puglia

Event Time: 22:00
Italy Bergamo International Jazz Day

Bergamo International Jazz Day – eighth edition. During April 2021 over twenty events: live and streaming concerts, seminars, photo exhibitions, on line and live lessons with students of the schools, a global concert with more than 150 musicians. Promoted by Centro Didattico produzione Misica in collaboration with the Municipality of Bergamo, within “Per chi crea project” by SIAE – MIBACT- Santa Lucia Institute, Regione Lombardia and a network of institutional and associative partners.

Contact: Claudio Angeleri | +393358202456
Official Website: Click here

CDpM Via De Amicis 6
Bergamo, BG

Event Time: 20:00
Italy JAZZ. . . musicalmente insieme Virtual

Il Club per l’UNESCO di Bisceglie, (presidente Pina Catino) celebra quest’anno il decennio dal riconoscimento del JAZZ Patrimonio Immateriale dell’Umanità, causa coronavirus, attraverso un contributo in video, con il M° Angelarosa Graziani al pianoforte ed Edoardo Pansini alle percussioni, per illustrare, tra storia e in musica, il jazz quale linguaggio universale della pace, uno strumento di sviluppo e crescita del dialogo interculturale volto alla tolleranza e alla comprensione reciproca.
Il video Jazz . . . musicalmente insieme, grafica e montaggio a cura del M° Gianni Mazzone, è in rete su pag. https://m.facebook.com/clubunescobisceglie/ a partire dalle ore 00:01 del 30 aprile.


The UNESCO Club of Bisceglie, (president Pina Catino) celebrates this year the decade since the recognition of the JAZZ Intangible Heritage of Humanity, due to coronavirus, through a video contribution, with M ° Angelarosa Graziani at the piano and Edoardo Pansini to percussion, to illustrate, between history and music, jazz as a universal language of peace, a tool for the development and growth of intercultural dialogue aimed at tolerance and mutual understanding.
The Jazz video. . . musically together, graphics and editing by Maestro Gianni Mazzone, is online on pag. https://m.facebook.com/clubunescobisceglie/ starting at 00:01 on April 30th.

Contact: Pina Catino | +393476432086
Official Website: Click here

Club per l'UNESCO di Bisceglie largo A. De Curtis, 4
via Marconi, 8
Bisceglie, Italia /BT/Puglia

Event Time: 00:01
Italy Campobasso Conservatory Jazz Day Virtual

Il canto jazz dal 1960 ai giorni d’oggi.
La voce come strumento e l’interpretazione

ore 18 – Concerto
J.Van Heusen, It Could Happen To You
A.C.Jobim, Chega De Saudade

B. Goodmann e L. Hampton, Flying Home
T. Wolf, Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most

Duke Ellington, Ain’t Got Nothin’ But The Blues
I.Jones, The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else

O. Nelson arr. M. White, Stolen Moments
H. Silver arr. B. Galbraith, Liberated Brother
GUITAR ENSEMBLE (a cura del M. N. Cordisco)



Jazz singing from 1960 to the present day.

Voice as an instrument and interpretation


18:00 – Concerto J. Van Heusen, It Could Happen To You

A.C.Jobim, Chega De Saudade



B. Goodmann and L. Hampton, Flying Home

T. Wolf, Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most



Duke Ellington, Ain’t Got Nothin ‘But The Blues

I. Jones, The One I Love Belongs To Somebody Else




O. Nelson arr. M. White, Stolen Moments

H. Silver arr. B. Galbraith, Liberated Brother

GUITAR ENSEMBLE (edited by M. N. Cordisco)







Contact: Giulio Costanzo | +39 3358225946
Official Website: Click here

Viale Principe di Piemonte 2/A

Campobasso, Italy
+39 3358225946

Event Time: 14:00
Italy Ognissanti suona il Jazz Virtual

Festival di musica jazz, giunto alla terza edizione, che ha luogo nei Comuni di Carmignano e Poggio a Caiano, in provincia di Prato. Le colline medicee fanno da sfondo ai concerti del festival, anche se quest’anno l’edizione sarà in streaming per rispetto della normativa anti-covid.
Il tema cardine di quest’anno è la celebrazione di due centenari importanti: quello di Charlie Parker e quello di Dave Brubeck.


“All Saints Play Jazz”, now in its third year, takes place in the municipalities of Carmignano and Poggio a Caiano, in the province of Prato. The Medici hills are the backdrop to the festival concerts, even though this year will be live-streamed in compliance with COVID regulations. The key theme of this year is the celebration of two important centenaries: that of Charlie Parker and Dave Brubeck.


Contact: Vincenzo Soricillo | +39 3388385159

Piazza Matteotti 1

Carmignano, Prato

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Casalmaggiore Jazz Day 2021

10th edition of the Casalmaggiore Jazz Day!

Due to anti-pandemic resctrictions, according to lacal laws, a short show will run in the Teatro di Casalmaggiore and in live streaming on April 30.

An other event is planned for the winter season hoping restrictions will be cancelled.

Contact: Andrea Acquaroni | +393358471715
Official Website: Click here

Teatro di Casalmaggiore via Porzio
Casalmaggiore, Cremona

Event Time: 20:30
Italy P² * B = trio Plays "Green Dolphin Street" Virtual

Il trio, che comprende il giovane e talentuoso alto sassofonista Tommaso Profeta più il contrabbassista Stefano Profeta ed il sassofonista tenore Claudio Bianzino, è lieto di celebrare il decimo anniversario dell’International Jazz Day con un breve evento che si terrà alle ore 9:00 am (GMT+2).
Green Dolphin Street è un brano musicale del 1947 scritto come tema portante per la colonna sonora dell’omonimo film del compositore polacco Bronislaw Kaper. Anche se già reinterpretato nel 1956 da Ahmad Jamal, non è stato un brano di grande successo fino alla sua rivisitazione da parte di Miles Davis nel 1958.
Buon ascolto e buon #JazzDay!


The trio, which includes the young and talented alto saxophonist Tommaso Profeta plus the double bass player Stefano Profeta and the tenor saxophonist Claudio Bianzino, is pleased to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the International Jazz Day with a short event that will be held at 9:00 am. (GMT + 2) .Green Dolphin Street is a 1947 musical piece written as the main theme for the soundtrack of the homonymous film by the Polish composer Bronislaw Kaper. Although already reinterpreted in 1956 by Ahmad Jamal, it was not a very successful song until it was revisited by Miles Davis in 1958. Have a good listening and good #JazzDay!

Contact: Claudio Bianzino | +393392252844
Official Website: Click here

Via Facino Cane, 35
Casale Monferrato, AL

Event Time: 09:00
Italy Empoli Jazz: 10th IJD 2021- Unesco in Musica @ Empoli Jazz Virtual

Empoli Jazz aderisce fina dalla prima edizione all’IJD con concerti presso la Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi ( Sito Unesco)
il programma di quest’anno 2021

ore 16,30 Le Fiabe del Jazz il progetto di formativo, culturale e musicale di Empoli Jazz per la divulgazione del jazz nelle scuole

Ore 18,00 UNESCO IN MUSICA in collaborazione con ItaliaJAZZ, Music Pool e Pisa Jazz
Vince Abbracciante e Xavier Girotto duo
presso la Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi

Ore 21,30 Amarcord Empoli Jazz Festival


Empoli Jazz adheres until the first edition to the IJD with concerts at the Medici Villa of Cerreto Guidi (Unesco Site)
this year’s program 2021

4.30 pm Le Fiabe del Jazz the educational, cultural and musical project of Empoli Jazz for the dissemination of jazz in schools

18.00 UNESCO IN MUSIC in collaboration with ItaliaJAZZ, Music Pool and Pisa Jazz
Vince Abbracciante and Xavier Girotto duo
at the Medici Villa of Cerreto Guidi

9.30 pm Amarcord Empoli Jazz Festiva

Contact: Filippo d'Urzo
Official Website: Click here

Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi, Sito Unesco Via dei Ponti Medicei, 7
Cerreto Guidi, Toscana

Event Time: 16:00
Italy O2-Tutta un’altra musica – International Jazz Day

E’ un programma radiofonico trasmesso su Radio Barrio, web radio di Crotone (KR) – Italia, ogni venerdì alle 19:00, che coinciderà con l’International Jazz Day


It is a radio program broadcast on Radio Barrio, web radio of Crotone (KR) – Italy, every Friday at 19:00, which will coincide with the International Jazz Day

Contact: VINCENZO MEDICI | +39 348 384 9747
Official Website: Click here

Associazione Il Barrio III Traversa San Leonardo
crotone, kr
+39 327 372 1595

Event Time: 19:00

Concerto dell’Orchestra Mosaico formata da 47 giovani musicisti della provincia di (PU) con la direzione di Jean Gambini e i maestri preparatori Giorgio Caselli, tromba, Ximena  Jaime, coordinatrice e violinista, Leonardo Panni, fisarmonica e pianoforte, Akita Thano, violoncello, Zulma L. Jaime, flauto, Matteo Salvatori, percussioni.
L’evento, fa parte del più ampio progetto didattico “Young Jazz Meetup” – realizzato da Fano Jazz Network e da il Comune di Fano Servizi Educativi Assessorato Politiche Educative, per le scuole Primarie e Secondarie di primo grado del Comune di Fano e non solo – un invito all’ascolto della musica jazz, riconoscendone il ruolo di linguaggio universale per il messaggio di libertà, cultura, fratellanza.


Concert by the Mosaic Orchestra made up of 47 young musicians from the province of (PU) under the direction of Jean Gambini and the preparatory masters Giorgio Caselli: trumpet, Ximena Jaime: Coordinator and violinist, Leonardo Panni: accordion and piano, Akita Thano: cello, Zulma L. Jaime: flute, and Matteo Salvatori: percussion.

The event is part of the broader educational project “Young Jazz Meetup” – created by Fano Jazz Network and the Municipality of Fano Educational Services Department of Educational Policies, for primary and lower secondary schools of the Municipality of Fano and beyond – an invitation to listen to jazz music, recognizing its role as a universal language for the message of freedom, culture, brotherhood.

Contact: Adriano Pedini | +39 0721 170 6616
Official Website: Click here

Pala -J Via Ugo bassi, 44

Fano, PU

Event Time: 11:00
Italy International Jazz Day Virtual

Conservatorio di Musica “Girolamo Frescobaldi” di Ferrara (Italy) first joins the International Jazz Day celebrations with a two-hour concert of the best students.

Contact: Marta Raviglia | +39 0532207412
Official Website: Click here

Jazz Club Ferrara Rampari di Belfiore, 167

Ferrara, Italy
+39 3314323840

Event Time: 17:15
Italy A tribute to Chick Corea Virtual

Our Cultural Association Oltretromba Jazz Club to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the International Jazz Day will promote an event entitled “A tribute to Chick Corea”. This event will include the transmission of videos of famous compositions of Chick Corea played by some Italian jazz musicians. This in order to pay homage to a great jazz musician and composer. We will do a sponsored campaign on our Facebook page and advertise on all our social media accounts. Riccardo Coratelli (OltreTromba J.C. art director)

Contact: Riccardo Coratelli | +393275733604

Lecce, Italy

Event Time: 18:00
Italy Mauro Brunini Jazz Quartet “Bebop Tribute” Virtual

The musicians of this formation come from various and important experiences in the jazz field.

They faced the obligatory path that is part of learning this very niche genre, jazz, but so loved because it is considered highly creative and visceral music.

Mauro Brunini is a trumpet player active on various fronts, both with leading projects and collaborations of depth, in this case, makes use of the touch of Yazan Greselin, a pianist known and counted in several projects.

The rhythm section is composed of the precise timing of Achille Giglio and the effective swing of Luca Grasso, synergistic artists to face and perform the chosen repertoire, which wants to be, as the title says, a tribute to the BeBop era.

Contact: Zangara Paolo | +39 3475430118
Official Website: Click here

Black Inside 1° Maggio

Lonate Ceppino, Italia / Varese / Lombardia

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Aspettando Lucca Jazz Donna Festival 2021 – Concerto JAZZ di Michela Lombardi Virtual

Oggi, 30 aprile, nella giornata internazionale del jazz il canale YouTube “Live Love Lucca”, gestito dall’Ufficio Cultura del Comune di Lucca (Toscana), offre, in collaborazione con il “Circolo Lucca Jazz”, un meraviglioso concerto, registrato da poco a Lucca, che vede la talentuosa voce di Michela Lombardi, accompagnata dal clarinetto e sax di Nico Gori, dal pianoforte di Andrea Garibaldi e dalla chitarra di Carlos Adrian Fioramonti, offrirci una bella anticipazione del prossimo appuntamento con il “Lucca Jazz Donna Festival 2021”, in programmazione a Lucca nella stagione estiva con un calendario dedicato a dare espressione alla sensibilità e ai talenti della ricca scena jazz tutta al femminile. Che dire…godetevi lo spettacolo!


Today, 30 April, on the international jazz day, the YouTube channel “Live Love Lucca”, managed by the Culture Office of the Municipality of Lucca (Tuscany), offers, in collaboration with the “Circolo Lucca Jazz”, a wonderful concert, recorded by little in Lucca, which sees the talented voice of Michela Lombardi, accompanied by Nico Gori’s clarinet and sax, Andrea Garibaldi’s piano and Carlos Adrian Fioramonti’s guitar, offer us a nice preview of the next appointment with the “Lucca Jazz Donna Festival 2021 “, scheduled in Lucca in the summer season with a calendar dedicated to expressing the sensitivity and talents of the rich all-female jazz scene. What can I say … enjoy the show!

Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 10:00
Italy Vince Abbracciante Quartet – Terranima Virtual

Venerdì 30 aprile 2021 ore 19, il Club per l’UNESCO di Lucera in collaborazione con la Città di Lucera, celebra la giornata offrendo una serata jazz in diretta Facebook dal Teatro Garibaldi di Lucera (https://www.facebook.com/CLUBUNESCOLUCERA).

Protagonista il quartetto jazz “VINCE ABBRACCIANTE QUARTET –
“TERRANIMA” formato da VINCE ABBRACCIANTE (fisarmonica), NANDO DI MODUGNO (acoustic
& classical guitars), GIORGIO VENDOLA (double bass) e PINO BASILE (percussions).Terranima propone musica da crocevia:si incontrano istanze,desideri e sogni che profumano di terre lontane e di idee esotiche, ma ancorate alla natia Puglia.Per ordire questa trama, Abbracciante utilizza la fisarmonica, strumento principale della musica popolare italiana.


Friday 30 April 2021 at 7 pm, the UNESCO Club of Lucera in collaboration with the City of Lucera, celebrates the day by offering a live jazz evening on Facebook from the Garibaldi Theater in Lucera.

Protagonist is the jazz quartet “VINCE ABBRACCIANTE QUARTET – TERRANIMA “, formed by:


NANDO DI MODUGNO (acoustic & classical guitars)

GIORGIO VENDOLA (double bass), and

PINO BASILE (percussions)

Terranima offers crossroads music: instances, desires, and dreams come together that smell of distant lands and exotic ideas but anchored to his native Puglia. To weave this plot, Abbracciante uses the accordion, the main instrument of Italian popular music.

Contact: Giovanni Calcagnì | +39 3334821577

LUCERA corso Garibaldi

Lucera, Puglia

Event Time: 19:00
Italy Gezziamoci2021

Trio FDR:
Ettore Fioravanti, batteria
Paolino Dalla Porta, contrabbasso
Danilo Rea, pianoforte.
Progetto Originale Onyx Jazz Club con tre tra i più importanti musicisti italiani.


FDR Trio:
Ettore Fioravanti, drums
Paolino Dalla Porta, double bass
Danilo Rea, piano
Original project of the Onyx Jazz Club with three of the most important Italian musicians.

Contact: Luigi Esposito | +39 3314711589
Official Website: Click here

Onyx Jazz Club Matera, Basilicata

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Gezziamoci2021

Suoni del Futuro Prossimo.
Ettore Fioravanti, scrive una partitura per piccolo ensemble e dirige il Collettivo Junior Onyx composto da 9 giovani musicisti.
Un progetto musicale che prosegue la ricerca dei suoni del paesaggio iniziata a Matera dall’Onyx Jazz Club nel 2014.


Sounds of the Near Future.
Ettore Fioravanti writes a score for a small ensemble and directs the Junior Onyx Collective made up of 9 young musicians.
A musical project that continues the search for the sounds of the landscape started in Matera by the Onyx Jazz Club in 2014.

Contact: Luigi Esposito
Official Website: Click here

Onyx Jazz Club Matera, Basilicata

Event Time: 20:00
Italy International Jazz Day Virtual

Our International Jazz Day will open with an awesome duo composed of Malian griot Baba Sissoko and Sardinian pianist-accordionist Antonello Salis. Their performance will be streamed for free at 7pm (Italian time) on CulturaVenezia YouTube channel. The celebration will continue at 9 pm with the performances of other great Italian jazz musicians: pianists Marco Ponchiroli and Paolo Vianello will be performing together in ‘Piano Duets’ and then alongside saxophonists Marco Castelli, Michele Polga and guitarist Luca Zennaro. You can enjoy this event on CulturaVenezia YouTube channel as well.

Contact: Claudio
Official Website: Click here

P.le Luigi Candiani, 7
Mestre, Venice

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Just Friends Jazz Performance

Live performance in Milan of our Jazz Band Just Friends, hosted and co-sponsored by Hotel Blaise & Francis Milano (https://www.hotelblaisefrancis.it/)

Click here to watch


Contact: Franco (jazz bass) and Livio (guitar)

Just Friends Jazz Performace via Butti
Milano, Mi
+39 3358269748

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Jazz day nella Città dei due Siti UNESCO Virtual

Monte Sant’Angelo, la Città dei due Siti UNESCO nel cuore del Gargano, in Puglia, celebra, come ogni anno, l’International Jazz Day.
A causa della pandemia l’edizione 2021 sarà celebrata in streaming con il concerto del maestro Premio Oscar della Fisarmonica, Peppino Principe, nativo di Monte Sant’Angelo e scomparso a 91 anni nel 2018.

Il live HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEPPINO è un concerto straordinario in occasione degli 80 anni del Maestro Principe festeggiati presso il Teatro dal Verme di Milano (organizzato e concessoci da Biagio Ciuffreda Management).
Conduce Tony Martucci, special guest
Laura Fedele, Bruno De Filippi, Franco Cerri, Tullio De Piscopo, Attilio Romita.
Orchestra Big band del Maestro Paolo Tomelleri.
Regia: Gigi Giuffrida.


Monte Sant’Angelo, the city of two UNESCO Sites in the heart of the Gargano, Puglia, once again celebrates International Jazz Day.

Due to the pandemic, the 2021 edition will be celebrated with a pre-recorded concert of the Oscar-winning maestro of the accordion, Peppino Principe, a native of Monte Sant’Angelo and who passed away at 91 years of age in 2018.

The live HAPPY BIRTHDAY PEPPINO is an extraordinary concert on the occasion of the 80 years of Maestro Principe celebrated at the Teatro dal Verme in Milan Biagio Ciuffreda Management.

Conducted by Tony Martucci, special guest Laura Fedele, Bruno De Filippi, Franco Cerri, Tullio De Piscopo, Attilio Romita.

Big band orchestra of Maestro Paolo Tomelleri.

Directed by Gigi Giuffrida.

Contact: Pasquale Gatta | +39 3487196465

Monte Sant'Angelo Piazza Roma, 2

Monte Sant'Angelo, Italia / Puglia / Foggia

Event Time: 20:00

“The Pepper/Knepper Project”
Morganti is the leader of the Colors Jazz Orchestra, founded in 2001 and now one of the most beautiful big bands in Europe. Postacchini is the regular baritoneist of the orchestra, but his mastery extends to the whole family of reeds and the flute. Both have a deep knowledge of jazz and its history, which translates into countless collaborations, even stylistically different, and in constant didactic activity. With these assumptions, the idea of ​​recreating the tonal impact of two champions such as Pepper Adams and Jimmy Knepper had immediate and enthusiastic support. The two marked the evolution of their respective instruments; Adams & Knepper: both Masters of baritone sax & trombone!

Contact: Giancarlo Di Napoli | +39 3356827974
Official Website: Click here

Teatro Monte San Vito, AN

Event Time: 11:00
Italy Il Jazzofono

Many Italian jazz players will be involved in this broadcast, they will all talk about the 10th International Jazz Day

Contact: Nicola Ferrauto | +393358013732
Official Website: Click here

Padova Via Tiziano Minio
Padova, Veneto

Event Time: 22:00
Italy 1 Story in 1 Day Virtual

Jazz, as you’ve never seen it. We tell you the history of jazz in a new and fun way through our characters’ sympathy—appointments on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and thebrassradio.net.

Contact: Marco Girgenti | +39 3281159757
Official Website: Click here

thebrassradio.net Via Antonio di Rudini 7
Palermo, PA
Italy Mirko Cisilino "Installazione Musicale" a Palmanova (UD) FVG Italy Virtual

International Jazz Day
venerdì 30 aprile ore 18
MIRKO CISILINO, tromba, effetti
“Installazione Musicale”
Diretta streaming sulle pagine Facebook di Euritmica, Comune di Palmanova e Associazione Giovani per l’Unesco FVG


International Jazz Day
Friday 30 April 6 pm
MIRKO CISILINO, trumpet, effects
“Musical Installation”
Live streaming on the Facebook pages of Euritmica, the Municipality of Palmanova and the Youth Association for Unesco FVG



Contact: Marina Tuni | +393394510118
Official Website: Click here

Piazza Grande - Palmanova del Friuli Piazza Grande
Palmanova del Friuli, GO

Event Time: 18:00
Italy My Favorite 2021 – Conservatorio di Perugia ITALY Virtual

60 years after the appearance of Coltrane’s masterpiece, The Perugia Jazz Conservatory Orchestra celebrates the event with a home recording involving 85 young musicians led by their conductor and arranger Mario Raja. Everybody plays at home, bringing on top a personal contribution with a short video of is own “Favorite Thing”. The result is a 7 minutes movie that flashes a collective dream. Surprises and guests during all the performance.

Click here to watch.

Contact: Mario Raja | +393382033454
Official Website: Click here

My Favorite 2021 Perugia


Event Time: 00:05
Italy Irene Higginbotham – The Hidden Face of Jazz Virtual

Claudia Aliotta, singer and jazz historian, will host the first episode of “Irene Higginbotham – The Hidden Face of Jazz”, a documentary about life and music of this little known songwriter of Forties whose songs were recorded by Billie Holiday and Nat King Cole. American jazz critic and music historian Ted Gioia has defined Irene Higginbotham “one of the five women songwriter who helped shape the sound of jazz”. The programm will start on You Tube Channel Irene Higginnbotham – The Hidden Face of Jazz, April 28th at 9 p.m. and on Facebook page where you will find other historic videos about this musician. The project about Irene Higginbotham will go on next months with other episodes that will show a lot of interesting informations on her songs. (Video in Italian with English subtitles).

Event promoted by Tolentino Jazz.

Contact: CLAUDIA ALIOTTA | +393498657362
Official Website: Click here

Perugia Via Vespucci n 5
Perugia, Perugia

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Umbria Jazz presents Carta bianca a Franco D’Andrea Virtual

Umbria Jazz, in collaboration with Radio Monte Carlo and Blue Note Milano, celebrates the creative genius of pianist Franco D’Andrea.

D’Andrea has just turned 80 and is considered one of the best pianists of our time. He represents the excellence that Italian jazz music has been able to create over the last 50 years. Musicians and professionals who over the years have shared his extraordinary artistic career will participate as guests.

The event is scheduled for April 30 at 18:00 (CEST) on the official Facebook page of Umbria Jazz, Radio Monte Carlo, and Blue Note Milano, and on the official YouTube channel of Umbria Jazz.

Contact: Cristiano Romano

Event Time: 18:00
Italy Ritmo, Improvvisazione, Armonia. Un Approccio al Jazz Virtual

In occasione dell’International Jazz Day il Liceo Musicale G.Carducci di Pisa e Pisa Jazz presentano i concerti finali del progetto “Ritmo, Improvvisazione, Armonia. Un approccio al Jazz” svoltosi tra la fine del 2019 e aprile 2021 nell’ambito del bando SIAE “Per Chi Crea”.

Il progetto ha visto la partecipazione di oltre 45 studenti del liceo in tre moduli distinti, dedicati rispettivamente all’analisi armonica e all’approccio alla nozione di “contraffatto” (docente Nino Pellegrini), allo studio dell’improvvisazione orchestrale attraverso l’utilizzo del metodo della contuction (docente Silvia Bolognesi) e allo studio del rapporto tra voce e ritmo attraverso la creazione di un coro di voci e body percussion (docente Ilaria Bellucci).


On the occasion of the International Jazz Day the musical high school G. Carducci di Pisa and Pisa Jazz present the final concerts of the “Rhythm, Improvisation, Harmony project. A jazz approach” held between the end of 2019 and April 2021 under the course of the announcement SIAE “for those who create”.

The project saw the participation of over 45 high school students in three distinct modules, dedicated respectively to the harmonic analysis and the approach to the notion of “counterfeit” (Teacher Nino Pellegrini), to the study of orchestral improvisation through the use of CONTUCTION METHOD (Teacher Silvia Bolognesi) and the study of the relationship between voice and rhythm through the creation of a choir of voices and Body Percussion (teacher Ilaria Bellucci).

Contact: Francesco Mariotti | +393479574512
Official Website: Click here

Liceo Carducci Pisa

Event Time: 21:15
Italy Chick Corea – la gioia del creare con la musica Virtual

Pomigliano Jazz presents, for the International Jazz Day, a tribute to Chick Corea with a live streaming concert. The event will be performed with pieces of various periods of Corea’s career, in memory of the great jazz artist who was our guest in Pomigliano Jazz Festival 2001.

– Stefano De Stefano (Journalist)
– Francesco Nastro (Musician)
– Carmine D’Onofrio (President of Spazio Musica association)
– Onofrio Piccolo (Pomigliano Jazz Artistic Director)

– Francesco Nastro (piano)
– Giulio Martino (saxophones)
– Aldo Vigorito (double bass)
– Claudio Romano (drums)

Contact: Onofrio Piccolo | +39 3313581151
Official Website: Click here

Scuola Spazio Musica Via Antonio Locatelli
Pomigliano d'Arco, Italy/Naples/Campania
+39 0818844039

Event Time: 19:30
Italy Pozzuoli Campi Flegrei International Jazz Day 2021

La giornata internazionale del jazz, un’intera giornata dedicata alla musica con concerti nella Cassa Armonica, in Piazza della Repubblica compatibilmente con le indicazioni sul covid 19. La manifestazione si svolgerà comunque, come nel 2020, attraverso i canali social facebook instagram e con la partecipazione di artisti nazionali e locali.


International Jazz Day, an entire day dedicated to music with concerts in the Cassa Armonica, in Piazza della Repubblica compatibly with the indications on Covid 19. The event will take place anyway, as in 2020, through the social channels Facebook and Instagram and with the participation of national and local artists.


Contact: ANTIMO CIVERO | +393356684161
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 16:00
Italy Il jazz a scuola … dal palco

The Italian association “Il jazz va a scuola” (Jazz goes to school) promotes a new project aimed at the world of schools and Italian students from primary to high school. “Jazz day goes to school … from the stage” is structured in twenty workshop with simultaneous participation of students present live and others connected on line from their classes distributed throughout the national territory. Each meeting takes place in the form of lesson on the stage set up in schools and jazz clubs. The topics dealt with in language and with activities modulated to the age of the children are also supported by specific audio and video contributions available on the association’s website.

Contact: Associazione Il Jazz Va A Scuola
Official Website: Click here

Zoom, some School and some Italian Jazz Club Viale Castrense
Roma, Italy

Event Time: 10:00
Italy Cecilia Sanchietti Swedish Jazz Project Virtual

Presentation of the new International jazz project of Cecilia Sanchietti, Italian drummer and composer, in cooperation with the Italian Institute of Culture in Stockholm and the Swedish Embassy in Rome. Preview of her third CD “Postcard from Gamla Stan”
Cecilia Sanchietti- drums and compositions
Anna Lundqvist – vocal
Linus Lindblom – tenor sax and clarinet
Simon Westman – piano
Josef Kallerdahl – doublebass

Contact: Cecilia Sanchietti | +39 3395637349
Official Website: Click here

Villa Pamphilj Theatre Via Riccardo Guruzian 9
Roma, RM
+39 3395637349

Event Time: 19:00

Live music, art exhibition, film screenings, readings and seminars | Special guest Tony Formichella, a great Italian saxophonist who will offer the public two hours of his original compositions

Contact: Massimo Gazze | +393512241036

Consulta della Cultura Municipio Roma IX Eur Via Carlo Avolio 60

Event Time: 18:00
Italy A tutto Swing Virtual

La Smile Orchestra diretta dal M° Catalin Montanaro terrà un evento online in occasione dell’International Jazz Day 2021 (30/04/2021). L’evento dal titolo “Un viaggio a ritmo di Swing” sarà l’occasione per poter compiere un “simbolico” viaggio intorno al mondo attraverso le partiture intramontabili che hanno caratterizzato questa epoca fatta di colori, ritmi coinvolgenti e gentilezza d’altri tempi. Verranno riproposti brani di celebri autori come Glenn Miller, Benny Goodmann, Duke Ellington e Tommy Dorsey.


The Smile Orchestra conducted by M ° Catalin Montanaro will hold an online event on the occasion of the International Jazz Day 2021 (30/04/2021). The event entitled “A journey to the rhythm of Swing” will be the opportunity to make a “symbolic” journey around the world through the timeless scores that have characterized this era made of colors, engaging rhythms and kindness of the past. Songs by famous authors such as Glenn Miller, Benny Goodmann, Duke Ellington and Tommy Dorsey will be re-proposed.

Contact: Smile Orchestra
Official Website: Click here

Rome, Italy

Event Time: 11:00
Italy RadioQuar from International Jazz Day Virtual

Radio Quar will dedicate its programming to the 10th International Jazz Day, on Thursday, April 30, 2021. RadioQuar broadcasts everyday from 7:00 a.m. to 24:00 am on news.radioquar.com

Contact: Salvatore Ciardiello
Official Website: Click here

Radio Quar Rome, Italy

Event Time: 07:00

For International Jazz Day, Musica per Roma Foundation and Casa del Jazz present a free streaming concert by one of the most interesting Italian saxophonists of today, Vittorio Cuculo. Born in Rome in 1993, Cuculo already has many important collaborations under his belt. The historic drummer Gegè Munari (born in 1934) plays in the quartet with which he will perform, already alongside the greatest American soloists and all the most important Italian jazz musicians. On the day that celebrates jazz music and its most important values ​​of sharing, emancipation, freedom, this quartet wants to represent the generational transition of Italian jazz, from history to the future.


Auditorium Parco della Musica Viale Pietro De Coubertin 30

Rome, Italy
+39 0680241281

Event Time: 19:00
Italy Sapienza University of Rome Celebrates International Jazz Day Virtual

Notwithstanding the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Sapienza University of Rome is proud to celebrate the 10th anniversary of International Jazz Day, thanks to conductor M° Silverio Cortesi’s pledge in writing a special arrangement for this date and all musicians’ remote commitment. The piece is a capriccio/fantasia on Mediterranean modes through Chick Corea’s “Spain” and Modugno’s “Volare” quotes. Dado Palma’s voice and scat improvising make the work true jazzing despite the remote recording mode.

MuSa Jazz Big Band (credits at the video ending)
Arrangement, “remote conducting”, mixing: M° Silverio Cortesi
Singer: Davide “Dado” Palma

Contact: Antonio Rostagno | +39 06 49914108
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 12:00
Italy Emergency Exit/Ivano Nardi: Visionary meeting – Duets for one Virtual

CD to listen to music dedicated to everyone with love, resistance, colours, peace, and joy. Thank you for your attention and good listening.

Contact: Ivano Ivano Nardi | +39 339 521 6362

Via Trionfale

+39 339 521 6362

Event Time: 18:00
Italy Afro Bossa Virtual

Afro Bossa, a Duke Ellington masterwork performed by the “Orchestra Giovanile di Jazz” della Scuola di Testaccio, directed by Mario Raja – Roma, ITALY

Contact: Paolo Cintio | +39 320945684
Official Website: Click here

piazza orazio giustiniani 4a

Rome, Italy

Event Time: 00:00
Italy I WISH Virtual

I Wish (Steve Wonder) –

Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio (Popular School of Music of Testaccio)


Giulia Lorenzoni – Voice
Roberto Nicoletti – Guitar
Claudio Corvini – Trumpet
Filippo Bianchini – Sax Tenore
Mauro Verrone – Sax Alto
Luca Primo – Bass
Gianluca Costa – Drums
Tobias Nicoletti -Keyboard
Agnese Verrone – Voice
Sonia Cannizzo – Voice

Contact: Roberto Nicoletti | +39 3498539981
Official Website: Click here

Scuola popolare di musica di testaccio piazza orazio giustiniani 4a

Rome, Italy

Event Time: 00:01

′′ Radio Altra Musica ′′ will dedicate its program to the 10th International Jazz Day, Thursday, April 29, 2021.


Broadcasting every thursday at 7:35 p.m. on https://ascoltareradio.com/solare-caserta/

Contact: ANDY SIMONIELLO | +393201955867
Official Website: Click here

Radio Circuito Solare Via RACCOMANDATA

Event Time: 01:30

Dedicated to the memory of Chick Corea.
All Corea’s songs played by himself, with other artists, by musicians with their personal versions.

An italian radio program conducted by Andy Simoniello transmitted every thursday evening, with rock, progressive, jazz, country, folk and many other kind of alternative music. Play completely jazz music during the all program on the occasion of Jazz International Day, every year. Web on www.radiocircuitosolare.com at 7:35 p.m..
Contact: ANDY SIMONIELLO | +39 3201955867 — https://www.facebook.com/andy.simoniello
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/groups/64407261952/
Trasmitted by: https://ascoltareradio.com/solare-caserta/

Contact: ANDY SIMONIELLO | +393201955867
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 01:30
Italy SORRENTO JAZZ FESTIVAL 21a Edizione Virtual

Sorrento International Jazz Festival began in the year 2000. Since then, it takes place from May 1st to April 30th of the following year, concluding with the International Jazz Day that we are celebrating today. With the concert “Cuore Mediterraneo” of the young Lucanian talent Mirko Gisonte, we celebrate the 21st edition of the Festival which has now become an “event”. In twenty-one years of Festival, international artists of the highest level have performed in the different locations. Some of them you will see in the archive images collected by Image in, our historical partner, others we hope to propose in the future. A warm thank you to the Mayor of Sorrento Mr. Massimo Coppola and to all of you for good vision and, above all, enjoy the music.

Contact: Antonino Esposito | +33 91829660
Official Website: Click here


+33 91829660

Event Time: 12:28
Italy Jazz for Kids – Compose, assemble and to take apart jazz (Creiamo, montiamo e smontiamo il jazz)

A Tolentino Jazz event with an educational purpose: playing and understanding jazz in his main features. At Politeama Theather in Tolentino (Mc – Italy) Tolentino Jazz Quintet will play a concert-lesson for kids to learn how compose, assemble and take apart jazz music from rhythm to improvvisation because jazz is a charming game to play.

