International Jazz Day: Accade anche qui

04/30 16:00



A Jazz Concert-tribute in Vigevano, a beautiful town next to Milan, both geographically and historically: during the Renaissance, the Court of Sforza was moved from Milan to Vigevano and prominent personalities such Ludovido il Moro, Leonardo da Vinci, Donato Bramante stood here. The Concert venue is the amazing "Salone Ridotto" of Teatro Cagnoni, the main theatre in Vigevano, located a few meters away from the wonderful Piazza Ducale.


Diapason Consortium
Contact Person: Federica Casella
Tel: + 39 0381 73967
Email: [email protected]


Teatro Cagnoni
Salone Ridotto
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II n. 45
Vigevano, Italy 27029

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