IJD Events in Italy

Country/Territory Event Venue
Italy JazzRights.com Jazz Improvisation Library Celebrates JazzDay!

JazzRights.com Jazz Improvisation Library will celebrate JazzDay by hosting a banner and sharing posts. Musicians are invited to upload jazz solos on our Library! Join the new systematic archive of patrimony created from improvisations!

Contact: Luca Ruggero Jacovella | +39 063 0683466
Official Website: https://www.jazzrights.com



Event Time: 1:00
Italy Alexanderplatz Jazz Club celebrates Jazz

The Alexanderplatz Jazz Club invites the trio of Rotem Sivan to celebrate Jazz Music!

Contact: Paolo Rubei | +393421815687
Official Website: http://www.alexanderplatzjazzclub.it/



Event Time: 20:30
Italy Tasting Dinner And Jazz

Tasting of dishes prepared by our chef between tradition and originality.
Jazz tasting with the duo Ileana Mottola and Alessandro Castiglione.
Reservations required
Entry € 27.00
For info and reservations Tel. 0974 901,099-Mob. 334 1,197,932

Contact: Giovanni Ruggero | +39 3492316739
Official Website: http://www.villacanniclo.com/

Villa Canniclo


Event Time: 19:30
Italy In-Provvisare Jazz: Suono e canto dell’istinto dei popoli

National and international institutions with local associations promote the event In-Provvisare JAZZ: conference and competition notice for the national musical institutions, Chet Baker’s comics exhibition, international meeting for the jazz and musical archives, and in the evening jazz concerts.

Contact: Annateresa Rondinella | +39 0583 955021

Complesso San Francesco


Event Time: 10:30
Italy Teverolaccio Jazz Night

In the 16th-century courtyard of the Teverolaccio hamlet, the best expression of Neapolitan jazz will be presented in addition to organic food, beers and wines selection.

Contact: Francesco Pascale | +393202681462
Official Website: http://www.terrafelix.eu/

Casale Di Teverolaccio


Event Time: 19:00
Italy BargaJazz for International Jazz Day

Open Jam Session in “Piazza del Centro Storico” in collaboration with Barga Jazz Club & Osteria Da Aristo.

Contact: Alessandro Rizzardi | +39 3483954468
Official Website: http://www.barganews.com/category/barga-jazz-festival/

Piazza del Centro Storico


Event Time: 18:00
Italy International Jazz Day 2016 | FOGGIA

– Fabio Ciminiera presents his book “La musica non è scontata” after creole dinner @ La Botte Bistrot
– Movie “Round Midnight” @ Auditorium Santa Chiara

30 April | FRANCO D’ANDREA Traditions Today concert
feat. Mauro Ottolini and Daniele D’Agaro

Contact: Nino Antonacci | +39 (0) 881711432
Official Website: http://www.moodyjazzcafe.it/

Moody jazz cafè c/o Sala Farina


Event Time: 11:39
Italy Teo Ciavarella e i solisti Jazz del Conservatorio G.Frescobaldi di Ferrara

Concert with the collaboration of Radio Fujiko.

Contact: Unesco Emilia-Romagna
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Take Five Music Club


Event Time: 21:30
Italy International Jazz Day Event

Special event with Michele Carrabba Trio to celebrate the International Jazz Day.
Wonderful location expressly selected for this event.

Contact: Nicola Fabiano | +39(347)-335-8418
Official Website: http://www.jazzinproject.com/

Agriturismo Signor Cesare


Event Time: 21:30
Italy Blues for Gaius Julius Caesar

Jazz is the language of love, freedom, brotherhood. All musicians, friends, followers, are invited to spread love and friendship, to share our love for jazz. With jazz we can say everything and always get hope.
Fratello Joseph

Contact: Giuseppe Bassi | +393200220587
Official Website: http://www.giuseppebassi.com/

Via Dei Fori Imperiali
Via Cavour
, Rome 00186

Event Time: 15:00
Italy Great Jazz from Bologna & Free Jam Session!

To celebrate the World Jazz Day “Runway coffee & lounge bar” organises a night with great jazz.
From 9.30 PM to 10.30 PM the band of Bologna “Bag’s conspiracy” creates the perfect atmosphere with his jazz. After that, there will be a free jam session with guitar, bass guitar, drums and piano.

Contact: Luca Ferron | +39 340/0926339

Runway coffee & lounge bar
Via Carducci,
36 Piove di Sacco, Padova 35028
+39 049 584 0488

Event Time: 21:30 - 1:00
Italy International Jazz Day – Agropoli

Ii 30 aprile Agropoli sarà nel circuito internazionale della musica jazz organizzato dall’ Unesco che ha dato vita ad un evento di carattere mondiale.

Esposizione di opere d’arte a tema musicale.
Esibizioni dei seguenti gruppi jazz:
– Castellano-Mastriogiovanni-Elia Trio
– Thursday’s Trio
– Pasquale Mandia Trio
– Tommaso Bergamo Trio feat. Daniele Brenca e Paolo Ferrara

Contact: Pasquale Mandia | +39 3281527055
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1354423314624658/permalink/1354478877952435/?notif_t=like¬if_id=1492883205673298

Event Time: 19:30
Italy International Jazz Day in Agropoli

Castellano – Mastrogiovanni – Elia trio

Thursday’s trio

Pasquale Mandia trio

Tommaso Bergamo trio feat. Daniele Brenca & Paolo Ferrara

Contact: Davide Castellano

Event Time: 19:30
Italy Cantautori d’Italia: Brazilian way

Successful artists enriched the squares of the city of Alba with their music in one of the most beautiful landscapes, the Langhe, provoking unforgettable emotions. Cantautori d’Italia produced a concert of brazilian music with Elisabetta Prodon for a meeting of world music and cultures.

Contact: Filippo Cosentino | +393347867028
Official Website: http://www.cantautoriditalia.it

Cantautori d'Italia
Piazza Pertinace
Alba, Cuneo, Piemonte 12051

Event Time: 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
Italy Jazz&Co: Cosentino-Marcelli-Zambrini trio

The church of San Giuseppe hosted a concert featuring Antonio Zambrini and Andrea Marcelli with rising star guitarist Filippo Cosentino.

Contact: Filippo Cosentino | +393347867028
Official Website: http://www.milleunanota.com/jazz--co.html

Jazz&Co, Chiesa di San Giuseppe
via Vernazza, 6
Alba, Cuneo, Piemonte 12051

Event Time: 21:00 - 22:30
Italy Milleunanota

Amazing concerts are the way to introduce the world of jazz and world music.From the 29th and 30th of April 2016, Milleunanota would like to invite you at the third International Jazz Day in the beautiful landscape of Langhe Roero Monferrato in the capitol city of Alba (Cn).

Contact: Filippo Consentino | +39 334 7867028

Chiesa di San Giuseppe

Event Time: 21:00
Italy International Jazz Day Midnight Session – Milleunanota

In the beautiful landscape of Langhe-Roero-Monferrato, UNESCO World Heritage Site, the association Milleunanota with the partnership of the City of Alba is proud to invite you for two days of music, happines and meetings of cultures, histories and artistic talents focused on the meaning of the International Jazz Day. Check out our program!

Contact: Filippo Cosentino | +393347867028
Official Website: http://www.milleunanota.com/international-jazz-day.html

Event Time: 22:00
Italy International Jazz Day – Alba&Milleunanota

29 aprile
orario: ore 16 – 18
luogo: Bar Pasticceria Cignetti
– Sonia Spinello e Lorenzo Cominoli: duo chitarra e voce
– Milleunanota 4et: allievi dei corsi di musica moderna e jazz Milleunanota

Contact: Filippo Cosentino | +393347867028
Official Website: http://www.milleunanota.com/international-jazz-day.html

Event Time: 16:18
Italy International Jazz Day – Alba&Milleunanota

30 aprile
orario: ore 16 – 16.30

luogo: Piazza Garibaldi
formazione: Street jazz band: Tequila Band

orario: ore 16.30 – 18
luogo: Piazza Garibaldi
formazione: Un piano per l’International Jazz Day: concerto per piano solo

orario: ore 16 – 18
luogo: Piazza Risorgimento
formazione: Milleunanota 4et

orario: ore 17 – 18
luogo: libreria La Torre
formazione: incontro pubbico e colloquio con Comitato Giovani Unesco

orario: ore 21 – 23
luogo: Chiesa di San Giuseppe
formazione: Concerto di gala

Contact: Filippo Cosentino | +393347867028
Official Website: http://www.milleunanota.com/international-jazz-day.html

Event Time: 16:23
Italy Concerto di gala dell’International Jazz Day Alba&Milleunanota

orario: ore 21 – 23
luogo: Chiesa di San Giuseppe
formazione: Concerto di gala dell’International Jazz Day Alba 2017 con Søren Bebe (Danimarca) e Filippo Cosentino
Info e prenotazioni: [email protected] – cell. 3347867028

Contact: Filippo Cosentino | +393347867028
Official Website: http://www.milleunanota.com/international-jazz-day.html

Event Time: 21:23
Italy UNESCO International Jazz Day festival with notes of Mediterranean diet

The event program took place over April 26, 27 and 30. During the evenings, excellent live jazz and tastings of typical products helped to animate the streets of Trulli.

Contact: Maria Punzi | +39 080 4327233
Official Website: http://www.comunealberobello.gov.it

City of Alberobello (UNESCO Site)
Piazza del Popolo, 23
Alberobello, Bari - Puglia 70011
+39 080 4327233

Event Time: 6:00 pm - 12:00 am
Italy UNESCO In Jazz Festival Alberobello 2015 2^ Edizione

La città di Alberobello, patrimonio mondiale dell’UNESCO, in occasione dell’ International Jazz Day, ospita 2 concerti presso Largo Martellotta, il primo con il noto trombettista Fabrizio Bosso, Spritual Trio il 30 aprile 2015, il secondo con Donatello D’Attoma Quartet “Watchdog” il 3 maggio 2015.