Contact: CLAUDIA ALIOTTA | +39 498657362

Teatro Politeama Corso Garibaldi
Tolentino, Macerata
+39 0733 968043

Event Time: 16:00
Italy Trapani Music Conservatory Celebrates International Jazz Day 2021 Virtual

“A. Scontrino Conservatory” of Trapani, Italy, celebrates IJD 2021 with few videos realized by students during the pandemic.

Video Contents:
1. Bei Mir Bistu Shein (Jacobs); Alejandra B.Garcia – voice, Andrea Palumbo – piano + guests
2. Love is here to stay (Gershwin); Elimi Jazz 5tet : Grazia Buffa- voice, Giovanni Balistreri – sax, Francesco Di Giovanni – guit, Vito Vulpetti – bass, Giuseppe Santoro – drums

3. Memories of you (Eubie Blake); Salvatore Assenza – clarinet

4. Skylark (Mercer); Fabrizio Brusca – guit. – programming; G.Santoro – drums + guests

5. Over the Rainbow (H. Arlen – Y. Harburg); Simona Trentacoste – voice

Contact: Francesco Guaiana

Via Francesco Sceusa 6

Event Time: 10:00
Italy Jazz Streaming Virtual

In times of pandemic only a concert in streaming is possible. From Trento – Italy we will propose original and standard pieces in quartet. Roberto Gorgazzini – Piano, Giuliano Cramerotti – guitar, Fabrizio Larentis / doublebass, Gianlorenzo Imbriacò – drums

Contact: Roberto Gorgazzini | +393355880212

Red's Place Jazz Club Trento, Italy

Event Time: 20:30
Italy The Venice Ghetto Gipsy Jazz

Tony Green & Gipsy Jazz

Tonny Green ~ Guitar
Lallo Orlandi ~ Rhythm Guitar
Daniele Vianello ~ Double-Bass

Concert Organization
Manuel Vecchina
TDCom • Jazz in Venice
Video Recording/Editing
Renzo Rossi

Contact: Manuel Vecchina | +393891240362
Official Website: Click here

The Ghetto Gipsy Jazz Concert Campo Del Ghetto Novo 2905

Venice, Venice

Event Time: 18:30
Italy VIGEVANO: ACCADE ANCHE QUI (It happens even here)

A Jazz Concert-tribute in Vigevano, a beautiful town next to Milan, both geographically and historically: during the Renaissance, the Court of Sforza was moved from Milan to Vigevano and prominent personalities such Ludovido il Moro, Leonardo da Vinci, Donato Bramante stood here.
The Concert venue is the amazing “Sala dell’Ottocento” (Nineteenth Century Hall) in Palazzo Roncalli, located a few meters away from the wonderful Piazza Ducale.

Contact: Federica Casella | +39038173967
Official Website: Click here

Palazzo Roncalli Via del Popolo, 17, 27029 Vigevano PV, Italy

Event Time: 18:00
Japan Ashiya Jazz Festival 2021

This is going to our 5th year taking a part of international jazz day, due to corona we won’t be able to have too many venues but we will do it online and on few venues,

hope to see all of you again this year!

stay safe 😉

Contact: Chris Ciari | +819031661100
Official Website: Click here

Ashiya, Japan

Event Time: 11:00

This jazz festival is run by citizen volunteers. Ordinary streets are the stage.

Contact: Teppei Mori | +819019545435
Official Website: Click here

Higashi-Omi City Hall - In front of Omi Railway Yokaichi Station Higashi-Omi City Hall

Event Time: 07:00
Japan Music Is Magic 2021! ~World Of Rhythm

This year, we will focus on rhythm, live performances with various percussion, and make hand-held instruments.
And then explore the world of rhythm.
Also, We will screen a video that expresses rhythm as a place of expression for artists who are in a difficult situation due to the pandemic by COVID-19.

Contact: Yasuko Tojo
Official Website: Click here

SOCO kyoto Kawaramachi st. Marutamachi Demizu-cho 260
602 0862

Event Time: 14:00

Since 2013, we have been hosting a free, in-person, outdoor jazz event in Kanda, Tokyo called “JAZZ AUDITORIA in WATERRAS” as an event promoting world peace and social welfare through jazz in support of “UNESCO INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY” on April 30th. Last year, we altered the event to a digital platform called “JAZZ AUDITORIA ONLINE” so people could enjoy jazz online.

This year, we will present an even more developed online event. We welcome you to join us, to make “JAZZ AUDITORIA ONLINE 2021” bridge musicians and audiences all over the globe. We hope to create a place for people to encounter new sounds and experiences whether they are, or they are not, familiar with jazz.

Contact: Sakae Koayashi
Official Website: Click here

Blue Note Tokyo 6-3-14
Minami Aoyama
Minato, Tokyo

Event Time: 12:00
Japan TOKYO JAZZ JOINTS: Instagram Live! Virtual

TOKYO JAZZ JOINTS is a long-term documentary photography project which has captured the unique, hidden world of Japanese jazz kissaten since 2015. Over the past year the project has also produced a popular accompanying podcast series and this IJD 2021 event will be our first InstagramLive chat, hosted by photographer Philip Arneill and broadcaster James Catchpole. The event will be a chance for anyone who is interested in the project to join us and have a chat, ask any burning questions and unite fans of Japanese jazz culture across the globe at one time in one place to celebrate International Jazz Day 2021!

Contact: Philip Arneill
Official Website: Click here

Tokyo, Japan

Event Time: 15:00
Japan Jazz Vinyl Afternoon at Downbeat

An afternoon of rare jazz vinyl listening at one of the oldest, most beautiful jazz cafes in Japan, the legendary Downbeat in Yokohama. Join vinyl mega-collectors Plainstone and DJ Otsuka along with Mr. OK Jazz from the OK Jazz Podcast as they go deep into jazz albums old and new, from around the world for a 5 hour DJ session. There will also be used jazz albums on sale!

Contact: James Catchpole | +819060187711

Downbeat Yokohama


Event Time: 13:00
Kenya BCF Kenya – Jazz At Home Virtual

Celebrating International Jazz Day at Home with Shamsi Music & Jack Muguna

Contact: Kavutha Mwanzia-Asiyo | +254 721690003

Event Time: 20:00
Kenya Queen Mother Speaks International Jazz Day Tribute to John James Willekes, Jr. Virtual

QUEEN MOTHER SPEAKS (QMS) hosts its premier event on WEDNESDAY 28 APRIL LIVE @5pm EAT. Jazz personality Mrs. Monifa King Willekes “Lady Mo” will curate the tribute, spotlighting the Life & Legacy of the late, Curacao Legend Jazz Saxophonist “John James Willekes Jr.”

Public Defender, National Jazz Enthusiast, Irungu Houghton will present Kenyan Jazz Artists Jacob & Kavutha Asiyo, Michel Ongaro, June Gachui, Eddie Grey n others, discussing the importance of jazz and social justice.

Help us to buy food vouchers for the deaf community in Kenya. Contact: Dashanaba King | +254 796509965 queenmotherspeaks@gmail.com Contact: M. K. Willekes | + Tel: 599-9-510-1254.
Contact: http://www.democratsabroad.org/join

Contact: Dashanaba King | +254 796509965

Event Time: 17:00
Kenya PGA International Jazz Day Malindi

Pro Guitar Academy Malindi brings international guests to Malindi Kenya for the International jazz day celebrations , on the Indian Ocean.

Contact: Paolo Maria Palmitessa | +254722670353

Tropical Village Conference Center Casuarina Road Malindi
Malindi, Kilifi

Event Time: 18:00
Kenya International Jazz Day Nairobi Virtual

Livestream of music that has been recorded by Nairobi Horns during the lockdown period.

Contact: Mackinlay Mutsembi | +254720101388
Official Website: Click here

Nairobi, Kenya

Event Time: 21:00

The event will be undertaken virtually.

There will be a panel discussion titled ” Jazz Music in Kenya – what is the future?’. Performances of Kenyan Jazz will be showcased during the panel discussion and streamed on KNATCOM Facebook page.

Contact: EMILY NJERU | +2540202229053/4
Official Website: Click here

KENYA Harambee Avenue
P.O BOX 72107
+ 2540202229053/4

Event Time: 09:00
Kyrgyzstan The 16th Bishkek International Jazz Festival "Jazz_Bishkek_Spring"

The “Jazz_Bishkek_Spring” Festival has been held annually by PF CAAM since 2006. This year we will be joining the global celebration of jazz music with the performances of outstanding local and international musicians. Every year, the festival is accompanied by concerts, free master classes for the students of local musical schools and interested parties. A brunch is held in order to raise awareness about jazz with the participation of the festival musicians, media, volunteers, and bloggers. Two years ago, PF CAAM launched a project where we promote jazz in the remote regions of the country by working with young talents. As a result, they will be performing their debut this year at our main concert accompanied by a young local band.

Contact: Daniiar Baratov | +996770901198
Official Website: Click here

Kyrgyz National Philharmonic named after Toktogul Satylganov Chui Avenue, 251
+996 312 614 015

Event Time: 18:00
Laos International Jazz Festival Vientiane / Lao Jazzanova Virtual

As our festival is now building a partnership with The National Jazz Museum of Harlem, we propose to the public a recording of Lao Jazzanova. Enjoy and stay safe!

Contact: Micka Perier | +856 2023394020
Official Website: Click here

Lao National Circus Lao National Circus
Chao Anou road
Latvia International Jazz Day Latvia Virtual

For 8 years already, Latvia has been joining the whole planet to celebrate International Jazz Day, demonstrating the wide variety and colors of the genre and being a part of the international movement that highlights jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the world. This year the celebration features digital interactive workshops by five internationally recognized musicians and educators, as well as two digitally streamed live concerts by talented Latvian musicians. This time you can enjoy International Jazz Day Latvia from anywhere in the world!

Contact: Aleksandra Line | +371 26770707
Official Website: Click here

International Jazz Day Latvia Facebook page
+371 26770707
Lebanon Donna Khalife Quintet plays “Blue in Green” Virtual

Terdad presents: Donna Khalife Quintet

Donna Khalife gathered the finest musicians of the Beirut Jazz scene for this occasion to perform Miles Davis’s Blue in green arranged by Arthur Satyan.
Line up:
Donna Khalife : Vocals – Double Bass
Arthur Satyan: Piano
Raffi Mandalian: Guitar
Elias Mouallem: Tenor Saxophone
Fouad Afra: Drums

Contact: Donna Khalife | +961 3 348 725

Beirut, Lebanon

Event Time: 21:00
Lebanon JazzDay Jam at Salon Beirut Led by Arthur Satyan

Beirut’s premier jazz musicians gathering together to celebrate an International Jazz Day.
Event will be hosted by jazz pianist & composer Arthur Satyan at Lebanon’s Home of Jazz – Salon Beirut. Free Entrance for all.

Contact: Arthur Satyan | +96170706543
Official Website: Click here

Salon Beyrouth Mohammad Abdul Baki Street
Beirut, Hamra


Event Time: 18:00
Lesotho Jazz As A Tool For Social Change: A Panel Discussion Webchat Virtual

On International Jazz Day, the U.S. Embassy in Maseru will host a live streaming panel discussion to explore how Jazz has always gone beyond just the beat to use its voice for the advancement of social justice and democratic values, not only in the United States, but throughout the world.

Contact: Seisa "J-Tagg" Tsiame
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 12:00
Lesotho International Jazz Day Lesotho (IJD.Ls)

Virtual Activities
-Fine Art
-Small Sessions

Contact: Ts'iu Shale | +26628324140

MM Guesthouse LTC Road
Ha Abia
Maseru South, Maseru

Event Time: 12:00
Lesotho Maseru Jazz Fest

Webinar Workshops for local Musicians
Online Jazz Exhibition
Virtual Live Session
Jazz Infotainment Social Media Campaign

Contact: Ts'iu Shale | +26628324140

Mm Guesthouse LTC Road
Ha Abia
Maseru South, Maseru

Event Time: 00:00
Liberia LINTA International Jazz Day Event

Join us at The Living Room on the rooftop of the Royal Grande Hotel for a night of live jazz provided by Gaya Verse Band and The Kennedy Trio.

Contact: Lisa Antoine | +231 886512222
Official Website: Click here

Royal Grande Hotel 17th St. Sinkor


Event Time: 18:21
Lithuania The Kaunas Big Band Livestream Concert to celebrate the UNESCO International Jazz Day in Lithuania Virtual

Since 2014 on the 30th April the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO has been hosting the traditional “Jazz Brunch”/ a live concert of the Lithuanian Jazz masters. This year the concert will feature the Kaunas Big Band, celebrating the 30th anniversary this year. The livestream is organised and supported by the programme LRT KLASIKA, the Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO, the Concert Company “Kauno santaka” and the Lithuanian Jazz Federation. It will start on 12 a.m. EEST
The programme” consists of jazz and big band repertoire hits, including swing, bebop, Latin American jazz and contemporary jazz compositions, Charleston of the 20s and contemporary Lithuanian jazz authors’ compositions.

Contact: Milda Valančiauskienė | +37068691269
Official Website: Click here

The Kaunas Big Band Livestream Concert to celebrate the UNESCO International Jazz Day in Lithuania

Event Time: 12:00
Lithuania International Jazz Day Lithuania

Vinyl enthusiasts presents a worderful blend of Jazz Vinyl and Audiophile sound quality Reed turntable at Klaipeda County Ieva Simonaityte Public Library.

Official Website: Click here

Herkaus Manto str. 25

Klaipeda, Lithuania

Event Time: 00:00
Luxembourg Echter’Jazz: Greg Lamy & Flavio Boltro | Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu

Greg Lamy & Flavio Boltro

Greg Lamy is an inspired and challenging formation where the pleasure of performing together and being pluralist at the same time is the decisive element, creating a unique jazz atmosphere.

Line Up Greg Lamy & Flavio Boltro:
Greg Lamy – guitar
Flavio Boltro – trumpet
Gautier Laurent – bass
Jean-Marc Robin – drums

Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu

With Paolo Fresu & Omar Sosa, two unique and distinctive musical voices come together to form one of the best duo projects in contemporary jazz. In recent years, the two renowned master musicians have been able to build an artistic bond through numerous collaborations.

Line-Up Sosa – Fresu:
Omar Sosa – piano
Paolo Fresu – trumpet

Contact: | +3522672391
Official Website: Click here

TRIFOLION Echternach 2, Porte St. Willibrord

Event Time: 19:00
Macau International Jazz Day – Macau – 2021

Jazz Club de Macau invites you to an evening of celebration – International Jazz Day – with live music performances by OR Quartet (China), Tomos Griffiths Big Band, The Bridge and a Jam Session open to musicians on the floor.
This event aims to celebrate JAZZ and highlight the natural force of this music genre on bringing people together, providing to any and everyone a chance to experience the joy of jazz music, LIVE!
International Jazz Day 2021
Friday, April 30
6:30 pm
Splash Restaurant
Entrance fee: MOP200
– Includes one food voucher
– Complimentary self-parking service during the event with valid event ticket (maximum 12 hours)
– Free entrance for kids under 12 years old
Contact: (853) 2881 8888
Location: Splash Restaurant, Four Seasons Hotel Macao

Contact: Miguel Khan | +85366136823
Official Website: Click here

TBC Macau,
Macedonia "Golden Oryx Jazz Quartet" at NOVA's International Jazz Day

Our renowned Skopje Jazz Festival, this year celebrating its 40th anniversary, in the last four years is rewarding young jazz musicians from our country (North Macedonia) with the award “Golden Oryx”.
This year for the International Jazz Day in our school, we are premiering the four laureates of this award performing together. They are exceptional young artists: Viktor Filipovski is a drummer, Filip Dimishkovski is a piano player, Andrea Mircheska is a double-bass player and she also sings, and Ivan Petrovski is a guitar player. First time in this combination, they will perform as “Golden Oryx Jazz Quartet” for NOVA’s International Jazz Day.

Watch the Livestream at: https://www.facebook.com/108334789202916/posts/3925116214191402/

Contact: Ana Hristova | +38978356771
Official Website: Click here

NOVA International Schools - Skopje, N. Macedonia Prashka 27, Skopje
Skopje, North Macedonia
(389 2) 3061-807; 3061-907

Event Time: 12:00
Macedonia Today, It’s All About Jazz Vol. 5

We are happy to announce that even though the date of the concert named “Today it’s all about jazz Vol 5” will be delayed, we will have an actual concert in person, appreciating all the Covid safety measures.
The concert will last for the whole day and it will put the focus on 4 local bands, including one guest band coming from Slovenia.

This year on the program we will see:
Pangea free the world group (SL)
Gordan Spasovski Trio (MK)
Apnea (MK)
Dina Jashari Band (MK)
Brahma Trio (MK).

The actual Jazz Day will be celebrated with online streaming of the concert “Dzijan Emin & Magical Orchestra – Live in Ohrid”

Contact: Goce Stevkovski | +389 70748288
Official Website: Click here

Kej Dimitar Vlahov 15
Skopje, Macedonia

Event Time: 12:20
Macedonia Dzijan Emin & The Magical Orchestra | Live in Ohrid Virtual

ZJM introduces the concert of Dzijan Emin & Magical Orchestra – Live in Ohrid, a concert held at the Ancient Theater in Ohrid, 2019, that resulted in a live album recorded at the concert, the first album published by ZJM Records.

The Magical Orchestra that performs original compositions composed by the main conductor of the ZJM Big Band, orchestrator, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Dzijan Emin, is consisted of members of the ZJM Big Band Orchestra and stringers from the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra.

We’ve decided that besides the concert that will be held on May 15th, we will celebrate International Jazz Day online with streaming of this concert.

Contact: Goce Stevkovski | +389 70302058
Official Website: Click here

Dzijan Emin & The Magical Orchestra | Live in Ohrid

Event Time: 21:15
Malaysia KL International Jazz Day 2021

Despite the pandemic, we in Kuala Lumpur continue to host and present the UNESCO International Jazz Day 2021. Under the circumstances, we are unable to present any live concerts but we will present a series of digital concerts featuring various jazz artistes from around the world including Malaysia. This will include our previous recorded shows as well as feature previous Jazz Day concerts.

Contact: Rodin JS Kumar | +60 126443052
Official Website: Click here

Kind A Blue Jazz Club KL Jazz & Arts Centre ( KLJAC)
No 1 Lorong Kapar, Off Jalan Syed Putra
Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

Event Time: 20:30
Malaysia UiTM-UNESCO International Jazz Day Celebration 2021 Virtual

This year UiTM Faculty of Music brings the UiTM-UNESCO International Jazz Day Concert online so that everyone can continue to celebrate the joy of jazz together. Highlights will include Rizaltony Group featuring Kamrul Hussin, Alwagera, AzieDarwish, Hajarul Bajunid, Sarah Alia, Sharir Sharis, Ahmad Munir and Dollah Gambus. Juxtaposition of ethnic and cultural inspiration for music themes incorporated with western jazz styles will be showcased. In addition to that, a list of new compositions will also be premiered in this concert.

Contact: Janette Jannah Poheng | +60126321256

Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)
Main Campus Shah Alam
Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan

Event Time: 11:00
Mali AISB Jazz Day

The American International School of Bamako (AISB) is hosting a Covid friendly Jazz Day.

Contact: Kelly Owens | +223 73 29 14 63
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 07:30
Marshall Islands Kwajalein Schools Jazz FEST!

Culminating a month-long exploration into the history, sound, and message of jazz music, Kwajalein Schools will come together to share, perform, and celebrate. Performances by KHS Stage Band, elementary bands, and student/audience participation!

Contact: Ashley Wright

Kwajalein, Marshall Islands

Event Time: 14:30
Mauritius Segazz avek Thomas Brothers Virtual

For the 10th International Jazz Day, we bring you an exclusive livestream of Segazz with The Thomas Brothers which we’ve recorded earlier this year at Caudan Arts Centre.

The Thomas family is one the most well-known music families on the local music scene. Roger, Lindsay and Philippe have always been connected to music since childhood. They have been ambassadors of Mauritian Music in Europe and worldwide for over 20 years, having collaborated with international artists such as Emile & Image, La Compagnie Creole, Joseline Bérouad, Richard Beauringer, Zouk Machine, Matt Pokora. Since 2014, they are part of the Star 80 tour. In Mauritius, the Thomas Brothers are considered to be Jazz Music pioneers.

Contact: Avneesh Bacha | +23057873380
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 18:00
Mauritius session #104 – Gones (Nepetalakton Series) Virtual

In collaboration with Mamajaz, we bring you our latest podcast part of the Nepetalakton series which focuses on jazz. This session celebrates the 10th International Jazz Day with GONES.

In honour of International Jazz Day, Gones is no stranger to jazz. As a record collector Gones, represents Japanese label Jazzy Sport, also a beloved record store in Tokyo. The Jazz Room With Gones, a jazz-infused dance event and Endless Flight, a mix of Jazz, Broken Beat and Future Soul designates Gones as the ideal selector for this celebration.

Contact: Avneesh Bacha | +230 57873380
Official Website: Click here

35, Morc. Boucan


Event Time: 17:00
Mauritius MAMA JAZ

MAMA JAZ is a month-long festival dedicated to Creative Music & Jazz, nested in Mauritius, harmonised with April, demonstrating every year since 2016.

Indoor or outdoor, online or offline, on National Tv, Radios and the Internet, the heart of the initiative beats through all waves to convey the most positive frequencies.

Contact: Gavin Poonoosamy / MAMA JAZ
Official Website: Click here

Port Louis, Mauritius
Mauritius Segazz by the US Naval Forces Europe Africa and Atelier Mo'zar Virtual

The US Naval Forces Europe / Africa Band collaborated with Atelier Mo’zar for this exciting recording of Segazz, a masterful fusion of Sega and Jazz styles written by Mauritian composer Philippe Thomas.

The event will be carried out by the U.S. Embassy in Mauritius.

Contact: Valerie Lemaire | +23057157006
Official Website: Click here

Rue Desperoux

Port Louis, Mauritius

Event Time: 10:00
Mexico Jazz Day Concert 2021 Virtual

Saltillo Big Band presents a three-stage concert to celebrate Jazz Day 2021.
In the first stage, Sax Squad Ensamble (Saltillo Big Band Saxes Line) opens with the Iturralde’s Jazz Suite for Saxophone Quartet. In the second, stage orchestra will perform classics of the drum’s legend Buddy Rich featuring Obed Cortés on drums. In the final stage of this concert, César Secundino, winner of “2018 DFH World’s Harp Competition” will perform as soloist his own jazz compositions arranged for Big Band.

Contact: Martín Delgado | +52 8443290336

Event Time: 20:00
Mexico Jazz Day At Betty Brew

Livestream concerts, masters class, Cd release, talks from 8am to 6pm.

Contact: Ivan Trujillo | +526461482169

Bronce 1125, Ensenada

Event Time: 08:00
Mexico El impacto social del Jazz Virtual

Mesa redonda en conjunto con la Academia de Jazz de la Escuela Superior de Música, Horizonte Jazz 107.9 FM y Radio UNAM 96.1 FM
Mariana Pérez e Ingrid Beaujean
Maestros invitados:
Ania Paz (Pianista)
Aarón Flores (Guitarrista)
Eduardo Piastro (Guitarrista)
Hugo Leyva (Saxofonista)
Israel Torres (Violinista)
Karina Colis (Baterista)
Tonatiuh Mejía (Pianista)
Transmisión simultánea por el Facebook: Festival de Jazz ESM, 107.9 FM y 96.1 FM


Round table in conjunction with the Jazz Academy of the Higher School of Music, Horizonte Jazz 107.9 FM and Radio UNAM 96.1 FM

Hosted by: Mariana Pérez and Ingrid Beaujean
Guest teachers:
Ania Paz (Pianist)
Aarón Flores (Guitarist)
Eduardo Piastro (Guitarist)
Hugo Leyva (Saxophonist)
Israel Torres (Violinist)
Karina Colis (Drummer)
Tonatiuh Mejía (Pianist)

Simultaneous transmission on Facebook: ESM Jazz Festival, 107.9 FM and 96.1 FM.

Contact: Ingrid Beaujean | +525567067542
Official Website: Click here

Festival de Jazz ESM/ Horizonte 107.9 FM/ Radio UNAM 96.1 FM

Event Time: 16:00
Mexico Xibalbá violín Quartet

Juan Quintal en el piano, Cristian Alcocer en la batería, Omar Peraza en el bajo y Alberto Ávila en el violín forman un ensamble de jazz con fusión de estilos como swing, funk y latín con tintes de música de nuestra Tierra, jaranas, bambucos y cumbias


Juan Quintal on piano, Cristian Alcocer on drums, Omar Peraza on bass and Alberto Ávila on violin form a jazz ensemble with a fusion of styles such as swing, funk and Latin with overtones of music from our Land, jaranas, bambucos and cumbias

Contact: Juan Carlos Quintal

Mérida Yucatán Calle 62 x 61 centro sin numero
Mérida, Yucatán

Event Time: 19:00
Mexico Armando Martín Quartet

Open air performance on the rooftop by Armando Martín Quartet with limited seating and social distancing. Jazz vinyls spinning downstairs with social distancing and ample ventilation. By reservation only.
Whatsapp +52 9992696724
Facebook or Instagram message

Armando Martín: guitar
Juan Carlos Quintal: keys
Ricardo Silveira: bass
Paco Godoy: drums

Contact: Dzalbay Cantina | +529992696724
Official Website: Click here

Dzalbay 64 443A
Mérida, Yucatán

Event Time: 19:00
Mexico New Album Release “Always Brazil” Virtual

Joining to celebrate the International Jazz Day 2021, we are very glad to release our second album “Always Brazil”, featuring eight songs inspired by the musical tradition, nature, and legends of Brazil.

It features the participation of Aristides Martinez on pandeiro, cuica, and other Brazilian percussions, Bruno Cruz Petit on flute and saxophone, Eprhaim Flores on drums, Jordan Sanchez on electric guitar, and Antonio Caraveo on composition and electric bass.

Composed and arranged by Antonio Caraveo.

Contact: Antonio Caraveo | +52 55 68 55 96 29

FUNDACION SEBASTIAN A.C. Avenida Patriotismo 304
Col. San Pedro de los Pinos
CDMX, Alcaldia Benito Juárez
+ 52 55 5272 0539

Event Time: 20:00
Mexico Neo Jazz Ensemble Jam

El cuarteto Neo Jazz Ensamble, organiza una jam a sana distancia en la alcaldía de Iztapalapa, por la avenida Rojo Gómez.
“Casa de arte D’la Rosa “
Calle 26 de Enero de 1857 , Manzana 63 lote 645, Colonia Leyes de Reforma, alcaldía Iztapalapa.


The Neo Jazz Ensamble quartet, organizes a jam at a healthy distance in the mayor’s office of Iztapalapa, on Avenida Rojo Gómez.

“Casa de arte D’la Rosa”

Calle 26 de Enero 1857, Manzana 63, lot 645, Colonia Leyes de Reforma, Iztapalapa mayor’s office.

Contact: Hugo Hernandez | +52 5511336793

Casa de arte D’la Rosa Calle 26 de Enero de 1857, Mz 63, Lt 645 Col Leyes de Reforma

Cdmx, Iztapalapa
+55 11336793

Event Time: 04:08
Mexico Festival Internacional Jazzatlán 2021

Conciertos en línea vinculados con espacios culturales y museos en Puebla.

El FIJ-21 propone una agenda itinerante que rompe fronteras y une a diferentes foros y espacios culturales de la ciudad de Puebla en una misma sintonía, el jazz.

Al continuar una tradición histórica, peregrinaremos para concluir nuestro circuito el 30 de abril con un gran concierto en la ciudad habitada más antigua de latinoamérica, Cholula.


Online concerts linked to cultural spaces and museums in Puebla.

The FIJ-21 proposes an itinerant agenda that breaks borders and unites different forums and cultural spaces of the city of Puebla in the same tune, jazz.

By continuing a historical tradition, We will make a pilgrimage to conclude our circuit on April 30 with a great concert in the oldest inhabited city in Latin America, Cholula.

Contact: Rodrigo Rosas | +522211201015
Official Website: Click here

Jazzatlán Club de Jazz Av 2 Ote 406, San Miguel, Barrio de San Miguel Tianguisnahuitl, 72760 Cholula, Pue.


Event Time: 20:00
Mexico Día Internacional del Jazz / Jazzatlán Virtual

Fabiola Ruano quartet PRESENTA

Tributo a las voces emblemáticas del jazz

Jazzatlán Capital, CDMX
Concierto en línea.


Fabiola Ruano quartet PRESENTS Tribute to the emblematic voices of jazz

Jazzatlán Capital, CDMX Online concert.

Contact: Rodrigo Moctezuma | +52 22 1120 1015
Official Website: Click here

Jazzatlán Guanajuato 239, Roma Nte., Cuauhtémoc

Ciudad de México, CDMX
55 5459 2840

Event Time: 21:30
Mexico Una vida dedicada al Jazz Virtual

Desde 2020 iniciamos esta serie “Una vida dedicada al jazz” para conocer a músicos, gestores culturales, organizadores de festivales, que ven al jazz como su forma de vida.
Continuaremos con esta serie especial, para compartir la música a través de la radio en Vibración azul por Universo 94.9 (Radio de la Universidad de Colima) y a través de la columna “Raíces de Café y Cacao” publicada en el periódico universitario “El Comentario”.


Since 2020 we started this series “A life dedicated to jazz” to meet musicians, cultural managers, festival organizers, who see jazz as their way of life.

We will continue with this special series, to share the music through the radio on Vibración azul by Universo 94.9 (Radio from the University of Colima) and through the column “Roots of Coffee and Cacao” published in the university newspaper “El Commentary.”

Contact: Diana Selene Peña Vélez | +523121228194
Official Website: Click here

Vibración azul Av. Universidad 333
Col. Las víboras
Colima, Colima

Event Time: 21:00
Mexico El jazz nos hace mejores personas. Jazz makes us better people Virtual

Muestra escénica “El jazz nos hace mejores personas”. Con el objetivo de unirnos como sociedad y generar empatía ante la situación de salud en el mundo, docentes de la Universidad de Colima en trabajo colaborativo con estudiantes de la Licenciatura en Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas de la Escuela de Mercadotecnia, con apoyo de la radio universitaria: Universo 94.9, organizarán un evento virtual multidisciplinario (música-danza-pintura-ciencia-cine-poesía) para compartirlo, no sólo con la sociedad de Colima, sino con el resto del mundo, demostrando que El jazz nos hace mejores personas.


Stage show “Jazz makes us better people.” With the aim of uniting as a society and generating empathy for the health situation in the world, teachers from the University of Colima in collaborative work with students of the Bachelor of Advertising and Public Relations of the School of Marketing, with support from the university radio : Universe 94.9, will organize a multidisciplinary virtual event (music-dance-painting-science-cinema-poetry) to share it, not only with the society of Colima, but with the rest of the world, showing that jazz makes us better people.

Contact: Diana Selene Peña Vélez | +523121228194
Official Website: Click here

Universidad de Colima Av. Universidad 333
Colonia Las Víboras
Colima, Colima

Event Time: 09:00
Mexico Adrián Oropeza Quartet

La agrupación interpreta temas de jazz contemporáneo originale, con la misión de formar y crear nuevos públicos para el género a través del contacto con su propia cultura y consolidar así un proyecto con un sonido y personalidad propio.

El grupo es conformado por Adrián Oropeza, composiciones y batería; Ivan Barrera, bajo y violín; Daniel Vadillo, piano; Aimeé Torres, voz.


The group interprets original contemporary jazz themes, with the mission of forming and creating new audiences for the genre through contact with their own culture and thus consolidating a project with its own sound and personality.

The group is made up of :

Adrián Oropeza, compositions and battery

Ivan Barrera, bass and violin

Daniel Vadillo, piano

Aimeé Torres, voice

Contact: Gabriel Enciso
Official Website: Click here

Centro Nacional de las Artes Av. Río Churubusco 79
Country Club Churubusco
Coyoacán, Ciudad de México

Event Time: 19:00
Mexico Primer Premio Jazz Joven

La Orquesta Nacional de Jazz de México, en colaboración con el Centro Nacional de las Artes (Cenart), presentará el evento final de la convocatoria Primer Premio Jazz Joven, el cual entregará premios a las categorías Mejor Interpretación Solista, Mejor Interpretación en Ensamble y Selección del Público.

El Primer Premio Jazz Joven Orquesta Nacional de Jazz de México tiene el propósito de apoyar el talento emergente nacional al fortalecer el entretejido artístico en la escena del jazz mexicano y de crear una plataforma que fomente la producción original de música por intérpretes y compositores mexicanos.


The National Jazz Orchestra of Mexico, in collaboration with the National Center for the Arts (Cenart), will present the final event of the First Young Jazz Award, which will award prizes to the categories Best Solo Performance, Best Ensemble Performance, and Selection.

The First Prize for Young Jazz National Jazz Orchestra of Mexico aims to support emerging national talent by strengthening the artistic fabric in the Mexican jazz scene and creating a platform that encourages the original production of music by Mexican performers and composers.

Contact: Gabriel Enciso
Official Website: Click here

Centro Nacional de las Artes Av. Río Churubusco 79
Country Club Churubusco
Coyoacán, Ciudad de México

Event Time: 19:00

Concerts, master class, scholarships and tons of fun!
Join us on this new edition of the International Jazz Festival of Mexico City.

Contact: GIL VAZQUEZ | +523313628974
Official Website: Click here

Mexico City

Event Time: 13:00
Mexico Primer Premio Jazz Joven

Primer Premio Jazz Joven de la Orquesta Nacional de Jazz de México en colaboración con el CENART


First Youth Jazz Award from the National Jazz Orchestra of Mexico in collaboration with CENART

Contact: Manuel Huizar | +525541366683
Official Website: Click here

Centro Nacional de las Artes Av. Río Churubusco 79, Country Club Churubusco
CDMX, Coyoacán

Event Time: 17:00
Mexico Hablemos de Jazz en la ESM Virtual

Mesa redonda con los maestros de la Academia de Jazz de la Escuela Superior de Música en la que se abordarán contextos históricos, sociales y laborales del quehacer Jazzistico en México


Round table with the teachers of the Jazz Academy of the Higher School of Music in which historical, social and labor contexts of the Jazzist work in Mexico will be addressed

Contact: Ingrid Beaujean | +525567067542
Official Website: Click here

Escuela Superior de Música Mexico City

Event Time: 18:00
Mexico Día Internacional del Jazz 2021 Virtual

Celebra con nosotros el día internacional del jazz 2021 a través de las plataformas de Jakpol


Celebrate international jazz day 2021 with us through the Jakpol platforms

Contact: Daniel Hdz
Official Website: Click here

Mexico City

Event Time: 16:19
Mexico Jazztival celebra el Día Internacional del Jazz

The Jazztival Michoacan will celebrate the International Jazz Day in a responsible way, if health conditions allow it, there will be a concert with the Jazztival Ensemble and Juan Alzate, groups of young musicians. Also virtually there will be masterclasses and concerts by renowned Mexican jazz artists.

Contact: Juan Alzate | +52 4434101980
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 18:00
Mexico Jazztival y Festival de Música de Morelia celebran el Día Internacionql del Jazz.

The 10th anniversary of International Jazz Day will be celebrated with virtual activities and a live concert. For the first time, two festivals come together to make a celebration with greater force. There will be virtual activities with the Cuban Saxophone Quintet, Jorge Retamoza from Argentina, Luis Perdomo from Venezuela, a master class with the Saxophonist Juan Alzate, young Mexican jazz players and we will close with a concert by the Juan Alzate Quartet.

