R for Roach «We Insist! Deeds, not words»

04/30 21:00



Since the 1960s, Max Roach’s artistic career has been characterized by intense activity within the black community and his music has become a sounding board for denouncing the racial discrimination suffered by the African-American population. On this occasion, AHUM will remember him with a new multimedia production, involving a solid rhythm formed by the drummer Antonio Fusco and the double bass player Carlo Bavetta and two extraordinary soloists such as the trumpeter Alberto Mandarini and the pianist Antonio Zambrini. During the evening the music proposed by the jazz quartet will be enriched by videos, images, paintings and conversations to celebrate the centenary of this extraordinary musician.


Associazione Culturale Collettivo Jam
Contact Person: Antonio Ribatti
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Luis Armstrong Hall
30 Via Ambrogio Binda
Milano, Lombardia 20143

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