Concerti del Conservatorio Bonporti diretti da Ninfa Collura

04/30 15:00

Via Veneto


Musical Marathon: various ensemble music groups from the F.A.Bonporti Conservatory and the BJO (Bonporti Jazz Orchestra) Big band directed by the teacher Ninfa Collura will take turns on stage.
The day’s program includes standard pieces from the jazz tradition, original pieces by students, fusion pieces and moments of “intuitive music”.


Conservatorio Bonporti Trento
Contact Person: Ninfa Collura
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Piazza Duomo Trento
Piazza e Auditorium
Via S. Giovanni Bosco, 4
Piazza Duomo
Via Veneto, Italia/Trento Trento / 38122

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