Contact: Juan Alzate | +52 4434101980
Official Website: Click here

Festival de Música de Morelia Galeana 36
Centro Histórico
Morelia, Michoacán

Event Time: 12:00
Mexico Conciertos en línea Virtual

Grabaciones inéditas compartidas a través de las redes sociales de la #BibliotecaHenestrosa de la Ciudad de Oaxaca.


Unpublished recordings shared through the social networks of the #BibliotecaHenestrosa of the City of Oaxaca.

Contact: Freddy Aguilar | +52 9511948214

Porfirio Diaz 115
Esquina Calle Morelos, Col. Centro
Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca
+52 9515169715

Event Time: 10:00
Mexico Dia Internacional Del Jazz Chetaco 2021

Chetaco Restaurante te invita a celebrar el dia internacional del jazz con la banda invitada “Jazz Hidalgo Emsamble”
Acceso: 18 hrs
Inicio de Concierto de 19 hrs a 21 hrs
Reserva 771 71 56752 (cupo limitado)
Cover ($250 p/p) unicamente efectivo**
Consumo dentro de lugar (cualquier forma de pago**)
Dudas o aclaraciones via WhatsApp 7711939148
Blvd. Luis D. Colosio #1207 Fracc. Colosio1 c.p. 42080
Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo México.

Contact: Oliver Hernández Luis González | +527717156752
Official Website: Click here

CheTaco Restaurante Blvrd Luis Donaldo Colosio 1207, El Palmar, Colosio, 42088 Pachuca de Soto, Hgo., Mexico

Event Time: 19:00
Mexico Kepler´s Jazz Trio Virtual

Nosotros somos Kepler’s Jazz Trio!
En el día internacional del Jazz, presentaremos nuestras obras inéditas desde nuestras páginas oficiales de facebook e Instagram.

Somos un trío de jazz dedicado a la creación de música inédita de jazz, funk, y hard bop.

Próximamente podremos ser escuchados en todas las plataformas internacionales de música!

Los esperamos este 30 de abril!


We are Kepler’s Jazz Trio! On International Jazz Day, we will present our unpublished works from our official facebook and Instagram pages. We are a jazz trio dedicated to creating unreleased jazz, funk, and hard bop music. We can be heard on all international music platforms! We are waiting for you this April 30!

Contact: Diego Cedeño | +527223329033
Official Website: Click here

Kepler's Jazz Trio first international shot Luis Pasteur sur 75
Querétaro, Querétaro

Event Time: 20:00
Mexico Reseña histórico-musical del Día Internacional del Jazz Virtual

En 6 emisiones de media hora, del sábado 24 al jueves 29, se hará un resumen histórico-musical de los primeros 9 años de la celebración del Día Internacional del Jazz. Se presentarán fragmentos musicales de los conciertos oficiales. Todas las emisiones serán de 21:00 a 21:30 horas.


In 6 half-hour broadcasts, from Saturday 24 to Thursday 29, there will be a historical-musical summary of the first 9 years of the celebration of International Jazz Day. Musical fragments of the official concerts will be presented. All broadcasts will be from 9:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Contact: Balderas David | +524422234474
Official Website: Click here

UAQ 89.5 Centro Universitario
Santiago de Querétaro
Querétaro, Querétaro

Event Time: 21:00
Mexico Héctor Zárate Experimentrío +1

Concierto con piezas originales, improvisación libre y jazz standard arreglados de manera interesante y contemporánea.


Concert with original pieces, free improvisation, and standard jazz arranged in an interesting and contemporary way.

Contact: Héctor Zárate | +52 8441748624

Casa la Besana Mariano Escobedo 222,
Zona Centro, 25000 Saltillo, Coah.
Saltillo, Coahuila

Event Time: 20:00
Mexico Noche de Jazz en Casa Tiyahui – Jazz Night at Casa Tiyahui

Después de la transmisión de la final del Primer Premio Jazz Joven, a las 9:00 pm.
tenemos Noche de Jazz con:
Elsa María Villicaña (voz)
Carlos Alcala (guitarra)
Raúl Martínez (bajo)
Oswaldo Cerna (batería)
para seguir celebrando el Día Internacional del Jazz.


After the transmission of the final of the First Young Jazz Award, at 9:00 p.m. we will have a Jazz Night with: Elsa María Villicaña (voice) Carlos Alcala (guitar) Raúl Martínez (bass) Oswaldo Cerna (drums) to continue celebrating International Jazz Day.

Contact: Aniremak Santos | 528444817600
Official Website: Click here

Casa Tiyahui Juárez #245
zona centro
Saltillo, Coahuila

Event Time: 21:00
Mexico Transmisión Final Primer Premio Jazz Joven ONJMX

Casa Tiyahui sede de transmisión de la gran final del Premio Jazz Joven.
El viernes 30 de Abril, Día Internacional del Jazz, en punto de las 7:00 pm. nos enlazamos desde la Cd. de México donde se llevará a cabo la ceremonia en vivo.


Casa Tiyahui is the venue for the transmission of the grand finale of the Young Jazz Awards. Friday, April 30, International Jazz Day, at 7:00 pm. we link from Mexico City where the ceremony will take place live.

Contact: Aniremak Santos | +528444817600
Official Website: Click here

Casa Tiyahui Juárez 245
zona centro
Saltillo, Coahuila

Event Time: 19:00
Mexico Los Amigos and International Jazz Day

Los Amigos Big Band, a new group in Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, presents a Celebration of Jazz. Highlights are a tribute to the late Jimmy Barto, with a premiere performance of his composition of “Alabama Blues”.

Contact: Christine Philipson | +523315700829

4to Sentido Restaurant Chulavista 89
San Antonio Tlayacapan, Jalisco
+52 376 108 8980

Event Time: 15:30

We’ll celebrate International Jazz Day on May 1st! Come and listen to different jazz styles, from New Orleans to Modern Jazz music, 100 years of Jazz. This event features national and international guest artists. Join us to celebrate together peace, love, unity. We will take all safety protocols, and offer limited availability for this event.

INFO: www.sanmigueljazz.com.mx

Contact: JOSE ANTONIO LOZOYA | +52 415 1019379
Official Website: Click here

+52 415 152 0131

Event Time: 17:00

En Dunas Radio celebramos el Día Internacional del Jazz, con un concierto en vivo desde las alturas.

Artistas Invitados :
Hugo Díaz ( Guitarra)
Pepe Ozorno ( Voz)

Participación Especial: ALDEA FOLK

Exposición: “Historias narradas con pincel” por Carolina Garesca

Sigue la transmisión por www.dunasradio.org

Producción y realización : Carolina Flores
Conducción : René Aguilar Díaz


En Dunas Radio celebrates International Jazz Day with a live concert from the heights.

Invited artists:
Hugo Díaz (Guitar)
Pepe Ozorno (Voice)

Special participation: ALDEA FOLK

Exposition: “Stories narrated with a brush” by Carolina Garesca

Follow the transmission via www.dunasradio.org

Produced by Carolina Flores
Directed by René Aguilar Díaz

Contact: CAROLINA FLORES | +52 5951137712
Official Website: Click here

52 5951092808

Event Time: 17:00

Los texcocanos celebran el jazz y la libertad que este género representa a través de una jam session en la que se reúnen varias generaciones de músicos. La cita es en Café Grano de Arena, aprovechando sus ya clásicos sábados de jazz.

Toño Pastrana (percusiones)
Hugo Díaz (guitarra)
Andrés Pech (bajo)
Abraham Duque (bajo)
Fernando Castillo (bajo)
Iván Jacinto (bajo)
Julio Coronel (guitarra)
Alitzel Pacheco (sax)
Ixbal Pacheco (sax)
Rosa Arvensis (voz)

Esta será una sesión hibrida.


Texcocanos celebrate jazz and the freedom that this genre represents through a jam session in which several generations of musicians meet. The event is at Café Grano de Arena, folding into their classic jazz Saturdays.

Toño Pastrana (percussion)
Hugo Díaz (guitar)
Andrés Pech (bass)
Abraham Duque (bass)
Fernando Castillo (bass)
Iván Jacinto (bass)
Julio Coronel (guitar)
Alitzel Pacheco (sax)
Ixbal Pacheco (sax)
Rosa Arvensis (voice)

This will be a hybrid session.

Contact: Carolina Mejía | +521 5951017702

Café Grano de Arena Primer retorno
Esquina con Álamo
Texcoco, Estado de México
+521 5959549309

Event Time: 17:00
Mexico Jazzology Big Band

Jazzology Big Band originaria del Estado de México, es una agrupación musical integrada por 16 músicos profesionales conformada por alientos madera, alientos metal y sección rítmica. Su repertorio abarca música jazz y popular.

Deseamos contar con su valiosa asistencia este 30 de abril, Y QUE VIVA EL JAZZ!


Jazzology Big Band originally from the State of Mexico, is a musical group made up of 16 professional musicians made up of woodwinds, brass and a rhythm section. Our repertoire includes jazz and popular music.

We look forward to your valuable assistance this April 30, AND LONG LIVE JAZZ!

Contact: Ricardo Carrillo | +52 722 322 5948
Official Website: Click here

Cefoma # 852, Barrio, Toluca, San Miguel, 52140 Metepec, Mexico
+52 722 3965291

Event Time: 20:00
Mexico “The (virtual) time brings us together” Virtual

This year “The virtual time brings us together” and the Fundación Jazzfest celebrates the International Jazz Day featuring four events; 12pm (CST) streaming concerts of “Latin American women in jazz”, 16:30pm (CST) the Berklee Global Jazz Institute talks us about the “New educational paradigm of the 21st century”, 18:00pm (CST) Rufus Reid presents the master class “Being a jazz bassist and more!” and we ended the day with a concert 20:30pm(CST) with the “Panamerican Jazzfest big band” with arrangements and conducted by Rufus Reid.
All our events will be online and streaming through our channel,

Contact: Rafael J Flores-Mavil | +52 2288358285
Official Website: Click here

on line Argentina 52 - 6

Xalapa, Veracruz
+52 2288358285

Event Time: 12:00
Mexico Jazziri Cuarteto

Festejamos el Día Internacional del Jazz con JAZZIRI, líder y cantante de su cuarteto de jazz, ofrecerá un concierto en el que, mediante la improvisación, estrenará composiciones y arreglos del repertorio Americano y Latinoamericano, parte de su próximo lanzamiento JAZZIRI VOL. 2, acompañada del maestro Edgar Dorantes al piano, Rivelino Quiroz en la batería y Gerardo Ventura en el contrabajo.


We celebrate International Jazz Day with JAZZIRI, leader, and singer of his jazz quartet, will offer a concert in which, through improvisation, he will premiere compositions and arrangements from the American and Latin American repertoire, part of his next release JAZZIRI VOL. 2. He is accompanied by maestro Edgar Dorantes on piano, Rivelino Quiroz on drums, and Gerardo Ventura on double bass.

Contact: Jorge Alcalá González | +52 228 119 4058

Morelos 1 esq. Barragán
Col. Centro

Event Time: 19:30
Mexico Conversatorio con la Fundación Danilo Pérez Virtual

Xalapa Jazz Orchestra es una big band independiente formada en 2016 por 16 músicos profesionales nacionales e internacionales radicados en la ciudad de Xalapa, Veracruz.
En esta ocasión conversan con Aleida Duartes, Carlos Agrazal Pereira y Luis Carlos Pérez acerca de la labor educativa y social que llevan a cabo como miembros de la Fundación Danilo Pérez en Panamá.


Xalapa Jazz Orchestra is an independent big band formed in 2016 by 16 national and international professional musicians based in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz.

On this occasion, they talk with Aleida Duartes, Carlos Agrazal Pereira, and Luis Carlos Pérez about the educational and social work that carried out as members of the Danilo Pérez Foundation in Panama.

Contact: Jorge Alcalá González | +52 228 119 4058

Event Time: 19:00
Moldova International Jazz Day Virtual

Ethno Jazz Group TRIGON

Anatol Ștefaneț – viola
Vali Boghean – multi-instrumentalist, vocal
Dan Brumă – guitar
Gari Tverdohleb – drums, percussion, xylophone

Contact: Anatol Stefanet | +373 79188444
Official Website: Click here

str.Bucuresti 68 2012
Chisinau, Moldova

Event Time: 19:00
Mongolia Into the Jazz World!

Greetings from International School of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
This is our 4th year to participate with our students to celebrate the IJD with you. We would like to bring our students into the Jazz World to explore more about global jazz community, and would like to spread peace, love and unity with Mongolian Jazz singer JoJo. We are not sure about the time yet, I think our event will be done by noon. I hope it will be a great day!
Thanks all,
Warm regards,
Sarantungaa Dashdavaa

Contact: Sarantungaa Dashdavaa | +97670160010
Official Website: Click here

International School of Ulaanbaatar International School of Ulaanbaatar,
Four Seasons Gardens, Khan Uul District
Ulaanbaatar, 17032

Event Time: 11:20
Montenegro Balkan Youth Jazz Orchestra

Balkan Youth Jazz Orchestra will play original compositions written by ten selected young and renowned composers from the Balkan region: Vladimir Botev and Gordan Spasovski from Northern Macedonia, Simona Strungaru and Sebastian Burneci from Romania, Ivan Jovanovic, Damjan Jovicin and Nevena Pejcic from Serbia, David Mastikosa from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mak Mutrić from Croatia, and Rok Nemanič, from Slovenia, under the direction of jazz experts – mentor and professor Antonio Kitanovski (Music Academy of the University “Goce Delčev” Štip) from Vladimir Nikolov (Faculty of Music Belgrade).

Contact: Maja Popovic | +38267811011
Official Website: Click here

Royal Theatre Zetski Dom V Proleterske Brigade,
Cetinje 81250

Event Time: 12:00
Montenegro Balkan Youth Jazz Orchestra

At the end of the JAM 2021 event, a concert of a new musical formation of young jazz musicians from the Balkans will be realized within the project “Balkan Youth Jazz Orchestra”, conducted by the Jazz Art Association under the auspices of the Western Balkans Fund and in cooperation with partners from the region: Faculty of Music Belgrade and Music Academy of the University “Goce Delcev” Stip.

The BYJO will play original compositions written by ten selected young composers from the Balkans: Vladimir Botev and Gordan Spasovski (North Macedonia), Simona Strungaru and Sebastian Burneci (Romania), Ivan Jovanovic, Damjan Jovicin & Nevena Pejcic (Serbia), David Mastikosa (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Mak Mutric (Croatia), and Rok Nemanic (Slovenia).

Contact: Maja Popovic | +382 67811011
Official Website: Click here

Cultrural Information Center Podgorica

Event Time: 20:00
Morocco Concert “Rési Jazz” de sortie de résidence d’artistes marocains et tunisiens Virtual

Dans le cadre de la célébration de la Journée internationale du Jazz et du projet “La musique comme moteur de développement durable au Maroc et en Tunisie”, le Bureau de l’UNESCO pour le Maghreb, l’entreprise culturelle Anya et la Fondation Hiba ont organisé une résidence d’artistes marocains et tunisiens au Studio Hiba (Casablanca – Maroc) qui a permis la production d’une œuvre musicale liée au jazz, qui sera diffusée le 30 avril 2021 à 17h (UTC) puis rediffusée à 21h (UTC).

Artistes: Zied Zouari (Tunisie – violon), Hamdi Makhlouf (Tunisie – oud), Habiba Ryahi (Maroc – qanun) et Amine Bliha (Maroc – percussions).


Facebook: @anya.musicforall et @fondationhiba / YouTube: ANYA – MUSIC FOR ALL et FONDATION HIBA.


As part of the celebration of International Jazz Day and the project “Music as an Engine of Sustainable Development in Morocco and Tunisia”, the UNESCO Office for the Maghreb, the cultural company Anya, and the Hiba Foundation have organized a residency of Moroccan and Tunisian artists at Studio Hiba (Casablanca – Morocco), which allowed the production of a musical work related to jazz, will be broadcast on April 30, 2021 at 5 p.m. (UTC) then rebroadcast at 9 p.m. (UTC) .

Artists: Zied Zouari (Tunisia – violin), Hamdi Makhlouf (Tunisia – oud), Habiba Ryahi (Morocco – qanun), and Amine Bliha (Morocco – percussions).


Facebook: @anya.musicforall and @fondationhiba / YouTube: ANYA – MUSIC FOR ALL and FONDATION HIBA.

Contact: Karim Hendili | +212 673743734
Official Website: Click here

+212 673743734

Event Time: 17:00
Morocco Conférence “Quelle est la place du jazz et des musiques improvisées au sein des musiques actuelles au Maghreb?” Virtual

Dans le cadre de la célébration de la Journée internationale du Jazz et du projet “La musique comme moteur de développement durable au Maroc et en Tunisie”, le Bureau de l’UNESCO pour le Maghreb, l’entreprise culturelle Anya et la Fondation Hiba organisent, le 30 avril 2021, de 15h à 17h (UTC), une conférence en ligne réunissant des artistes et directeurs de festivals d’Algérie, du Maroc, de la Mauritanie et de la Tunisie pour débattre de la question de la place du jazz et des musiques improvisées au sein des musiques actuelles au Maghreb. Cette conférence sera diffusée sur les canaux suivants : Facebook : @anya.musicforall et @fondationhiba / YouTube : ANYA – MUSIC FOR ALL et FONDATION HIBA.


As part of the celebration of International Jazz Day and the project “Music as an engine of sustainable development in Morocco and Tunisia”, the UNESCO Office for the Maghreb, the cultural company Anya, and the Hiba Foundation are organizing an online conference bringing together artists and festival directors from Algeria, Morocco, Mauritania, and Tunisia to discuss the issue of the place of jazz and improvised music within current music in the Maghreb.

This conference will be broadcast on the following channels on April 30, 2021, from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. (UTC):

Facebook: @anya.musicforall and @fondationhiba


Contact: Karim Hendili | +212673743734
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 15:00
Morocco Jauk – 60 years of Moroccan jazz-fusion and world music

Accompanied by a musician and a researcher (University of Cambridge), Jauk will present a very special lecture on his Dakka Jazz and his “choréomusique”. Full of actions, sounds and debates, composed of interactions with the public and performances, projections of audiovisual tapes and archival exhibits, and personal interrogations on the process of his musical creation.

Armand El Maleh-Lemal, known as Jauk (b. 1944 in Casablanca), is a percussionist, composer, and dance educator.

Contact: Younes Jebbari | +212520359871

Papers Club Casablanca 108 Rue Ibrahim Annakhai

Event Time: 15:00
Myanmar Myanmar International Jazz Day Virtual

We will hold 3 days of virtual workshops and masterclasses as well as a virtual concert on the 30th of April. The event will include artists from Myanmar as well as international guest artists to join in performing and hosting workshops.

Contact: Supakarn Nakavisut | +9566891239187

Yangon, Myanmar

Event Time: 19:30
Namibia Namibian Ladies in Jazz

International Jazz Day 2021, Namibia.
The event will feature prominent Namibia Jazz Ladies, backed by a professional live backing band.
2021 edition will be held in Otjiwarongo, C’est si Bon Hotel.

More details will be communicated,

Contact: Manneckey Khoe-Aob | +264812491552

C'est si Bon Hotel Swembad Rd
Otjiwarongo, Namibia

Event Time: 18:00

2 hour live broadcast on Energy 100fm
Time: 20h00 to 22h00
30 APRIL 2021

Contact: Dr Kagiso Moloi | +264862222278
Official Website: Click here

Energy 100 fm Studio Windhoek, Namibia

Event Time: 20:00
Netherlands Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw plays Jim McNeely @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam Virtual

This April, The Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw premieres a very special performance of material by composer and arranger Jim McNeely, including one piece that was specifically crafted for this Amsterdam-based big band!
In five compositions, the band pays homage to their first-ever Virtual Composer in Residence from the stage of the iconic Bimhuis in Amsterdam.

Join us at 8pm CET on International Jazz Day and enjoy this adventurous repertoire!

Contact: Arlette Hovinga | +31 681946172
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 20:00
Netherlands To Church with Dirk and Jetse | Celebrating International Jazz Day with Jetse de Jong & Dirk Overbeek Virtual

Gasthuiskerk Doesburg and Doesburg Jazz are organizing a free live stream with pianist Jetse de Jong and accordionist Dirk Overbeek.

Dirk Overbeek plays a variety of styles in varying and unusual line-ups. He is difficult to categorize, but is at his best when he goes off the beaten musical track.

Pianist Jetse de Jong is a great talent and effortlessly blends his own musical ideas into an eclectic mix of influences. In this unusual musical combination, Overbeek and De Jong play subtle alternations between a swinging Brazilian style and their versatile own compositions.

Gasthuiskerk Doesburg is the cultural heart of Doesburg. Doesburg Jazz is a jazz festival in the second weekend of November.

Contact: Theo Maas | +31 6 34244543
Official Website: Click here

Gasthuiskerk Doesburg Gasthuisstraat 41
Doesburg, Gelderland
6981 CP
+31 652646984

Event Time: 21:00
New Zealand International Jazz Day Concert: Verity Burgess and the Ben Fernandez Trio

Verity Burgess and the Ben Fernandez trio present

‘You, the Night and the Music’ a Concert at the Pah Homestead, Hillsborough, Auckland on Friday 30th April 2021 (7:30pm – 9:30pm) to celebrate ‘International Jazz Day 2021’. It will feature Jazz Singer and West End performer Verity Burgess on vocals, Jazz pianist and composer Ben Fernandez on piano, popular and much in demand Russell McNaughton on upright and electric bass, and the talented, versatile multi-instrumentalist Dean Rodrigues on drums and percussion. The band will play a selection of tunes ranging from Jazz standards, Latin favorites, and pop classics all played in their own unique style reminiscent of the jazz and swing music of the early twentieth century.

Contact: Ben Fernandez | +6496392010
Official Website: Click here

Pah Homestead 72, Hillsborough Road
+64 96392010

Event Time: 19:30
New Zealand Whanganui Celebrates International Jazz Day

High School music teachers throughout the region select students to gather at Whanganui Collegiate. New Zealand jazz maestro Rodger Fox and his jazz music educators introduce ensemble playing and improvisation, preparing the students for the evening performance.
Now in its fourth year, the concert celebrates the tradition of of jazz music, its influence on contemporary culture and its importance to education.
Dr. Fox assembles a dazzling group of jazz musicians, Robyn Kamira and WAI.TAI add music from the heart of Aotearoa, and music students from Whanganui and the Manawatu region add an indescribable joy to the proceedings.
This is a Gala Concert in every sense, and an entertaining evening full of surprise.

Event times:
Workshops 1pm
Gala 7pm

Contact: +64 06 927 5325

Whanganui Collegiate School 128 Liverpool Street
College Estate
+64 06 349 0210

Event Time: 13:00
Nicaragua Nicaragua International Jazz Day Virtual

A great moment of Jazz in Nicaragua, Concert & Master Class all day to celebrate Jazz mixing cultures, talents and generations

Contact: Geoffroy Vilbert | +50557344348
Official Website: Click here

Nicaragua International Jazz Day Managua

Event Time: 20:00

The Embassy of the United States in Managua launches the first concert of a series of bilateral music programs with American and Nicaraguan artists. The first concert celebrates International Jazz Day. It features the talented American musician, educator, and entrepreneur, Drew Tucker, and Nicaraguan musicians Mario Sacasa and Cesia Viurlet.

Contact: Gonzalez Lizzet | +505 88069544
Official Website: Click here

US Embassy - Managua Km. 5.5 Carretera Sur

+505 22527100

Event Time: 19:00
Nigeria Promoting and Protecting Jazz Music in Nigeria Virtual

A conversation organized by the Songwriters Association of Nigeria to discuss mainstreaming jazz music into cultural, ideological and legal consciousness.

Contact: Femi Sedemogun | +2348038601052


Event Time: 11:00
Nigeria International Jazz Day

The International Jazz day Nigeria is sponsored by Transcorp Hilton Abuja, DBL and Declassical.
The event will be one to tell the story of Jazz in Nigeria, starring Nigeria’s First Lady Yinka Davies. It is also in honor of Jazz Icons who passed away this in year 2021.

Contact: Dayo Benjamin | +2348034536082
Official Website: Click here

Transcorp Hilton Abuja 1 Aguiyi Ironsi Street
Abuja, Abuja

Event Time: 19:30
Nigeria International Jazz Day

The International Jazz Day Abuja is an event to be hosted by Dayo Benjamins-Laniyi (DBL) to celebrate Jazz Music’s past, present, and future heroes.

This event produced by DBL Productions, in partnership with Transcorp Hilton, will feature top-notch musicians and actors in the industry today which include the First Lady of Jazz, Yinka Davies, the cosmopolitan band, The Maestroes (Declassical), and unveiling a new character, Ajala.

Contact: Dayo Benjamin Laniyi | +234 8034536082
Official Website: Click here

Transcorp Hilton Abuja 1 Aguiyi Ironsi Street

Abuja, Abuja
+234 7080603000

Event Time: 19:30
Nigeria Ibadan Jazz Forum Celebrates!

Ibadan Jazz Forum, Ibadan, Nigeria Celebrates Jazz with the rest of the world with a live Jazz Performance with the legendary Anjola Aboderin, Tunde Adeshina, Deolu Ogunsanya, Ayo Thomas, Tosin Guitar, Mary Gift, and many more.

Contact: D. Dax Kumapayi | +234 8033250952

Joanis Guest House, Bodija 6,Ibrahim Taiwo Close, New Bodija

Ibadan, Oyo State

+234 88033250952

Event Time: 04:30
Nigeria Just Jazz With Osapettoy

Taking Jazz music back to the root (Church).

Contact: Osapettoy Peter | +23437994533
Official Website: Click here

STUDIO? Lagos, Nigeria


Event Time: 05:00
Nigeria LEKKI LEISURE JAZZ FESTIVAL Celebrating the International Jazz Day

The Lekki Leisure is a seaside venue with a serene and calm atmosphere. We are the number one premium private beach in Nigeria for all event space, fun, and beach activities. Due to the current global pandemic, we will be observing all the safety guidelines, including social distancing and the wearing of nose masks or face shields. We hope to see you join us on the 30th of April for the International Jazz Day 2021.

Contact: Olusegun Animashun | +234 8033216767
Official Website: Click here

Lekki Leisure Lekki Leisure, Adekunle Animashaun Drive, Marwa, Off Lekki Phase 1, Lekki, 106104, Lagos, Nigeria
+234 8171947130

Event Time: 17:30
Nigeria THE IOD Nigeria Celebrates Jazz Day

The Institute Of Directors Nigeria celebrates the 10th Anniversary of International Jazz Day by hosting “An Evening Of Wine And Jazz” at La Scala at the MUSON Centre Lagos. The musical performance will be anchored by YPICK Starguitarist, and there will be a paper presented in honour of August Agboola O’Browne, a Nigerian Jazz Drummer , exploring the relationship between Jazz and Agile Leadership Priciples at the same venue titled “What Would Miles Do?” presented by Oludolapo Babatunde Ajayi of the Satchmo’s Lagos Jazz and Culture Festival..

Contact: Oludolapo Ajayi | +2348023281034

La Scala, Muson Centre, Onikan, Lagos Island 8/9 Marina
Lagos, Lagos

Event Time: 18:30
Norway Bugge Wesseltofts The Organ Club / Den Internasjonale Jazzdagen 2021 // Drammen

It is with great pleasure to mark the International Jazz Day 2021 in the city of Drammen, Norway with Bugge Wesseltoft’s The Organ Club with rhythm and blues jazz, world music and soul music inspired by Organ clubs in New York and Chicago. A whole lot of musicians and artists have been involved in this project, but eventually a core gathered around the members who are involved now.

Performing artists:
Bugge Wesseltoft – Hammond B3
Beady Belle – Vocal
Oddrun Lilja – Guitar, vocals
Taro Cooper – Slam Poetry. Rap
Shannon Mowday – Saxophones
Bafana Nhlapo – Vocals and Percussion
Sidiki Camara – Vocals and Percussion
Charles Mena – Drums

Contact: Ivan Mazuze | +47 94260312
Official Website: Click here

Union Scene Grønland 60
+47 32 21 31 00

Event Time: 20:00
Norway Celebrating Louis Armstrong's 120th Anniversary

Internationally acclaimed jazz-clarinetist Felix Peikli and conductor Carl Nilsen are dedicating International Jazz Day 2021 to the celebration of Louis Armstrong’s 120th anniversary. Jazz Music Norway have celebrated IJD annually in Oslo, Norway for the past 5 years, and on April 30th they invite audiences to partake in a outdoor secondline-parade downtown Oslo. The parade will include musicians and dancers and are completely free of charge. To commemorate the first king of New Orleans, Buddy Bolden, who also paved way for Armstrong’s career, we will launch in a hot air balloon from downtown Oslo. This event will also be live streamed on our social media.

Contact: Felix Peikli | +4798093349
Official Website: Click here

Kontraskjæret Park Kontraskjæret Park, 0151
Oslo, Norway

Event Time: 18:00
Norway Ivan Mazuze Band With Guests – Live stream Virtual

På globusen er det et godt stykke fra Mosambik til Oslo, og det blir ikke noe særlig kortere av å ta turen om Cape Town. Musikalsk sett har distansen likevel vist seg å være forbausende kort. Saksofonisten Ivan Mazuze hadde allerede en lang karriere i hjemlandet da han for mer enn ti år siden fulgte hjertet og reiste nordover.

Her har han blitt en vital del av hovedstadens musikkliv og til markeringen av den internasjonale jazzdagen har Ivan håndplukket tre gjestemusikere, alle bosatt i Oslo, men med ulike kulturelle og musikalske bakgrunner. Sammen vil Ivans kvartett og gjestemusikerne vise at jazz og improvisasjon kommuniserer på tvers av kulturer, og løfte frem det fantastiske mangfoldet vi har i musikk-Oslo i dag, hjemme hos deg!


On the globe, it is a good distance from Mozambique to Oslo, and it will not be much shorter to take the trip around Cape Town. Musically, the distance has nevertheless proved to be surprisingly short. Saxophonist Ivan Mazuze already had a long career in his home country when he followed his heart more than ten years ago and traveled north.

Here, he has become a vital part of the capital’s music life and for the celebration of the international jazz day, Ivan has hand-picked three guest musicians, all living in Oslo, but with different cultural and musical backgrounds. Together, Ivan’s quartet and the guest musicians will show that jazz and improvisation communicate across cultures, and highlight the fantastic diversity we have in music Oslo today, at your home!

Contact: Henrik Mehl | +47 41930195
Official Website: Click here

Victoria - Nasjonal jazzscene Ravnåsveien 17F


Event Time: 20:00
Pakistan International Jazz Day Celebrations at TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg Campus Virtual

TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg campus is always keen to participate in International Jazz Day. Its a great platform for us to showcase our students’ talent. TNS Gulberg will be participating in this year’s International Jazz celebrations as well.

Contact: Fahad Amjad | +923234881201
Official Website: Click here

TNS Beaconhouse Gulberg 1 H Jail Road, Lahore Pakistan
Lahore, Pakistan

Event Time: 01:00
Palestinian Territories Faris Ishaq performing "NAY : Nature Addresses You" Virtual

When nature reveals its secrets, imposing it’s truth upon us. the “Nay” flute reflects a shadow ignored by mankind. The Nay, dates back to 5000 B.C to Ancient Egypt and has been existing since then, reminding us of our ancient origins. In order for its sound to come out, a consistent reflective connection has to be made between the nay, the player and the environment it is played within. Perhaps that is why the Sufi Tradition chose the nay as an instrument for self-discovery. The performance “NAY : Nature Addresses You” is a solo performance that aims to strengthen the bond between humanity and nature and invites for a journey narrated by the nay for the call of self-discovery and self-reconciliation.

Contact: Faris Ishaq
Official Website: Click here

Virtual Event

Event Time: 00:43
Palestinian Territories International Jazz Day Celebrations Jerusalem

4.30pm Overture on the Sister Bernadette Roof Terrace with the Trio Aghsan featuring the cellists Aynoor Tawil, Siwar Baseel and Fabienne van Eck.

5pm Jazz Standards at the Imperial Salon
with Guzman Bajo (violin) & Dimitrina Milenova (piano)
Giuliana Mettine (soprano) & Maria Spitkovsky (piano)

Free admission.
 Limited number of seats. For registration and further information
please contact: event@willybrandtcenter.org

Please note that the event will be organised according to the current Covid safety guidelines. We therefore kindly ask you to wear a mask and to show your vaccination certificate, green passport or negative PCR test at the entrance.

Contact: Petra Klose | +972548637814
Official Website: Click here

Austrian Hospice Via Dolorosa 37
Old City

+972 2 626 58 00

Event Time: 16:30
Panama Danilo's Jazz Club Celebrates Jazz Day Virtual

Do not miss the workshops and performances of the best jazz musicians from Panama.

Contact: Patricia Perez | +16179344949
Official Website: Click here

Danilo's Jazz Club Facebook Plaza Herrera,
Panama City

Event Time: 13:00
Panama Panama Jazz Festival Celebrates International Jazz Day Virtual

Panama Jazz Festival Celebrates International Jazz Day with educational activities and Concerts from jazz musicians from Panama and the rest of the world!

Contact: Patricia Perez | +16179344949
Official Website: Click here

Panama Jazz Festival Facebook Page Ciudad del Saber

Event Time: 15:00
Panama Patricia Vlieg – Unforgettable Jazz

On the occasion of the celebration of the International Jazz Day, the artist Patricia Vlieg proposes a trio musical encounter, in which she offers a journey through emblematic composers of this musical genre from different latitudes and representatives of various influences. In this event, there is a free convergence of names such as Col Porter, Duke Ellington, Thelonius Monk, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Ella Fitzgerald, Carmen McRae, Michelle Legrand, Camille Bertaud, Charles Aznavour, etc.

Contact: Vilma Esquivel | +507 6672 3484
Official Website: Click here

Café Ruigar Avenida A - Casco Viejo Panama
Panama, Panama

Event Time: 19:00
Panama Danilo Perez Foundation presents “Creating Bridges with the Healing Force of Music” Virtual

We invite you to the celebration of “International Jazz Day” this Friday, April 30 at 5 pm (Panama time) with the conversation “Creating bridges with the healing force of music” with our special guests, Danilo Pérez and John Patitucci, via FACEBOOK LIVE: www.facebook.com/FundacionDaniloPerez , don’t miss it !!! (in English and subtitled in Spanish)

Contact: Carlos Agrazal | +507 6420 3465

Fundación Danilo Pérez, Bethania,
Calle 63 A, casa 12, Panamá
Panama City, Panama

Event Time: 17:00

The Port Moresby Jazz festival will run for a week starting on the 26th April to 1st May 2021. During the week there will activities such as Jazz workshops, school performances, community outreach, corporate jam, disability & rehabilitation program and a final blow out & family concert on the Saturday 1st May to conclude the festival.


