A Cordial International Rustling Jazz Day Special Thing

04/30 10:00



An International Jazz Day special for this weekly, all-jazz-all-vinyl radio show... the show is DUVET RUSTLING JAZZ, broadcasting LIVE every week for over 6 years and since the start of 2022, on TOTALLY WIRED RADIO.

A-quart-into-a-pint-pot doesn't come CLOSE to the packed-ness of this week's show.... Obviously, every day is international jazz day for me, with everyone else joining in once a year... and this year, it's on Satruday!!! AAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD! Roual Galloway, head honcho at the excellent and jazz-drenched Cordial Recordings is coming in too, with all manner of sonic goodies.

Gonna be massive and full of jazz from EVERYWHERE!!!


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Totally Wired Radio
London, England

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