Contact: | +39 0803218458 +39 3667206716 +39 3288643115
Official Website: http://www.dosaenjoy.com/

Largo Martellotta
Alberobello, Puglia 70011

Event Time: 21:00 - 24:00
Italy UNESCO in Jazz Festival Alberobello 2016 – 3^ Edizione

UNESCO in Jazz Festival Alberobello 2016
3^ Edizione dedicata a Marco Tamburini
29 aprile ore 21,00 Nico Morelli e Luca Aquino in una prima assoluta;
30 aprile ore 19,30 Daniele Di Bonaventura in un’originale piano trio con Francesco Ponticelli e Gianni Angelini e alle ore 21,00 i Camera Soul.

3rd edition dedicated to Marco Tamburini
April 29 at 21:00: Nico Morelli and Luca Aquino in the first part;
April 30 at 19:30: Daniele Di Bonaventura in an original piano trio with Francesco Ponticelli and Gianni Angelini. At 21:00, Camera Soul

Contact: Dosa Enjoy | +39 080 3218458 / +39 366 7206716 / +39 328 8643115
Official Website: http://www.dosaenjoy.com/

Alberobello - Bari - Puglia
Piazza del Popolo
Alberobello, Bari/Puglia 70011

Event Time: 19:30
Italy Unesco in Jazz Festival Aberobello

“a Scuola di Jazz” – lezione concerto per i ragazzi
ore 09,30 – Auditorium Istituto Agrario
Giovanni Caccamo – Giovanni Robustelli
ore 20,30 ex Conceria

street parade – ore 16,30 per la vie della Città
ore 20,30 ex Conceria

VERTERE STRING QUARTET – ricordando Astor Piazzolla
ore 12,00 Terrazza Belvedere – Chiesa Santa Lucia
ore 20,30 ex Conceria


ex Conceria, Via Barsento
Chiesa di Santa Lucia,
Piazza Gian Girolamo Acquaviva
Alberobello, Ba – Puglia

Contact: Giuseppe Amatulli | +39 3478070685 ; +39 3667206716
Official Website: http://www.comunealberobello.gov.it/index.php?Itemid=113&lang=it

Event Time: 20:30
Italy Letture in Musica

At town’s Civic Hall of Albinea, will conclude with a reading the course of autobiographical writing conducted by Susanna Cilloni. The text, chosen from the literature of the course participants will be interspersed by a jazz and blues ViCiGì Trio (Valla, Cerullo, Gianolio) feat. Mauro Chiesi

Contact: Mauro Chiesi

Sala Civica Comunale
Via Morandi 9
Albinea 42020

Event Time: 20:45
Italy A spasso per il jazz

Le cantine del GavazzanaBlues accolgono un musicista tanto giovane quanto rappresentativo del jazz italiano.
Lorenzo Guacciolo, diplomato chitarra jazz al Conservatorio di Alessandria, ci racconterà la sua passione per la musica cercando di coinvolgerci con il suo stile delicato e introspettivo.

Walking around Jazz
The cellars of GavazzanaBlues Bar welcome a young musician representing Italian Jazz Music. Lorenzo Guacciolo, graduated in jazz guitar at the Conservatory of Alexandria, will tell us about his passion for music and will try to involve us with its delicate style and introspective.

Contact: Roberto Ponzano | +39 348 8142838
Official Website: http://www.gavazzanablues.it

Gavazzana Blues
Via Cesare Battisti, 78
Alessandria 15063

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Dal Belvedere alle Cantine in jazz

Una passeggiata nel piccolo borgo di Gavazzana.
Si partirà dal Belvedere alle 21 con Lorenzo Guacciolo, diplomato chitarra jazz al Conservatorio di Alessandria, per entrare nelle magiche cantine del club intorno alle 21:30. Un linguaggio universale trattato con passione e sapere.

International Jazz Day alle Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi a cura di Empoli Jazz.

A walk in the small village of Gavazzana.
We will start from the Belvedere at 21:00 with Lorenzo Guacciolo, who graduated in jazz guitar at the Conservatory of Alessandria, to end up in the magic club cellars around 21:30. A universal language treated with passion and knowledge.

Intenational Jazz Day at the Medici Villa of Cerreto Guidi edited by Empoli Jazz.

Contact: Roberto Ponzano | +39 348 8142838
Official Website: http://www.gavazzanablues.it

Gavazzana Blues
Via Cesare Battisti, 78
Alessandria 15063

Event Time: 21:00
Italy International Jazz Day 2014 @ Ancona Jazz

Festival organizers produced a masterclass and panel at a local high school: “JAZZ : Improvisation & Interplay” featuring Alessandro LANZONI, piano, Gabriele EVANGELISTA, contrabbasso, Enrico MORELLO, batteria and Marco POSTACCHINI, tenor sax.

Contact: Giancarlo Di Napoli | +393356827974

Aula Magna Liceo MUSICALE Rinaldini
Via Canale, 1
ANCONA, Italy/Ancona/Marche 60100

Event Time: 11:00 am - 01:00 pm
Italy ANCONA JAZZ for International Jazz Day 2015

MONK’S DREAM : piano-trio studies
After HOURS with the ARTISTS

Contact: Ancona Jazz | +39 327 6844 552
Official Website: http://www.anconajazz.com/international-jazz-day-2015/

Liceo Musicale/SeePort Hotel/Teatro Sperimentale/Strabacco
Via Redipuglia, 59
Ancona, Ancona/Marche 60100

Event Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Italy Ancona in Jazz

ore 11.00 Liceo Musicale “Rinaldini” – Aula Magna Welcome To The Django Quartet “Dalla chitarra manouche al grande Jazz” lezione/concerto a cura di Paolo Sorci e il suo quartetto

ore 12.00 Museo del Giocattolo Giovanni Baleani/Marta Giulioni duo

ore 19.00 aperitivo al SeePort con le autorità


11:00: Rinaldi Musical High school – Aula Magna Welcome To The Django Quartet “Dalla chitarra manouche al grande Jazz” lecture / concert by Paul Sorel and his quartet

12:00: Giocattolo Museum – Giovanni Baleani/Marta Giulioni duo

19:00: Aperitif at Seeport with autorities

Contact: Noemi Tarantini
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Via del Canale
Vicolo Bonarelli
Ancona, Marche 60124

Event Time: 11:00
Italy Piergiorgio Marchesini Ensable freaturing Denya Ridley and Seb Chaumont

Be-Bop and swing Standards played by an International Band lead by Italian drummer Piergiorgio Marchesini with musicians from France including Olivier Slama on piano, Seb Lamine on double bass and guest Seb Chaumont on alto sax. Singer and special guest singer Denya Ridley born in Panama and raised in U.S.A.

Contact: Piergiorgio Marchesini | +393292131405

Event Time: 18:00
Italy Andria in Jazz

Organized as an appendix to the centuries-old Fiera d’Aprile, the event featured four groups performing in the ancient streets and piazze of Andria: Via Vaglio: Margie and the bluliners (Mariangela Cagnetta voice, Sergio Langella piano, Francesco Cinquepalmi bass, Franco Giancaspro drums); Piazza La Corte: Tribute to Miles Davis (Pietro Lomuscio piano, Francesco Angiuli bass, Fabio Delle Foglie drums); Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II: Black beauty, the Duke Ellington music (Patrizia Lomuscio voice, Piero Vincenti hammond, Fabio Accardi drums); and Via De Anellis: Swing Made in Italy feat. “I Ragazzi perbere” (Giuseppe Balducci voice, Andrea campanella sax and clarinet, Nicola Lupo guitar, Francesco Volpe bass, Nicola Caporusso drums).

Contact: Gianfranco Cannone

Centro Storico
Via Vaglio, Piazza La Corte, Piazza Duomo, Via De Anellis
Andria 76123

Event Time: 9:00 pm - 1:30 am
Italy Andria in Jazz

Andria in Jazz second edition, tribute to International Jazz Day for Unesco, offers a great concert in Andria, already Unesco site: Stefano Di Battista feat. BBB Trio (Flavio Boltro, Mauro Battisti and Mattia Barbieri). The event will be in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II (Piazza Catuma) in Andria.

Contact: Gianfranco Cannone

Andria in Jazz
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele
Piazza Catuma
Andria 76123

Event Time: 21:00 - 23:59
Italy Andria in Jazz – Nico Morelli Trio

Andria in Jazz is celebrating International Jazz Day for the third time after the great success of 2014 and 2015. On April 28th there is a preview of International Jazz Day with “Nico Morelli Trio”: Nico Morelli on piano, Mimmo Campanale on drums and Camillo Pace on bass.

All the events will be held in “Officina San Domenico” in the heart of Andria old town.

Contact: Gianfranco Cannone | +39 349 8146816

Officina San Domenico

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Andria in Jazz – Mirko Signorile Trio

Andria in Jazz is celebrating International Jazz Day for the third time after the great success of 2014 and 2015. For the great Jazz Day on April 30th Andria in Jazz presents “Mirko Signorile Trio” featuring Mirko Signorile on piano, Marco Bardoscia on bass and Pippo Lombardo on drums. All the events will be held in “Officina San Domenico” in the heart of Andria old town.