John Ani Murray
Executive Music Producer

Contact: John Ani Murray | +675 79713950
Official Website: Click here

Hilton Hotel Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea Wards Road Hohola
Port Moresby, NCD

Event Time: 17:00
Paraguay Festival Jazzday Asunción 2021 Virtual

Para celebrar el Día Internacional del Jazz, se realizará este viernes 30 de abril la sexta edición del festival que reunirá a 22 músicos de la escena nacional en el escenario del Teatro Agustín Barrios del Centro Paraguayo Japonés.
El Jazz Day Asunción 2021 contará con la apertura de distintos ensambles conformados sobre diversos ejes temáticos que giran en torno al desarrollo del estilo en nuestro país como, Purahei Soul, Pier Pappalardo cuarteto, y así también ensambles especiales como La nueva generación del jazz de Py, Mujeres del Jazz en Py y el cierre a cargo del Ensamble de migrantes del jazz en Py.
Apoyan la Dirección de Cultura de Asuncion, y la Secretaria de Cultura Nacional.


To celebrate International Jazz Day, the sixth edition of the festival will be held this Friday, April 30, which will bring together 22 musicians from the national scene on the stage of the Agustín Barrios Theater of the Japanese Paraguayan Center. Jazz Day Asunción 2021 will have the opening of different ensembles conformed on various thematic axes that revolve around the development of the style in our country such as, Purahei Soul, Pier Pappalardo quartet, and thus also special ensembles such as The new generation of Py jazz, Women of Jazz in Py and the closing in charge of the Jazz Migrant Ensemble in Py. Supported by the Asuncion Culture Directorate, and the National Culture Secretariat.

Contact: Victor Sebastian Morel | +595981980253

Centro Cultural Paraguayo Japones

Event Time: 18:00
Peru Día Internacional del Jazz Virtual

Tauro Cultural presenta el día internacional del jazz el 30 de abril via online para integrarse a la celebración mundial auspiciada por la UNESCO.
Participan músicos con amplia experiencia en el género dictando clases maestras y realizando conciertos didácticos:

Juan Daniel Pastor (Chicago): Introducción a la percusión de jazz y música peruana

Edgardo Benedetti (Lima): Desarrollo melódico del lenguaje del jazz

Ania Paz (Lima): Clase maestra de armonía

Carlos Guerrero (Italia): Concierto didáctico de composición musical

Sergio Cardozo (Lima): Standars de jazz en la guitarra

Entrevista al maestro Nilo Espinosa.

Además, videos musicales de las agrupaciones: Oriente, Magenta, Ania Paz trio, Peruvian jazz project.


Tauro Cultural presents the international jazz day on April 30 online to join the world celebration sponsored by UNESCO. Musicians with extensive experience in the genre participate, giving master classes and performing educational concerts:

Juan Daniel Pastor (Chicago): Introduction to Percussion of jazz and Peruvian music

Edgardo Benedetti (Lima): Melodic development of the language of jazz

Ania Paz (Lima): Master class in harmony Carlos Guerrero (Italy): Didactic concert of musical composition

Sergio Cardozo (Lima): Standards of jazz on guitar Interview with the teacher Nilo Espinosa.

In addition, music videos of the groups: Oriente, Magenta, Ania Paz trio, Peruvian jazz project.

Contact: Jose Zavala | +51 994110665


Event Time: 12:02
Peru Clariperu celebra el Día de Jazz Virtual

For the first time, clarinetists from Latin America get together to bring joy and a message of unity with a virtual concert organized by Clariperu, to join the international Jazz Day celebration.

The concert will feature as special guest, Grammy award winner Mr. Paquito D’Rivera.

This free concert will be available from Clariperu’s Facebook and YouTube channel.

Contact: Marco Antonio Mazzini | +51991055540
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 18:00
Peru Celebración del Día Internacional del Jazz Virtual

This year’s celebration of the International Jazz Day will serve as the inauguration of the “Festival Jazz Lima 2021” and will consist of series of short sets by the following Artists:

Sergio Cardozo (guitar), Marie Gotzinger (vocals) duo
Hugo Alcazar (drums)
Diego Salvador (guitar) ,Victor Malasquez (bass) duo
Ania Paz (piano)
Rodrigo Ñiquen (guitar)
Ken Ychicawa (drums), Helen Zamudio (bass) duo
Charlie Days (guitar)
Mariano Ly (bass, percussion)
Jorge Roeder (double bass)

The celebration will take place virtually on Friday, April 30th, at 6 pm (Lima time) at the “Asociación de Jazz de Lima” Facebook page:

Contact: Ken Ychicawa
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 19:00

Punto Música Conectando a la Gente se suma a la celebración por el día internacional del Jazz, presentando el 5to festival por el día internacional del jazz de Arequipa, a la vez será el 1° Sudamericano de Jazz que contará con la participación de 18 proyectos de los 10 países del continente sudamericano, realizaremos 10 días de transmisiones virtuales compartiendo mucha música e improvisación junto a estos grandes artistas de Argentina, Bolivia, Brasil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Perú – Arequipa, Paraguay, Uruguay y Venezuela


“Punto Música Conectando a la Gente” joins the celebration for International Jazz Day, presenting the 5th festival for the International Jazz Day of Arequipa. At the same time, it will be the 1st South American Jazz that will have the participation of 18 projects of the 10 countries on the South American continent. We will carry out 10 days of virtual broadcasts sharing a lot of music and improvisation with these great artists from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru – Arequipa, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Venezuela.

Contact: Marcos Manrique | +51 959135756

+ 51 959135756

Event Time: 19:00
Peru Ania Paz – Katia Virtual

New video of Katia, Ania Paz` composition

Contact: Ania Paz

Lima, Peru

Event Time: 17:30
“P.I.JAZZFEST” is an annual festival, now celebrating 16 years and it’s 2nd year as an online festival during pandemic. In cooperation with Embassies and Cultural offices, we feature various local and international acts, in a mission to uplift and inspire audiences worldwide through music, particularly jazz, especially during these trying times.
This year’s festival is a three-day event from April 29 to May 1
April 29  20:00 Journee Internationale du Jazz
in partnership with Ambassade de France and Alliance Francaise
Facebook Live@frenchembassyph
April 30 20:00 Tribute to Chick Corea
May 1     20:00  Music of the World

Contact: Maria Sandra Viray | +63288902016
Official Website: Click here

virtual Philippines

Event Time: 20:00
Philippines LEGAZZY: A Vocal Jazz Tribute to Celebrate Unity, Diversity & Freedom Virtual

Guang Ming Harmonies, a jazz choir in the Philippines, will spice up the night with an exceptional series of performances to pay tribute to great jazz vocalists and to continue to raise global consciousness about the values of jazz as an educational instrument and as a driving force to peace, reconciliation, dialogue, and improved collaboration between people.

GMH as culture-bearers, not only perform songs but conduct research on literatures about the chosen songs and jazz artists. A post-performance discussion at the end will be the platform to tackle the performers and artistic team’s experiences, realizations, and view on social issues in the context of jazz music and its history.

Contact: Juan Paolo Llantino | +639668753312
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 19:30
Philippines JazzyPhar Sings Jobim (A Dreamy, Homey Livestream) Virtual

This will be an intimate home-based gig where I’ll be singing bossa nova composed by AC Jobim and other great Brazilian composers like João Donato and Roberto Menescal. I will be singing mostly in Brazilian Portuguese from my music nook at home via Facebook Live while intermittently providing educational tidbits on Brazilian jazz. Lately, I have been singing Brazilian jazz on Philippine television (RJTV) and I believe I have acquired a significant amount of viewers/followers on social media.

Contact: Pharaway "JazzyPhar" Lacdao | +63 9776001817

San Jose Rodriguez, Montalban

Event Time: 18:30
Poland JAZZtrzębie Festiwal

We invite you to the JAZZtrzębie Festival 2021, which will be held between 23 and 30 April. The stars at the 7th festival will be Anna Maria Jopek with her quartet and Wolfgang Muthspiel, an outstanding Austrian guitarist, winner of the European Jazz Award in 2004, a leading figure of the ECM label. In addition, musicians from Poland, Senegal, Taiwan, Colombia and Brazil will perform. The project Przemysław Strączek CULTURAL CONCEPT with Senegalese musician playing on kora Kandara Diebate will have its premiere. For the first time, there will be a gramophone workshop run by Robert Rolof. Andrzej Gruszka will have his painting exhibition. The festival will open with a concert by Polish vibraphone player Irek Głyk.

Contact: Przemyslaw Straczek | +48503108653
Official Website: Click here

Kino Centrum Piłsudskiego
Jastrzebie-Zdroj, Silesia

Event Time: 19:00
Poland 10 Katowice JazzArt Festival Virtual

Traditionally, IJD is celebrated by Katowice JazzArt Festival on its very last day. This year, we could not invite a live audience, but we offer a wide range of online events such as:

Solo piano concert of Łukasz Ojdana with his project “Kurpian Songs and Meditations” in collaboration with Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra (NOSPR)

The DrawNotes Exhibition and following Q&A with Henning Bolte

Movie “Najmniejsza wspólna wielokrotność” (“Least common multiple”) by Konrad Kulczyński reporting work of duo Llovage.

Despite the pandemic circumstances, we keep the interdisciplinary character of the festival with such virtual IJD that combines music, visual arts and emphasizes collaboration with major local music institutions in Poland.

Contact: Martyna van Nieuwland | +48 885340700
Official Website: Click here

NOSPR plac Wojciecha Kilara 1

Katowice, Upper Silesia
+48 32 73 25 300

Event Time: 12:22
Poland Let’s celebrate with Krzeminski Reunion Project!

A great trumpeter and composer Piotr Krzeminski together with his quintet: Krzeminski Reunion Project will led a special hybrid event as a part of the global celebration of International Jazz Day 2021.

30th of April, 9 p.m. – enjoy special online release on: www.PiotrKrzeminski.com/concerts and facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/765665077394275

Live concert with audience changed its date to 22nd of July, 7 p.m.
Artkombinat Scena Monopolis, Lodz, Poland, tickets: https://scena.artkombinat.pl/international-jazz-day

Krzemiński Reunion Project plays its story of friendship, experiences and inspirations narrated in compositions by Piotr Krzeminski and peppered with a great dose of pure joy.
Piotr Krzeminski (trumpet), Michał Borowski (sax), Dariusz Petera (piano), Andrzej Zielak (double bass), Karol Domanski (drums).

Contact: Monika Fijalkowska | +48 503084164
Official Website: Click here

ArtKombinat ul. Kopcińskiego 62a
Lodz, Lodz

Event Time: 21:00
Poland Szczecin Jazz

From Szczecin Jazz with Love! #JazzDay
Bergcrantz – Ostrowski Unit
JazzCorner Video Premiere on April 30th at 1.00 pm NY, 6.00 pm London, 7.00 pm Szczecin, 8.00 pm Moscow

Anders Bergcrantz (SE) – trumpet
Sylwester Ostrowski (PL) – tenor saxophone
Jakub “Mizer” Mizeracki (PL) – guitar
Danny Grissett (USA) – piano
Joris Teepe (NL) – double bass
Owen Hart jr (USA) – drum set
Baltic Neopolis Orchestra (PL) – strings
Borys Sawaszkiewicz – organ hammond
Tomas Celis Sanchez – percussions
Dominique Sanders – double bass

Bergcrantz – Ostrowski Unit is two bandleaders, four countries of origin, six band members; one brand of infectious groove. Offering a cross-cultural jazz explosion of epic proportions, Bergcrantz – Ostrowski Unit blends jazz, classical music, Scandinavian roots and ELEMENT with that Polish cool. Tenor powerhouse Sylwester Ostrowski and trumpet groove machine Anders Bergcrantz have been friends for years – it was inevitable that at one time, their groups’ paths crossed on stage. Enjoy the fruits of their labor in this video – and stay tuned for more ….

Szczecin Jazz – Jazz Comes To You
Szczecin Jazz is one of the fastest-growing festivals in Europe. With highlights on its lineups including Erykah Badu, The Lincoln Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis, Billy Harper & The Cookers, and Kenny Garrett but also Anders Bergcrantz, Logan Richardson & Jazz Forum Talents, and Alexander Beets Quintet, it features concerts by world-class stars accompanied by educational and social events, musical performances in unusual locations and unconventional promotional campaigns.

Contact: Sylwester Ostrowski | +48504303768
Official Website: Click here

Opera Theatre in Szczecin City 34 Korsarzy St.
Szczecin, Westpomeranian

Event Time: 20:00
Poland United Europe Jazz Festval/Wiosna Jazzowa Zakopane

Unesco International Jazz Day
Krzysztof Kobyliński Solo
Artur Dutkiewicz :
Tribute to Tomasz Szukalski

Contact: Tolek Lisiecki | +48604164729

Zakopane, malopolska

Event Time: 19:00
Poland !7. Wiosna Jazzowa Zakopane Virtual

W piątek, 30 maja, podczas UNESCO INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY atrakcją dla spacerowiczów w Zakopanem będzie unoszący się nad ich głowami muzyczny dron, prezentujący standardy jazzowe i zapraszający na sobotnie wydarzenia festiwalowe do Radiowej „Jedynki” i na media społecznościowe Wiosny Jazzowej oraz Miasta Zakopane. Już od samego rana, 1 maja, programem „Jedyne takie miejsce” rozpocznie się bowiem Muzyczna Sobota z Programem Pierwszym Polskiego Radia rejestrowana na żywo w Zakopanem. Na wirtualnej zakopiańskiej scenie jazzowej zagrają “Harmony Trejo”a po nim w projekcie „Andrzej Zaucha – Songbook” Janusz Szrom i towarzyszący mu czołowi przedstawiciele polskiej sceny jazzowej: Paweł Perliński, Andrzej Łukasik i Marcin Jahr.


On Friday, May 30, during UNESCO INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY, an attraction for walkers in Zakopane will be a musical drone hovering over their heads, presenting jazz standards and inviting festival events to Saturday’s Radio “Jedynka” and to the social media of Jazz Spring and the City of Zakopane.

On the morning of May 1, the Music Saturday with the First Program of Polish Radio, recorded live in Zakopane, will begin with the program “The only place like this”. “Harmony Trejo” will play on the virtual jazz scene in Zakopane, followed by Janusz Szrom in the project “Andrzej Zaucha – Songbook” and the accompanying leading representatives of the Polish jazz scene: Paweł Perliński, Andrzej Łukasik and Marcin Jahr.

Official Website: Click here

Zakopane, Poland
Portugal Pauta Jazz

O festival Pauta Jazz regressa com a sua sexta edição para comemorar o Dia Internacional do Jazz, numa parceria entre a UNESCO, Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz, International Jazz Day, Pauta Humana e Câmara Municipal de Águeda. O evento assinala a importância e o contributo deste género de música para a paz e a união de povos e culturas por todo Mundo. Nesta edição o evento conta com dois concertos e um conjunto de atividades temáticas promovidas pela Orquestra de Jazz de Águeda.


The Pauta Jazz Festival returns with its sixth edition to commemorate International Jazz Day, in partnership with UNESCO, the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz, International Jazz Day, Pauta Humana, and Águeda City Council. The event highlights the importance and contribution of this genre of music to peace and the union of peoples and cultures throughout the world. In this edition, the event has two concerts and a set of thematic activities promoted by the Águeda Jazz Orchestra.

Contact: Bruno Pinho
Official Website: Click here

Pauta Jazz Centro de Artes de Águeda

Águeda, Portugal

Event Time: 19:00
Portugal Ladies

Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve Invites The Ladies, is a new project that decided to bring together three female voices, new and established artistic values. Clara Buser and Sara Miguel
represent the first, while the consecrated Maria Anadon pay the
honor of cemented career. These are three singers, who have often been a regular part of our Concerts in recent years, and who thus deserve a special Concert,. We thus created a Concert,
and a recordin, very varied, with use of current sounds,linked in tradition, to wich contruibute orchestrations of the best level of what is done in our country: Luís Cunha, Telmo Marques, Johannes Krieger, and also Hugo Alves who directs the project.
Invites The Ladies, invites you all!

Contact: Hugo Alves | +351919950921
Official Website: Click here

Auditório Muncipal de Albufeira Rua do Município

Albufeira, Algarve
+351289 599 592

Event Time: 21:00
Portugal Jazz Day

Oficina D’ Angra – Associação Cultural is a multidisciplinary arts association, based in Angra do Heroismo, Azores.
Therefore, the International Jazz Day celebration event will combine several art manifestations such as live music with local jazz musicians, a “Jazz in Terceira (island)” presentation, a collective photo exhibition of a few jazz greats taken on the island called FotoJazz, and some other plastic arts occurring simultaneously.

The event will open to the public with limited registrations and will be transmitted online on Vitec- AzoresTV (Youtube, FB).

Contact: Paulo Cunha | +351 962823262

Casa do Sal Rua Gaspar Corte-Real
Angra Do Heroísmo, Azores
+351 962823262

Event Time: 21:00
Portugal OS SABORES DO JAZZ Virtual

Os Sabores do Jazz radio program at the National Public Radio will celebrate the International Jazz Day with an edition specially dedicated to the great jazz musicians from New Orleans to Terceira Island jazz orchestra and the Jazz Day

Contact: José Ribeiro Pinto | +351962603706
Official Website: Click here

Antena 1 - Açores Rua Dr Viriato Garrett, 35
Angra do Heroismo, Please select a region, state or province.

Event Time: 23:10
Portugal Jazz na Quinta na Sexta-Feira

We invite you for a walk through the fruit-tree gardens at MiratecArts Galeria Costa, to experience jazz moments live on the outdoor field.

Contact: Terry Costa | +351963639996
Official Website: Click here

MiratecArts Galeria Costa Estrada Regional
Zona da Furada
Candelária Madalena, Açores

Event Time: 18:00
Portugal International Day of Jazz, the EB 2/3 Caniço School’s

To celebrate the International Day of Jazz, the EB 2/3 Caniço School’s UNESCO project and the Musical Group decided that during the week between 26th to 30th of April, all the musician teachers will talk about and work on this music genre in their classes. But the topics within it will be divided by the different grades. Several classes will do some research work to exhibit.

Contact: Cristina Freire | +351 291 930 190

Rua João Baptista Sá

Caniço, Madeira - Portugal
+351 291 930 190
Portugal 1875 – OTNP – Famalicão Virtual

Born in the first weeks of the first lockdown, this project was the answer to the challenge made by Hélder Costa: To make new music at a distance, mixing the musicians from different genres to create something new.

We already worked with 30+ musicians, edited 10 new songs, and are preparing the release of the first album “dois mil e vinte”.

The concert, being presented on April 30th, is an ode to the voyages that were cancelled.

It was commissioned by the Municipality of Famalicão, and the railroad museum was set to be the scenery for it. The musicians have never played together before: Catarina Silva usually sings Portuguese traditional music, Paulo Barros, a Jazz Pianist, Pedro André, a jazz bassist and Tiago Machado a classical guitar player.

Contact: Cristina Marvão | +351 918562629

Vila Nova de Famalicão
Famalicão, Braga
+351 918562629

Event Time: 21:30
Portugal Ladies

Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve Invites The Ladies, is a new project that decided to bring together three female voices, new and established artistic values. Clara Buser and Sara Miguel represent the first, while the consecrated Maria Anadon pays honor to a cemented career. These are three singers, who have often been a regular part of our Concerts in recent years, and who thus deserve a special Concert. We thus created a Concert, and a recording, very varied, with the use of current sounds, linked in tradition, which contribute orchestrations of the best level of what is done in our country: Luís Cunha, Telmo Marques, Johannes Krieger, and also Hugo Alves who directs the project.
Invites The Ladies, invites you all!

Contact: Hugo Alves | +351919950921
Official Website: Click here

Teatro das Figuras Rua João de Brito Vargas
Faro, Algarve
+651289 888 110

Event Time: 21:00
Portugal Guimarães + Jazz Virtual

Guimarães + Jazz 2021 intends to bring the sound of the youngest generation to the stage with “Confusion”, playing in an emblematic space of our Jazz scene, “Café Concerto do Convívio”, where some of the international great players have performed.

Contact: Cesar Machado | +351 963 066 455

Convívio Café concerto Largo da Misericordia 7 e 8

Guimarães, Braga

Event Time: 16:30
Portugal Ladies

Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve Invites The Ladies, is a new project that decided to bring together three female voices, new and established artistic values. Clara Buser and Sara Miguel represent the first, while the consecrated Maria Anadon pays honor to a cemented career. These are three singers, who have often been a regular part of our Concerts in recent years, and who thus deserve a special Concert. We thus created a Concert, and a recording, very varied, with the use of current sounds, linked in tradition, which contribute orchestrations of the best level of what is done in our country: Luís Cunha, Telmo Marques, Johannes Krieger, and also Hugo Alves who directs the project.
Invites The Ladies, invites you all!

Contact: Hugo Alves | +351919950921
Official Website: Click here

Centro Cultural de Lagos Centro Cultural de Lagos
R. Lançarote de Freitas 7
Lagos, Algarve

Event Time: 19:50
Portugal CAL Jazz Collective at Cine-Teatro Louletano (PT)

CAL Jazz Collective is a project launched by Mákina de Cena and MdC Jazz, aiming to encourage the creation of new Jazz content and to bring together musicians from various parts of the Algarve, in an unprecedented lineup.

Featuring Marco Martins (art. direction and bass), Sara Badalo (vocals), Leon Baldesberger (trumpet), Luís Domingos Miguel (saxophone), Alexandre Dahmen (piano), and Maximiliano Llanos (drums), CAL Jazz Collective reflects, in its music, the language crossovers of each of its members, valuing composition and the creation of original themes.

For the celebration of #JazzDay10, CAL Jazz Collective (and special guest Zé Eduardo) will have its absolute première at Cine-Teatro Louletano (Loulé, PT).

Contact: Marco Martins | +351 965567015
Official Website: Click here

Cine-Teatro Louletano Avenida José da Costa Mealha

+351 289414604

Event Time: 19:00
Puerto Rico VID 90.3 FM Jazz Day Celebration Virtual

The only Jazz radio station in Puerto Rico celebrates International Jazz Day with special programming featuring the music of the legendary pianist/composer Chick Corea. Tune in by visiting www.vid90.com or using the app Tune In Radio.

Contact: Alan Rivera | +1 787 832 9090
Official Website: Click here

Mayagüez, Puerto Rico

Event Time: 20:00
Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico XV Jazz Festival Virtual

The Department of Jazz and Caribbean Music of the Conservatory of Music of Puerto Rico celebrates its 15th International Jazz Festival in celebration of Jazz Day 2021. This year the festival will be held virtually, with a schedule of master classes and live streaming concerts through the Facebook page @jazzmusicacaribena. The activities will begin on Thursday, April 29th, and will run until Saturday, May 1st, 2021. The festival will feature the participation of local and international artists as well as student and faculty ensembles.

Contact: Fidel Morales | +17874237432
Official Website: Click here

951 Ave. Ponce de León
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico

Event Time: 19:00
Puerto Rico Jazz in Puerto Rico celebrates with the presentation of the Book “Boricua Jazz”

On April 30th, we celebrate the history of jazz in Puerto Rico with the presentation of the book “Boricua Jazz: La Historia del Jazz Puertorriqueño desde Rafael Hernández a Miguel Zenón”.

Live Music by David Rivera & the ELMERA Jazz Ensemble

Boricua Jazz Book signing by author Wilbert Sostre Maldonado

Contact: Wilbert Sostre | +1 787 942 9772
Official Website: Click here

Fundacion Nacional para La Cultura Popular Calle Fortaleza #56 Viejo San Juan, Puerto Rico
San Juan, PR

+1 787 724 7165

Event Time: 19:00
Puerto Rico International Jazz Day From Puerto Rico Featuring Humberto Ramírez Virtual

For the past four years, Humberto Ramírez has presented a performance in Puerto Rico on International Jazz Day. This year, he joins again for the 10th anniversary of Jazz Day with a live performance with his sextet, directly from Francisco Arriví Theater in Puerto Rico.

Contact: Humberto Ramírez | +1 787 439 4393
Official Website: Click here

Francisco Arriví Theater Calle Del Parque

Santurce, Puerto Rico

Event Time: 20:00
Republic of Korea From the 1st to 3rd generations of jazz in Korea, 'International Jazz Day Eve Performance' Virtual

The Korea Jazz Association will hold a 2021 “International Jazz Day” concert at 7:30 pm on April 29 at the Jazz Park at the Textile Center in Samseong-dong, Seoul, South Korea to commemorate UNESCO’s declared “International Jazz Day.” The performance will feature great musicians from the country, including Woongsan, Malo, Lee Jeongsik and others showing a variety of performances. “International Jazz Day is about empathizing with the public and spreading the value of jazz, the great musical heritage of mankind and as it is not easy for Korean jazz greats to gather on the same stage, this concert will be a meaningful performance.” said Woongsan, the president of the Korea Jazz Association.

Contact: Phil Yoon | +82-10-6889-0812
Official Website: Click here

The Jazz Park at the Textile Center 518, Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu

+82 2-528-3355

Event Time: 19:30
Romania Herbie Hancock’s Traum von sich bewegendem Surround Sound keine Vision?
Es war eine Zufallsentdeckung, dass trotz limitierten Fähigkeiten Davinci Resolve mit Hilfe des VST Hostes Unify die limitierte Fairlight DAW zu einem extrem mächtigen Instrument wird. Daniela Tocan ist begeisterte 360 Fotografin. Am Keyboard ist sie Anfängerin aber der Schwerpunkt bei Film und Video liegt auch oft im reinen Sound. Und in Soundpatches. Ihr Ehemann wird versuchen die Wege anhand von 2  einfachen Jazz Cord progressions nachzuvollziehen. Es geht weiterhin um eine Vision oder einen Traum wie nahe wir an der Realität sind wird anhand von Lösungswegen gezeigt. Lassen Sie sich überraschen vom Sounderlebnis.
Eines wird bestimmt Matrix sein. Herbie Hancock bezeichnet es als “Crazy”
Sounds werden in der Regel unter CC-BY-SA lizensiert und in der Beschreibung zum Download angeboten.

Contact: Experimentell
Official Website: Click here

Constanta, Romania

Concert with Sorina Barbu and Ilinca Zamfir – vocals, Cristian Ciomu – synthesizers, Mircea Suchici – cello, Cornel Popescu – horse, whistles, drums, Iulian Albu – guitars, Marcel Voinea – drums, and others.

DOR is a Romanian word impossible to be translated into other languages just like JAZZ. Both of these words have a translation into the international language of music, which we all understand because it comes from the heart. The pandemic is a period that forces us to follow a series of rules, and it is difficult to organize a concert as we would like.
But we will not give up! We chose an unconventional space and online solution to honor this great celebration of free music!

Contact: Cristian Ciomu | +40 722239304

Calea Unirii nr. 64 C

Craiova, Dolj

Event Time: 19:19
Russia Theater almanac "Jazz, i love you!" by international jazz festival "Jazz May Penza"

ДЖАЗ, Я ЛЮБЛЮ ТЕБЯ – это театральный альманах, созданный тремя режиссёрами, в основу которого легла следующие литературные произведения:
• новелла «Преследователь» Хулио Кортасара;
• рассказ «Женщины» Рэя Брэдбери;
• рассказ «Преследователи» и стихи Дилана Томаса.

ДЖАЗ, Я ЛЮБЛЮ ТЕБЯ – это три разных взгляда на то, что такое джаз и как мы его воспринимаем.


JAZZ, I LOVE YOU is a theatrical almanac created by three directors, based on the following literary works: • the novel “The Pursuer” by Julio Cortazar • the short story “Women” by Ray Bradbury • the short story “The Pursuers” and poems by Dylan Thomas ⠀

JAZZ. , I LOVE YOU – these are three different views on what jazz is and how we perceive it.

Contact: Elena
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 19:00
Russia Международный день джаза с оркестром Amur Jazz Band

Большой джазовый концерт эстрадно-джазового оркестра Amur Jazz Band, посвященный празднованию Международного дня джаза


Big jazz concert of the Amur Jazz Band pop-jazz orchestra, dedicated to the celebration of the International Jazz Day

Contact: Анна Новик | +84162525413
Official Website: Click here

Международный день джаза с оркестром Amur Jazz Band Пионерская
Благовещенск, Амурская область


Event Time: 18:30
Russia International Festival “JAZZ PARADE” 2021

30 апреля празднуем Международный день джаза на Черном Море.
Арт центр Олега Мохова и джазовый промоутер Эльхан Атакишиев воздают должное уникальному музыкальному стилю, которым является джаз.
Генеральный партнер фестиваля Компания @dream_catchers_krasnodar Фирменный салон DREAM CATCHERS в г. Краснодар.
С 30 апреля и по 4 мая празднование Международного дня начинается в “Отеле Молния” НЕБУГ.
30 апреля международный день джаза празднуем со всеми музыкантами фестиваля.
1 мая. Оркестр популярной и джазовой музыки “South Brass Band” под управлением Сергея Глухова при участии Angela Markoni
2 мая. Бразильский гитарист и певец Joander Santos «Latina Jazz» & Jazz friends Trio.
3 мая – «Jazz Manoushe» Jazz friends Trio


On April 30, we celebrate the International Day of Jazz on the Black Sea. The Art Center of Oleg Mokhov and jazz promoter Elkhan Atakishiev pay tribute to this unique musical style. The general partner of the festival is DREAM CATCHERS branded salon in Krasnodar (@dream_catchers_krasnodar).

From April 30 to May 4, the celebration of International Jazz Day begins at the “Hotel Molniya” NEBUG.

April 30: We celebrate International Jazz Day with all the musicians of the festival

May 1: Orchestra of popular and jazz music “South Brass Band” conducted by Sergei Glukhov with the participation of Angela Markoni

May 2: Brazilian guitarist and singer Joander Santos “Latina Jazz” & Jazz friends Trio

May 3: “Jazz Manoushe” Jazz friends Trio

Contact: Oleg Mokhov | +7 9183350722

Hotel Molnia Gazprom проспект Чекистов
дом 3 кв 135

Event Time: 20:00
Russia Фестиваль «Эволюция Джаза»

Шестичасовой фестиваль «Эволюция Джаза» расскажет всю историю джазовой музыки от диксиленда до самого современного звучания новой джазовой эры. Шесть часов – шесть коллективов. Отпразднуйте с нами Международный день Джаза!


The six-hour Evolution of Jazz Festival will tell the entire history of jazz music from Dixieland to the most modern sound of the new jazz era. Six hours – six teams. Celebrate International Jazz Day with us!

Contact: Евгения Тихомирова | +79185102681
Official Website: Click here

Джаз клуб Эссе Красноармейская, 166
Ростов-на-Дону, Ростовская область

Event Time: 18:00
Russia Концерт и Джем-Сейшн – Concert and Jam Session

Участники концерта —музыканты Джаз-квартета «Три Плюс» и Студии Джаза «Караван».
Студия Джаза «Караван» и Джаз-квартет «Три Плюс» начали формироваться как аспекты Линии Джаза,которая посвященна Уиллису Кларку Коноверу, радиоведущему джазовых программ.
Джаз квартет «Три Плюс» – объединение музыкантов-энтузиастов, увлеченных искусством импровизации:

Студия Джаза «Караван» – уникальное объединение музыкантов-импровизаторов,
Сергей Струков -ф-но,клавишные – из Пензы, Газинур Сафиуллов -гитара – из Ульяновска, Иван Антипов -ударные и Павел Скитёв -бас-гитара – Самара.и вокалистка Валерия Тигор-Пенза
СтудиюДжаза”Караван” представляют интересные музыканты — Владимир Сорокин -гитара, Сергей Кузьмин -гитара, Сергей Новосёлов -сакс.


The participants of the concert are musicians of the Tri Plus Jazz Quartet and Karavan Jazz Studio. Karavan Jazz Studio and Three Plus Jazz Quartet began to form as aspects of the Jazz Line, which is dedicated to Willis Clark Conover, radio host of jazz programs.

Jazz Quartet “Three Plus” – an association of music enthusiasts, passionate about the art of improvisation: Jazz Studio “Caravan” – a unique association of musicians-improvisers, Sergey Strukov – piano, keyboards – from Penza, Gazinur Safiullov – guitar – from Ulyanovsk, Ivan Antipov – percussion and Pavel Skitev – bass guitar – Samara. and vocalist Valeria Tigor-Penza Jazz studio “Karavan” is represented by interesting musicians – Vladimir Sorokin – guitar, Sergey Kuzmin – guitar, Sergey Novoselov – sax.


Contact: Газинур Сафиуллов | +7 951 099 36 43

г. Ульяновск, ул. Дворцовая, д. 2/13


Event Time: 18:30
Russia Jazz Piano Lessons for Kids

В Международный день джаза учеников детской музыкальной школы № 1 города Пензы, чья история длится уже почти 140 лет, ждут уроки джаза!
Бах, Моцарт, Телеман и многие другие признанные композиторы были замечательными импровизаторами! В международный день джаза даже этюды Черни будут звучать совсем иначе. Ученики академической музыкальной школы уже традиционно принимают участие в программе открытой площадки Международного фестиваля Jazz May Penza. В 2021 году он будет проходить в Пензе 21, 22 и 23 мая. Ждём с нетерпением!


On the International Day of Jazz, the pupils of the children’s music school No. 1 in the city of Penza, whose history has been going on for almost 140 years, will have jazz lessons!

Bach, Mozart, Telemann, and many other acclaimed composers were wonderful improvisers! On the International Day of Jazz, even Cerny’s etudes will sound completely different. Pupils of the academic music school traditionally take part in the open area program of the Jazz May Penza International Festival. In 2021, it will be held in Penza on May 21, 22, and 23. Look forward to it!

Contact: Elena

ул. Чкалова, д. 15, кв. 13

Пенза, Other (Non U.S.)

Event Time: 13:00
Russia Amy Pieterse Jazz&Brudazz

Amy Pieterse with the program “Becoming Innocent – Love and Theory”
Amy Pieterse is an artist of South African, South Indian, and Irish American extraction. Her latest album is the fruit of an intense three year collaboration with musician and composer, Dmitry Semenov. Reflecting contradictory notes of cool self-discipline and emotional abandon, the album tells a story of love and friendship through songs set in Saint Petersburg. JFC is a top spot in Saint Petersburg to hear jazz. The best jazz club in Russia with 27 years of history. Mainstream & funk concerts. Friendly atmosphere. Leader of project is the famous pianist and composer Andrey Kondakov.

Contact: Felix Naroditskiy - managing partner | +79013744748
Official Website: Click here

JFC Jazz Club Shpalernaya St. 33
St. Petersburg, Russia

Event Time: 19:00
Russia «Ivan Streshinsky Band»(«ISB») – «Queens🤴and Kings👑 of Jazz»

«Ivan Streshinsky Band»(«ISB») – «Queens🤴and Kings👑 of Jazz»
International Jazz Day 30/04/2021
#Jazz Day10

Concert dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the recording and release of the record “Ella & Louis”(1956)

«Queens🤴and Kings👑 of Jazz»

Ivan Streshinsky -Vocals/Band Leader /Frontman 👑«Louis»
Elena Maksimova – Vocals🤴«Ella»
Egorchev Vlad – guitars 🎸
Dergachiov Jegor – piano
Mamaev Jury – Bass
Grigoriev Oleg – Drums
Hello, Dolly (J.Herman 1963)
Let’s Call The Whole Thing Off
(Ira Gershwin & George Gershwin 1937)
I’ve got you under my skin
(C.Porter 1936)
Fly me to the moon
(B.Howard 1964)
Girl From Ipanema(A.C.Jobim 1962)
Autumn Leaves (J. Cosma 1945)
Baby It’s Cold Outside

Contact: Ivan Streshinsky | +79262388434

Private Jazz Club Village of Shishkino
Domodedovo, Moscow region

Event Time: 20:00
Russia Celebration Concert of Jazz Day: Irkutsk Philharmonic Hall

Concert of Jazz guitar player Nikolay Smagliev and his friends and students. History of Jazz guitar from Django to Kurt Rosenwinkel in one show.

