François DUMONT d’AYOT QUARTET live for the International Jazz Day 2023

04/30 20:30



My quartet is very proud to play for this International Jazz Day 2023: Our music is something perhaps a little bit strange in the field of Jazz as a mix of many influences: European classical and baroque musics as well as worldwide ethno musics and above all, Jazz musics of course, from swing to nowadays one.
And for that, even if this quartet looks common in structure, very rare instruments related to this music: Conn O sax, G mezzo soprano, saxellino, saxello, stritch and so on : all of this to serve a music of pleasure and peace. With the partnership of the Jazz Festival "Jazz à Cours et à Jardins".


François Dumont d'Ayot quartet
Contact Person: François DUMONT d'AYOT
Tel: +33 (0)6 75 47 23 96
Email: [email protected]


91 rue Cuvier
Lyon, Rhone Alpes 69006

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