Contact: Gianfranco Cannone | +39 349 8146816

Officina San Domenico
Italy Andria in Jazz

Andria in Jazz per International Jazz Day
30 aprile 2017

Arrenbì – Via Vaglio
Enza Cannone 4tet – Piazza Catuma
Fabrizio Savino Underground trio – Piazza La Corte (Palazzo Ducale)
Antrum Close 4tet – Piazza Balilla


Piazza Catuma, Via Vaglio
Piazza Balilla, Piazza La Corte
Andria, Bt

Contact: Andria in Jazz Organization | +39 3498146816

Event Time: 20:00
Italy AuTour du Jazz

Live jazz music with Beppe Barbera K Quartet and friends in the conference room of the Musical Academy of Aosta and guided tours of the Bailiff’s Tower, a storied venue reflecting the history and heritage of Aosta Valley. A lot of culture, few places: reserve as soon as possible!

Contact: Isabella Elena Petroz | +39 349 5563386
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Istituto Musicale Pareggiato della Valle d'Aosta/Conservatoire de la Vallée d'Aoste - Torre dei Balivi
Via Guido Rey
Aosta 11100

Event Time: 17:00
Italy Good Vibes Trio & live paint

Live jazz music from the Good Vibes Trio (Piano: Beppe Barbera; Bass guitar: Maurizio Amato; Drums, Vibraphone: Lorenzo Barbera) and the artist Elvis Aristide Bazongo. Three unique and versatile musicians from Aosta Valley combine their ideas and different musical backgrounds in collaboration with the artist Elvis Aristide Bazongo who paints live during the concert.

Contact: Isabella Petroz
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Event Time: 21:30
Italy DeliriumJazz&Dine

Cena concerto dove saranno reinterpretati i brani più belli della storia della musica jazz.

Anna Pozzoli (voce)
Elena Pallotta (pianoforte e voce)
Aldo Sabatini (voce)
Fabio Di Berardino (pianoforte)
Luca Iampieri (chitarra)
Angelo Cipollone (basso)
Federico Marrona (batteria)

Contact: Fabio Di Berardino | 3284846234

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Artisti Jazz Siciliani in Piazza per International Jazz Day

The Comune di Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto (Messina), together with the cultural/recreational association “MACONDO,” was pleased to welcome Sicilian jazz artists to the piazza for a jam session on the occasion of International Jazz Day 2014.

Contact: Lorenzo di Salvo | +39 338 80 12 633

Parco Urbano
Piazza Vecchia Stazione
Barcellona Pozzo di Gotto 98051

Event Time: 8:00 pm - 1:00 am
Italy Puglia playin’ Jazz

Puglia playin’ Jazz 2016 is the first edition of the Apulia (Southern Italy) local event for celebrating the International Jazz Day, organised by the UNESCO Italian Youth Committee. The event wants to spread a message of peace, diversity and multiculturalism for young generations by jazz music.

Contact: Simona Ferrante
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Strada Sagges, 13
Bari, BA/Apulia 70122

Event Time: 10:00
Italy Puglia Playin' Jazz

Comitato Giovani UNESCO Puglia , Teatro Pubblico Pugliese e l’associazione Nel gioco del jazz, presentano Puglia Playn’ Jazz 2017. Un’edizione itinerante che farà tappa a Bari il 30 aprile a partire dalle ore 10.30. La celebrazione della Giornata Internazionale del Jazz cadrà sotto l’ombrello nazionale #JAZZ4HERITAGE per rilanciare la campagna #UNITE4HERITAGE.

Contact: Comitato Giovani della Commissione Nazionale Italiana per l’UNESCO - Puglia

Event Time: 10:30
Italy Puglia Playin’ Jazz

International Jazz Day 2017
Teatro Forma, Bari

– Fabio Accardi Sextet (con Lomangino, Rubini, Fortebraccio, Montrone, Pace)
– Gianna Montecalvo con Bruno Montrone, Nico Catacchio, Enzo Lanzo
– Guido Di Leone Pocket Orchestra + guests
– Cinzia Eramo Pino Mazzarano
– Felice Mezzina Quartet (con Vittorio Palmisano, Giuseppe D’Abramo, Marco Pennelli)

Contact: Comitato Giovani Unesco

Event Time: 19:30
Italy So What LiveFusionMusic

The Saint Patrick Jazz Club will present a performance program titled “So What LiveFusionMusic.”

Contact: Saint Patrick Jazz Club - Barletta, Italy

Event Time: 22:00
Italy Jazz Tales

Storia del jazz attraverso le note del flicorno di Dario Doronzo e il pianoforte di Pietro Gallo. Evento dedicato alla musica jazz per il JazzDay.


The history of jazz through the cornet of Dario Doronzo and the piano of Pietro Gallo. Event dedicated to jazz music in honor of Jazz Day.

Contact: Ruggiero Daniela | +39 3403629015
Official Website: http://www.liceomusicalelopera.com/

Event Time: 19:30
Italy Feeling Blue Jazz al Saint Patrick Jazz Club

Feeling Blue Jazz al Saint Patrick Jazz Club Barletta
Vanna Sasso – Voce
Domenico Balducci – Pianoforte
Dario Doronzo – Flicorno
Giuseppe Bissanti – Sax
Pino Catino – Batteria


“Feeling Blue Jazz” at the Saint Patrick Jazz Club Barletta
Vanna Sasso – Voice
Domenico Balducci – Piano
Dario Doronzo – Flugelhorn
Giuseppe Bissanti – Sax
Pino Catino – Drums

Contact: Francesco Petruzzelli | +39 3486618546
Official Website: https://m.facebook.com/Feeling-Blue-Jazz-220198388395064/

Event Time: 22:00
Italy Jazz Island for UNESCO

The Sardinia team of the Youth Committee UNESCO,with Time in Jazz and Paolo Fresu are delighted to invite everybody to an amazing trip across Sardinia. A day dedicated to touring jazz events, to promote the UNESCO message, encouraging people to enjoy and discover our local fabulous heritage. Stops on the tour include:  Palau, Berchidda, Sassari, Nuoro and ending at Su Nuraxi di Barumini.

Contact: Sara Simona Cipolla | +39 380 3299197
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Palau, Berchidda, Sassari, Nuoro and Su Nuraxi di Barumini
Viale Su Nuraxi
Barumini, Sardinia 09021

Event Time: 12:00

Words and sounds of afro-american music with Danilo MEMOLI, piano and Alessandro ALBA, alto saxophone

Contact: Danilo Memoli

Libreria Palazzo Roberti
Via Da Ponte 34
Bassano, VICENZA 36061

Event Time: 17:30 - 19:30
Italy Bergamo for International Jazz Day 2015

The Centro Didattico produzione Musica Europe produced a concert featuring numerous musicians from Bergamo and the neighboring cities: Gianluigi Trovesi, Claudio Angeleri, Gabriele Comeglio, Dario Faiella, Sergio Orlandi, Guilio Visibelli, Gianni Bergamelli, Andrea Andreoli, Marco Esposito, Michele Gentilini and many more.

Contact: Claudio Angeleri | +39 035 235654
Official Website: http://www.cdpm.it

Centro Congressi Giovanni XXIII
108 Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII
Bergamo 24122

Event Time: 20:00 - 00:00
Italy Bergamo per International Jazz Day 2016

Over 150 musicians from Bergamo will be involved in several conferences, concerts, masterclasses, and jazz club gigs focused around the global concert on April 30th celebrating International Jazz Day.

Contact: Claudio Angeleri | +39 335 8202456

Auditorium di Piazza Libertà

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Bergamo per International Jazz Day

Bergamo for International Jazz Day 2017: 19 events, 14 locations, more than 150 musicians.
The city of jazz: concerts.
The city of listening : lessons and conferences.
The city of eyes: photo exhibitions.

Contact: Claudio Angeleri | +39 3358202456
Official Website: http://www.cdpm.it

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Bergamo for International Jazz Day 2018

Bergamo for International Jazz Day 2017: 19 events, 14 locations, more than 150 musicians.
The city of jazz: concerts.
The city of listening: lessons and conferences.
The city of eyes: photo exhibitions.

Contact: Claudio Angeleri | +39 3358205456
Official Website: http://www.cdpm.it

Event Time: 20:00
Italy International Jazz Day Bisceglie

makeart live quartet
giuseppe giaffredo (tromba)
danilo giuliani (pianoforte)
francesco martinelli (contrabbasso)
gennaro salvatore pansini (batteria)

Contact: Piergiorgio de Savino | +39 373 7778332

makeart / social cafè
via cardinale dell'olio n.18
Bisceglie, puglia 76011

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Matteo Brancaleoni

Italian crooner appreciated and highly regarded by the likes of Renzo Arbore, and Michael Bublé, Matteo Brancaleoni is considered one of the leading Italian interpreters of the American ‘Songbook’. He has sold more than 25 thousand albums in Italy, USA, Japan, France, Germany, Canada.

Contact: Bravo Caffè | +39 051 266112
Official Website: http://www.matteobrancaleoni.com

Bravo Cafè
Via Mascarella 1
Bologna 40126
+39 051 266112

Event Time: 9pm - 11:30pm
Italy Jazz Day with the students of Conservatory G. B. Martini – Bologna

The Conservatory participates in a special way to the UNESCO International Jazz Day. The best groups of the class jazz at the Conservatory of Bologna will perform with the masters Tomaso Lama, Diana Torto, Stefano Zenni and Paolo Silvestri. The concert is dedicated to the talented Enrico Landi.

Contact: Carla Monni - Press Office

Sala Bossi - Conservatory G. B. Martini
Piazza Rossini, n° 2
Bologna 40100

Event Time: 18:00
Italy Jazz 4 Peace Celebration!

Jazz for Peace Celebration is a nonprofit event organized by the Italian Artists 4 Peace Association to promote PEACE on earth and honour the International Jazz Day of UNESCO by sharing the Message of Prem Rawat Ambassador of Peace. Some of the most talented Jazz Musicians will be invited to play.