Contact: Nikolay Smagliev | +7 89148786587
Official Website: Click here

Irkutsk philharmonic hall Dzerzhinsky
Irkutsk, Irkutsk region

+7 83952336000

Event Time: 18:00
Russia Jazz Voyage Across the Continents

An interactive game-quest for children of 10-14 y.o. The setting of the event recreates a brief voyage across all five continents, from South & North Americas through Eurasia to Africa & Australia while presenting the most recognizable pieces of jazz music from all over the world. The scenario follows: 5 prominent jazz tunes are played to the students outlining 5 major instruments, viz. drums, keyboards, violin, guitar, and saxophone. Meanwhile, the participant’s task is to recognize the instrument and choose its picture among the hand-outs, plus name it in English. The game-quest thus combines cultural background, educational background, and entertainment for International Jazz Day.

Contact: Ilya Fedorov | +7 9284430458

Lyceum 'ISTEk' Krasnodar

Event Time: 12:00
Russia No Matter What

We play jazz no matter what. There are wonderful musicians in our city. In 2021, we are celebrating International Jazz Day for the third time. We feature Malik Mustafayev (keyboards), Shaban Abdullaev (drums), and Artur Zaydiev (bass), this time in the cozy restaurant Weinersky Garden. We congratulate everyone on the 10th anniversary of our common holiday.

Contact: George Haroon

restaurant Weinersky Garden. Titova str.66,


Event Time: 19:00
Russia JAZZDAY in jazzclub GuitarForms

Jazz Club Guitar Forms consists mainly of guitarists of different genres, but jazz is what unites us. Our head, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation jazz guitarist Alexey Kuznetsov says that one guitar is a whole orchestra, ” and in our club up to 10 such “orchestras” can play at the same time. With great pleasure, our guitarists of our club, as well as invited musicians, instrumentalists and vocalists will join the celebration of the International Jazz Day.

Contact: Evgenia Bragantseva | +79169456743
Official Website: Click here

Гоголь-зал Bolshaya Grusinskaya street 39

Event Time: 19:00
Russia Valeriy Bukreev Jazz Band – Concert Dedicated to the ‘120 Anniversary of Louis Armstrong «Jazz and I Were Born Together»

«Valeriy Bukreev Jazz Band»
International Jazz Day
#Jazz Day10

Concert Dedicated to the ‘120 Anniversary of Louis Armstrong
«Jazz and I Were Born Together»

New Orleans Dixieland Jazz Style

Valeriy Bukreev – Trumpet /Band Leader
Kochar Timerdjanov- Clarinet
Dmitry Koroliov- Trombone
Dmitry Zlodeev- Banjo
Alexandr Gruzdev- Bass/Tuba
Basil Tourchak – Drums


Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home (H.Cannon 1920)
Whispering (J.Shonberg 1920)
Mack the Knife (K.While 1928)
I’ve Found a New Baby (S.Williams 1926)
Ja-Da (B.Carlton 1918)
When You Smiling (Shay – Fisher – Goodwin 1932)
Some of These Days (Sh.Brooks 1910)
St. Louis Blues (W.Handy 1914)
Bourbon Street Parade (P.Barbarian 1910)
Washington and Lee Swing Street Parade (M.W.Sheafe 1906)
Alexander Ragtime Band (I.Berlin 1911)
Ice cream (Johnson-Moll-King 1927)
Sweet Su,Just You (V.Young 1928)
Go Down Moses (Gospel-Spiritual 1861)
Down by Riverside (Big Bill Broonze 1861)
When the Saints Go Marching In ( J.Black 1896)

Contact: Valeriy Bukreev | +79161314255
Official Website: Click here

Skryabin Children's Music School Sneznaya 24
Moscow, Russia

Event Time: 12:00
Russia The New Era of the Jazz

За прошедшее время на российской джазовой сцене возникло много интересных и неординарных проектов. Целое поколение молодых музыкантов, которые не боятся экспериментировать, по одиночке, или объединяясь в ансамбли, создают новую эру джаза.

Приглашаем вас присоединится к празднику современной музыку “The New Era of the Jazz 2021”!

Участники фестиваля – проекты, которые формируют звучание нашего времени. Ансамбли, разноплановые по музыке, сильные по персоналиям и весьма активные в творческом отношении, которым есть что рассказать слушателям. Фьюжн, нью-джаз, Третье течение, джаз-рок, этно – это лишь малая часть стилей современной музыки, которые мы попытаемся объять за один вечер.


Over time, many interesting and extraordinary projects have emerged on the Russian jazz scene. A whole generation of young musicians who are not afraid to experiment, singly or in ensembles, are creating a new era of jazz.

We invite you to join the celebration of contemporary music “The New Era of Jazz 2021”!

Festival participants are producing projects that shape the sound of our time. Ensembles, diversity in music, strong personalities, and creatively active, having a lot to tell the listeners. Fusion, New Jazz, Third Current, Jazz-Rock, Ethno – these are just a few of the styles of modern music that we will try to embrace in one evening.


Contact: Anna Rogava | +7 977 6779391
Official Website: Click here

Esse jazz club. Moscow Pyatnitskaya 27/3

Moscow, Russia

+7 495 1502848

Event Time: 19:00
Russia International Jazz Day Concert

The students of Moscow Jazz Academy performed a concert dedicated to #JazzDay2021

Contact: Pavel Ovchinnikov | +7 499 2556609
Official Website: Click here

Jazz Academy Concert Hall Moscow

+7 499 2556609

Event Time: 15:00
Russia Jazz Day Festival at the Igor Butman Jazz Club

On April 30, in collaboration with Alex Sipyagin, the Anna Buturlina group, and the Vladimir Nesterenko Trio, the Igor Butman Jazz Club will join the celebration of International Jazz Day! Our festival can be called a kind of guide to the styles of jazz music-from classical to post-bop. The participants will perform works of legends, thanks to which the development of jazz has become rapid and bright, about whom we can say with confidence: their legacy is priceless musical masterpieces and talented followers.

Official Website: Click here

Igor Butman Jazz Club Улица Верхняя Радищевская, 21
Moscow, Russia

Event Time: 19:00
Russia Glazunov-Jazz 2021

Glazunov-Jazz is an annual project at Petrozavodsk Glazunov Conservatory (Russia). Jazz Day at the Conservatory was held for the first time in 2018 as a chamber event and since that time the event is growing annually. “Glazunov-Jazz” is a new title for this project. During the day, Glazunov-Jazz includes a series of musical and educational events and meetings. The night jazz concert is one of the main events.

11:00 – Opening of Glazunov-Jazz
11:30 – Presentation of online-platform of Glazunov-Jazz
15:00 – Round table and chamber concert Jazz in Stylistic Dialogues
19:00 – Glazunov-Jazz night concert
– Jam-session Friends In Jazz

Contact: Antonina Maksimova | +7 9535358199
Official Website: Click here

Petrozavodsk State Glazunov Conservatory Leningradskaya street
Petrozavodsk, Karelia
+7 8142672367
Russia Jazz Day in Togliatti: Music without Borders

The Togliatti Philharmonic Jazz orchestra presents a selection of big band originals from swing to modern jazz to celebrate freedom and optimism of this distinct musical style.

Contact: Vladislav Radkov | +7 8482222600
Official Website: Click here

Togliatti Philharmonic 42 Pobedy st.

Tolyatti, Samarskaya

Event Time: 19:00
Saint Lucia Jazz Masterclass – Application of Jazz Elements in the Universal Music (Introductory Class).

Performance to welcome the participants.

A short presentation about the history of jazz, styles, and practical applications.

Interactive class with the participants, in which they are going to perform and break down the pieces.

To finalize, the instructor and faculty members of the school of music will play one piece with some of the participants.

Contact: Richard Payne | +1 758 285 0228

Saint Lucia School of Music Tapion Road
Castries, Castries
LC05 201
+1 758 452 2473

Event Time: 16:00
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Internacional Jazz Day Celebration in St. Vincent and the Grenadines: Looking for Shake Keane. Virtual

The Artists Club SVG Inc. brings the International Jazz Day Celebration in St. Vincent and the Grenadines for the third time. This year the event is named Looking for Shake Kane, dedicated to this Vincentian jazz musician. The event will take place virtually from The Artists Club SVG Inc.’s Garden. Program Schedule:

• 9:30 am – 11:30 am: Shake Keane’s legacy discussion moderated by Dexstar Rose with participation of musicians, intellectuals and historians.
• 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm: Looking for Shake King’ concert. Directed by Rey Escobar and produced by Daviana Basilio, with the participation of Rey Escobar, Joff Venner, David Morgan, Zahily Sariol, Krystian Mark, Darron Andrews, Rodney Small, Jan Smith, Uncle Louis O’Neal and many more.

Contact: Rey Escobar | +17844557907

The Artists Club SVG Inc.’s Garden. Barrimore Rd. Fountain.
St. George
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Event Time: 19:00
Samoa #JazzJam

The nexus of musical expression and social justice is at focus of the 2021 International Jazz Day celebration in Samoa! On its 10th Anniversary, the International Jazz Day will be celebrated by raising awareness about domestic and intimate partner violence against women and girls under the ‘Samoa Spotlight Initiative’ funded by the EU-UN Spotlight Fund. This year’s event includes a live radio show broadcasted by Eyespy Radio with a panel of five male, female and non-binary musicians, artists and other creatives from Samoan, interacting with a live audience. The event culminates with an inclusive Jazz jam where the public in Apia will be able to enjoy the tunes of locally fused jazz with a social message.

Contact: Sula Schuster | +6857119845

Eyespy HeadQuarters Samoa

Event Time: 17:00
San Marino International Jazz Day – San Marino

On 30 April 2021, on the occasion of the International Jazz Day promoted by UNESCO, the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of San Marino, in collaboration with the Permanent Delegation of San Marino to UNESCO, the San Marino National Commission for UNESCO, the Cultural Institutes and with the participation of the Istituto Musicale Sammarinese and the Rimini Jazz Club, organizes the 10th edition of the International Jazz Day of San Marino. Under the artistic direction of Sara Jane Ghiotti, two “jam sessions & open mic” will be held at Teatro Titano.


Teatro Titano
Piazza Sant'Agata
San MArino, San Marino

Event Time: 17:30
Serbia Jazz Crawl 2021 Virtual

Jazz Crawl is a six-year Belgrade music story. A story that unites jazz lovers, celebrates the symbiosis of audience and performers and preserves the cosmopolitan spirit of Belgrade.
This year, you have exclusive opportunity to peek into the home intimacy of the most eminent jazz musicians from our city.

Featuring: Miloš Krstić, Oleg Kirijev, Dragan Ćalina, Aleksandar Jaćimović, Peđa Milutinović, Ivan Radivojević, Milan Nikolić, Luka Ignjatović, Veljko Vujčić, Maks Kočetov, Boris Šainović, Milovan Paunović, Uroš Stamenković,, Branko Marković, Dragan Milovanović …..
+Bonus feature: interview and performance of jazz pianist Mikan Zlatković who lives and works in the USA.

Contact: Dragan Milovanović | +381643049101
Official Website: Click here

Facebook, YouTube Belgrade, Serbia

Event Time: 20:00
Serbia Nisville Jazz Arkestra Virtual

Online concert in old fortress

Contact: Ivan Blagojevic | +38118533022

Inernational Jazz Day Cara Dusana 19
Nis, Serbia

Event Time: 12:29
Serbia 10th Anniversary of International Jazz Day Serbia by Jazzysad

Since 2015, DJ Jazzysad from Serbia has been a host and promoter of the International Jazz Day celebration in Serbia. This year all activity will be focused on radio shows. First time ever six radio stations from Balkan region will play jazz music selected by DJs from Slovenia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Radio NULA (Slovenia), Radio808 (Croatia), Kaseta Radio (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Valternativa i Jammonite Radio (Serbia), Just Music Radio (Macedonia) and Radio Bruškin (Montenegro)

Contact: Milan Saitovic | +381601586483

Branka Copica 4
Temerin, Srbija
Sierra Leone Interntional Jazz Day at KidZone
Here is our schedule of events:
1. Stages 1/2 (5-7 years old) performing You are my Sunshine by Jimmie Davies and Charles Mitchell
2. Stages 3/4 (8-9 year old) performing Where have all the flowers gone? by Pete Seeger & Guantanamera by Joseito Fernandez
3. Stages 5/6 (10-11 year old) performing Only you by Vince Clarke, Goodnight Sweetheart by Kirby Shaw, Stand by me by Mac Huff, High Hopes by Roger Emerson
4. Kindergarten preforming Rise and Shine
All of our children and staff will be dressing up in 1920 Flapper and Zoot outfits!

Contact: Jillian Jones | +232 74085464

The KidZone Academy 4 Main Motor Rd
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Event Time: 12:00 - 14:00
Sierra Leone Café Mia's Sierra Leone Jazz Day 10

A celebration of Sierra Leone’s first exclusive International Jazz Day celebration, hosted and organised by Café Mia’s, the country’s first and only Jazz Café situated in the nation’s capital Freetown. Our celebration will involve live jazz music by local jazz bands and solo artists, poetry reading, the history and journey through Jazz music and the benefits of jazz music on our nascent democracy. This is a ticketed event with shots, cocktails and finger foods. Special guest appearances including our Minister of Tourism Ms Memunatu Pratt. The whole idea is to introduce jazz music and culture to Sierra Leone and hoping to make this an annual celebration.

Contact: Ivan Coomber | +7939533877

Café Mia's 25 Peninsular Road


Event Time: 16:00
Singapore International Jazz Day At Twenty

We opened a small fine restaurant-bar called “At Twenty” in Singapore CBD area on 20th February.
The At Twenty is not only a restaurant bar, but we are also a space of creation that breaks down stereotypes. This April we follow International Jazz Day, So are going to do the JAZZ theme and play vinyl records with standard and modern jazz. And we will online connect to Kyoto Music Channel on 29th April.
We will not be just about specialty, but that it will be a new place created by diversity with a double meaning.

Contact: Shinsuke Inoue | +65 9724 8103
Official Website: Click here

At Twenty 20 Lor Telok Road
Singapore, Singapore

Event Time: 13:00
Singapore Lion City Youth Jazz Festival 2021 Finale Concert

This year’s Lion City Youth Jazz Festival is held in conjunction with the 2021 commemoration of UNESCO International Jazz Day. The festival culminates in a Finale Concert featuring the music of two jazz legends of swing, Count Basie and Duke Ellington.

Our festival’s mentors will join the Jazz Association Singapore Youth Orchestra and selected youth musicians virtually, in a hybrid concert. Led by Music Director Jeremy Monteiro with Associate Music Director Weixiang Tan, it features Grammy-nominated jazz vocalist Carmen Bradford, Solo Trumpeter/Leader of the Count Basie Orchestra Scotty Barnhart, US-based jazz Trumpeter Alex Sipiagin, Saxophonist Julian Chan (Malaysia), Guitarist Joe Darin, and our Singapore-based mentors.

Contact: Yeok-Tsui Chin | +65 67410337
Official Website: Click here

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre 1 Straits Boulevard

Singapore, Singapore
+65 68127222

Event Time: 19:30
Singapore International Jazz Day 2021 with Aya Sekine & Zūjago Virtual

Broadcasting direct from Singapore Community Radio, jazz pianist Aya Sekine teams up with Matt Sekiya from Japanese Jazz blog ZŪJAGO to host a special livestream session. Joining them will be special guest jazz vocalist Maya Nova (Bulgaria). The trio will discuss all things jazz, sharing some of their own anecdotes and favourite tunes. Capping off the night will be a mini jam session between Aya Maya, the musical twin! Join us for a casual laid back night as we celebrate the wonders of Jazz music with the world!

Contact: Aya Sekine | +65 96605471

SG Community Radio Singapore

Event Time: 20:00
Slovakia International Jazz Day Virtual

Celebrating jazz music with young local musicians:
Attila Farkas – piano
Dávid Sipos – saxophone
As guest:
Tünde Kevická – voice
Their program consists of jazz standards and some original… Zobraziť viac

Contact: Igor Vida | +421 917 207 824
Official Website: Click here

mozi.club Bratislavská 86/27

Šamorín, Slovenská republika
931 01
+421 919 211 322

Event Time: 20:00
Slovakia Esprit Jazz Award

Jazz.sk announces the 9th annual awards for The Best Slovak Jazz Album of the year 2020 – Esprit Jazz Awards.
The winners are chosen by public poll and international professional jury. The awards ceremony will be accompanied by an exclusive concert of three finalists and it will be broadcasted on the national radio station and television.

Contact: Boris Čellár | +421 905114083
Official Website: Click here

City Theater P. O. Hviezdoslava Laurinská, 811 01 Staré Mesto, Slovakia

Event Time: 20:00
Slovenia School Jazz Ravne Virtual

A short video made by participants and mentors of the School Jazz Ravne during the Coronavirus lockdown in 2021.

Contact: Robert Jamnik | +386 31629914
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 20:00
Slovenia Igor Matković – Ephemeral Virtual

Solo performance of one of the most creative and innovative Slovenian jazz trumpet players.
Linep: Igor Matković – trumpet, electronics

Contact: Robert Jamnik | +386 31629914
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 20:15
Slovenia Jure Praper: Liquid Carpet Virtual

Jure Prapper: Liquid Carpet – closing concert of the 16th Slovenian Jazz Festival.

After twenty years of cooperation in many casts of various musical genres, Jure Praper finally manifested the idea of his entire author’s cast. Liquid Carpet isn’t just a band, it’s Prapper’s media through which it can be musically expressed in the purest, primary form, unbothered with musical genres and guidelines. Spontaneity was the only one when writing music for the first-grader – indulge and give room to the idea, develop and nurture it. The jazz approach was present in open form and improvisation. But music doesn’t go into free jazz, because it’s always backed up with strong rhythmic basics that draw from funk, blues, rock, Balkans,… That’s why experienced musicians coming from the same environment were invited to realize the idea, known each other for years, and performed together in many other characters, recordings, and projects.

Cast: Jure Praper – guitar, music, arrangements, Matja ž Mlakar – saxophones, David Novak – bass, Matic Črešnik – drums
Guests: Alia Cycon (USA) – oud, Timotej Kotnik – trumpet, Sašo Vollmaier – piano, Vid Jamnik – vibraphone

Contact: Robert Jamnik | +386 31629914
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 21:30
Slovenia Vid Jamnik: Urgent Detergent Virtual

Urgent Detergent – a quartet of vibraphonist Vid Jamnik, which in its newest formulation contains some of the finest young Slovenian musicians, who until recently lived in New York City.

Founded at Berklee College of Music, the band has toured in France, recorded for the compilation CD of Berklee’s Jazz Revelation Records, been featured as the best student compositions and groups, was a finalist of the European Jazz Competition in Holland, and took 2nd place in the 7 Virtual Jazz Competition.

In spite of the changes in the line-up, the quartet stays true to the instrumentation of vibraphone – piano – bass – drums and to playing original music, which, quite contrary to popular belief, bears no similarity to soap opera jingles… most of the time.

Contact: Robert Jamnik | +386 31629914

Event Time: 20:00
Slovenia Imago Sloveniae International Jazz Day 2021

Foundation Imago Sloveniae – Podoba Slovenije is once again joining the celebration of Unesco’s International Jazz Day. Due to the still valid measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 infections, we have postponed the planned concerts to summertime (July, August). However, on the April 30, International Jazz Day, we invite you to the Cobblers’ Bridge, Prešeren Square, Town Square, and Old Square at the Hercules Fountain, where you will be able to listen to spontaneous street performances of young Slovenian musicians, which will fill the streets with jazz and conjure up a special atmosphere.

Contact: Jan Kern | +38612416600
Official Website: Click here

Ljubljana Old Town - Cobblers' Bridge, Prešeren Square, Town Square, and Old Square at the Hercules Fountain Cobblers' Bridge

Event Time: 13:00
Somalia International Jazz Day at the Somali Academy of Science and Arts (SOMASA)

The Somali Academy of Science and Arts (SOMASA) will celebrate International Jazz Day with an outdoors, distanced concert by local musicians. Staff will be invited to sit under tree canopies on the Academy grounds to enjoy a concert featuring traditional Somali music and jazz standards.

Contact: Abdulkadir Nur | +252615969696


Event Time: 16:00
South Africa South African Jazz : Connecting the Tradition Virtual

South African Jazz – Connecting the Tradition is a one-day online free-to-attend mini-festival celebrating South African Jazz during Jazz Appreciation Month. We discuss and celebrate Todd Matshikiza’s centenary, look at his musical “King Kong” 60 years later, discuss the South African Jazz Festival and Jazz gig dilemma due to Covid-19, and chat to six young South African jazz musicians about their music and their aspirations. We also celebrate the 10th anniversary of International Jazz Day. Please join us online as we celebrate all things jazz.

Contact: Diane Rossi | +27 825157051
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 13:00
South Africa Nelson Mandela University ISISUSA Jazz Concert Virtual

Nelson Mandela University (South Africa) joins UNESCO in celebrating International Jazz Day by showcasing the diverse compositions of three young South African jazz composers and performers. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the 60-minute concert was filmed without an audience in October 2020. Directed by Ulagh Williams (piano), the concert includes original compositions by the featured artists Andy Ndlazilwana (vocals), Kyle Du Preez (trombone) and the 2020 Standard Bank Young Artist for Jazz, Sisonke Xonti (saxophone). The band consists of University students, staff and alumni. The concert is the University’s first fully digital jazz concert and features original works reflecting the unique sounds of contemporary South African jazz.

Contact: Ulagh Williams | +27836274686
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 14:00
South Africa Melorie Jane Duo, featuring Carla Stokes

Couch Concerts is excited to announce a virtual Jazz Concert, as two upcoming female jazz artist combine their creative efforts in this dynamic duo performance.

Franschhoek-based pianist-vocalist Melorie Jane will be joined by Cape Town-based Carla Stokes for an exciting performance of contemporary jazz, funk, and even one or two more familiar tunes.

The duo will come together for a debut performance on International Jazz Day, the 30th of April at the Cassia Restaurant at Nitida Wine Farm in Durbanville, South Africa. Watch them live or buy tickets to the online show which will air from the 4th of May 2021.

Contact: Jarryd West | +27 843537120
Official Website: Click here

Cassia Restaurant, Nitida Wine Farm Nitida Wine Farm Tygerberg Valley Road
M13, Durbanville
Cape Town, Western Cape

Event Time: 19:00
South Africa An Intimate Night of Jazz with Adelia Douw

An Intimate Night of Jazz, featuring:

Adelia Douw – Vocals
Blake Hellaby – Piano
Wesley Rustin – Bass
And special guest jazz trumpeter Ian Smith

Join us for a night of beautiful jazz standards that will forever be part of my life and music journey, while we pay tribute to the legends of jazz.

Contact: Adelia Douw | +27 609626105
Official Website: Click here

The Crypt Jazz Restaurant 1 WALE STREET
Cape Town, Western Cape
+27 636806806

Event Time: 20:00
South Africa Sibusiso Mash Mashiloane in Concert

Durban-based pianist and composer Sibusiso Mash Mashiloane is known to be both a virtuoso player and conductor, with his live performances being the drawing card that has garnered attention by audiences across the world.

It is no coincidence that Mashiloane chooses the weekend of International Jazz Day to visit the mother city, he says: “Jazz as an art-form, conceived through freedom and identity, is worth celebrating, not just in one day but daily, especially in the context of embracing and exploring our identity and heritage.”

Contact: Koko Kalashe | +27 834414760
Official Website: Click here

Alliance Française du Cap 155 Loop Street

Cape Town, KwaZulu-Natal
+27 834414760

Event Time: 19:30
South Africa International Jazz Day 2021 All-Star Global Concert Virtual

Hosted by Michael Douglas from United Nations Headquarters in New York, the International Jazz Day 2021 All-Star Global Concert includes performances from New York, Los Angeles, UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, Cape Town, Moscow, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, and other cities around the globe.

Featuring acclaimed artists from over 20 countries including Herbie Hancock, Andra Day, Marcus Miller, Dee Dee Bridgewater, John McLaughlin, Dianne Reeves, Jacob Collier, Joe Lovano, Melissa Aldana, Antonio Sánchez, Gerald Clayton, Ingrid Jensen, Angelique Kidjo, and many more. Musical Direction by John Beasley.
#jazzambassadors, #exchangeourworld, #voiceofamerica, #culturaldiplomacy, #WillisConover

Register via the link below:

Register Your Event

Contact: Darrel Boye | +27 0659301239
Official Website: Click here

1 Parade St.

Cape Town, Western Cape

Event Time: 23:00
South Africa Sagiya International Jazz Day Festival

All the way from South Africa Durban, Sagiya Foundation and Mazisi Kunene Foundation are collaborating with Independent Creatives and organizations locally and Internationally to bring you International Jazz Day Celebration, A Tribute to a living Legend Madala Kunene. Organized in unity to celebrate a living Legend, to preserve the local creative industry, and to help manage the pressure caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

A legend is someone who leaves behind an unforgettable impression on others. They touch lives, they’re remembered, they’re cherished. Madala Kunene, commonly referred to as the king of the Zulu guitar, lives in a house in the middle of a newly gentrified suburb just outside of Durban in the South African province of KwaZulu-Natal. He is often described as an mbaqanga or maskandi artist—something he personally hates. Kunene is an artist who is constantly shifting between musical habitats. He has no interest in genre specifications and prescriptions. Instead, his brand of blues operates in an opaque space where cool jazz, maskandi, mbaqanga, and a myriad of East Coast blues intersect. “Music that’s one-dimensional never connects with people,” Kunene says. “I grew up listening to a lot of Duke Ellington and The Beatles. Even then, I realized that this music was from elsewhere but that it also had bits and pieces and sounds that I could recognize from my own life. And that was liberating because it allowed me to merge things from different sounds that I liked, giving me ownership of that process.” This merger of sounds is something Kunene has dubbed “The Madalaline.”

Kunene is best known for his 1995 debut album Konko Man (Strong Man). “It was an expression of how I was at the time and my views on a lot of things. I am surprised by how people still look to that album as a blueprint for my sound,” he says. Konko Man sounds and feels like both the start of something (post-Apartheid feelings of isolation) and the end of 1980s Zulu throwaway pop. It’s also the most powerful record in Kunene’s recorded discography. It’s the kind of album that tends to come out when a musician has spent years preparing for it. Kunene was born in 1951 in Mkhumbane, a vibrant mixed community just outside of inner Durban. The son of a carpenter, Kunene was raised by his grandmother—a staunch academic who wanted him to be something of a bookworm. At the age of eight, Kunene and some members of his extended family were trucked off by the Apartheid government to go live in the then relatively new township of KwaMashu. “People can’t imagine what it’s like when you see bulldozers demolish your home in the middle of the night,” recalls Kunene. “The worst thing was that when they moved us, they came at night and packed my family into the back of a truck and then went to another area to pick up another family there and so on. So you were not just separated from your home, you were stripped of your friends and neighbors in the process. It was a very calculated act,” he adds. As a meditation on his history, Kunene recently released 1959. The album explores dense and often melancholic subject matter, especially Kunene’s own history as a victim of forced removal. “I’ve never spoken about those experiences in my music in an earnest way. I wanted to recall them and most importantly make a personal album that was looking internally at my personal history rather than looking out,” says Kunene. 1959 is a blues album with slightly more muscle—a personal catharsis and an attempt to exercise the muscle of memory through music. Insistent and unrelenting, 1959 is Kunene’s urban war cry. It is a portrait of the artist as a not-so-young man of faith, a sonic investigation that tries to make sense of the gradual process of sanitizing history—how the real past is purged for the sake of a historical sound bite. “Music is the best medium to record and tell history. As African people, the way we know and understand our past is very influenced by music,” Kunene says. “So if I can add one layer of context that can help in understanding this period in our history, then that is great.”

Join us as we celebrate the legacy of Madala Kunene,
Date: Sunday 02 May 2021
Venue: Mazisi Kunene Museum
08 Delville Ave,
Time: LIVE 11AM-3PM (SAST) /2AM-5AM (PST)
Rebroadcast 11am-3pm (PST)
Performances by local musicians; Royalson, Mthobisi Mthalane, Mduduzi Magwaza and more. Special guest Madala Kunene and friends Sthembiso Ntuli on the saxophone and Njabulo Shabalala on percussion

Confirmed Lineup:

MADALA Kunene Ft. Sithembiso Ntuli on Sax and Njabulo Shabalala on Percussions,
Mduduzi Magwaza: Former Mango Groove Penny whistler,
Mthobisi Mthalane

-Mazisi Kunene Creative Innovation Centre
-Sagiya Foundation
-Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz
-International Jazz Day
-Sound and Motion Video and Photography

Visit our website www.mazisikunenecreativeinnovationcentre.com to get your tickets online today!
About Sagiya Foundation please visit www.sagiyafoundation.co.za

Contact: Atlas Duma | +27 813738185
Official Website: Click here

Mazisi Kunene Centre for Arts and Heritage 8 Delville Avenue
Durban, KZN
+27 31 2052912

Event Time: 14:00
South Africa CJPM Digifest Virtual

The UKZN Centre for Jazz and Popular Music celebrates Jazz Appreciation Month with our digifest, which highlights Jazz education, featuring young up-and-coming musicians.

Contact: Thulile Zama | +27 312603385

UKZN Centre for Jazz and Popular Music UKZN Howard College
Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal
+27 312603385

Event Time: 11:15

Inspired by the spirit of International Jazz Day, which is celebrated annually on April 30th, the Cosmopolitan Collective presents the first AFRICAN JAZZ DAY celebrations on May 1st, 2021.

Hosted by the SPIRITED JAZZ CLUB in Mathibestad, Hammanskraal; this event marks the second of the Collective’s Community centered celebrations of Jazz and the distinctly South African practices of appreciation that come with this beloved art form.

Headlining the occasion is the seasoned Mainline Ngobeni and the Badimo Jazz Band who will be joined by soulful global trumpeter, Prince Lengoasa. Other acts include the Medumo Arts ensemble, and regional favourites Maditsi and Matlala.
Tickets priced at R50 only

Contact: Wadee Ranoto | +27 724041046

Mathibestad Community Hall Monkgopho street, Mathibestad

Hammanskraal, Gauteng

Event Time: 13:00
South Africa Avzal Ismail and Time Zone

We plan on doing various performances and work shops throughout the month of April with the specific intention of creating awareness around Jazz and Jazz Day. This year we will do a special homage to Chick Corea in remembrance.

Time Zone featuring
Avzal Ismail on keyboards and piano
Bernice Boikanyo on drums
Sipho Mabena on bass
With various guest artists.

Contact: Avzal Ismail | +27632137095

South Africa

Event Time: 01:30
South Africa 4eveJazz Jazz Music & Art Fair

4EverJazz & Blaque Continental Bistro are l hosting the first annual Jazz Music & Arts Fair on 1st and 2nd May 2021 at Blaque Continental Bistro at Naturally Yours Health Centre, 453 Main Rd, Bryanston, Johannesburg.
Our hope is to give our local artists a way to showcase their jazz music, arts and crafts. We are hoping with your help and the help from our jazz community, we will be able to create a wonderful fair and experience. We are inviting Jazz musicians, DJ’s, Poets, Photographers, Painters, art Illustrators, Apparel designers, CD, Vinyl and book collectors etc who would like to participate at our show. Also feel free to tell any other jazz art creators you feel may want to participate at our show.

Contact: Nothemba Madumo | +27825500128
Official Website: Click here

Blaque Continental Bistro Naturally Yours Health Centre, 453 Main road,
Johannesburg, Gp

Event Time: 14:00
South Africa KONJO Talking Drum LIVE!

Join KONJO for a live taping event of the final episode of the ‘Talking Drum’ podcast, hosted on a 1700 hectare FARMHOUSE retreat in the Cradle of Humankind.

This event will be a conversation between artist/researcher Zara Julius and award-winning Jazz drummer Tumi Mogorosi, as well as a live and vinyl music event.

Live music by:
Tumi Mogorosi,
Gontse Makhene,
Ariel Zamonsky,
Mthunzi Mvubu
Siyabonga Mthembu

DJ Bubbles, Brownpepperanne, and Zara Julius on the decks

We have various packages available:

Day pass: ZAR 250 pp (free admission for children under 8 years old)

Overnight passes starting at ZAR 850 – inclusive of a day pass: (overnight guests are invited to bring vinyl for an open deck listening session)

Contact: Zara Julius
Official Website: Click here

R540 Komdraai Rd
Kromdraai, Gauteng

Event Time: 13:00
South Africa Celebrating South African Legend Makhaya Ntshoko Virtual

We will be streaming live and having a chat with Legendary South African drummer, Makhaya Ntshoko.
From the township of Langa where he was born in 1939, via the concert stages of the world to Basel, Switzerland, which has become his home over the past fifty years, Makaya Ntshoko has built his legend. As part of the Jazz Epistles and his own Jazz Giants, he belonged to the nation’s jazz avant-garde in the late 1950s. In Europe where he landed as part of the Dollar Brand trio, he soon became part of the emerging Free Jazz scene, What followed was a rapid career that took Makaya to Germany, Denmark, England, France, the United States and the Far East performing with many other jazz legends. Vuka Online Radio calls on Makaya in Switzerland.

Contact: Mongezi Makhalima | +27680442749
Official Website: Click here

LIVE ON FB, YOUTUBE AND on Vukaonlineradio.co.za Vuka Online Radio Studios
1122 Burnett Street Suite F4A
Pretoria, Gauteng

Event Time: 18:00
South Africa Soweto International Jazz Day 2021

First day -30 April , Friday
– guitar workshop ( students/jazz musicians)

Second day-1 May , Saturday
– two live jazz performance (live-streaming)



Contact: Mandla Tshabalala | +27636161038
Official Website: Click here

Eyethu Lifestystye Centre 651 Tshabalala St,
Mofolo Central
Soweto, Gauteng
+27 636161038

Event Time: 03:00
South Africa Andrew Herriot’s Take 4 Jazz Combo

Andrew Herriot’s Take 4 jazz combo will socially distant perform easy jazz from the home gate 9 Adderley Street Stanford South Africa for a small distant audience across the street inside a wine garden on 30th April beginning at 6:00pm SA time.

Contact: Andrew Herriot

Home Gate 9 Adderly Street
Stanford, SA

Event Time: 18:00
Spain Special programming Virtual

Special programming on linear TV worldwide.

Contact: Rokas Kucinskas | +31629912211
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 20:00

Madrid is a city with strong historical and cultural bonds with Jazz. For 4th year, International Jazz Day Madrid will be celebrated from April 29th to May 2th thanks to La Noche En Vivo and will flood the streets and various spaces of the capital with concerts, conferences and exhibitions designed for the lovers of everything related to the jazz universe.

