“Heartthrob Blues” – Accordi in Sinergia 2023 Edition

12/03 18:00

Giulianova (TE)


Heartthrob Atelier, based in Giulianova (TE), together with Depot The Male Tools and Co. have collaborated in celebrating the upcoming International Jazz Day on March 12, 2023. A bluesy chat and a journey through food, fashion and fun that celebrates the tradition of male grooming with a tailor-made experience: a complete range of modernised products will be available during the public event.

Mastrobono Montepulciano Wine Vini La Quercia will be offered together with chocolate and tobacco during the "Paris Blues" (1961) movie tunes. The event is included in "Accordi in Sinergia 2023 Edition", a festival that puts together songs, sounds and scents of jazz.

Free admission
Reservation required for grooming
[email protected]


Heartthrob Atelier
Contact Person: Ermira Shurdha
Tel: +39 0858003054
Email: [email protected]


Heartthrob Atelier
Via Trieste, 12
Giulianova (TE), Italy 64021

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