Contact: Corinna Presi | +39 366 1987047

Piazza Santo Stefano

Event Time: 17:00
Italy Uri Caine Ensemble plays Gershwin

Uri Caine, Theo Bleckmann, Barbara Walker,
Ralph Alessi, Chris Speed, Joyce Hammann, Mark Helias, Jim Black play the most popular compositions by Gershwin. The concert is included in the project “America 900”.

Contact: Paola Soffià | +39 051 6493397
Official Website: http://www.bolognafestival.it

Bologna Teatro Manzoni
Via de' Monari 3

Event Time: 20:30
Italy Inside Jazz Quartet

Tino Tracanna: sax; Massimo Colombo: piano; Attilio Zanchi: acoustic bass; Tommy Bradascio: drums. Presentation on the CD “Portraits.” Dedicated to the music of Monk, Shorter, Swallow, Carla Bley and Yusef Lateef.

Contact: Attilio Zanchi | +39 335 6773125

Via Ostiglia, 3B
Brescia 25010
+39 030 2319383

Event Time: 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Italy David Liebman – Ellery Eskelin Quartet

Nuovo Eden hosted a concert featuring the David Liebman – Ellery Eskelin Quartet. With a two saxophone front line, this group traverses into the free jazz world with a definite grounding in tradition.

Contact: Francesca Raimondi

Nuovo Eden
via Nino Bixio 9
Brescia 25122

Event Time: 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Italy John Taylor piano solo

To those who deeply love the piano. A concert that reveals the magic and astonishing rhythm of the music.

Contact: Jazz In Eden

Teatro Romano
Via Musei
Brescia 25122

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Musicamdo Club Camerino International Jazz Day

Racconti di Jazz
Paolo Piangiarelli “L’ultimo concerto di Charlie Parker / 5 marzo 1955”
Raymond Quintet
Leonardo Francesconi, piano
Riccardo Paggi, contrabbasso
Roberto Bisello, batteria
Simone Pontani, chitarra
Matteo Parri, trombone
Jam Sesssion

Contact: daniele massimi
Official Website: http://musicamdo.it

Musicamdo Club - Camerino
Piazza San Filippo
Camerino, Macerata 62032

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Multiculturita Summer Jazz Festival & The Writer Played Celebrate International Jazz Day

Multiculturita Summer Jazz Festival & The Writer Played celebrate with the presentation of the book by Carmela Formicola “When I played the jazz” (published by Florestan), the concert bassists Pierluigi Balducci and Vincenzo Maurogiovanni and a jam session. The event will be hosted by Michele Laricc

Contact: Alceste Ayroldi | 393 392986949
Official Website: http://www.multiculturita.it

Biblioteca Comunale
piazza Giacomo Matteotti
Capurso, Puglia 70010
393 392986949

Event Time: 8pm - 12pm
Italy Casalmaggiore Jazz Day 2013

Casalmaggiore Jazz Day 2013 is an event “self-organized” by some firends and musicians of the Cremona/Parma/Mantova area in Italy to celebrate International Jazz Day.
The concert and jam session is hosted in the public library with switches in a ‘jazz club’ for a night

Contact: Andrea Acquaroni | +393358471715
Official Website: http://casalmaggiorejazzday.blogspot.it

Bibioteca A.E.Mortara
via Marconi, 8
Casalmaggiore 26041

Event Time: 9pm - 11:30pm
Italy Casalmaggiore Jazz Day 2015

Organizers presented the fourth edition of the Casalmaggiore Jazz Day, featuring performances by area professionals and amateurs. Following last year’s sold-out success, in 2015 the event expanded to include collateral events targeting young people.

Contact: Andrea Acquaroni
Official Website: http://casalmaggiorejazzday.blogspot.it/

Teatro Comunale di Casalmaggiore
via Azzo Porzio
Casalmaggiore, Cremona 26041

Event Time: 21:15 - 23:30
Italy Casalmaggiore Jazz Day 2016

Celebrating its 5th year, Casalmaggiore Jazz Day (CJD) was one of the first Italian celebrations of International Jazz Day. This year, jazz musicians from around the area will come together and play a huge jam session. People and musicians of all ages, from 19 to 80 years old, will celebrate this amazing music.

Contact: Andrea Acquaroni | +393 358 471715

Teatro Comunale Casalmaggiore

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Casalmaggiore Jazz Day 2017

Celebrating its 6th year, Casalmaggiore Jazz Day (CJD) was one of the first Italian celebrations of International Jazz Day. This year, jazz musicians from around the area will come together and play in a very particular show involving more than forty muscians.

Contact: Andrea Acquaroni | +393358471715
Official Website: http://www.casalmaggiorejazzday.it

Event Time: 21:00
Italy International Jazz Day Caserta at Club DayTwenty9

Association FEELIX, within several jazz musicians, offers a show from 09.00 PM. The evening is dedicated to jazz for members of Feelix, to celebrate the International Jazz Day 2016 and at the same time the first DayTwenty9 club birthday and its 60 jazz concerts played.

Contact: Pasquale Iaselli | +39 823 328124 / +39 335 447991
Official Website: http://www.associazionefeelix.it

FEELIX club DayTwenty9
Via Marchesiello 42
Caserta, Campania 81100

Event Time: 21:00
Italy from POP to JAZZ

An evening from POP to JAZZ. An evening to celebrate JAZZ and to celebrate the second anniversary of jazz club DayTwenty9

Contact: Pasquale Iaselli | +39 335 447991
Official Website: http://www.associazionefeelix.it

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Lezione-concerto del Festival Jazz Lanciano al “Marino” di Casoli

The Festival Jazz Tradizionale di Lanciano presented a lesson-concert by the superb instrumentalist “A. Marino” from Casoli on the occasion of International Jazz Day. Students from the third class learned the history of jazz from the first recording of “Back Home in Indiana” in 1917 to the present day.

Contact: Leda D'Alonzo
Official Website: http://www.tgmax.it

Via del Campo n.35
Casoli, Chieti 66043
+39 0872 991357
Italy Daniele Scannapieco ORGAN TRIO – International Jazz Day

30 APR 2017
– International Jazz Day –

Daniele Scannapieco / tenor saxophone
Alessio Busanca / hammond
Luigi del Prete / drums

@ Baccanera Enoteca & Wine bar
via 4 Novembre
Castellammare di Stabia

Contact: Alessio Busanca | +39 3475492147
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1874178032805815

Event Time: 21:00
Italy 2014 International Jazz Day

A jazz concert with Enrico Rava & the Giovanni Guidi Duo, featuring Rosalba Bentivoglio.

Contact: Cateno Piazza | +39 3280246936
Official Website: http://www.cataniafilmfest.it/

Teatro Ambasciatori
Via Eleonora D'Angiò
Catania, Sicily 95125
+39 3280246936

Event Time: 9:00 pm - 1:00 am
Italy Triton Jazz Trio

The municipal library presented a jazz trio performance featuring Antonio Petralia (Drums), Salvo Beffumo (Bass) and Gaetano Spartà (Piano).

Contact: Antonio Petralia | +393457447035

Biblioteca Comunale
Via Dello Stadio 19
Sant'Agata Li Battiati
Catania 95030

Event Time: 20:30 - 22:30
Italy James Taylor Quartet and Jazz Marathon

A long marathon with Sicilian jazz bands and the amazing band of James Taylor Quartet in exclusivity. Several bands on differents stages from afternoon till late night.

Contact: Catania Jazz | +39 342 3263336
Official Website: http://cataniajazz.com

Via Vela 6
Catania 95131

Event Time: 18:00

MARATHON JAZZ will take place 06.00 p.m. until 03.00 a.m. in the morning with many bands such as Santi Scarcella, PoPjEzZ,Maria Pia De Vito trio, and Camera Soul.

Contact: Pompeo Benincasa | +39 3423263336
Official Website: http://www.cataniajazz.com

Event Time: 18:00
Italy Walter Ricci Quartet with special guest Antonio Imparato

For this occasion, Relais Villa Buonanno will host some of the most well respected musicians in the Italian scene including: Walter Ricci (voice), Antonio Imparato (Trumpet & Flugelhorn), Michele Di Martino (Piano), Ron Grieco (Doublebass), Elio Coppola (Drums)

Contact: Antonio Imparato | +39 3397470372
Official Website: http://www.relaisvillabuonanno.it/hotel/contatti.php

Relais Villa Buonanno
Viale Buonanno, 10
Cercola, Napoli 80040

Event Time: 10:30 - 1am
Italy BlueArt Management presenta "The Quintet" – Flavio Boltro, Emanuele Cisi, Eric Legnini, Massimiliano Rolff, Adam Pache

BlueArt Management presenta “The Quintet”

Flavio Boltro – Trumpet
Emanuele Cisi – Tenor Sax
Eric Legnini – Piano
Massimiliano Rolff – Double Bass
Adam Pache – Drums

In collaborazione con il Jazz Club Chiavari

Patrocinato dal Comune di Chiavari

Un evento imperdibile, cinque top player con una produzione originale per celebrare nel migliore dei modi l’International Jazz Day.

Contact: Rosario Moreno | +39 0185 364500

Event Time: 21:30

Teate Winter Festival in collaborazione con Comitato Giovani UNESCO Abruzzo.

LIBERARTE Corso Marrucino 149
Info: +39 3894438673

P.za G.B. Vico

Info: +39 0871330844

MALTO & co. Via degli Agostiniani 10
Info: +39 3477133599

Ore: 22:00 ISIMUL
CUEVA BRIGANTE Via porta Pescara
Info: +39 32848361


Teate Winter Festival in collaboration with UNESCO Youth Committee of Abruzzo.