Contact: María Dávila
Official Website: Click here

Spain Euscádiz


Esuscádiz es una congregación de talento en la que el gaditano Juanito Makandé (voz, guitarra y cajón) da rienda suelta a su faceta más jazz y fusión sin perder su filiación flamenca. Junto a él, la batería de David Bao, quien aúna los ritmos flamencos más y puros y el neosoul de Nueva York para conectar La Línea de la Concepción con Euskadi. El piano de Juan Sebastián, desde el norte de la península, culmina este tridente con la tradición del jazz y las armonías de la música contemporánea. Los tres llegan acompañados por el cubano Ivan Ruiz (contrabajo), Juanma Montoya (guitarra eléctrica), Enrique Rodríguez (trompeta), Mikaela Vázquez (violín) y Lisandro Mansilla (voz y saxo).

Contact: María Dávila
Official Website: Click here

Café Berlín C, Costanilla de los Ángeles, 20

Madrid, Madrid

Event Time: 19:00


Reputado a la par que solicitado bajista y contrabajista, Josemi Garzón ha trabajado con mulitud de artistas como músico de sesión o de directo. Ha desarrollado su talento en géneros como pop, flamenco, jazz o world music, acompañando a ilustres tan dispares como Antonio Canales, Carmen Linares, Martirio, Ismael Serrano, Dulce Pontes, Enrique Morente, Sergio Dalma o Mónica Naranjo. El pasado año publicó su primer trabajo como líder, ‘Aborigen’.

Official Website: Click here

Hangar 48 Calle de Bailén, 24


Event Time: 20:30


Antonio Ximénez es un trompetista con una larga trayectoria. Heredero del bebop, un estilo musical del jazz de la década de los cuarenta, se ha formado de la mano de maestros como Vice Benedetti y Barry Harris. Una velada repleta de matices en función de los diversos timbres y colores de las voces participantes, que también interpretarán estilos que van desde el jazz hasta la bossa nova, el soul o el funky. Después de un largo periplo internacional por Nueva York, Shanghai, Pekin, Hong Kong, Tailandia… Antonio Ximénez vuelve al Moe.

Official Website: Click here

MOE CLUB Av. de Alberto de Alcocer, 32


Event Time: 20:30


Bajo el título de “Jazz con voz de mujer”, Celia Mayo & Karla Silva se unen para hacer un homenaje a grandes mujeres del género como Carmen McRae, Betty Carter, Sarah Vaughan o Ella Fitzgerald, entre otras. Participarán también otras artistas invitadas para unirse a este homenaje que reivindica el jazz con voz de mujer.

Official Website: Click here

SALA VESTA Calle del Barquillo, 29



Fernando Lamadrid es uno de los bajistas más influyentes del panorama musical español y, a dia de hoy, uno de los músicos más versátiles de la escena. En esta ocasión, llega acompañado por David Bao a la batería y Juan Sebastian Vazquez al teclado, ambos músicos de renombrada experiencia y trayectoria con los que lleva largo tiempo compartiendo giras y conciertos. En formato trío, hará en este recital hará un repaso en formato trío de sus dos discos, con canciones que beben del jazz, del funk, del flamenco o del rock

Official Website: Click here

TEMPO AUDIOPHILE CLUB Calle Duque de Osuna, 8


Event Time: 19:00


Jazzaben nace de las inquietudes musicales de Juan Robles (piano), Jesús Acosta (bajo) y Vicente Perelló (batería) por plasmar sus necesidades de tocar su pasión musical: el jazz. Trabajan cada uno por su lado con otras formaciones de rock, pop o blues, pero aqui el jazz les une para configurar este trio con el que interpretan temas emblemáticos del latin jazz y composiciones propias. Un directo con mucha energía, clase y elegancia.

Official Website: Click here

MOE CLUB Av. de Alberto de Alcocer, 32


Event Time: 18:00


Rosin de Palo (Zaragoza experimental power duo) son Samuel y ​Mario. Dos músicos sin ningún prejuicio ni frontera musical. Un contrabajo y un set de percusión (batería) que caminan juntos a base de grandes pizzicatos y ritmos impacientes que surgen de sus estudios en el Conservatorio Superior de Aragón. Este proyecto toma la música clásica como punto de partida y la fusiona con nuevas sonoridades, algo que resulta siempre sorprendente: como si Gustav Mahler y Cecilio G salieran juntos de fiesta.

Official Website: Click here

CAFÉ LA PALMA Calle de la Palma, 62


Event Time: 13:00


Trombonista natural de Madrid, ahora afincado en Miami. Ha compartido escenario con Joaquín Sabina, Caetano Veloso, Jerry González, Raimundo Amador, Camilo Sesto o Brandford Marsalis. Además, participó en el disco ‘Bailar en la cueva’ de Jorge Drexler, premiado con un Latin Grammy, y fue nominado al Grammy por su trabajo con Buika en la categoría Mejor Álbum de World Music. Ha sido descrito como la mezcla perfecta del latin jazz y el flamenco.

Official Website: Click here

TEMPO AUDIOPHILE CLUB Calle Duque de Osuna, 8


Event Time: 19:00


Nombre habitual de la escena madrileña que mantiene una intensidad en los últimos meses a pesar de las dificultades. Pecesquelaguarechaza se definen a sí mismos como “música fusión, canto a lo poeta, improvisación y poesía”. Daniel Román Rodríguez explora las posibilidades de la guitarra mientras Jorge de los Santos Castela marca ritmos imposibles en la batería. Toda la nocturnidad y la libertad del jazz.

Official Website: Click here

CAFÉ LA PALMA Calle de la Palma, 62


Event Time: 13:00


Boreal Dúo está integrado por Lorea Aranzasti Pardo (violín y voz) y Mario Quiñones (guitarra). Esta talentosa pareja se caracteriza por una inquietud por la experimentación de colores, formas y armonías, que se refleja en los arreglos de un repertorio jazzístico renovado y composiciones propias que redondean una propuesta personal y característica. Exploran estilos cercanos al pop, jazz, clásica o electrónica.

Official Website: Click here

MARAVILLAS CLUB Calle de San Vicente Ferrer, 33


Event Time: 16:30


Raynald Colom tiene una larguísima experiencia a lo largo y ancho del mundo con sus proyecto o junto a figuras como Jesse Davis, Mulgrew Miller o Wynton Marsalis. En Tempo Club, el trompetista franco-catalán de personalidad única ofrecerá un concierto muy especial junto al trío del pianista Juan Sebastián. Música sin atributos, directa al corazón. Un viaje liberador en tiempos de restricción.

Official Website: Click here

TEMPO AUDIOPHILE CLUB Calle Duque de Osuna, 8


Event Time: 19:00
Spain CHICUELO & MEZQUIDA en el Teatro Campoamor

Marco Mezquida está considerado una de las más jóvenes realidades del jazz nacional. Quizá el más relevante de los alumnos que han estudiado en la ESMUC y, en los últimos años, una presencia constante en festivales tan dispares como Tokyo, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, llegando a actuar en el mítico Blue Note de Nueva York.
Mantiene en activo numerosos proyectos entre los que destaca el dúo con Silvia Pérez Cruz o su Beethoven Collage para celebrar el 250 aniversario del compositor alemán.
Juan Gómez, “Chicuelo” tiene ya una larguísima trayectoria que le sitúa actualmente en la cima de la guitarra flamenca y del jazz fussion. Ha sentado su nombre junto a músicos de la talla de Miguel Poveda, Tomatito, El Cigala, José Mercé…


Marco Mezquida is considered one of the youngest realities of national jazz. Perhaps the most relevant of the students who have studied at ESMUC and, in recent years, a constant presence in festivals as diverse as Tokyo, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires, Sao Paolo, even performing at the mythical Blue Note in New York. He maintains numerous active projects, among which the duet with Silvia Pérez Cruz or his Beethoven Collage stands out to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the German composer. Juan Gómez, “Chicuelo” already has a very long career that currently places him at the top of the guitar flamenco and jazz fusion. He has established his name with musicians of the stature of Miguel Poveda, Tomatito, El Cigala, José Mercé …

Contact: Gonzalo García Conde
Official Website: Click here

Teatro Campoamor Calle Pelayo, 3

Event Time: 19:00
Spain Online Twitch TV “3Bemoles” Special Jazz Day Alicante alongside the Environment programme

Interactive Online Twitch TV Programme “3Bemoles” (in Spanish) will dedicate its Saturday Programme to International Jazz Day Alicante alongside guests involved in Environmental issues to highlight this most urgent issue. Art in service of worthy causes.

Contact: Carla Vallet | +33 750 38 02 63

Event Time: 18:30

2 days Jazz Party including 4 open air free attendance jazz concerts in front of Pablo Picasso Birth House -downtown Málaga-:
Friday April the 30th
18:00 The Lito Blues Band.
20:00 Pepa Niebla Quintet.
Saturday May the 1st
18:00 Bilá, Galiardo, Nieto & Masana.
20:00 The Málaga Jazz Collective.

Contact: Sergio García | +34630075023
Official Website: Click here

Málaga, Málaga

Event Time: 18:00
Spain CLUNIA | 40th anniversary of Jazz Filloa

In 1982 after his baptism, being a concert opener for Wynton Marsalis at the A Coruña Jazz Festival, they recorded their first album, Clunia Jazz. The now-defunct saxophonist, Antonio Cal, joins the group. In 1983 they participated in various competitions, obtaining the second prize in the International Contest of the San Sebastian Festival and the first prize for the best composition and arrangements for Nani García. In addition, they participate in the first Jazz Days of Santiago de Compostela together with Tete Montoliu. In 1984 they recorded their second album, Afueras Periódicas, with the collaboration of the saxophonist Jorge Pardo.

In 1985 they were awarded the First Prize in the International Contest of the San Sebastian Festival.

Contact: Bettina Kohlhaas | +34673170160
Official Website: Click here

Teatro Colón de A Coruña Avenida da Marina nº 7A
A Coruña, A Coruña

Event Time: 20:00
Spain Sedajazz latin Ensemble & Sole Giménez – Dia Internacional del Jazz

Ya son 10 años consecutivos los que el colectivo de músicos Sedajazz (Valencia) organiza junto al ayuntamiento de Añlfafar el dia intrnacional del jazz, este año no será como los anteriores ya que a causa del covid no podran participar la media de cien musicos que en ediciones pre-covid participaban en el evento. El pasado año fué on line y este año 2021 podremos disfrutar de una actuación muy especial, un concierrto que ofrecerá el sedajazz Ensemble & Sole Giménez, una formacion creada ex profeso para la ocasión y que cuenta con músicos de diferentes generaciones y con la colaboración especial de una de las voces mas aclamadas de toda España, Sle Gimenez, gran amiga y colaboradora en muchas ocasiones con diferentes proyectos de Sedajazz.


It has been 10 consecutive years that the Sedajazz (Valencia) musicians’ collective organizes the international jazz day together with the Añlfafar city council, this year will not be like the previous ones since due to the covid the average of one hundred musicians who in pre-covid editions participated in the event. Last year it was online and this year 2021 we will be able to enjoy a very special performance, a concert that will offer the sedajazz Ensemble & Sole Giménez, a formation created expressly for the occasion and that has musicians of different generations and with special collaboration of one of the most acclaimed voices in all of Spain, Sle Gimenez, a great friend and collaborator on many occasions with different Sedajazz projects.

Contact: Fco Angel Blanco | +34 629601690
Official Website: Click here

Plaza del ayuntamiento de Alfafar Alfafar, Valencia 46910

Event Time: 20:00
Spain Día Internacional del Jazz Alicante

Concert at the beautiful Teatro Principal de Alicante. It is a collective effort of bands and individuals (around 40 musicians) in support of local environmental associations.

Contact: Carla Vallet | +33750380 63
Official Website: Click here

Teatro Principal de Alicante Plaza Chapí, s/n
Alicante, Alicante

Event Time: 19:30
Spain Introduction of book “Classical Jazz: Black Genius, America’s Shame” by Elizabeth Young-Vallet

Introduction of the bilingüal book (Spanish-English): “Classical Jazz: Black genius, America’s shame” by Elizabeth Young-Vallet at the fabulous ‘Pynchon&Co.’ bookstore. Mónica Nombela will introduce the panel of Carla Vallet (Teacher and singer), Debra Powell (African-American History Teacher), and José A. Bornay (Composer and teacher).

Editor: Letradepalo

To purchase copies online: https://www.todostuslibros.com/libros/jazz-clasico_978-84-18591-06-8

Contact: Carla Vallet | +33 750380263

Pynchon&Co. c/ Segura 22

Alicante, Alicante

Event Time: 19:00




Contact: MANUEL PRAENA | +34691034348


Event Time: 20:00
Spain UNESCO Etxea Jazz Playlist Virtual

On the occasion of International Jazz Day, members, honorary members and professional team of UNESCO Etxea have created a diverse and varied playlist with their favorite jazz songs. The playlist will be available on the UNESCO Etxea YouTube channel and will be disseminated on its social networks.

Contact: Begona Guzmán
Official Website: Click here

Bilbao, Bizkaia
Spain Dia Internacional del Jazz a Girona

Miles Ahead

Al cim d’una brillant carrera al capdavant de l’avantguarda del jazz, Miles Davis (Cheadle) desapareix de l’escena durant cinc anys a finals dels ’70. Atrinxerat a casa seva, adolorit i amb la veu minvada per les drogues, viu turmentat pels fantasmes del passat. És llavors quan irromp a la seva vida el reporter musical, Dave Braden (Ewan McGregor), i tots dos emprenen una aventura per intentar recuperar una cinta sostreta que contenia l’enregistrament de les últimes composicions de l’artista.


At the height of a brilliant career at the forefront of jazz avant-garde, Miles Davis (Cheadle) disappeared from the scene for five years in the late ’70s. Intrigued at home, sore and with his voice diminished by drugs, he lives tormented by the ghosts of the past. That’s when music reporter Dave Braden (Ewan McGregor) bursts into his life, and they both embark on an adventure to try to retrieve a stolen tape that contained the recording of the artist’s latest compositions.

Contact: Alix Levy
Official Website: Click here

Cinema Truffaut Plaça Jordi de Sant Jordi s/n
Girona, Spain

Event Time: 19:30
Spain Dia Internacional del Jazz a Girona

El Jazz en temps de pandèmia
El 2020 es va organitzar una xerrada per comentar l’estat del jazz, de sempre en situació de debilitat enfront altres gèneres musicals. La trobada es va cancel·lar per la pandèmia, i algunes de les preguntes que ens plantejàvem, ara resulten més inquietants que mai: queda espai pel jazz en les programacions? Sobreviuran els clubs? Aconseguirà el jazz recuperar espai als mitjans? Sense pràcticament concerts, el jazz mantindrà un públic fidel? Quins canals tenen els músics per mostrar la seva música?


Jazz in times of pandemic
In 2020, a talk was organized to discuss the state of jazz, always in a situation of weakness compared to other musical genres. The meeting was canceled due to the pandemic, and some of the questions we asked ourselves are now more disturbing than ever: is there room for jazz in the programming? Will the clubs survive? Will jazz be able to regain space in the media? With virtually no concerts, will jazz keep a loyal audience? What channels do musicians have to showcase their music?

Contact: Alix Levy | +34 626783220
Official Website: Click here

Sunset Jazz Club C/ Jaume Pons i Martí 12

Event Time: 19:30
Spain Dia Internacional del Jazz a Girona

Jaume Llombart & Cesc Adroher
Cesc Adroher i Jaume Llombart són dos dels grans guitarristes de casa nostra -indubtablement dos dels nostres favorits-, i en ocasió del Dia Internacional del Jazz ens presentaran al Sunset el seu duet inèdit. Recuperem d’aquesta manera un concert que ja l’any passat va crear molta expectació entre els aficionats, però que es va haver de suspendre pel confinament. Amants del jazz i la guitarra no us podeu perdre aquesta estrena!


Jaume Llombart & Cesc Adroher
Cesc Adroher and Jaume Llombart are two of the great guitarists of our house – undoubtedly two of our favorites – and on the occasion of International Jazz Day they will present their unreleased duet at Sunset. In this way we recover a concert that already last year created a lot of anticipation among fans, but that had to be suspended due to confinement. Jazz and guitar lovers can’t miss this premiere!

Contact: Alix Levy | +34 626783220
Official Website: Click here

Sunset Jazz Club C/ Jaume Pons i Martí 12

Event Time: 20:00
Spain Dia Internacional del Jazz a Girona

Jean Toussaint Quartet
Conegut per molts gràcies a haver militat en els fabulosos Jazz Messengers d’Art Blakey, amb companys de generació com Terence Blanchard o Donald Harrison, el saxo tenor del mític Jean Toussaint sonarà per primera vegada al Club en ocasió del Dia Internacional del Jazz. Per una ocasió tan sonada, els acompanyants també seran d’alta volada, i de ben segur que serà un dels concerts més importants i recordats dels darrers temps. Història viva del Jazz!

Sessions a les 18.00 i les 20.00


Jean Toussaint Quartet
Known by many for having militated in the fabulous Jazz Messengers of Art Blakey, with peers like Terence Blanchard or Donald Harrison, the tenor saxophone of the legendary Jean Toussaint will sound for the first time at the Club on the occasion of International Jazz Day. For such a famous occasion, the accompanists will also be high-flying, and it will surely be one of the most important and remembered concerts of recent times. Live history of Jazz!

Sets at 18:00 and 20:00

Contact: Alix Levy | +34 626783220
Official Website: Click here

Sunset Jazz Club Jaume Pons i Martí 12
Girona, Spain

Event Time: 18:00
Spain Promusic- International Jazz Day Virtual

Promusic es una asociación de músicos profesionales que realiza una actividad musical desde al año 2010 en Islas Canarias: Tenerife Jazz Camp, Canarias Jazz Showroom.
Este año se suma a la celebración con un concierto en streaming desde su sede en La Laguna, Tenerife.


Promusic is an association of professional musicians that has carried out a musical activity in the Canary Islands since 2010: Tenerife Jazz Camp, Canarias Jazz Showroom. This year it joins the celebration with a streaming concert from its headquarters in La Laguna, Tenerife.

Contact: Kike Perdomo | +34667669040
Official Website: Click here

C/ Marqués de Celada 94

La Laguna, Tenerife

Event Time: 19:30
Spain LPA International Jazz Day

Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro meet Gabriela Suárez Jazz Singer.

El día 30 de abril en Las Palmas de Gran Canaria se celebra el LPA International Jazz Day en su cuarta edición organizado por “Fábrica La Isleta”
En esta ocasión uno de los platos fuertes de éste año es el encuentro de una de las mejores artistas en el ámbito del jazz internacional Andrea Motis junto a su mentor y aclamado Joan Chamorro invitando a Gabriela Suárez Jazz Singer una de las talentosas voces de canarias con tan solo 16 años, en un encuentro único en el Auditorio Alfredo Kraus dentro del Rincón del Jazz.


Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro meet Gabriela Suárez Jazz Singer.

On April 30 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria the LPA International Jazz Day is celebrated in its fourth edition organized by “Fábrica La Isleta”
On this occasion one of the highlights of this year is the meeting of one of the best artists in the field of international jazz Andrea Motis with her mentor and acclaimed Joan Chamorro inviting Gabriela Suárez Jazz Singer one of the talented voices of the Canary Islands with only 16 years old, in a unique meeting at the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium within the Rincón del Jazz.

Contact: José Alberto Medina | +34696861995
Official Website: Click here

Auditorio Alfredo Kraus Avda. Principe de Asturias s/n
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas

Event Time: 19:30
Spain Tributo a Chick Corea – LPA International Jazz Day

Dentro del marco del LPA International Jazz Day organizado por “Fábrica La Isleta” 3 grandes músicos Jaume Villaseca (piano) Dick Them (contrabajo)
Ramon Díaz (batería) se reúnen para dar tributo al pianista, teclista y compositor estadounidense de jazz, ganador de veinte premios Grammy.


Within the framework of the LPA International Jazz Day organized by “Fábrica La Isleta” 3 great musicians Jaume Villaseca (piano) Dick Them (double bass)
Ramon Díaz (drums) meet to pay tribute to the American jazz pianist, keyboardist and composer, winner of twenty Grammy Awards.

Contact: José Alberto Medina | +34696861995
Official Website: Click here

Parque Doramas Calle León y Castillo, 227
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas

Event Time: 20:30
Spain Maratón LPA International Jazz Day

El Domingo 2 de Mayo se realizará la maratón de Jazz en el Parque Doramas C/ León y Castillo, 227. Organizado por “Fábrica La Isleta” este encuentro de música tendrá a artista como “Zumurrud”, “Cubakan”, “Local Jazz Band”, “Vocal Factory”, “Jóvenes talentos de fábrica la Isleta” entre otros.
a partir de las 12 h hasta las 20:30 h, un día entero celebrando el jazz.


On Sunday May 2 the Jazz marathon will be held at Parque Doramas C / León y Castillo, 227. Organized by “Fábrica La Isleta” this music meeting will have an artist such as “Zumurrud”, “Cubakan”, “Local Jazz Band “,” Vocal Factory “,” Young talents from La Isleta factory “among others. From 12 noon to 8:30 pm, a whole day celebrating jazz.

Contact: José Alberto Medina | +34696861995
Official Website: Click here

Parque Doramas Calle León y Castillo, 227
Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Las Palmas

Event Time: 12:00
Spain A Few Colors MicroTour 2021

A Few Colors lanza su segundo trabajo “Sound Illusions” y lo comienza a presentar, el día Internacional del Jazz a las 19:30 horas en el Auditorio Infanta Leonor de Los Cristianos, en el municipio de Arona. Un Concierto cargado de fuerza y alegría musical con nuestros artistas Eliseo Lloreda, Felu Morales y Pedro Marcos Volf.
El nuevo álbum viene cargado de jazz Fusion con composiciones de los tres integrantes del proyecto por primera vez. El trio de Jazz y Fusion que en 2019 estrenaba su primer álbum en los Estados Unidos, España, Colombia e Italia, vuelve a las andadas, porque como anuncia su productor Pedro Marcos “Nunca hemos parado” con composiciones orgánicas y basadas en el talento y experiencia de sus integrantes.


A Few Colors launches its second work “Sound Illusions” and begins to present it, on International Jazz Day at 7:30 p.m. at the Infanta Leonor de Los Cristianos Auditorium, in the municipality of Arona. A concert full of strength and musical joy with our artists Eliseo Lloreda, Felu Morales and Pedro Marcos Volf. The new album is loaded with jazz Fusion with compositions by the three members of the project for the first time. The Jazz and Fusion trio that in 2019 premiered its first album in the United States, Spain, Colombia and Italy, is back to its old ways, because as its producer Pedro Marcos announces “We have never stopped” with organic compositions based on talent and experience of its members.

Contact: Pedro Marcos | +34611464375
Official Website: Click here

Los Cristianos, Santa Cruz de tenerife, Islas Canarias, España
+34 922 757 006

Event Time: 19:30

Mirian Arbalejo es crítica de jazz, la primera persona de España en votar en la DownBeat Critics Poll, entre otros logros internacionales. La entrevista será en español.


Mirian Arbalejo is a jazz critic, the first person from Spain to participate and vote on the DownBeat Critics Poll, among other international achievements. The interview will be in Spanish.

Contact: Raquel Rodriguez | +34 644 28 99 29
Official Website: Click here

Instagram Live Madrid

Event Time: 16:00
Spain Lady & The Thrum

Lady & The Thrum is a heterodoxus and personal trío. They are presenting their first album where voice, keyboard, and double bass combine with each other to create a warm climax that is ideal to take our most personal songs to the jazz language.

Contact: Pablo García
Official Website: Click here

Puerta Pedriza C/ Marqués de Santillana 20

Manzanares el Real, Madrid

Event Time: 20:30
Spain Monda Spring Jazz 2021

A whole month every friday in the main square a free jazz concert

Contact: Emilio Villodres | +34699420719
Official Website: Click here

Monda, Málaga

Event Time: 20:00

The tenth edition of the International Jazz Day in Mallorca will be dedicated to the Tango / Jazz fusion, celebrating the centenary of the birth of Astor Piazzola.Dizzy Gillespie was the first to experience this musical union in 1956 in Buenos Aires, together with Osvaldo Fresedo’s typical orchestra, and in 1974 it was Astor Piazzola who with Gerry Mulligan gave a boost to this fusion of genres.

Jazz Day in Mallorca has been held without interruption since 2012 and includes concerts, photography exhibitions, conferences and the mini “Gin & Jazz” concerts in bars in this city, all organized by the UNESCO Center of Mallorca.

Contact: OSCAR PIPKIN | +34699911102

Palma, Mallorca, Spain

Event Time: 19:00

Por primera vez la isla de la Palma, llamada la isla bonita del mini continente Canario, organiza la celebración del jazz a través del Real Club Náutico de Santa Cruz de la Palma en colaboración con Fábrica La Isleta. El Ayuntamiento de Santa Cruz de la Palma apoya este evento único y de calado internacional en la Isla abanderado por la gran cantante y trompetista Andrea Motis y Joan Chamorro al saxo tenor invitando a la joven Gabriela Suarez en una noche especial en el Teatro Circo de Marte. Sin duda alguna la isla de La Palma ha tenido hace muchos años las idas y venidas del jazz, la influencia tricontinental hace que sea un lugar único y estratégico para celebrar este maravillosa día cargado de improvisación e intercambio.


For the first time the beautiful island of Palma, located on the mini-continent of the Canary Islands, organizes a jazz celebration via the Real Club Náutico de Santa Cruz de la Palma in collaboration with Fábrica La Isleta. The municipality of Santa Cruz de la Palma supports this unique international event, featuring the great singer and trumpeter Andrea Motis and tenor saxophonist Joan Chamorro inviting young Gabriela Suarez for a special evening at the Teatro Circo de Marte. Without any doubt, the island of La Palma has long resonated with the comings and goings of jazz; its tricontinental influences make it a unique and strategic location in which to celebrate this marvelous day filled with improvisation and exchange.

Contact: José Alberto Medina Quintana | +34696861995
Official Website: Click here

Real Club Náutico Avenida Los Indianos, 0 S/N, 38700 Santa Cruz de la Palma, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain
+34 922 420007

Event Time: 20:30
Spain VIII Festival Internacional de Jazz y Fotografía de la Naturaleza, #naturajazz.

Free jazz session, nature photography projections, and gastronomy in two unique outdoor courtyards in one of the most emblematic museums regarding Guanche culture (MUNA, Museum of Nature and Archaeology)

Andrea Motis & Joan Chamorro Quartet

Andrea is one of the most relevant singers and trumpeters of current jazz at the international level. Together with her mentor, Joan Chamorro, they celebrate a special evening on the week of International Jazz Day culminating their tour at the #naturajazz Festival together with José Alberto Medina as host of this unique quartet meeting plus a very special guest.

Andrea Motis: trumpet, voice
Joan Chamorro: double bass
Esteve Pí: drums
José Alberto Medina: piano
Christop Mallin: violin

Contact: Néstor Yanes | +34 922 209 318
Official Website: Click here

MUNA, Museum of Nature and Archaeology Fuente Morales s/n

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife, Canary Islands
+34 922 209 318

Event Time: 20:30
Spain Tenerife- International Jazz Day

El Auditorio de Tenerife, celebrará el Día Internacional del Jazz con dos actuaciones: Viktorija Pilatovik Qt en colaboración con el saxofonista canario Kike Perdomo y el pianista Franco Piccino.
Franco, de origen italiano es un músico de gran sensibilidad apreciado por su especial enfoque musical, Activo en la escena internacional ha tocado con artistas como Famoudou Don Moyè (Art Ensemble of Chicago), Gilad Atzmon, Adam Rudolph, Marc Ayza, Audun Waage…
Viktorija Pilatovic es una artista lituana, cantante de jazz, compositora y artista del sello de “Inner Circle Music”, con quien ha editado tres referencias: “The Only Light”, “Stories” y “Nica’s Blues” (2013). El ultimo album recibió una buena critica en la revista “Downbeat”.


The Auditorio de Tenerife will celebrate International Jazz Day with two performances: Viktorija Pilatovik Qt, in collaboration with the Canarian saxophonist Kike Perdomo and pianist Franco Piccino.

Franco, of Italian origin, is a highly sensitive musician appreciated for his special musical approach. Active on the international scene, he has performed with artists such as Famoudou Don Moyè (Art Ensemble of Chicago), Gilad Atzmon, Adam Rudolph, Marc Ayza, Audun Waage …

Viktorija Pilatovic is a Lithuanian artist, jazz singer, songwriter and label artist of “Inner Circle Music”, with whom he has edited three references: “The Only Light”, “Stories” and “Nica’s Blues” (2013). The last album received a good review in “Downbeat” magazine.

Contact: Kike Perdomo | +34 667669040
Official Website: Click here

Auditorio de Tenerife Avenida de la Constitiución 1

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Tenerife
+34 922568600

Event Time: 19:30

Programa de radio en directo a través de streaming en el que participará un buen número de los principales artístas de smooth jazz mundiales.


Live radio program via streaming in which a good number of the world’s leading smooth jazz artists will participate.

Contact: Cipri Pernas | +34617539676
Official Website: Click here

SITGES - BARCELONA - ESPAÑA Sant Bertomeu 20-22 - 1º1ª
Sitges, Barcelona

Event Time: 20:00
Spain Vermut & Jazz jam session

Sitges Jazz Lab presents Vermut and a jazz jam session.

Contact: Xavier Plaza Pujol | +34647513188
Official Website: Click here

Utopia beach house hotel Carrer Socias n.22
Sitges, Barcelona
+34 938 111 136

Event Time: 13:00
Spain Pau Viguer Live Concert! Virtual

Songs for the World!
Pau Viguer contribution to International Jazz Day is to play his songs and to explain his experiences for more than 40 years in the music world in an online concert.

More info in www.pauviguermusic.com

Contact: Pau Viguer | +34 600784778
Official Website: Click here

Pau Viguer live Concert Valencia, Comunitat Valenciana

Event Time: 18:00
Spain 24 horas de jazz en el Dia Internacional del Jazz

La 99.9 Valencia Radio celebra el Día Internacional del Jazz con 24 horas de música jazz y entrevistas con músicos y personalidades dentro de su programación habitual. Sintoniza con nosotros!


99.9 Valencia Radio celebrates International Jazz Day with 24 hours of jazz music and interviews with musicians and personalities within its regular programming. Tune in with us!

Contact: Luis Cubells | +34679188653
Official Website: Click here

24 horas de jazz en Valencia Valencia,

Event Time: 00:00
Spain Xiimo Tebar Jazz Trio International Jazz Day 2021

Actuación musical con motivo del Día Internacional del Jazz. Centre Cultural La Nau

Ximo Tebar Jazz Guitar Trio
Ximo Tebar, guitarra
Will Martz, piano
Xavi Alamán, bajo
Héctor Gómez. batería

Aforo limitado

Entradas agotadas


Musical performance on the occasion of the International Jazz Day at the Center Cultural La Nau

Ximo Tebar Jazz Guitar Trio

Ximo Tebar, guitar

Will Martz, piano

Xavi Alamán, bass

Héctor Gómez., percussion

Limited capacity tickets sold out

Contact: Cristina Rovira
Official Website: Click here

Centre Cultural La Nau - Universitat de València Calle de la Universidad, 2

Valencia, Valencia

Event Time: 19:00
Spain Día Internacional del Jazz El Corte Inglés Valencia

Jazz Session conmemorativa Día Internacional del Jazz con Ximo Tebar, Will Martz, Xavi Alaman, Hector Gómez. El Corte Inglés Valencia – 50º Aniversario.


Jazz Session commemorating International Jazz Day with Ximo Tebar, Will Martz, Xavi Alaman, Hector Gómez. El CorteInglés Valencia – 50th Anniversary

April 29 – 2021
Día Internacional del Jazz El Corte Inglés Valencia

El Corte Ingles Valencia
Pintor Sorolla

May 7 – 2021
Ximo Tebar Jazz Trio International Jazz Day 2021
Centre Cultural La Nau – Universitat de València
Valencia, Valencia

Contact: Pau Pérez Rico
Official Website: Click here

El Corte Ingles Valencia Pintor Sorolla


Event Time: 18:00
Spain International Jazz Day — Vitoria-Gasteiz Jazz

In order to celebrate such a wonderful date, the Vitoria-Gasteiz Jazz Festival, in collaboration with the club The Garage, has arranged a midday concert with one of the most promising new voices in the local scene, Irati Bilbao Quartet. With a world-class line-up, the quartet will walk through their latest record, “Begin”. Further on this record’s name, we do hope that this concert is the first one of many more to come where we shall be able to enjoy live jazz like we used to.

Contact: Alberto Ibarrondo | +34 945141919
Official Website: Click here

Sala The Garage Plaza San Anton 5

Vitoria-Gasteiz, Araba
+34 945198805

Event Time: 14:00

Los Centros de Música Santa María de Zaragoza, siguiendo la normativa sanitaria vigente, siguen dando clases tanto presenciales como online y en ellas trabajamos un año más esta celebración. Los alumnos conocen este día, su importancia e influencia en la música e incluso versionan en jazz obras de música clásica, y los profesores componen también sus propias creaxciones jazzisticas.
Cuando la situación sanitaria lo permita, alumnado y profesorado dará un concierto en recuerdo de este día.


The Santa María de Zaragoza Music Centers, following current health regulations, continue to give classes both face-to-face and online and we work on this celebration for another year. The students know about this day, its importance and influence on music and even jazz versions of classical music, and the teachers also compose their own jazz creations. When the health situation allows it, students and teachers will give a concert in memory of this day.

Contact: Agueda Tutor Monge
Official Website: Click here

Pedro Joaquín Soler 8 y 20
Zaragoza, Zaragoza
Suriname Jazz Day at Home in Suriname 2021 Virtual

A performance by the band Inner-vision via the local tv station ATV-Networks.

Contact: Rosita Leeflang | +5978874717
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 02:15
Sweden Sweden Celebrates International Jazz Day Virtual

Sweden celebrates International Jazz Day with a row of digital concerts from Umeå in the north to Malmö in the south.

14.30 Welcome!
14.40 Umeå Jazzstudio: New Orbits
15.10 Musik i Lerum: Anna Lundqvist & Fabian Kallerdahl
15.40 Öbacka Jazz & blues i Härnösand: Jonas Öberg trio with Henrik Gaad
16.05 Meet a musician (from the live studio)
16.15 Jazz i Malmö: Autonomous
16.45 Lupino Live Stockholm: Sonny och Vargen
17.15 Bollnäs Jazz Club: Malin Wättring 4

The event is a collaboration between Knutpunkt, Öbacka Jazz & Blues, Scenkonst Västernorrland, Jazz i Malmö, Musik i Syd, Bollnäs Jazz Club, Musik i Lerum, Vänersborgs musikförening, Jazzföreningen Nefertiti, Umeå Jazzstudio, Umeå Folkets Hus, Lupino Live and Impra.

Contact: Lisa Löfgren | +46 84071741

Umeå Jazzstudio, Musik i Lerum, Öbacka Jazz & blues, Jazz i Malmö, Lupino Live and Bollnäs Jazz Club

Event Time: 14:30
Sweden Jazz Day International 2021

From Nykoping, Sweden, we invite you all to enjoy and add your favorite jazz tunes to the Spotify playlist Jazz Day International 2021!
We have invited businesses, gyms, shops, and restaurants in Sweden to put on the best jazz and swing music there is on 30th of April!
#jazzinykoping #jazzdayinternational2021

Contact: Linda Engstrom

Sweden Jazz-Sverige firar International Jazz Day 2021 Virtual

Jazz-Sverige samlas för ett gemensamt, digitalt firande av International Jazz Day.

