Concerto Fano Jazz Day

04/30 18:00



This delightful afternoon concert is set in the heart of our city, where folks gather, especially at such times, to mingle and enjoy each other’s company. The concert is crafted to share and celebrate our affection for Jazz music and to exemplify the dedication of our association, which has been active since 1994. The ensemble representing our association – The Real Groovers All Stars – boasts a diverse lineup, ranging from seasoned veterans to fresh-faced talents, showcasing that Jazz isn’t merely a musical genre; it’s a culture steeped in inclusivity, respect, tolerance, collaboration, and creativity. The concert will show that Jazz is a dynamic art form, ever-changing and drawing its vitality from the energy and enchantment of the moment

Event Sponsor(s)

Caffè Centrale - Fano


Associazione Fano Jazz
Contact Person: Ippolito Lamedica
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Caffè Centrale
Giardini Pier Maria Amiani
43.84438360168412, 13.015714382852279
Corso Matteotti, 104
Fano, PU Fano 61032

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