Contact: Grazia Di Muzio | +39 3408113016
Official Website: http://www.teatewinterfestival.com

Event Time: 17:30


Lo Swing è un elemento fondamentale del linguaggio jazzistico ed è un genere musicale che nasce negli 1920-1930 in due contesti culturali e artistici completamente diversi tra loro: Kansas City e New York. Il Teatro Marrucino rende omaggio alla musica italiana ed americana esaltando la creatività e la genialità di un grande compositore della Città di Chieti. I Billy Bros Swing Orchestra & Friends, già riconosciuti dalla critica internazionale come uno dei gruppi swing più importanti del nostro tempo, suoneranno gli arrangiamenti frutto del lungo sodalizio artistico con il compositore Maestro Sante Centurione, scomparso prematuramente 3 anni fa.


The Swing is a fundamental part of the language of jazz and a musical genre born to a period in jazz history between 1920 and 1930 years, and two completely different cultural and artistic contexts: Kansas City and New York. The Marrucino Theatre intend to give an homage at American and Italian music celebrating creativeness and cleverness of a big composer of City of Chieti. The Billy Bros Swing Orchestra & Friends, already recognized by international critics as one of the most important swing groups of our time, will perform arrangements as a result of the long artistic partnership with composer Maestro Sante Centurion, who died prematurely three years ago.

Contact: Cesare Di Martino | +39 0871 321491
Official Website: http://www.teatromarrucino.eu/index.php?lang=1&item=1&page=2&evento=337

Event Time: 18:00
Italy Cinisello Balsamo : Giornata internazionale del Jazz

Lezione concerto a cura dei docenti della scuola/Concert lectures by the school teachers:
Marco Detto (pianoforte)
Valerio Luraghi (batteria/drum)
Marco Ricci (contrabbasso/bass)
Sandro Di Pisa (chitarra/guitar)
Giampiero Spina (chitarra/guitar)
Antonello Monni (saxophone)

Contact: Civica scuola di musica Salvatore Licitra | +39 02 6600 395

Villa Ghirlanda Silva
via Frova, 10
Cinisello Balsamo, Milano/Lombardia 20092

Event Time: 15:00
Italy Civica Scuola di Musica S. Licitra for International Jazz Day

In occasione del centenario della prima incisione discografica riportante il termine “Jazz” e del centenario della nascita di Thelonius Monk, la Civica Scuola di Musica Salvatore Licitra del Comune di Cinisello Balsamo organizzano una giornata di concerti e conferenze con l’intento di ripercorrere i momenti salienti di questo genere musicale a partire dalla sua nascita.


To mark the centenary of the first jazz recording and the birth of Thelonious Monk, the Municipal School of Music Salvatore Licitra in Cinisello Balsamo will organize a day of concerts and conferences to highlight key moments in the history of jazz since its inception.

Contact: Civica Scuola di Musica Salvatore Licitra | +39 026 600395
Official Website: http://www.comune.cinisello-balsamo.mi.it/spip.php?article21760

Event Time: 15:30
Italy Sera in Jazz con Jop Five Quintet

Concert of Jop Five Quintet with Jam Session

Contact: Roberta Carucci | +39 348 8842931
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/robertacarucciprogressart/?pnref=lhc

Lungomare Piermartiri
Civitanova Marche, Marche 62012

Event Time: 21:00
Italy International Jazz Day 2015 in Clusone

Organizer presented a performance by the Continental Quartet, featuring musicians from Africa, Asia, America and Europe: Dudù Kouate, percussion (Senegal); Fakhraddin Gafarov, oud/tar/saz (Azerbaijan); Humberto Amesquita, trombone (Perú); Gabriele Lattuada, percussion (Italy).

Contact: Gian Paolo Poletti | +39.335.6508885
Official Website: http://www.clusonejazz.it

Scuole Superiori/Teatro Mons. Tomasini
via Oratorio S.G. Bosco
Clusone (BG) 24023

Event Time: 10:00
Italy Jam Session – Massimiliano Rocchetta Trio

MAXIMILIAN ROCCHETTA, PAUL GHETTI, STEFANO PAOLINi will perform with a jam session to follow in the Grotto of the Court in Via de ‘M.L. King, in Coriano Rimini. For info and reservations 0541 658117. In case of bad weather the event will be held in the Theatre of the Court.

Contact: Simone Migani | 33 32183210
Official Website: http://www.facebook.com/jazzaroundrimini

La Cantinetta della Corte
Via M.L. King, a Coriano di Rimini
Coriano Rimini
0541 658117

Event Time: 8pm - 11:30pm
Italy Stefano De Bonis Trio

STEFANO DE BONIS – Grandpiano and Fender Rhodes
ANDREA ALESSI – Doublebass

Three great musicians performed in the beautiful setting of the Grotto, in Coriano. Followed by a jam session.

Contact: Sara | 3384788504

Cantinetta della Corte
Via M.L.King
Coriano, Rimini 47853

Event Time: 08:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Italy Timbuctù Orkestra + John de Leo

Jazz Around Rimini in association with Cantinetta della Corte, Ama Mapu and Enoteca Burioli
Pepe Medri: Bandoneon
Giancarlo Bianchetti: Guitar and Percussions
Gianluca Ravaglia: Doublebass
Dimitri Sillato: Piano, Violin
Valeria Sturba: Vocals, Theremin
John de Leo: Vocals

Contact: Fabio Cavola | +39 0541 658117

Cantinetta Della Corte
via Martin luther King
Coriano (Rn), Emilia Romagna, 47853
0541 658117

Event Time: 21:30 - 23:30
Italy MYO and FRIENDS feat. Gabriele Mirabassi & As Madalenas

In occasione dell’International Jazz Day, la MYO – Mondaino Young Orchestra presenta dal vivo “MYO and FRIENDS”,
nuovo lavoro discografico che vede la presenza di Maurizio Giammarco, Roberto Gatto, Gabriele Mirabassi, Antonello Salis e LucaSirianni.
Al CorTe Teatro Coriano la MYO ospita Gabriele Mirabassi e As Madalenas
#jazzDay #myomondaino

Contact: Andrea Olimpi | +393385461169
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/MondainoYoungOrchestra

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Virginio Aiello "Cole Porter's World"

Anche Cosenza celebra l’International Jazz Day 2017. Nella suggestiva cornice del Franz Teatro, domenica 30 aprile alle ore 18:30 saranno di scena Virginio Aiello al pianoforte e Danilo Guido al sax con il nuovo progetto “Cole Porter’s World”. Cole Porter, fra i più sofisticati compositori della musica jazz, è considerato uno dei cinque grandi del musical americano (gli altri erano George Gershwin, Irving Berlin, Jerome Kern e la coppia Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart).

Contact: Virginio Aiello | 3921263468

Event Time: 18:30
Italy 78 Giri Hot Ensemble in concerto

In occasione della Giornata Internazionale del Jazz 2017, la Big Band 78 Giri Hot Ensemble, diretta da Claudio Bianzino, organizza un concerto con brani tratti dal repertorio delle più celebri Big Band americane, come quelle di Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Woody Herman e con gli arrangiamenti di Sammy Nestico, Neal Hefti e Thad Jones.


To celebrate the International Day of Jazz 2017, the Big Band 78 Tours Hot Ensemble, conducted by Claudio Bianzino, will organize a concert with songs from the repertoire of the most famous Big American Band, like those of Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Woody Herman, and arrangements by Sammy Nestico, Thad Jones, and Neal Hefti.

Contact: Claudio Bianzino

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Casalmaggiore Jazz Day 2014

In the 3rd edition of the CJD, the celebration moved to Casalmaggiore’s opera theatre thanks to the success of the past editions. As usual, the concert was joined by jazz (and not only) musicians from the area. This year the event was connected with collateral events and charity initiatives.

Contact: Andrea Acquaroni
Official Website: http://casalmaggiorejazzday.blogspot.it/

Teatro Comunale
via Azzo Porzio
Cremona 26041

Event Time: 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Guitarist John Scofield performed with the Pablo Held Trio at the Giovanni Arvedi Auditorium at the Violin Museum in Cremona.

Contact: Uno Media Srl | +390372.080809

Museo del Violino
Piazza Marconi, 5
Cremona, Lombardia 26100

Event Time: 21:00 - 23:30
Italy Paolo Bonifacio & His Band + Late Night Jam Session

Agorà Club was proud to host this concert and jam session featuring Paolo Bonifacio, in support of our wonderful musician community.

Contact: Roberto Gelli
Official Website: http://www.agoracircolo.it/

Agorà Circolo Arci
via monte Grappa 27
Cusano Milanino 20095

Event Time: 10:00 pm - 2:00 am
Italy Bergamo for International Jazz Day

Over 70 jazz musicians coming from Bergamo and northern Italy presented different jazz projects, both original and classic (swing, bebop, funky, ethnic, modern jazz). The concert was promoted by CDpM Europe jazz school. Musicians included: Claudio Angeleri, Gabriele Comeglio, Gianluigi Trovesi, CDpM Europe big band, Sergio Orlandi and many others.

Contact: Claudio Angeleri

Cielo Live
Via Provinciale 58
Dalmine 24100

Event Time: 9:30 pm - 12:00 am
Italy International Jazz Day Fabriano

International Jazz Day Fabriano

presso Botteghino Agricolo Chiaraluce Taverna del Palazzo e Lo Sverso

Ecco i Dettagli

sab29 h.19 @ botteghino agricolo chiaraluce
mauro gubbiotti piano
mauro cimarra batteria
marco agostinelli sax
pier chiaraluce contrabbasso

domenica 30 h.17.30 @ teatro don bosco fabriano
orchestra concordia

h.19 @ la taverna del palazzo
giammarco polini chitarra
mauro cimarra batteria
pier chiaraluce contrabbasso

h22 @ lo sverso


Contact: Pier Chiaraluce | +393282716819

Event Time: 19:00
Italy Fano Jazz Network

Fano Jazz Network will celebrate the important meaning of International Jazz Day on April 30th with a series of concerts and jam sessions involving musicians from the area’s schools and public institutions. This event will be in collaboration with the Marches Jazz Network.

