“Lady in Satin” – Accordi in sinergia 2023 Edition

02/14 18:00



"Lady in satin" is the first event of Heartthrob Atelier Jazz, included in "Accordi in Sinergia 2023 Edition", a festival that puts together songs, sounds and scents to celebrate the International Jazz Day on Valentine's Day. The organizers have invited jazz lovers and customers in Giulianova to join a live synesthetic experience based on Billie Holiday's voice and "New Orleans" (1947) movie songs during the event inside the "Boutique in jazz". Food and wine will be offered, a special artisanal rose wine, Primamadre Vini La Quercia, and scented satin roses for guests.
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Free admission
Reservation required
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Heartthrob Atelier
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Heartthrob Atelier
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