Mistura Pura Jazz Dj Set Only Vinyl

04/30 16:00



Mistura Pura jazz dj set aka Federica Grappasonni, dj and producer from American label Ubiquity Records, digs on vinyls between various musical anthologies starting from that original African source of all black music evolution : galaxies of cultures in movement, rich mosaic of genres and styles of different historical depths, from a continent at the center of exchanges, hybridizations, transatlantic and Mediterranean movements. A sound journey full of culture and groove and which wants to testify how the history of music is a succession of mixtures and interferences between various genres.

Event Partner(s)

Vistamare Petit Lounge Bar


Contact Person: Federica Grappasoonni
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Vistamare Petit Lounge Bar
3 Via Amerigo Vespucci
Brindisi, Puglia 72100

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