Contact: Adriano Pedini | +393407867955
Official Website: http://www.fanojazznetwork.it/

Pala J - Porto Marina dei Cesari
Lungomare Mediterraneo, 24
Fano, Pesaro Urbino 61032
0721 803043

Event Time: 11:30am
Italy Fano Jazz Network celebrates International Jazz Day

Organizers presented a program of education and performance events in different venues around town:

11:00 Jazz History Seminar
18:00 Workshop with Luca Conti, Director of “Musica Jazz” at the Mediateca Montanari
21:15 Concert featuring Antonio Sanchez and Migration at the Teatro della Fortuna
23:00 Jam session at Jazz Club Osteria il Caicco

Contact: Adriano Pedini | +393420601568
Official Website: http://www.fanojazznetwork.it/jip2013/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=39&Itemid=162

Teatro della Fortuna - Mediateca Montanari - Jazz Club
Piazza XX Settembre, 1
Fano 61032

Event Time: 11:00 - 23:45
Italy Fano Jazz Network celebrates International Jazz Day 2016

A Jazz Day in Fano.
11:00 Jazz History Seminar (Louis Armstrong)
18:00 Workshop with L. Conti, Director of “Musica Jazz”, and R. Valentino at the Mediateca Montanari
21:15 Concert: Pacassoni/Vochezer European Jazz 4tet at Teatro della Fortuna
23:00 Jam Session at Jazz Club Osteria del Caicco

Contact: Adriano Pedini | +39 072 1803043
Official Website: http://fanojazznetwork.it

Teatro della Fortuna - MeMo - Osteria del Caicco
Piazza XX Settembre Fano
Fano PU 61032

Event Time: 11:00
Italy Fano Jazz Network celebrates International Jazz Day 2017

Fano Jazz Network celebra la giornata mondiale dedicata Jazz con una serie di eventi all’interno della rassegna Jazz ‘in provincia

11:00 – Teatro della Fortuna (Fano) “Ma cos’è il Jazz?” la storia del Jazz raccontata e suonata dalla MYO Mondaino Young Orchestra (concerto didattico riservato alle scuole)

16:30 – Chiesa dell’Annunziata (Pesaro) Dimitri Grechi Espinoza (sax solo)

18:30 – Teatro della Fortuna (Fano) Ivan Mazuze Quartet

21:00 – Osteria del Caicco (Fano) Jam Session at Jazz Club


Fano Jazz Network will celebrate International Jazz Day with a series of jazz-inspired events and performances:

11:00 – Teatro della Fortuna (Fano) “But what is Jazz?” the history of Jazz told and played by MYO Mondaino Young Orchestra (concert reserved for schools)

16:30 – Church of the Annunciation (Pesaro) Dimitri Greeks Espinoza (sax solo)

18:30 – Teatro della Fortuna (Fano) Ivan Mazuze Quartet

21:00 – Osteria del Caicco (Fano) Jam Session at Jazz Club

Contact: Adriano Pedini | +39 0721 584321
Official Website: http://www.fanojazznetwork.it/concerto/ivan-mazuze-quartet/

Event Time: 11:00
Italy JazzEsco: il Jazz raccontato dai giovani UNESCO @Villa Emo

Una giornata immersi nel Jazz, accompagnati da musicisti professionisti, cullati da una Villa patrimonio Unesco tra relax, visite guidate, musica, dj set, cibo e cultura.

Ivan Tibolla, Lite Orchestra, JamFastival, Lafrae Olivia Sci e molti altri si alterneranno per raccontarsi, tramite la musica.

JazzEsco: Jazz told by young people – UNESCO @villa Emo

An entire day dedicated to Jazz, with professional musicians, at Villa Emo, UNESCO inscribed site. Relaxation, guided tours, music, DJ sets, food and culture.

Ivan Tibolla, Lite Orchestra, JamFastival, Lafrae Olivia Sci and many others will participate to tell people about music and share their stories.

Contact: Ginevra Gadioli | +39 339 7098383
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Villa Emo
Via Stazione, 5
Fanzolo, Vedelago, Treviso, Veneto 31050

Event Time: 00:30
Italy Jazz It Up #2

In order to celebrate jazz, Cotton Club, an eyewear company, dedicates to the public a special event featuring the Lite Orchestra Quartet.
The leitmotiv of our brand is in fact a contemporary reinterpretation of the “jazz attitude” that means testing, break from patterns, improvisation.

Contact: Isadora De Mori

Unisono Jazz, Rstaurant & Cafe'
Feltre 32032

Event Time: 20:30
Italy Lorenzo Tucci Trio + Daniele Scannapieco

Lorenzo Tucci batteria
Daniele Scannapieco sax tenore
Luca Bulgarelli contrabbasso
Luca Mannutza pianoforte
Con questo trio ascolteremo un jazz moderno/contemporaneo. I brani, tutti originali di Lorenzo Tucci avranno un sapore nuovo, vivace e moderno.

Lorenzo Tucci – drums
Daniele Scannapieco – sax tenore
Luca Bulgarelli – bass
Luca Mannutza – piano
This trio will play modern/contemporary jazz. The songs, all from Lorenzo Tucci will have a new flavor; lively and modern.

Contact: Nicolò Ferrari | +39 392 8667648
Official Website: http://www.unisonojazz.it

Palazzo Guarnieri
Piazza Maggiore 4
Feltre, Belluno/Veneto 32032

Event Time: 21:00

For the International Jazz Day 2014, Jazz Club Ferrara in collaboration with La Festa del Libro Ebraico (Jewish Book Festival) was glad to present to Ben Goldberg Trio, featuring Ben Goldberg, clarinet, Greg Cohen, double bass and Kenny Wollesen, drums.

Contact: Jazz Club Ferrara | + 39 339 7886261
Official Website: http:// http://www.jazzclubferrara.com

St. Paul's Cloister
Corso Porta Reno, 60
Ferrara 44121

Event Time: 09:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Italy “Song Improvisations” Concert & Jam

With “Song Improvisations” clinics, solidarity and music in abundance for the last round signed in Ferrara Jazz 2014-2015 with Marta Raviglia, Silvia Donati, Piero Bittolo Bon, Alfonso Santimone, Danilo Gallo and Zeno De Rossi

Contact: Eleonora Sole Travagli | 0039 339 6116217
Official Website: http://twitter.com/jazzclubferrara

Jazz Club Ferrara
Corso Porta Mare, 112
Ferrara, Ferrara, Emilia Romagna 440121
339 7886261

Event Time: 10:00 - 2:00
Italy Verdi’s Mood by Cinzia Tedesco

1/05/2016 : VERDI’s MOOD by Cinzia Tedesco, progetto ideato dalla vocalist jazz Cinzia Tedesco (Ambasciatrice di Pace del Centro Internazionale di Pace di Assisi) che canta arie delle opere di Giuseppe Verdi in chiave jazz. Patrocinato dal MIBACT Ministero Beni Culturali Italia. “Pure jazz project”.

May 1st, 2016: VERDI ‘s MOOD by Cinzia German, project created by jazz vocalist Cinzia Tedesco (Ambassador of Peace at the International Center of Peace in Assisi) singing arias from operas by Giuseppe Verdi.  Supported by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage in Italy . “Pure jazz project”.

Contact: Piero Agnusdei Carmine Altobelli | +39 (333)-875-6756
Official Website: http://www.clubunescolucera.it/

Teatro Garibaldi - LUCERA
Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi
FG, Puglia 71036

Event Time: 19:30
Italy Intenational Jazz Day alle Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi a cura di Empoli JAzz

Intenational Jazz Day alla Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi (FI) a cura di Empoli Jazz in collabrazione con Mibac e Associazione Amici della Villa Medicea e col Patrocinio del Comune di Cerreto Guidi ed Empoli . Visite guidate e concerto con aperitivo con Petrella-Papadia Duets info:www.empolijazz.com

Contact: Empoli Jazz | +39 057 1710932
Official Website: http://www.empolijazz.com

Villa Medicea di Cerreto Guidi
Via Ponti Medicei,7
Cerreto Guidi
Firenze 50050

Event Time: 20:00
Italy We Jazz

Music Pool and the Youth Committee of the Italian Commission for UNESCO, Tuscany, present WE JAZZ at the Medici Villa of the Poggio Imperiale, UNESCO World Heritage site. Guided tours, concerts and improvisations, wine tastings, interactive and entertaining moments and much more!

Contact: Chiara Bocchio
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Villa Medicea del Poggio Imperiale
Piazzale del Poggio Imperiale, 1,
Firenze, Tuscany 50125

Event Time: 17:30
Italy VG Big Band frontline from new album Kononia

La VG Big Band e’ una delle più travolgenti formazioni toscane, pur avendo una matrice prevalentemente jazzistica, non è una formazione di swing, ma il suo stile è fortemente influenzato dall’acid jazz, dal funk e dal soul. Yummy restaurant vi aspetta per una serata dedicata al grande jazz.

VG Big Band is one of the most wellknown band in Toscane. While having a predominantly jazz matrix, it is not swing music, but his style is greatly influenced from acid jazz, funk and soul. Yummy restaurant welcomes guests for an evening dedicated to great jazz.

