Vincent York’s 11th Annual Internation Jazz Day Celebration

04/30 19:00

Ann Arbor , MI


For his 11th annual concert on IJDay, veteran horn and woodwind virtuoso and jazz educator, Vincent York, brings together outstanding Detroit-area jazz musicians to stretch-out and celebrate America’s most unique art form. This year, York’s band includes John Douglas (trumpet); Keaton Royer, (piano) and two young lions of jazz: Zach Saginaw (percussion) and Josef Deas (bass).York mentored them years back through an Artist-In-Residence program at Ann Arbor’s Community High School (just a stone’s throw from this nationally-recognized jazz performance space). It is always an evening that showcases what is inspiring, familiar and revolutionary about Jazz and has the audience and stately Kerrytown Concert House swinging on its foundation.

Event Partner(s)

Kerrytown Concert House

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Vincent York's JAZZistry


Vincent York's Jazzistry
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Kerrytown Concert House
415 N. Fourth Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

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