Fano Jazz Day by Fano Jazz Association

04/30 21:00



Free concert organized by the Fano Jazz Association for International Jazz Day Celebrations in which the members and founders of the association (active since 1994) intend to make all citizens and music lovers aware of the importance of jazz music as a universal language of inclusion and brotherhood among peoples. We have been active for many years with the specific aim of spreading the message of this musical language to all the people who live in our area and especially to young generation. Because culture and appreciation pass through knowledge.

Martin Luther King used to say: "When you hear someone playing, stop and listen! For there can be no hatred or malice in music"


Fano Jazz Association
Contact Person: Ippolito Lamedica
Tel: + 39 328 4166257
Email: [email protected]


Palazzo Corbelli
Palazzo Corbelli, Via Arco d'Augusto, 47 Fano
Via Arco d'Augusto, 47 Fano
Fano, Italy Fano (PU) 61032

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