Contact: Lavinia Beni | +39 328 4892088

Yummy bar restaurant
Via F. Baracca 1A/F
Firenze 50127

Event Time: 20:30
Italy Young Jazz 2015 Connection

A musical marathon dedicated to the jazz of the future.
15 young musicians will be combined in 6 different line up
A gathering of young talents with their latest musical productions in the scenario of one of the most beautiful squares in Florence

Contact: Gianni Pini | +39 055 240397
Official Website: http://www.eventimusicpool.it/

Piazza San Firenze
Florence, Tuscany 50122

Event Time: 19:00 - 02:00
Italy International Jazz Day in Foggia

MOODY JAZZ CAFE’ & UNESCO CLUB of FOGGIA are pleased to host INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY in Foggia. From morning to night we organized some events that join various kinds of arts and subjects: Literature, Education, Cinema, Kitchen, History, Philosophy and obviously Music. All in the name of JAZZ. Peace

Contact: Nino Antonacci | +39.881.71.14.32
Official Website: http://www.moodyjazzcafe.it

Moody Jazz Cafe
Via Nedo Nadi 5
Foggia 71122

Event Time: 10:30am - 1:15pm

MOODY JAZZ CAFE were pleased to host INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY in Foggia. From morning to night we organized some events that joined various kinds of arts and subjects: literature, education, cinema, food, history, art and, obviously, music with the RINO ZURZOLO septet.

Contact: Nino Antonacci | 0881711432
Official Website: http://www.moodyjazzcafe.it

Via Nedo Nadi 5
Foggia, Foggia 71122

Event Time: 10:03 am - 01:13 am

Anche FOGGIA partecipa alla IV ed. dell’International Jazz Day promossa dall’UNESCO.
“Callas in Jazz” è uno spettacolo che omaggia la “divina” e si caratterizza per l’interessante contaminazione del linguaggio lirico con quello jazz, grazie agli originali arrangiamenti di Silvano Mastromatteo.

Contact: Agostino Ruscillo | +39.338.2691879
Official Website: http://www.clubunescofoggia.it

Teatro U. Giordano
Piazza Cesare Battisti
Foggia, Puglia 71122

Event Time: 21:00 - 23:00
Italy The Story of Jazz in the Story of my life by Riccardo Di Filippo

Moody jazz cafè presents Riccardo Di Filippo. He’s 85 and he’s one of the best jazz music expert in Italy. He wrote a jazz encyclopedia composed of 12.000 pages. He will narrate the story of jazz connected to his life with some video.

Contact: Nino Antonacci | + 39 (0) 881.70.86.72
Official Website: http://www.moodyjazzcafe.it

Al Primo Piano / Moody jazz cafè
Via P. Scrocco 27
Foggia, Puglia 71121

Event Time: 20:30 - 23:30
Italy International Jazz Day | Foggia | A cena con Miles

AQVA MOOD presents:
Enrico Merlin is an Italian musician, writer and musicologist. He’s one of the most important Miles’ expert in the world.
He also wrote some book about him.
He will bring audience inside Miles’ art and history with music, storytelling and curiosity.
During the evening, after the show, the audience could taste traditional creole food.
God bless jazz

Contact: Nino Antonacci
Official Website: http://www.moodyjazzcafe.it

Event Time: 20:59
Italy King Zulu: “Jazz is the Revolt of the Emotions Against Repression”

A projection of the Pasolini film “Appunti per un’Orestiade africana” followed by readings on jazz history and an evening concert by the improvisational group Gyroscope will explore the influence of AfricanJazz music in the world of pop and dance music to be followed by a DJ set.

Contact: Associazione Culturale Young Jazz | +39 3476709568
Official Website: http://www.youngjazz.it/

Libreria Carnevali and Enoteca La Lumaca Ubriaca
via Mazzini 47
Piazza del Grano
Foligno, PG 06034

Event Time: 5pm - 10pm
Italy "Sospendete L'incredulità"

“Sospendete l’incredulità” Monologo sulla Storia del jazz di Marcello Galati. Sospendere l’incredulità per pensare vere le origini del jazz: Bessie Smith, muore lungo il percorso che la conduce ad un ospedale per neri mentre l’incidente stradale di cui era stata vittima era accaduto davanti ad un ospedale per bianchi. Sospendete l’incredulità per credere vera… la verità. Line Up Tiziana Risolo Voce, Enzo Lanzo batteria jazz.

Locazzione: Via TA/LE 3. Fragagnano, Italia / Puglia / Taranto


“Suspended disbelief” monologue on the history of Marcello Galati jazz. Suspended disbelief makes the audience think about the true origins of jazz. Line up to include Tiziana Risolo (Voice), and Enzo Lanzo (jazz drums).

Contact: Jazz Club

Event Time: 21:00
Italy International Jazz Day / Frattamaggiore / Jazz Improvisation Night

ore 19 aperimovie \ proiezione del film
BIRD di Clint Eastwood
La vita di Charlie Parker, il sassofonista jazz più famoso.
ore 22 concerto \ jam session
IJD \ Frattamaggiore
I migliori musicisti jazz provenienti dall’hinterland napoletano.

19:00 aperimovie / film projection
BIRD, Clint Eastwood
Charlie Parker’s life, the most famous saxophone player
22:00 concert / jam session
Best jazz musicians from the region of Napoli city

Contact: Associazione Culturale Jazz cafè | +39 339 2485992
Official Website: http://www.jazzcafelive.it

Jazz Cafe
Via Genoino
Frattamaggiore, Napoli 80027

Event Time: 19:00
Italy Glauco Ciabatti Pianist of ragtime

Il Pianista da saloon.
Dai quartieri a luci rosse di Saint Louis alle cantine del Gavazzana Blues. Il ragtime è il primo contributo dell’America alla letteratura musicale, la prima forma d’arte propriamente e genuinamente americana…
Alcuni musicisti neri, all’epoca non più schiavi, hanno cominciato a intrattenere gli ex-padroni bianchi suonando il pianoforte dovunque potesse capitare…
Un viaggio accompagnato da proiezioni e narrazioni per scoprire il magico mondo del pianista da Locale i


The saloon pianist.
From the red light districts of Saint Louis to the cantinas of Gavazzana Blues. Ragtime is America’s first contribution to the musical literature, the first form of genuinely and properly American art.
Freed black musicians began to entertain by playing the piano at all possible opportunities.
A journey, accompanied by projections and narrations, to discover the magical world of this local pianist.


Contact: Roberto Ponzano | +33 55900656
Official Website: http://gavazzanablues.it/news/glauco-ciabatti/

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Andrea Pozza & Mattia Cigalini

We were proud to present one of the most talented young Italian saxophone players together with a Genoese icon of italian jazz piano. They warmed the evening with original interpretations of old and new standards, together with songs of their composition.

Contact: Mario De Simoni | +393334706296

Count Basie Jazz Club
Vico Tana 20r
Genova 16126

Event Time: 10:00 pm - 12:00 am
Italy Ducale Jazz

For the first time, the “G. Dagnino” Jazz Museum, the Louisiana Jazz Club, the Borgo Club and the Count Basie Jazz Club of Genoa united for a whole day of jazz music, shows, videos and jazz workshops. Location: Palazzo Ducale. After-hours celebration at the Count Basie Jazz Club.

Contact: Stefano Riggi
Official Website: http://www.countbasie.it/

Palazzo Ducale
Piazza Matteotti 9
Genova 16123

Event Time: 10:00 - 11:59
Italy Marchin’Jazz

On the occasion of the international Jazz Day the UNESCO Youth Committee – Regione Liguria – has organized a marching band through the streets of Genoa with the [email protected] Street Band in cooperation with the Museum of Jazz, the most important jazz clubs and the Conservatory N. Paganini of Genoa.

Contact: Maria Cristina Sabatini | +39 393 3087458
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Historic centre of Genoa
Genoa, GE 16100

Event Time: 18:00
Italy International Jazz Day 2016 – Genova

At the 14 hours Jazz marathon to discover the history of Jazz, its influences and trends, emerging bands and big artists will perform in the beautiful location in Genoa: Palazzo Ducale and Carlo Felice Theater.

This event is organized by Museo del Jazz, Louisiana JC, Count Basie JC and Top1 Communication.

Contact: Stefania Schintu | +39 (347)-008-2416
Official Website: http://www.italianjazzinstitute.com/

Auditorium E. Montale del Teatro Carlo Felice
Passo Eugenio Montale, 4
Genova, GE 16100

Event Time: 10:00
Italy Javier Girotto & Bebo Ferra Duo – International Jazz Day 2017 – Genova

Jazz marathon aims to discover the history of Jazz- its influences and trends. Emerging bands and big artists will perform in the beautiful locations in Genoa: Sala del Munizioniere (Palazzo Ducale) and Carlo Felice Opera House.

This event is organized by the Museum of Jazz, Louisiana JC, Count Basie JC, Gezmataz, Improland and Top1 Communication.

Contact: Stefania Schintu | +39 3470082416
Official Website: http://www.italianjazzinstitute.com/

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Jazz Marathon at Palazzo Ducale – International Jazz Day 2016 – Genova

Jazz marathon aims to discover the history of Jazz- its influences and trends. Emerging bands and big artists will perform in the beautiful locations in Genoa: Sala del Munizioniere (Palazzo Ducale) and Carlo Felice Opera House.

This event is organized by the Museum of Jazz, Louisiana JC, Count Basie JC, Gezmataz, Improland and Top1 Communication.

Contact: Stefania Schintu | +39 3470082416
Official Website: http://www.italianjazzinstitute.com

Event Time: 15:00
Italy Gravina di Catania – International Jazz Day 2016

Gravina of Catania is going to hold and celebrate the 2016 edition of the International Jazz Day and it will last two days. On April 29th , from 20:00 to 23:30, different Jazz bands will play, while on April 30th at 20:30 “Duo Giuliani,” and at 21:30 “Sunny Jazz 4t.” featuring Sal Bonafede.

