Frass Jazz – Viaggio nella big band

04/30 21:00

Frassineto Po


The 78 Giri Hot Ensemble directed by Claudio Bianzino, on the occasion of the International Jazz Day, proposes a musical journey into the big band's world, an acoustic ensemble of great impact formed by about twenty musicians, originally born for swing music but exciting even for more modern pieces. In fact, there will be songs by Duke Ellington and Woody Herman, famous jazz standards, but also songs by Joe Zawinul, Carlos Santana, Pharrell Williams and the director Bianzino himself.


Contact Person: Claudio Bianzino
Email: [email protected]


Frassineto Po (AL)
Giardino del Pozzo Antico
Via XX Settembre
Frassineto Po, AL 15040

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