14.30 Valand i Göteborg: Välkomna till Livestudion
14.40 Umeå Jazzstudio: New Orbits
15.10 Musik i Lerum: Anna Lundqvist & Fabian Kallerdahl
15.40 Öbacka Jazz & blues i Härnösand: Jonas Öberg trio med Henrik Gad
16.05 Från studion: Musikersamtal med Anna Lundqvist
16.15 Jazz i Malmö: Autonomous
16.45 Lupino Live Stockholm: Sonny och Vargen
17.15 Bollnäs Jazz Club: Malin Wättring 4
17.40 Valand i Göteborg: Avslutande ord från livestudion



Jazz-Sverige gathers for a virtual celebration of International Jazz Day.

14.30 Valand in Gothenburg: Welcome to Livestudion
14.40 Umeå Jazzstudio: New Orbits
15.10 Music in Lerum: Anna Lundqvist & Fabian Kallerdahl
15.40 Öbacka Jazz & blues in Härnösand: Jonas Öberg trio with Henrik Gad
16.05 From the studio: Musician conversation with Anna Lundqvist
16.15 Jazz in Malmö: Autonomous
16.45 Lupino Live Stockholm: Sonny and Vargen
17.15 Bollnäs Jazz Club: Malin Wättring 4
17.40 Valand in Gothenburg: Closing words from the live studio

Contact: Lisa Löfgren
Official Website: Click here

Valand Göteborg

Event Time: 14:30
Sweden Linnea Jonsson Quartet Virtual

This up-and-coming Swedish jazz quartet form a dynamic group with four strong voices. On International Jazz Day they present their original musical landscape founded on powerful melodies on Sweden’s jazz stage number one, Fasching.

Bandleader Linnea Jonsson is one of Sweden’s rising stars within jazz music. She made her debut in 2019 with the acclaimed EP ”Emporia” where the original
compositions form an exciting mix of nordic roots with a spanish-phrygian flare. Since then the repertoire has expanded and it is now clear that Jonsson has developed her own personal voice as a trumpet player as well as a composer.

Contact: Sara Asplund | +46702455028
Official Website: Click here

Jazzclub Fasching Gamla Brogatan 44
Stockholm, Sweden

Event Time: 20:00
Switzerland Chico Freeman Exotica

One travels thru life searching for like-minded and like-spirited companions to accompany them on their journeys. As musicians, these encounters are extremely important in the creation of music and art. With this project “Exotica”, Chico Freeman, Svante Henryson and Reto Weber have succeeded in their journey.
This concert will feature two-time Grammy nominated saxophonist/composer Chico Freeman, along with Svante Henryson, ECM artist/cellist/composer, Reto Weber, composer and percussionist extraordinaire. This concert promises a wonderful collaboration of hearts, minds and musical wonder and begins an incredible journey into the future of creative and modern music.

Contact: Chico Freeman | +41798828689
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 14:00
Switzerland In cooperation with the center for African Studies – Feya Faku Quintet featuring Keenan Ahrends

Feya Faku: trumpet/flugelhorn, Domenic Landolf: alto sax/flute, Keenan Ahrends: guitar, Jean Paul Brodbeck: piano (nur/only 30.4.), Patrice Moret: bass, Dominic Egli: drums.
In dieser Band vereinen südafrikanische und Schweizer Jazzgrössen ihre Kräfte in einer begeisternden Zusammenarbeit.
Feya Faku gehört zu jenen, die den südafrikanischen Jazz seit den 1990er Jahren prägen; sein Songbook, voll der Klangfarben und Rhythmen des Ostkaps, ist in seiner Heimat längst ein Standardwerk. 2013 spielte er in Basel seine preisgekrönte CD «Le Ngoma» ein – eine Hommage an den südafrikanischen Jazz und die Musiker, die Feya Faku geprägt haben, aber auch Zeugnis der Freundschaft und langjährigen Zusammenarbeit.


Feya Faku: trumpet / flugelhorn, Domenic Landolf: alto sax / flute, Keenan Ahrends: guitar, Jean Paul Brodbeck: piano (only 30.4.), Patrice Moret: bass, Dominic Egli: drums.
In this band, South African and Swiss jazz greats combine their forces in an inspiring collaboration.
Feya Faku is one of those who have shaped South African jazz since the 1990s; his songbook, full of the timbres and rhythms of the Eastern Cape, has long been a standard work in his homeland. In 2013 he recorded his award-winning CD “Le Ngoma” in Basel – a homage to South African jazz and the musicians who shaped Feya Faku, but also a testament to the friendship and long-term collaboration.

Contact: Simona Saggese | +41612633341
Official Website: Click here

the bird's eye jazz club Kohlenberg 20
Basel, BS

Event Time: 20:30
Switzerland International Jazz Day at Offbeat Jazz Festival Basel 2021

Jazz Festival Basel by Offbeat will celebrate the 2021 International Jazz Day, in cooperation with the internationally renowned Jazzcampus Basel, and also newly in cooperation with Kaserne Basel, the biggest Cultural Center for independent Theater, Dance, and Performance Scene, and concerts of popular music in the tri-national Basel region. They will present to an audience from the whole Basel area, and feature concerts with the Tian Long Li Quintet (conducted by the first harp player of the Music Academy’s Jazz Department), and with the Focusyear Band 20, which presently consists of musicians from the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, Spain, France, and Switzerland. The concerts in Kaserne Basel (Klybeckstrasse 1b, Basel) will start at 8.00 p.m.

Contact: Stefan Rommerskirchen | +41 797866603
Official Website: Click here

Kaserne Basel Klybeckstr. 1b

+41 61 66 66 000

Event Time: 20:00
Switzerland Jazz Day @ WERFT

Fischermanns Orchestra & Guests
+ Alexander Wyssmann Twilight Trio

“Music is supposed to wash away the dust of everyday life”
– Art Blakey

We are happy to celebrate this special day with two live concerts: The first concert by the Fischermanns Orchestra on the WERFT stage in 2021.
8 p.m. Opening concert with the Alexander Wyssmann Twilight Trio.
The concert takes place outdoors – it is compulsory to wear a mask.
The number of visitors is limited to 100 people: first come, first serve…#JAZZDAY

Alexander Wyssmann Twilight Trio
A.Wyssmann, Rhodes
Samuel Kühni, E-Bass
Thomas Reist, Schlagzeug

Fischermanns Orchestra
Bodo Maier tp
Samuel Blättler tp
Lino Blöchlinger as
Phoebe Bognar flute
Sebastian Strinning ts
Simon Petermann tb; musical director
Jasmin Lötscher tb, electronics
Samuel Blatter voc, synth
Simon Rupp git
Linus Meier eb
Reto Eisenring snare drum, dr
Thomas Reist bass drum, dr, leader
Jodok Achermann & Victor Sterchi camera

Contact: Reist Thomas | +41 796604148

NF49 am Seetalplatz WERFT
Bahnhofplatz 1
Emmenbrücke, Lucerne
+41 796604148

Event Time: 19:00
Switzerland Dado Moroni / Claude Diallo Situation

This Live-Stream with a live audience (should the covid19 regulations in Switzerland allow it on April 30), features the great Italian Jazz pianist Dado Moroni in a four-hands Set with Franco-Swiss jazz pianist Claude Diallo. For the second set the two pianists will be joined by the Claude Diallo Situation Rhythm Section with Rosario Bonaccorso (Bass) and Massimo Buonanno (Drums).

Click here to watch on YouTube

Contact: Claude Diallo | +41794232481
Official Website: Click here

Kreuzlingen Cultural Center Kult-X
Room M
Hafenstrasse 8
8280 Kreuzlingen

Event Time: 20:30 - 22:00
Switzerland International Jazz Day: Bami's Bonebook

Bernhard Bamert hat mit grösstem Vergnügen eine handverlesene Sammlung seiner Lieblings-Jazzstandards zusammengestellt. Dies nicht zuletzt, um seinem Duo-
Partner, dem Gitarristen Dani Solimine, einen lang gehegten Wunsch zu erfüllen: einmal mit einer ganzen Posaunen-Section zusammenarbeiten. Da jagen sich berühmte Melodien, phantasievolle Improvisationen und virtuose Tuttis. Ein Fest, nicht nur für Posaunen- und Gitarrenliebhaber.
Stefan Schlegel: tb
Maurus Twerenbold: tb
Lukas Wyss: tb
Bernhard Bamert: tb
Dani Solimine: git


Bernhard Bamert has put together a handpicked collection of his favorite jazz standards with the greatest pleasure. Not least because of his duo
Partner, guitarist Dani Solimine, to fulfill a long-cherished wish: to work together with an entire trombone section. Famous melodies, imaginative improvisations and virtuoso tuttis chase one another. A festival, not just for trombone and guitar lovers.
Stefan Schlegel: tb
Maurus Twerenbold: tb
Lukas Wyss: tb
Bernhard Bamert: tb
Dani Solimine: git

Contact: Swissjazzorama
Official Website: Click here

Musikcontainer Asylstrasse 10

Event Time: 20:00
Switzerland Joe Haider

The last Appearance
Joe Haider – der Highlight-Auftakt zum International Jazz Day!
Seit über 60 Jahren ist Joe Haider in Sachen Jazz unterwegs. Nun inzwischen 84 –ist er jedoch immer noch munter und frisch. As Time Goes By…..so heisst Joe Haiders neustes Projekt, das er für seine musikalische Endphase geplant hat.
Joe Haider: p, arr, comp
Daniel Noesig: tp
Heinz von Herrmann: ts
Johannes Herrlich: tb
Raffaele Bosshard: b
Dominic Egli: dr, perc


The last appearance
Joe Haider – the highlight prelude to International Jazz Day!
Joe Haider has been involved in jazz for over 60 years. Now 84 – he’s still lively and fresh. As Time Goes By… ..that is the name of Joe Haider’s latest project that he has planned for its final musical phase.
Joe Haider: p, arr, comp
Daniel Noesig: tp
Heinz von Herrmann: ts
Johannes Herrlich: tb
Raffaele Bosshard: b
Dominic Egli: dr, perc

Official Website: Click here

Musikcontainer Uster Asylstrasse 10


Event Time: 20:00
Switzerland Art & Sounds

The Montreux Jazz Festival and the Musée Jenisch Vevey mark UNESCO’s International Jazz Day with the launch of Art & Sounds. At a time when concert halls remain closed, it offers a new way to experience music, surrounded by the museum’s masterpieces. Twenty-eight tracks composed by contemporary Swiss musicians are gathered in a series of dialogues between one painting and one track. Bring your smartphone, put on your headphones and step inside the permanent collection of paintings at the Musée Jenisch Vevey. You will discover a surprising mix of art and sounds, proposed by Stéphanie-Aloysia Moretti, art historian and artistic director of the Montreux Jazz Artists Foundation, who has been given carte blanche for this project.

Official Website: Click here

Musée Jenisch Vevey Avenue de la Gare 2

1800 Vevey,

Event Time: 11:00
Syria So What Band

Live from Damascus, Syria, Guiragossian’s Residence Presents on the occasion of International Jazz Day “So What Band”.

Bassem Al Jaber
Abeer Al Batal
Hannibal Saad

The concert will be livestreamed on FB and Instagram:

Contact: Hannibal Saad

Event Time: 18:00
Tajikistan Ethno-Jazz Music Concert Virtual

On April 30, 2021 at 18:00 00 (GMT+5), the Ethno-Jazz Music Concert – as part of the Dushanbe Ethno-Jazz Festival 2021 – will be livestreamed on Zoom and Facebook through Bactria Cultural Centre’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/bactriacc
Bactria Cultural Centre, with the support of the Swiss Cooperation Office in Tajikistan, conducts on April 30, 2021 one of the most awaited musical events in the cultural sphere of Dushanbe – the online ethno-jazz concert, devoted to the 10th anniversary of International Jazz Day celebrated in the whole world.
The concert will feature: Avesto, Dadj, Khalil brothers Trio, Parvin Yusufi & Jazz Band, etc.
Also, the audience can watch the concert online through Zoom by pre-registering on www.bit.do/dejf2021

Contact: Dina Miller | +992901212236
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 18:00
Tajikistan Jazz concert "Oriental love tales"

Composer, piano Jasur Khalilov. Presentation of new CD “Oriental love tales”.

Contact: Jasur Khalilov | +992938855070

Music school named after Z. Shahidi Dushanbe,

Event Time: 11:00
Tanzania Jazzday Arusha

Jazzday has been celebrated in Arusha since 2018. Stiggy is the centerpiece of Jazz in Arusha. Bands of all walks of life including Russians, Spanish, Austrian, Gibraltese, Australia, Tanzania, Newzealanders, Kenya are performing for free to meet for this yearly event.

Contact: Stiggy Stiggy | +255754895525
Official Website: Click here

Stiggy's Njiro Arusha Njiro Complex Arusha
Arusha, Arusha

Event Time: 14:00
Thailand International Jazz Day 2021 / BKK, TH Virtual

Jazz Day 10th Anniversary

🎉 Online Celebration 🎉
– – – – – – – – –
Sweets Talk
Host: Virun Lertpanyawai 🗣️
Host: Nattapon Fuangaugsorn 🗣️
*Talk things about Jazz!! (in Thai only) 🇹🇭
– – – – – – – – –
Kengchakaj Kengkarnka
> Solo Piano
*Special session from NYC 🇺🇸
– – – – – – – – –
Sayaka Uenami & Friend
> Piano & Guitar
*Special session from Japan 🇯🇵
– – – – – – – – –
Watch via YouTube
> Sweets Jazz Community
> https://www.youtube.com/user/bobba1983
*6 PM (THA) / 8 PM (JST)

Contact: Virun Lertpanyawai | +66 818996053

Event Time: 18:00
Thailand AloneTogether/Jazz Around the World Virtual

AloneTogether Bangkok invites you to watch our interview from jazz artists all over the world. We want to know how all the artists deal with the COVID situation and what they wanted to say to everyone.

Contact: Kom Wongsawat | +66 81 438 5566

AloneTogetherBkk 29 Sukhumvit 31, Klongton Nue, Watthana, Bangkok

Watthana, Bangkok
+66 95 341 2692

Event Time: 13:00
Togo Togoville Jazz

Togoville Jazz, Festival de Jazz et des Musiques du Monde, a lieu au Togo à travers plusieurs villes et villages, et, commence le 30 avril avec la célébration du Jazzday.


Togoville Jazz, Festival of Jazz and World Music, takes place in Togo through several towns and villages, and begins on April 30 with the celebration of Jazzday.

Contact: Mawuto DICK | +22890057535
Official Website: Click here

Espace Culturel LEVEL 1233 boulevard 30 Août

Event Time: 20:00
Turkey Garanti BBVA ile Sesini Aç: International Jazz Day Virtual

Garanti BBVA is celebrating the IJD from the first year of it, and for the 10th aniversary, special youtube original series “Garanti BBVA ile Sesini Aç” is dedicated to jazz day.
4 well known jazz musicians from Turkey, Çağrı Sertel, Selen Gülün, Batu Şallıel and Cenk Erdoğan will take stage and this special episode will able to be watched on Youtube.

Contact: Ersin Babaoglu
Official Website: Click here

The Badau

Event Time: 14:00
Turkey Sarp Maden 5 Virtual

Sarp Maden 5 as celebrated local artists will perform their original musical approach at The Badau jazz club.

Sarp Maden (g)
Engin Recepoğulları (ts)
Ercüment Orkut (p)
Alper Yılmaz (b)
Derin Bayhan (d)

Contact: Eren Noyan | +905323064334
Official Website: Click here

The Badau Acıbadem Mahallesi Çeçen Sokak
Akasya Evleri AVM - 1. Kat Kuzey Avlu


Event Time: 20:30
Turkey Turkish Air Forces Big Band " Eagles of Jazz"

Air Force’s Eagles of Jazz Orchestra is performing a spectacular concert this year.

“Eagles of Jazz Orchestra” was established in 1961 under the Air Force Band and Orhan SEZENER was appointed as the conductor of the orchestra. In 1962, while Glenn MILLER orchestra’s trumpeter Lieutenant Colonel STANLEY was in charge in Ankara, he liked the orchestra he listened to and gave a wide repertoire. Orchestra; in 1969, 1970 and 1974 has won “Artist of the Year Award” in Turkey.
Eagles of Jazz Orchestra; In addition to television and radio concerts, orchestra has given concerts in many countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and England.

Contact: Tugce Alpaslan | +905325685053
Official Website: Click here

Ankara, Turdey

Event Time: 08:00
Turkey Ankara Swing Weekend Virtual

Ankara Swing Weekend is an online Jazz and Lindy Hop Festival, starting on the 30th of April for 3 days. This festival is designed to raise awareness on Jazz, Swing, and Lindy Hop through informative seminars, concerts, master classes, talk shows, and more. The goal is to spread US culture by music and dance, wherein language isn’t needed to understand someone in a deeper manner. Likewise, it’s aimed to foster Turkish and US ties via dancing. On the 30th of April, a brief but detailed seminar will be given on Jazz Music in the 20th Century. Information given in this seminar is suitable for everyone but specifically addresses how dancers listen to jazz music. Afterward, a Jazz concert by the Tin Pan band will be shared. All contents will be screened on YouTube.

Contact: Serra Baykal | ankaralindyhop@gmail.com
Official Website: Click here

Ankara, Turkey

Event Time: 20:30
Turkey Anil Salliel Quartet

Songs of the World
The group is presenting music from different parts of the world, reflecting the original styles and traditions. The quartet plays a wide variety of music genres with a rich repertoire, bringing music from Brasil, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, Turkey, and of course, jazz standarts.
The Group’s show at Nardis Jazz Club on the World Jazz Day, will definitely be as much “world” as “jazz”.

Contact: Önder Focan | +90 532 3347694
Official Website: Click here

Nardis Jazz Club Nardis Jazz Club
Galata Kulesi Sokak No 8
Beyoglu Kuledibi Galata
+90 212 2446327

Event Time: 09:00
Turkmenistan Jazz Day Celebration at Ashgabat International School Virtual

Secondary students from Ashgabat International School will participate. They are currently learning an arrangement of Summertime by G. Gershwin.

Contact: Bahar Annadurdyyeva | +993 61195331

Ashgabat International School Ashgabat, Turkmenistan
Uganda Commemoration of International Jazz Day

At the Kampala International School Uganda, International Jazz Day will be commemorated by welcoming two iconic and celebrated Ugandan jazz artists. Dr. Benon Kigozi, the Head of Creative Arts, will perform with his students and in partnership with Tony (trumpet), Billy (percussion), and Herbert (saxophone), will stage a jazz performance as well as give a talk on the role of jazz in society.

Contact: Benon Kigozi | +256 774 655 864

Kampala International School Uganda Off Northern By Pass Bukoto

+256 752 711 880

Event Time: 08:00
Uganda JAZZ IN THE UGANDA PERSPECTIVE: Jazz At Its Roots Virtual

Uganda will join the rest of the world to celebrate this International Jazz Day this 30th April, from 11am to 1pm virtually in a special way with a PERFORMATIVE SYMPOSIUM under the theme “JAZZ IN THE UGANDA PERSPECTIVE: JAZZ AT ITS ROOTS”. We are featuring BAXMBA WAVES, a respected JAZZ BAND led by celebrated Jazz musician Godfrey Lubuulwa, who will perform jazz music from the perspective of Uganda and a number of renowned Jazz Standards. Will will have a conversation led by Dr. Lawrence Branco Ssekalega and the Baxmba Waves Band Leader Godfrey Lubuulwa. The Secretary-General of the National Commission of Uganda. Ms. Rose Agoi will deliver a special speech. Organized by the Uganda National Cultural Centre in partnership with the UNATCOM-UNESCO.

Contact: ANDREW SSEBAGGALA | +256 776617450
Official Website: Click here

Said Barre Street opposite Parliament of Uganda
+256 704814506

Event Time: 10:45
Ukraine International Jazz Day in Berdyansk on the Sea of Azov

Jazz On The Sea. Playing a children’s jazz ensemble of the music school of Berdyans’k. Live music. Improvisation. Sea. Freedom.

Contact: Vyacheslav Samoylov | +380 502050860

39, Universytets'ka Str.

Berdyans'k, Zaporiz'ka

Event Time: 13:00
Ukraine Int'l Jazz Day in Ukraine

Vadim Korsak and his “Musical Laboratory” have participated in many national and international jazz festivals, TV shows and radio programs. “Music is an international phenomena, there are no borders for it”, Vadim says. Vadim Kosak’s Musical Laboratory and Jazz Band is the full name of this group born in Kiev, Ukraine more than 30 years ago. Vadim and his band brought up a number of excellent musicians during the last 30 years. The group successfully combines jazz traditions with innovative approaches and their own compositions and participated in International Jazz Days events every year.

Contact: Edouard Nesvijski | +15062157996
Official Website: Click here

International Jazz 2021 Day Heroyiv Nebesnoyi Sotni Alley, 1
Kyiv, Ukraine

Event Time: 18:00
Ukraine Marathone "Jazz on the streets of Ukraine"

Jazz is music of freedom. Opening windows and doors, bringing this music to the streets with an invitation to join and jam everyone is our main task. This will take place on April 30 in all regions of Ukraine. Active preparation will go on throughout April. The common task is to play together, to unite generations in a family. The sound of jazz on the street will unite our country.
Each performance of participate will be recorded separately, and then their performance will be combined into one jazz video performance. Jazz will sound on the streets of Ukraine in this day.

Contact: Mike Kaufman-Portnikov | +380 992279815
Official Website: Click here

Kyiv, Ukraine

Event Time: 06:00
Ukraine Jazz Day: Michael Abene and UA Big Band Virtual

Leopolis Jazz Fest joins the celebration program of International Jazz Day and invites you to spend 30 April in the company of the famous American pianist, arranger Michael Abene and a big band of Ukrainian musicians.

In 2016, the famous pianist, composer, arranger and pedagogue Michael Abene visited Lviv and held a series of unique workshops for young Ukrainian musicians.

Michael Abene’s workshops became a completely new format in the festival program. The performance of Michael Abene with a specially created UA Big Band was the result of this work.

More than 20 Ukrainian performers and band leader Dennis Adu, who helped to implement this unique project, went on the stage together with the outstanding musician.

The broadcast can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24ZC6W2kf3c

Contact: | +380 674641344
Official Website: Click here

Leopolis Jazz Fest Rynok Square

Lviv, Ukraine

+380 674641344

Event Time: 20:00
Ukraine Jazz Day at Retro Art Club

Live stream of local jazz duet on Facebook featuring Lora Lains (vocal) and Vladimir Gitin (guitar) from the Retro Art Club in Zaporizhzhia, Ukraine.
The duo will play jazz standards and inform local audience about International Jazz Day celebration in the world.

Contact: Vladimir Gitin | +380954516075

Retro Art Club 189 Prospect Soborniy
Zaporizhzhia, Zaporizhzhia region

Event Time: 20:00
United Kingdom Hard wired to be inspired Virtual

Distributing flyers about International Jazz Day locally and encouraging all to listen to Jazz music to promote good mental health for children and teens etc.

Contact: Francesca Darien-Hyde

England, UK
United Kingdom Jazz South Radar Sessions – featuring Olie Brice, Jason Yarde and Nick Malcolm Virtual

Jazz South is delighted to announce a series of online broadcasts and events taking place from 22 – 30 April, celebrating jazz talent across the South of England, leading up to International Jazz Day 2021.

26 April, 8pm: Jazz South presents Olie Brice (double bass), Jason Yarde (alto sax) and Nick Malcolm (trumpet) – an online filmed gig that will be streamed live on YouTube.

The trio will perform Olie Brice’s Fire Hills – a new composition for three free improvisers, commissioned by Jazz South.

Alongside the performance, Olie will discuss the new composition in an interview with journalist and broadcaster, Kevin Le Gendre.

Contact: Jamie Harber
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 20:00
United Kingdom Jazz South Breakthrough Sessions: Roella Oloro + Lucinda Fosker Virtual

Jazz South is delighted to announce a series of online broadcasts and events taking place from 22 – 30 April, celebrating jazz talent across the South of England, leading up to International Jazz Day 2021.

27 April, 8pm: Jazz South presents the Breakthrough Sessions – double bill online gigs featuring brand new music from talented emerging artists selected for Jazz South’s Breakthrough Commissions.

Multi-instrumentalist Roella Oloro explores the concept of a perfumer, mixing styles and influences from jazz, gospel, classical and rock. Vocalist and songwriter Lucinda Fosker presents ‘Riverways’, an aural and visual journey along the River Thames, inspired by four contrasting places along a stretch she has known and loved all her life.

Contact: Jamie Harber
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 20:00
United Kingdom Jazz South Breakthrough Sessions: Asha Parkinson + Tim Davies Virtual

Jazz South presents a series of online broadcasts and events taking place from 22 – 30 April, celebrating jazz talent across the South of England, and leading up to International Jazz Day 2021.

Jazz South presents the Breakthrough Sessions – double bill online gigs featuring brand new music from talented emerging artists selected for Jazz South’s Breakthrough Commissions. Streamed on YouTube.

In this session, Asha Parkinson presents Encounters, a powerful new suite for saxophone, string quartet, qanun, Arabic percussion and voice. Tim Davies presents a suite for modular synthesiser and jazz quintet.

Contact: Jamie Harber
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 20:00
United Kingdom Jazz South Spotlight – Kevin Le Gendre in conversation with John K Miles Virtual

Jazz South presents a series of online broadcasts and events taking place from 22 – 30 April, celebrating jazz talent across the South of England, and leading up to International Jazz Day 2021.

Kevin Le Gendre speaks to John K Miles in a special podcast, to be released on Sunday 25th April, about John’s Radar Commissions piece for Jazz South.

John’s Radar Commissions piece, River and Ash – Play a Mighty Groove, is a reimagining of the myth of ‘Orpheus in the Underworld’ for 8-11 year olds, focussing on the themes of friendship and the power of music. It features John K Miles narrating and playing saxophone, flute and keys, with Winston Clifford on drums and Dave Manington on basses.

Contact: Jamie Harber
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 10:00
United Kingdom Jazz Day and Night! Virtual

24/7 Online Radio Group is delighted to dedicate the programming of our two jazz stations, 24/7 Jazz Radio and Jazz Radio International to International Jazz Day. 24 hours of an eclectic mix of jazz.

Streaming online at: https://www.247jazzradio.com/international-jazz-day-2021/ and on the Zeno Radio app.

Contact: Station Producer Steve
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 00:00
United Kingdom John Paul Gard – Hammond Organ – WaterMelon Man – Tribute to Herbie Hancock

John Paul Gard shares a funky jazz track from his new album “Organ Squad Vol. 1”  as a tribute to Herbie Hancock and International Jazz Day, played on Hammond organ.

Contact: John Paul Gard
Official Website: Click here

United Kingdom Tribute to Jimmy Smith – John-paul Gard Mac The Knife – INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY

This is a tribute to Jimmy Smith and the Squabbling technique for INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY.

Hope you enjoy my version of this great song ‘Mac The Knife!’

Contact: John Paul Gard
Official Website: Click here

United Kingdom The Verdict Revival "Rebirth of the Groove" Live Stream Virtual

Tunes In Rooms/Austrian Cultural Forum/Jazz Exchange

Guido Spannocchi – Woodwinds

Jay Phelps – Trumpet

Rupert Cox – Piano

Ruth Goller – Bass

Tristan Banks – Drums


Lisa Hofmaninger – Reeds

Judith Schwarz – Drums

“Jazzexchange” is a series of concerts, initiated by the ACF London and curated by the two Austrian born and London based musicians Aram Zarikian and Guido Spannocchi. The projects aims to connect cutting edge bands from Austria and link them up with the UK scene – even in times of travel bans and the pandemic.

Nearly 200 countries participate in International Jazz Day every year. In addition to concerts and jam sessions, events include workshops, conferences, and community outreach.

Contact: Tristan Banks | +44 07711507419
Official Website: Click here

The Verdict 159 Edward St

Event Time: 20:00
United Kingdom Jazz For People Who Think They Don’t Like Jazz Virtual

A 2hr radio show, exploring my guests early memories and entry into the world of jazz, followed by a tune they recommend to someone who might not be into the genre… guests include Shabaka Hutchings, Mr. Scruff, Tamar Collocutor, Marc Mac (4Hero) Chip Wickham, Sarathy Korwar, Jessica Lauren, Cara Stacey, DJ Format, Rebecca Vasmant, and Idris Ackamoor.

Contact: Chris Cracknell | +44 7794196144
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 20:00
United Kingdom JCA Jazz day Virtual

Students and staff will be performing music in our virtual concert to celebrate International Jazz Day. As part of this, we will be sharing a jazz playlist, teaching resources for all subjects, photos, and videos of student performances throughout the day.

Contact: Charlotte Grierson | +44 7759565472
Official Website: Click here


BS15 8BD

Event Time: 19:00
United Kingdom David Lyttle and Phil Robson Virtual

Live-streamed & free to view on the Ardhowen Theatre’s facebook page, David Lyttle & Phil Robson, internationally-acclaimed, awarding-winning jazz performers based in Ireland, explore the lesser-heard drums/guitar duo sound, performing standards & their own music.

David Lyttle began his career as a jazz drummer with legendary guitarist Louis Stewart’s band. Nominated for the 2015 MOBO Award for Best Jazz Act, he has collaborated with jazz icons Kurt Rosenwinkel & Joe Lovano, hip hop star Talib Kweli & film actor Liam Neeson.

Based between New York & Ireland, Derby born Phil Robson is one of the world’s leading jazz guitarists, who has collaborated with cutting edge players such as Mark Turner, Billy Hart, Dave Liebman & Christine.

Contact: Nicky Gill | +44 2866325440

Ardhowen Theatre 97 Dublin Road
Enniskillen, N Ireland
BT74 6FZ
+44 2866325440

Event Time: 20:00
United Kingdom The Illicit Grooves Radio Show International Jazz Day Speacial Virtual

The weekly #IllicitGrooves Show on Totally Wired Radio will continue its participation in International Jazz Day with a special show that is themed around ‘Collaboration and Cooperation’.
This week’s show will tip its hat to the internationalism#JazzDay10! by filling the playlist with artists’ colabs, cross-genre and cross-cultural productions and music from where the twain did indeed meet.

Broadcasting on Sunday, May 2nd

Contact: Bob Hill | +447982401215
Official Website: Click here

https://totallywiredradio.com/ Totally Wired Radio
146 Bethnall Green Road
London, London
E2 6DG
+4420 7613 1100

Event Time: 13:00
United Kingdom Kim Cypher 'live' stream from London venue Toulouse Lautrec Virtual

An evening of jazz standards with one of the UK’s most exciting saxophonists, vocalists and composers Kim Cypher.

Join Kim and her quartet for a ‘live’ stream from London jazz venue Toulouse Lautrec to celebrate the 10th International Jazz Day.

“Exciting Stuff!” Clare Teal – BBC Radio 2

Creating quite a stir on the jazz scene at present, Kim has firmly secured a reputation for top quality, stylish, accessible jazz. Continually described as ‘vivacious’, her performances are full of positive, vibrant energy, great humour, enthusiasm and wonderful musicianship.

“Hats off to a true heart and soul performer” – Pee Wee Ellis

To celebrate the 10th International Jazz Day, Kim will perform a great selection of jazz standards.

Contact: Kim Cypher | +4407973765123
Official Website: Click here

Toulouse Lautrec London

+44020 7582 6800

Event Time: 19:30
United Kingdom JazzBites Radio – The Big Jazz Hullabaloo (International Jazz Day Special) with Mike & Kim Cypher Virtual

Professional jazz musicians Mike & Kim Cypher host an International Jazz Day Special of ‘The Big Jazz Hullabaloo’ radio show on JazzBites Radio.

The show will feature a specially selected programme of jazz favourites to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of International Jazz Day.

After the show, you can head on over to Kim Cypher on Facebook to catch a ‘live’ stream gig from London jazz venue Toulouse Lautrec.

Kim Cypher is one of the UK’s most exciting saxophonists, vocalists and composers.

“Exciting Stuff!” Clare Teal –
BBC Radio 2

Creating quite a stir on the jazz scene at present, Kim has firmly secured a reputation for top quality, stylish,
jazz with performances full of positive, vibrant energy and good humour.

Contact: Kim Cypher | +4407973765123
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 18:00
United Kingdom iLIVE JAZZFEST Virtual

The iLIVE JAZZFEST fully embraces INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY and is immensely proud to join the voices of the hundreds of other engaged collectives in harmonious union.

Friday 30 April
10.00a.m. – 1.00p.m. (British Summer Time)
FOX (in the Lair)

1.00.p.m. – 4.00p.m. (British Summer Time)

‘Jazz for me is the space between the thought and the smile …when I hear it, I feel it!’ Fox
So join FOX ‘in the Lair’ for his SPECTRUMS of JAZZ’ International Jazz Day Special.
Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, it’s a show not to be missed.

Today is the 1st Anniversary of the death of Maestro TONY ALLEN, Master Drummer. The iLIVE JAZZFEST welcomes JEAN-PHILIPPE DARY, the former Musical Director of the Tony Allen Band, to pay homage with a selection of the fine music they produced together illustrating the phenomenal journey he undertook in the course of the two decades and more of their professional partnership. To conclude the iLIVE JAZZFEST, iLive Radio presents a celebration of recorded music from some of the finest artistes past and present ‘changing the way YOU listen to radio’!

Sit back, raise your glass, salute and savour UNESCO INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY 2021!

Contact: Ra Hendricks | +44 7931 263 617
Official Website: Click here

London, United Kingdom

Event Time: 10:00 - 16:00
United Kingdom Ola Onabule Virtual

Ola Onabulé is a British Nigerian singer, songwriter, and producer. He’s an independent artist with his own label, Rugged Ram Records, which is distributed via Orchard/Sony. Ola recently released his ninth album, POINT LESS, which has been critically reviewed worldwide and featured on the DownBeat list of Best Albums of 2019. On International Jazz Day, Ola Onabulé will perform material from his extensive catalogue for from his fabulous studio in the UK. An intimate unplugged live concert has the benefit of superb audio and visuals giving the audience the chance to hear and watch Ola in a more personal setting. Please join us and celebrate the joy of jazz with Ola Onabulé hosting the show with his fabulous British band.

Contact: Maria Avgoulis | +44 7917682790
Official Website: Click here

Casa Del Funk London, UK

Event Time: 21:00
United Kingdom Tony Kofi featuring Nandi (Live-Stream) Virtual

British saxophonist Tony Kofi first came to prominence in the 1990’s as a member of The Jazz Warriors and Gary Cosby’s Nu Troop as well as playing with high profile musicians including Billy Higgins, Clifford Jarvis and Courtney Pine. Awards include the 2005 Parliamentary Jazz Awards – Best Ensemble, Radio 3 Jazz line up Album of the Year 2005 and 2008 BBC Jazz Awards – Best Instrumentalist as well as also being nominated for a MOBO in 2008. This International Jazz Day live-stream features Tony and a freshly-formed iteration of his Quartet with special guest, Zimbabwean vocalist Nandi. This up-and-coming singer has already worked with artists such as Jack Bruce (Cream), Emeli Sandé, Maverick Sabre, Orphy Robinson & Nao.

Contact: Laura Grivainis Thorne | +44 7587 177594
Official Website: Click here

606 Club 90 Lots Road
SW10 0QD
+44 207 352 5953

Event Time: 20:00
United Kingdom “Together We Go Forward” Jazz Concert Virtual

World Heart Beat Music Academy, in partnership with the Julian Joseph Jazz Academy (JJJA) presents its ‘Together We Go Forward’ jazz concert in celebration of International Jazz Day featuring some of London’s most exciting young jazz musicians.

Both academies are intertwined – the partnering helps secure the shared enrichment and creation of more well-rounded musicians who benefit through learning, gaining experience and performance opportunities.

Tune in for some exceptional jazz playing from musicians Josiah Wade, Jas Kayser (drums) Ezekiel Ajie (bass) James Wade-Sired (trombone) and Ava Joseph (voice). Expect jazz music of the late American composer Chick Corea, American Jazz saxophonist and composer Charlie Parker and more!

Contact: Lottie Parsons | +44 0208 870 3042
Official Website: Click here

London, UK

Event Time: 19:00
United Kingdom Girl Plays Jazz Project

Girl Plays Jazz Project is a not-for-profit community interest company in London, UK which introduces girls and young women to jazz improvisation and supports their development as confident improvising musicians through workshops, masterclasses and performances. On Saturday 8th May we are running an in-person workshop introducing girls 8 to 18 years old to jazz improvisation, with a recorded performance. This is the first in our 2 year series of workshops and events supported by funding from the National Lottery and the Arts Council. To register please see our website.

Contact: Maddy Shaw | +447866478892
Official Website: Click here

New Unity Hall, London New Unity Hall
Upper Street
London, London
N1 2TZ

Event Time: 14:00
United Kingdom International Jazz Day at the Ivors Academy Virtual

The Ivors Academy joins the International Jazz Day celebrations for the first time. There are 3 exclusive interviews with award winning Jazz composers:

1.) Pianist/Composer & IJD MD John Beasley speaks to Ivors Academy Board Director Orphy Robinson about his career highlights.

2.) Singer-songwriter Jazzmeia Horn speaks about developing songwriting craft and stand-out career moments.

3.) Saxophonist and composer Joe Lovano talks to JazzFm broadcaster Ruth Fisher about his expansive career to date, his inspirations, and collaboration highlights. There is also a curated online playlist drawn from within the UK and international Jazz scene to celebrate International Jazz Day 2021, with hand picks from the members of the Academy’s Jazz Committee.

Contact: Orphy Robinson
Official Website: Click here

United Kingdom Matt Carmichael Quartet – Globe anniversary gig Virtual

30 April is International Jazz Day and the day that Jazz.Coop bought The Globe – the first music venue in the UK to be owned by a co-operative committed to jazz. Normally we would have a party but this year we can’t. Instead we are livestreaming a gig from The Globe featuring four of the finest young musicians from the vibrant Scottish jazz scene: Matt Carmichael (saxes), Fergus McCreadie (piano), Ali Watson (bass), Tom Potter (drums).
Carmichael’s original compositions reflect a strong engagement with Scottish traditional music and Scandinavian influences as well as his immersion in jazz since his early teens.
This concert is a co-promotion between Jazz.Coop and Jazz North East.

Contact: Dave Parker | +447802757753
Official Website: Click here

The Globe The Globe
11 Railway Street
Newcastle upon Tyne,

Event Time: 20:00
United States FREE Live Stream Jazz Concert Featuring Warren Vaché Quartet Virtual

Join Jazz Arts Project for their finale performance on International Jazz Day taking place Friday, April 30 at 7:00 eastern on Zoom. You’ll experience a live concert performance featuring the Warren Vaché Quartet!

Registration is required.
Admission is free.
Please consider making a donation to Jazz Arts Project, a non-profit organization.

Register here: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event?oeidk=a07ehnvpu6v8e5c4684&llr=6evljwbab

Contact: Joe Muccioli
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 19:00
United States University of Kansas–Matt Otto Combo Virtual

The Matt Otto Combo is the top small jazz ensemble at the University of Kansas. Comprised entirely of undergraduate students and under the direction of Matt Otto, Assistant Director of Jazz Studies, the combo presents a short program of two original compositions by group members.

Contact: Dan Gailey
Official Website: Click here

Swarthout Recital Hall

Event Time: 13:00
United States John Damberg Jazz Piano Fridays in Anchorage, AK

John Damberg performs a fun mix of his original songs and an eclectic mix of jazz standards to pop songs at the Organic Oasis Restaurant in Anchorage from 5-7 p.m. on Fridays. Admission is free. Seating is limited and facemasks are required. Enjoy John’s upbeat Jazz piano while dining on some of the Organic Oasis’ tasty cuisine.

Contact: John Damberg | +1907-332-3234
Official Website: Click here

Organic Oasis Restaurant and Juice Bar 2610 Spenard Rd.
Anchorage, AK

Event Time: 02:00
United States ALASKA REAL BOOK Official launch

Alaska’s unique Spenard Jazz Fest More than 200 charts and song sheets by Alaskan composers presented in print and digitally. The Alaska Real Book will bring musicians of all ages together to play each other’s music, and will hopefully inspire musicians in other states to compile and celebrate THEIR local music makers !

Contact: Yngvil Guttu | +16466754737
Official Website: Click here

The Nave The Nave
3502 Spenard Road
Anchorage, AK

Event Time: 17:00
United States All That Jazz Celebrates International Jazz Day 2021 Virtual

On this special edition of my jazz radio show, “All That Jazz”, I’ll be presenting a special collection of jazz songs by artists from all over the world.

Contact: Travis Kemp | +1 8065706892
Official Website: Click here

Gilvin Broadcast Center 2408 South Jackson St.

Amarillo, TX

Event Time: 17:00
United States Celebrate International Jazz Day at the Raven Cafe

Join The OrganNauts as they play compositions and arrangements from International composers and bandleaders on Friday, April 30 at the Raven Cafe’ in historic Prescott, Arizona. Time: TBD.

Contact: Ted Bouras | +18312410063

The Raven Cafe 142 North Cortez
Prescott, AZ
United States Molina Fine Jewelers & Doc Jones Presents

Elite Jeweler, Musician Vie To Make Arizona Setting For Southwest’s Largest Jazz Festival.This is exactly what William “Doc” Jones and Alfredo Molina have also aimed to achieve, with their collaborative efforts to unite the state of Arizona through the International Jazz Day Festival. Doc and Molina have been working tirelessly to bring this celebration to Scottsdale, Arizona, and hope that the festival will become a major tourist attraction within five years time. This year they are presenting Mark Whitfield, Nayo Jones, Jesse McGuire, Neamen Lyles. With their partnership, Doc Jones and Alfredo Molina are hoping to make the International Jazz Day Festival one of the largest jazz festivals in the South West.

Contact: Dr. William Doc Jones | +16025247998
Official Website: Click here

Hotel Valley Ho 6850 East Main Street ,
Scottsdale, Arizona

Event Time: 06:00
United States Yve Evans Presents Coachella Valley Jazz Virtual

Yve Evans is hosting a video of several submissions of her musician compatriots in the Coachella Valley, Ca., USA, including:

Yve Evans
Michael Bolivar
Marshall Hawkins
Chase Huna
Mikole Kaar
Doug MacDonald
Rose Mallett
Denise Motto
Rick E Taylor

Contact: Sue Townsley | +17605672866

68561 San Jacinto Road
Cathedral City, CA
United States Dymally International Jazz and Arts Festival Virtual Concert Virtual

The Dymally International Jazz and Arts Festival presents a Virtual Concert streaming on #JAZZDAY10


Jonathan Butler
Michael Lington
Howard Hewett
Darryl Williams

Contact: Dr. Samad | +1 310 243 2659

California State University Dominguez Hills 1000 E. Victoria Street
Carson, CA

Event Time: 19:00
United States Beverly Ritz Performing Her Composition “Love is a Gift” Virtual

A jazz waltz written for solo piano

Contact: Beverly Ritz | +1 707 951 4885
Official Website: Click here

Ritzy Music 115 Moore Place

Crescent City, CA
+1 707 951 4885
United States Beverly Ritz Virtual

Pianist and composer Beverly Ritz will perform an original piece to celebrate International Jazz Day 2021.

Contact: Beverly Ritz | +1 707 951 4885
Official Website: Click here

Ritzy Music 115 Moore Place
Crescent City, CA
United States CONGANAS -Latin Jazz Celebrates International Jazz Day! Virtual

Conganas – A Latin Jazz Quartet based in Los Angeles will be celebrating Jazz with an all-age musical program curated by the band and Centinela Valley Union School District in partnership with World Fusion Events.

The event will be held virtually and broadcast from the Centinela Valley Center for the Arts in Lawndale, CA. Due to COVID restrictions, a limited amount of seats will be available to the students, but they can also join by viewing the show on the Facebook and YouTube pages of Conganas. The public will also be invited to view the show through these platforms.

The Livestream will commence with a history of Latin Jazz presented in both English and Spanish given by the band members of CONGANAS, followed by a concert.

Christian Moraga, Drums and Percussion
Enzo Villaparedes, Trumpet
Rene Camacho, Bass
Fermin Sifontes, Piano

Contact: Laura Martinez | +15034329827
Official Website: Click here

Centinela Valley Center for The Arts Lawndale, CA

Event Time: 02:00
United States JazzZone Jazzabration® in the Sky

JazzZone Jazzabration® is a celebration of honoring and celebrating Jazz Musicians, giving them their flowers while they are alive to appreciate them.

Contact: Linda Morgan | +3234451178
Official Website: Click here

Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center 4305 S. Degnan Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Event Time: 18:00
United States The Amazing Bud Powell Virtual

Let’s gather and listen to rare recordings of the one and only jazz pianist, Bud Powell. The event will be held virtually via Skype and the host will take you into the world of Bud’s music.

Contact: Haeyong Moon | +12135952336
Official Website: Click here

Skype Los Angeles, CA

Event Time: 19:00
United States THE JAZZ APP Virtual

This is a video slideshow presentation that details an idea for a jazz game app. The app would promote jazz appreciation and discovery and could help support jazz performers in need. The video will “premiere” at midnight, Jazz Day 10 on YouTube. The link below, https://youtu.be/DzHntDpYbck, will activate on 4.30.21. At this stage, the app is just an idea that can be tweaked and poked if the ball gets rolling. If you like the idea, please like the video. And please check it out on a screen larger than a smartphone. It’s much better that way!

Contact: Conrad Grant | +13233660162
Official Website: Click here

Los Angeles, CA

Event Time: 00:00
United States Leisei Chen Quartet for Love & Healing Virtual

Leisei Chen Quartet will perform Jazz & Bossa Nova Classics, original compositions, free improvisation, and Qigong Movements to create Love & Healing Vibrations. This concert will be live-streamed from the Art Share LA Theatre Stage in Art District, Los Angeles. Leisei Chen Quartet members consist of world-class veteran musicians. Leisei Chen on vocals, piano & ancient shimmering bell percussion, Emile Porée on guitar, Marina Bambino on percussion, and Sekou Bunch on bass.

Contact: Leisei Chen | +1 424 777 2243
Official Website: Click here

Art Share LA 801 E. 4th Place

Los Angeles, CA

Event Time: 18:00
United States A Song for Herbie Virtual

A virtual concert celebrating International Jazz Day and its founder Herbie Hancock. This tribute recognizes the many contributions Herbie has made to Jazz and Jazz education. Pianists Stuart Elster, Paul Cornish, and Elder Gindroz will play original compositions written for Herbie. You will hear a vocal repertoire by legendary performers Barbara Morrison and Freda Payne as well as UCLA Global Jazz Studies students Arya Hora and Lauren Brewster.

Contact: Gloria Turner | +1 818 619 9335
Official Website: Click here

Barbara Morrison Performing Arts Center 4305 Degman Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
+1 310 462 1439

Event Time: 07:30
United States Christian Sands Trio Virtual

The Christian Sands Trio will perform a virtual concert as part of the Just Jazz Series at Mr. Musichead Gallery.

Special Guest – Theo Croker

This will be one extremely gorgeous event featuring one of the top young pianists in the business of jazz, Christian Sands with Ben Williams on Bass and Jonathan Pinson on Drums. We are waiting to confirm a special guest, another powerhouse that will blow you away!!

Contact: LeRoy Downs | +1 424 210 5299
Official Website: Click here

Mr Musichead Gallery 7420 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA

Event Time: 18:00
United States Jazz Piano Conversations Virtual

Jacquelyn Schreiber will be performing a virtual concert recorded live at Stagg Street Studio in LA featuring her arrangements of jazz and original music. Come join her at the piano for some Jazz Piano Conversations.

Jazz Piano Conversations:
Jacquelyn Schreiber – Piano and Voice

This is a Virtual Event that will premiere on YouTube at 7PM PST on April 30th. Viewers can click the link to watch the concert LIVE with Jacquelyn and even chat with her and other viewers in the live comment section. Concert link: https://youtu.be/LIlf5DVD1fw
The concert will also be available on YouTube any time after the premiere using the same link.

To watch the concert trailer/teaser click here: https://youtu.be/507KXkJB5VQ

All details can be found on Jacquelyn’s website: www.jstunes.com and on all of her social media. See you there!

Contact: Jacquelyn Schreiber
Official Website: Click here

Stagg Street Studio Los Angeles, CA

Event Time: 19:00
United States Alan Chan Moo-sic Group presents "Tears of a Lover" Virtual

Alan Chan Moo-sic Group, a subgroup of Alan Chan Jazz Orchestra, presents a virtual performance of “Tears of a Lover,” an arrangement by jazz composer/pianist Alan Chan of a well-known Chinese love song by Yao Wen, with ballad and swing influences.

This performance features some of the best studio jazz musicians in Los Angeles: Laura Dickinson on voice, Alex Budman on flute, David Hughes on bass and Jamey Tate on drums.

Contact: Alan Chan | 1-424-331-6778
Official Website: Click here

Los Angeles,

Event Time: 07:00
United States Music of Tom Hoffmann – West Coast Jazz Celebrates International Jazz Day 2021!

We’re honored to be sharing the International Jazz Day Global Concert virtually on our webpages and are working to bring some socially distanced livestreams of our network of really great jazz musicians to you!

Contact: Sharon Hoffmann | +12098134061
Official Website: Click here

online event Mariposa, CA


Event Time: 11:00
United States KAJI 95.3 Internet Radio Station (24/7)

KAJI 95.3 Internet Radio Station based in Palm Desert (Coachella Valley, Ca.) will begin to run 15 second promotional spots 3x per day beginning 03/01/2021. On April 30, we will promote/play some of the top selling Jazz records from 10- 11 am, and we will promote featured artists who are performing that day. We will talk about the artists with related bios and information. We will also create a short video of the KAJI Radio Studio that contains over 500 books on Jazz, 5000 LPs, and many Jazz photos, which will be uploaded for the day.

Contact: Alan Schultz | 760-776-4734
Official Website: Click here

KAJI Radio Studio Palm Desert

Event Time: 12:12


Contact: ALAN SCHULTZ | +17607764734
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 09:12
United States Thom Teresi and Affirmation

Affirmation Jazz-Fusion Band , Jams Virtual

Contact: Thom Teresi | +1 818 943 9751
Official Website: Click here

6527 Jamieson Ave
Reseda, CA

Event Time: 07:09
United States The New Jazz Listener: 24-hr Clubhouse Jazz Marathon Virtual

The New Jazz Listener (NJL) is a club on the invitation-only app, Clubhouse. To celebrate International Jazz Day, NJL will host a 24-hour jazz marathon, featuring 24 hours of jazz music played by 24 Clubhouse members from around the world.

The event begins April 30 at 00:00 EDT and ends on April 30 at 23:59 EDT.

The 24 “Jazz DJs” represent Australia, Canada, Germany and the Embassy of Germany to the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, South Korea, Suriname, the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.

NJL was founded in December 2020 to introduce people to jazz music who are curious about it or think it is boring or too serious. We are proud that our club has over 5,000 followers and would like to think that many were new to jazz.

Clubhouse is the perfect platform for our celebration. As an audio-only app, listeners can enjoy jazz throughout the day, even as they work, run errands or prepare meals!

Hang out with us!

Contact: Changamire The Jazz Singer | +1 347 620 0185
Official Website: Click here

Clubhouse App San Francisco, CA

Event Time: 00:00
United States International Jazz Day San Diego – Allison Adams Tucker's GARDENSTREAM Live Virtual

International Jazz Day, San Diego on YouTube Live 12PM PST #JazzDay10

Featuring international vocalist Allison Adams Tucker broadcasting live from San Diego, California with performances by jazz artists in 10 cities around the world:
10AM HAWAII Ethan Capone piano & Reggie Padilla sax
12PM SAN DIEGO Peter Sprague guitar
12PM LOS ANGELES Josh Nelson piano & Abe Lagrimas Jr. ukulele
12PM SAN FRANCISCO Rebecca Kleinmann flute & Ian Faquini guitar
3PM NEW YORK Marco Panascia bass
4PM RIO DE JANEIRO & SÃO PAULO Almir Côrtes guitar & Mauricio Zottarelli drums
8PM BRISTOL & EXETER UK Dale Hambridge keys, Jon Clark drums, Jim Rintoul bass
(+1) 4PM Saturday May 1 TOKYO George Nagata, piano


Contact: Allison Adams Tucker | +1 760 479 2477
Official Website: Click here

Allison Adams Tucker's GARDENSTREAM Live San Diego, CA

Event Time: 12:00
United States Front Porch Pandemic Jazz Jam

Thursday, 4/29/21, will be the 50th weekly edition of the Front Porch Pandemic Jazz Jam. We started doing this last April 30, 2020.

*When: Every Thursday 4:00 to 6:00pm.
*Where: 5600 block of Bloch St. in University City, San Diego 92122
*Seating is on the sidewalks, some driveways, the edge of the street, or in your parked car. Please bring your own chair.
*This event is very safe. It’s outside, social distancing between groups is observed, and masks are widely used.

Jack Hoffman (piano or drums)
Roy Jenkins (bass)
Greg Pardue (saxophones)
Phil Marcus (guitar)
Albert Rubidoux (drums)

The music is classic jazz and swing from the Great American Songbook along with Latin styles like bossa novas and sambas. It’s loose, flexible & fun.

Contact: Greg Pardue | +1 619 977 5945

Neighborhood Around a Private Home 5600 Bloch St.

San Diego, CA

Event Time: 16:00
United States SJZ New Works Fest Free International Jazz Day Live Stream: Oran Etkin’s Open Arms Project, featuring Javier Santiago, Giulio Xavier Cetto, and Malachi Whitson Virtual

Oran Etkin’s Open Arms Project paired the Grammy Award-winning multi-instrumentalist with musicians in Africa, Europe, and South America for a series of singles before the pandemic. In celebration of Jazz Day, the SJZ Break Room will host the project’s first edition in a year, with Oran with Javier Santiago, Giulio Xavier Cetto, and Malachi Whitson.

The concert will feature some of the music recorded around the world reinterpreted in fresh and new ways. Cetto on bass and Whitson on drums anchor the ensemble, and pianist Santiago brings a deep understanding of electronics and sampling. A combination of deeply traditional sounds and forward-thinking innovative approaches perfectly expresses the spirit of International Jazz Day.

Contact: Massimo Chisessi | +1 408 288 7557
Official Website: Click here

SJZ Break Room 310 South First St.
San Jose, CA

Event Time: 19:30
United States Morning Becomes Eclectic Celebrates International Jazz Day Virtual

“The Jazzcat” LeRoy Downs joins KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic with host Novena Carmel and Anthony Valadez with a special segment on International Jazz Day. Special Music from Christian Sands, Zim Ngqawana and McCoy Tyner!

Contact: LeRoy Downs | +14242105299
Official Website: Click here

KCRW 89.9 FM Radio KCRW
1900 Pico Blvd
Santa Monica, CA

Event Time: 09:00
United States Clairdee, The Singer Virtual

Yes, we have another virtual concert in the works! This will be the 10th Anniversary of International Jazz Day and we are thrilled to be starting the month off right with a performance by Clairdee, a San Francisco-based songstress, educator, and activist. The concert will be available on YouTube and Facebook on April 11 at 5pm. For this concert she will be accompanied by her husband, pianist Ken French.

Contact: Dalt Williams | +17075523535
Official Website: Click here


Event Time: 17:00
United States Ingrid Alexander’s Bill Evans Tribute (Solo Brush Jam) Virtual

The Bill Evans Tribute Solo Brush Jam will feature L.A. drummer Ingrid Alexander playing along with some Bill Evans records to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of International Jazz Day.

Contact: Ingrid Alexander | +1 818 321 4813
Official Website: Click here

RoughHewn Records Studios Van Nuys, CA

+1 818 321 4813

Event Time: 13:00
United States International Jazz Day: Traditional Japanese/Jazz Music

A combination of traditional music from Japan fused with jazz elements of John Coltrane, Art Blakey, Miles Davis, and other jazz luminaries.

Celebrating the great cultures of America & Japan through music, while taking a stance on anti-Asian bias in American and everywhere.

Stafford Hunter: Trombone & Shells, Mami Itasaka Keister: Vocal & Shamisen, Jay Keister: Vocal & Shamisen, Eric Natsuhiro Jordan: Tenor Sax & Flute, Peter Stolzman: Piano, Hunter Roberts: Bass, Dru Heller: Drums

Stafford Hunter: Multi-Grammy nominated trombonist & seashells player (and sometimes vocalist) has performed and recorded with Clark Terry, McCoy Tyner, Roy Hargrove, Amy Winehouse, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Lenny Kravitz, Oliver Lake, Orrin Evans’ Captain Black

Contact: Donald Rossa | +1 303 839 5100

1512 Curtis St

Denver, CO

Event Time: 19:00
United States Glenwood Springs Arts Council International Jazz Day Celebration

Our event will be mostly virtual with a series of videos submitted by local jazz musicians posted on our website. We are also supporting a live event outdoors in our downtown for locals and visitors who happen to be “strolling by”. No advance advertising is involved but it is just happening for a few hours in the evening.

Contact: Thelma Zabel | +1 970 389 2058
Official Website: Click here


Glenwood Springs, CO

Event Time: 17:00
United States Hot & Cool Jazz: Taylor Eigsti Virtual

Wilton Library will broadcast its first Hot & Cool Jazz concert since 2020. Pianist Taylor Eigsti performed this concert at Millstone – then the home of jazz legend Dave Brubeck. Taylor works his magic on Dave’s grand piano where Dave composed so much of his famous music. Chris Brubeck, an award-winning composer and superlative trombonist and bassist, sat in and jammed with Taylor on a few tunes. There is a non-refundable $20 fee per “ticket” (the Zoom link). New York-based and world renowned, Taylor Eigsti was a child prodigy who grew up to be an accomplished and sought-after bandleader and composer. Eigsti will release his eighth album as a leader called Tree Falls on GSI Records.

Contact: Michael Bellacosa | +1 203 762 6318
Official Website: Click here

Wilton, CT

Event Time: 19:00
United States International Jazz Day in Honour of our Newly Inducted Eminent Peace Ambassadors in USA and the Return of America to the Paris Agreement

The Jazz Day will mark Special Banquet and Certificate presentation to our Newly Inducted Eminent Peace Ambassadors in the United States of America. The Jazz Day will also feature the celebration of the reture of America to the Paris Agreement to enhance global diplomacy as core value upon which the Jazz Day was endorsed by the UN and promoted by the UNESCO. The participants of the event includes, Hon. Amb. Adeoye Owolewa, Member, House of Representatives, US Congress Man, Amb. William Bill Loughmiller, Amb. Dr. Rhonda Harder, Amb. Amb. Rita Dunn, Amb. Hon. Wally Adeyemo, Amb. Olutunji Wright, Amb. Mark Darlington, Amb. Dr. Nicolas Felix, Amb. Hon. Babatunde Ogunola, Amb. Oluwakemi Ayorinde and four serving governors in US.

Contact: Amb. Emmanuel Nkweke | +234 8033366396, +13474571784
Official Website: Click here

Holiday Inn Washington DC 550 C St SW
Washington, DC 20024

Event Time: 10:00
United States DC Jazz Festival Presents: Kenny Garrett & Aaron Myers Virtual

Join DC Jazz Festival® (DCJF) on Friday, April 30th, for our official International Jazz Day 2021 program which will feature two prolific artists: Grammy-winning saxophonist Kenny Garrett and DC’s-based vocalist/pianist Aaron Myers. The festivities will include Meet-the-Artist interviews with Garrett and Myers, conducted by DCJF Executive Director Sunny Sumter and Artistic Director Willard Jenkins. In addition to these captivating conversations, fans will be treated to a performance from each artist.

Join us on Friday, April 30th, at 3 PM EDT on Facebook Live for an International Jazz Day experience unlike any other!

Contact: Matt Singer | +1 202 800 8230
Official Website: Click here

DC Jazz Festival Washington, DC
+1 202 800 8230

Event Time: 15:00
United States Blues Alley Jazz Presents: Embassy Jazz Series | April 30, 2021 Virtual

The “Embassy Jazz Series” is a multi-cultural, colorfully creative potpourri of artists, countries and music. The series concept was conceived over two decades ago when the United States discontinued their Jazz Ambassadors diplomacy program and began importing overseas jazz artists to America. Over the past two decades these overseas jazz artists have flourished under their own nation’s banners but now we have a rare opportunity to present six embassies and eighteen artists over one night. We will take you on a kaleidoscopic journey around the world with six separate platforms offering a multitude of musical offerings. Our theme will be hope, unity and democracy and our purpose will be to promote “International Jazz Day” through the world’s love of this musical art form. Please visit BluesAlley.com for additional details and to make reservations for a jazz music night to remember.

Contact: Harry Schnipper | +1 202 337 4141
Official Website: Click here

Blues Alley 1073 Wisconsin Ave NW
Washington, D.C. 20007
United States True Blue Jazz Celebrates International Jazz Day Virtual

4/30: True Blue Jazz Celebrates a Virtual International Jazz Day Concert
Live Stream Event
FREE to View • Donations or ‘Pay As U Can” Welcomed!
Streaming Access Link: www.truebluejazz.org/ijd2021
Friday April 30th from 6p-9p
featuring Trumpeter & Vocalist,
Benny Benack III & Friends…plus ~
The Sholbertshie Swingtet
‘ Swingin’ It in the spirit of Stan Getz & The Oscar Peterson Trio’

Contact: Eddie Sherman | +1 610 804 5048
Official Website: Click here

Rehoboth Beach, DE

Event Time: 18:00
United States Clifford Brown International Jazz Day Awards Concert

The inaugural Clifford Brown International Jazz Day Awards Concert will be held on Friday April 30, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. as part of the City of Wilmington’s International Jazz Day Festivities. The evening of music will feature trumpeter Terrell Stafford and the Clifford Brown Festival Band along with an awards ceremony. Join emcee Tina Betz, Director of Cultural Affairs for the City of Wilmington, for an announcement about the 2021 Clifford Brown Jazz Festival and in naming honorees for the following awards: Clifford Brown Legacy Award; Clifford Brown Advocacy, Volunteerism, & Philanthropy in Jazz Award; Clifford Brown Young & Swinging Award; and the Clifford Brown Top Jazz Presenter Award.

Contact: Tina Betz
Official Website: Click here

Delaware Theatre Company

Event Time: 19:00
United States Davie Jazz Society Presents "A Song of Hope" Candlelight Jazz

Davie Jazz Presents “A Song of Hope” an evening of Candlelight Jazz celebrating the essentials and honoring the fallen. Featuring our Special Performance Choir with a cameo by Nicole Henry.
Headlining: The Nicole Yarling Band. Performers include: Ebonie Paris, Steve Higgins, Vikki Romero, Bre Canty and Violinist, Gabriella Martinez.
Musical Director Jarvis Brown.
A special Beanie Babies Cares of Hope Village will be displayed and Mayor Judy Paul will honor the fallen.
Event hosted by Tamara G.
Event Organizer: Nouchelle Hastings and Pastor Montel Thomas
Digital Interlueds by DMR Media and
Event Partner: Flamingo Gardens – Davie, FL
Event Sponsor: Azur Equities
Follow us at Davie Jazz Society.
Happy IJD! #10Year

Contact: Nouchelle Hastings | +14074341871
Official Website: Click here

Flamingo Gardens 3750 S Flamingo Rd,
Davie, FL

Event Time: 08:00
United States Women in Jazz South Florida – Roberta DeMuro

Pianist/vocalist Roberta DeMuro appears at Sugar Plum & Grumbling Growler Bookstore in Lake Worth, Florida

Contact: Dr. Joan Cartwright | +1 9547403398
Official Website: Click here

Sugar Plum & Grumbling Growler Bookstore 709 Lucerne Avenue
Lake Worth, FL
+1 305 796 6684

Event Time: 07:00
United States The Betsy Hotel Celebrates International Jazz Day with Pianist Marc Irwin

The Betsy Hotel (thebetsyhotel.com) Celebrates International Jazz Day with a performance by Pianist/Composer Marc Irwin (based in NYC and Baltimore) who is The Hotel’s visiting jazz artist for 2021. The Betsy’s Jazz program is the longest continually running series of its kind in the region, featuring live performances 9 times a week – from 6 to 11 PM nightly, and from 11 AM to 4 PM on Weekends during Brunch at LT Steak and Seafood. All performances are in the Lobby of The Betsy Hotel located at 1440 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach. https://www.thebetsyhotel.com/calendar

Contact: Nina Olson | +12128666634
Official Website: Click here

The Betsy Hotel 1440 Ocean Drive,
Miami, Florida

Event Time: 06:00
United States April JAMM Festival JazzDay @ Ranch il Sole

-Celebrating our 7th annual JazzDay to finish our month long April JAMM Festival
Jazz Appreciation Month Miami
This year at Eco Ranch I’ll Sole
International Jazz Day
JAMM Jazz Appreciation Month Miami
22900 S.W. 157 Avenue 33170

Contact: Ezzio Chaviano | +17864063493
Official Website: Click here

22900 S.W. 157 Avenue
Miami, FL

Event Time: 16:00
United States Bayfront Jazz Festival Miami (April 30-May 1)

Bayfront Jazz Festival Miami
April 30-May 1

The 2021 inaugural edition of the Bayfront Jazz Festival will take over Miami’s Bayfront Park for two magical days as Miami’s “Post-Covid recovery calendar” kicks off one of the first LIVE musical events on April 30 and May 1, 2021. The first Miami festival of its scale, Bayfront’s mission is to honor and celebrate the current and future giants of Jazz, Afro-Cuban/Latin & Electronic music. We hope the festival will allow fans from the world over to enjoy music’s greatest heroes and masters play with a real audience for the first time in over a year at a stunning, iconic Miami open-air venue. The concerts will host 1500 audience members in-person, as well and an online audience through our ticketed live stream system.

The lineup includes musicians such as Roy Ayers, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Chucho Valdés, Gonzalo Rubalcaba & Aymée Nuviola, and Mark Guiliana.

Contact: Kim Smith | +1 917 349 8090
Official Website: Click here

Bayfront Park 301 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL

Event Time: 21:30 - 16:30
United States April JAMM Festival 8th. Annual JazzDay Celebration

April JAMM Festival celebrates our eighth annual International Jazz Day in downtown Miami with continuous music from 12 until 7 PM.
Grammy Award Winner violinist Federico Britos will start the day with his Trio.

1 PM – The Apostolo Jazz Co-Op will play until 3 PM.
4 PM – The Del Prado’s Cuban Hard Bop Trio, led by bassist Nestor del Prado.
5 PM – One of Miami’s favorite groups, Oriente Quintet, lead by guitarist Eddy Balzola will play.
6 PM – The Miami Big Sound Combo with vocalist Lourdes Valentin, lead by Peter Francis with arrangements by Rafael Valencia

Contact: Ezzio Chaviano | +1 786 406 3493

Paul S. Walker Urbanscape Park 46 West Flagler Street
Miami, FL
+1 786 406 3493

Event Time: 12:00
United States Healthy West Orange Arts and Heritage Center at the Town of Oakland

The Town of Oakland is celebrating International Jazz Day on Friday, April 30 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Healthy West Orange Arts and Heritage Center at the Town of Oakland.

Contact: Ashlynn Webb | +1 407 656 1117 ext. 2112

Healthy West Orange Arts and Heritage Center at the Town of Oakland 126 Petris Avenue
Oakland, FL

Event Time: 11:00
United States International Jazz Day 2021 Celebration at the Lake House

Join members of the Hernando Jazz Society from as they perform a free live concert at the Lake House 3:00 to 4:30 pm in celebration of International Jazz Day 2021. The performance will take place outside on the bandshell and attendees are encouraged to wear masks, practice safe social distancing and bring lawn chairs and/or blankets to sit on. This concert is being made possible by a collaboration of the Hernando Jazz Society, the Hernando County Public Library System, and the Hernando County Parks and Recreation Department.

Contact: Sheryl Fell | +13527544824

The Lake House 1202 Kenlake Avenue
Spring Hill, FL
+1 352 754-4031

Event Time: 15:00
United States BlueBird Educational Foundation Celebrates International Jazz Day Virtual

The 10th International Jazz Day is celebrated worldwide on April 30, recognizing jazz as a force for peace, intercultural dialogue, and international communication. Join the Bluebird Educational Foundation community as we host a toast to celebrate on the eve of this momentous occasion.

Hosted by Darryl Bey, you will hear updates about BlueBird and enjoy a brief live performance from a talented local high school Jazz Band. We will share information about other free events and concerts happening globally. This fun International Jazz Day Eve Celebration can be enjoyed from the comfort of your living room.

Grab your favorite beverage and join us on April 29, 2021, on Facebook Live at 7 p.m.

Contact: Sunny Booker
Official Website: Click here

Event Time: 19:00
United States Palm Beach International Jazz Festival

International Jazz Day 2021

The Palm Beach International Jazz Festival is a grand celebration of the great American music genre – JAZZ!

Join us for our 3rd Annual Palm Beach International Jazz Festival 2021 – A full, one-day, two-concert event at the renowned Raymond F. Kravis Performing Arts Center in West Palm Beach, Florida, April 24,2021.

Featuring six bands of highly acclaimed jazz artists who perform in and around south Florida as well as around the world!

In concert and Live Stream tickets.

Ticket/Info link: https://www.kravis.org/events/jazzfestival2021/

Limited in-concert seating.

Contact: Yvette Norwood-Tiger

Raymond F. Kravis Center 701 Okeechobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
United States Amazing Musicwomen Ensemble

This ensemble of women musicians is featured at the third PBIJF.

Contact: Dr. Joan Cartwright | +1 9547403398
Official Website: Click here

Kravis Center, 701 Okeechobee Boulevard
West Palm Beach, FL
+1 561 832 7469

Event Time: 02:00

America’s Songbird and U.S. Cultural Ambassador Myrna Clayton will once again host the Annual ATLANTA International Jazz Jam Session in celebration of International Jazz Day. The theme this year is that “Jazz IS NOT ‘Non-essential'”. This will be the 4th annual IJD celebration hosted by Myrna in Atlanta. We hope it will be an in-person, socially distance event, but if it has to be virtual, then so be it! JAZZ LIVES ON and expands through the ether into the atmosphere to uplift us all.

Click here for more information

Contact: Myrna Clayton | +1 678 437 6897
Official Website: Click here

TBD Atlanta, GA

Event Time: 19:00