Contact: Antonio Petralia | +39 345 7447035

Teatro Comunale Angelo Musco
Gravina de Catania, Sicily 95030

Event Time: 20:30
Italy International Jazz Day 2017 – Gravina di Catania

On 28, 29 and 30 April, 2017, Gravina di Catania will host three intense days devoted to jazz. The concerts will take place at the “House of Arts” Gravina di Catania, free entry, all details of the program on the facebook page!!!

Contact: Antonio Petralia | +39 3457447035
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/262758190827419/

Event Time: 19:00
Italy Festival Jazz Tradizionale Lanciano

Lanciano Traditional Jazz Festival presents live CD recorded in the third edition with “Italian Hot Five” (Fabrizio Bosso-trumpet Gianluca Galvani-cornet Luca Mannutza-piano Renato Gattone-doublebass Gianluca Perasole-drums) at Teather Fedele Fenaroli in Lanciano (Italy). Main sponsor: Citra Vini

Contact: Leda D'Alonzo

via Santo Spirito
Lanciano, Chieti 66034

Event Time: 11:30am - 12am
Italy Locomotive Jazz Festival for International Jazz Day 2014

This year, The Locomotive Jazz Festival joined the UNESCO initiative by dedicating a rich concert program to jazz music.

Contact: | +393459219407

Locomotive Jazz Festival
Via degli Ammirati, 11
Lecce, LE 73100

Event Time: 10:30 am
Italy International Jazz Day in Lecco: David Ambrosioni Ebony Project

The History of Clarinet in Jazz, from Benny Goodman to Artie Shaw and others. Music arranged and composed by David Ambrosioni.

Musicians are:

David Ambrosioni, clarinet
Giuseppe Bottarini, guitar
Beppe Nardone, double bass
Elia Ambrosioni, drums

Contact: Giuseppe Bottarini

Frigerio Wine Bar Restaurant
Lecco, Lecco 23900

Event Time: 19:00
Italy International Jazz Day Concert with Pekka Pylkkanen and Francesco Negro

International Jazz Day with Pekka Pylkkanen (sax) and Francesco Negro (piano) will be an occasion to both celebrate and spread jazz music to people who are not used to listen to it. Lecce is a cultural city and venue for arts and music. This is a plus to complete the creative approach to cultural life in the city. Opening with an introduction to jazz by P. Pylkannen, presentation of some jazz books with Icaro Bookstore, and a surprise between sessions 1 & 2 to make music and art interact.

Contact: Pekka Pylkannen | +39 324 8675965
Official Website: http://www.pekkasmusic.com

Muimart fusioni creative
via Palmieri 42
Palazzo Guarini
Lecce 73100

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Lario Jazz Tellers Quartet

Music and tales from the Jazz Age


Michele Giana, clarinet and sax
Giuseppe Bottarini, guitar
Osvaldo Tapparo, double bass
Luca Soresinetti, drums

Contact: giuseppe bottarini | + 39 339 2726671

Event Time: 18:30
Italy Parlami di Jazz – Leuca Jazz Day Tribute

The Lampus nonprofit chooses to celebrate Jazz Day in a very emblematic place: Leuca, the Apulia’s and Italy’s farthest strip, which is also in the centre of the Mediterranean Sea.
23.4 h 21 (Torre di Salignano) Lucia Ianniello and Paolo Tombolesi – an excursus about women composers in jazz
29.4 h 21 (Leuca – Villa Meridiana) “Music and Cartoons” – Fulvio Palese Trio
30.4 h 11 (Leuca – Villa Meridiana) “The color of Jazz” – Painting and music exhibition by Antonio D’Aversa and Ambrogio De Nicola

Contact: Paolo Insalata | +39 347 51 69 946

Event Time: 11:00
Italy JAM Jazz Appreciation Month 2nd Edition

Several Events from April 20 to May 2 will be held in Bagni di Lucca, Pisa, Livorno by including Cd & Book Showcases, Exhibitions, Movies, Conferences, Jam Sessions!

Contact: Alessio Carnemolla | +393386346037

Teatro Nuovo Teatro Delle Commedie
Via G M Terreni 3
Livorno, Tuscany 57100

Event Time: 9:30pm
Italy The Fabulous Twin Pianos Jazz Night

The European Music School Union and the International Music Council presented a concert featuring pianists Matteo Fusaro and Marco Susini with vocalist Iaria Belluci.

Contact: Matteo Fusaro | +393392396105
Official Website: http://www.matteofusaro.it

Hotel Universal
Viale di Antignano 4
Livorno 57128

Event Time: 22:00 - 00:00
Italy Livorno – International Jazz Day

The Nuovo Teatre delle Commedie hosted a jam session featuring over 25 local and international jazz artists in association with the local UNESCO Club and the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, among others.

Contact: Pilar
Official Website: http://www.nuovoteatrodellecommedie.it/programma-teatrale-livorno/international-jazz-day/

Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie
via G. M. Terreni n. 5
Livorno 57100

Event Time: 21:30 - 01:00
Italy 5th Edition Jazz Appreciation Month Livorno 2016

The City of Livorno is the only one in Italy promoting events for the entire month of April since 2012. The event is under the patronage of Unesco Italy. Events include concerts, lessons, conferences, movies, books, showcases, and a masterclass. Presenters include Teatro Goldoni, Teatro NTC, A. Modigliani’s House, Conservatory P. Mascagni, Cineclub Arsenale, libraries, and pubs across the city.

Contact: Andrea Pellegrini | +39 338 6346037
Official Website: http://unescojazzdaylivorno.org

Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie NTC
Via G.M.Terreni 3
Event info: Pilar Ternera
Livorno, Tuscany 57100

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Concerto del Laboratorio di Orchestra Jazz della banda Città di Livorno. Diretta da Andrea Pellegrini. Musiche di Tony Cattano, Kieth Typpett e altri.

JAM Jazz Appreciation Month Livorno 2017, International Jazz Day 2017 – by Comitato UNESCO Jazz Day Livorno – in collaboration with Comune di Livorno and Club UNESCO Livorno – under the high patronage of UNESCO Italy.
Live at Doc “Panem et Circenses”:
7/4 Michela Lombardi e Piero Frassi
14/4 Andrea Pellegrini Green Trios
21/4 Andrea Garibaldi, Nino Pellegrini, Marco Simoncini
28/4 Giacomo Riggi Trio
29/4 Ilaria Bellucci e Andrea Pellegrini

Contact: Doc Livorno

Event Time: 11:00
Italy VI JAM Jazz Appreciation Month & International Jazz Day Livorno

For the 6th time, Livorno will host some 40 jazz events, April 1 through 30! Jazz books and CD showcases, concerts and more. On April 30th, Orchestra leaded by T Cattano & A Pellegrini, Banda Città di Livorno @ the traditional Great Jam Session @ Nuovo Teatro delle Commedie with Andrea Pellegrini, Matteo Bonti, Giacomo Riggi and dozens musicians, Official Patronage Commissione Italana per Unesco, Unesco Club LIvorno, Comune di Livorno. Care of Comitato Unesco Jazz Day Livorno.

Contact: Andrea Pellegrini | +393386346037
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=comitato%20unesco%20jazz%20day%20livorno

Event Time: 20:30
Italy Petrella Jazz Club – Roberto Tarenzi Piano Solo and Hobby Horse in Collaboration with JAR Jazzaroundrimini

Roberto Tarenzi
Piano Solo

Hobby Horse
Dan Kinzelman tenor sax, clarinet, flute, keyboards, percussion, voice, Joe
Rehmer bass, keyboards, voice, Stefano Tamborrino drum, percussion, voice

In partnership with Comitato Giovani CNI UNESCO

Contact: Roberto Alessi | +39 348 5218046
Official Website: http://www.ilteatropetrella.it/index.php/stagione-15-16/petrella-jazz-club/39-stagione/petrella-jazz-club-2/136-scrooge-10

Teatro Petrella
Piazza San Girolamo 3
Longiano, Emilia Romagna 47020

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Petrella Jazz Club – Alessandro Lanzoni Piano Solo e Vocione in Collaboration with JAR Jazzaroundrimini

L’assegnazione del “Top Jazz 2013” come miglior nuovo talento dell’anno, attribuito dai più qualificati giornalisti italiani per la rivista Musica Jazz, colloca ormai a pieno titolo Alessandro Lanzoni fra gli artisti di maggiore personalità del jazz italiano.

musica per Voce, Trombone e Cianfrusaglie
Marta Raviglia, Tony Cattano


Recognized as the year’s best new talent in Musica Jazz magazine’s “Top Jazz 2013” listing, Alessandro Lanzoni rightfully ranks among the greatest Italian jazz artists.

Music for voice, trombone and “junk”
Marta Raviglia, Tony Cattano

Contact: Roberto Alessi | +39 3485218046
Official Website: http://www.ilteatropetrella.it/index.php/stagione-15-17/petrella-jazz-club/44-stagione/petrella-jazz-club-16-17/176-donati-106

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Giornata Internazionale del Jazz – Orizzonte Donna

Free event in Lucca, by Circolo Lucca Jazz, with CasaBlanca jazz quintet: Vittorio Alinari – sax, Alessio Bianchi – trumpet, Andrea Garibaldi – piano, Nino Pellegrini – contrabbasso, Vladimiro Carboni – drums, feat. Michela Lombardi

Contact: Anna Benedetto
Official Website: http://www.luccajazzdonna.it

Palazzo Ducale - Lucca
Cortile Carrara
Palazzo Ducale
Lucca, , Toscana 55100

Event Time: 21:15 - 23:30
Italy Lucca International Jazz Day – Percorsi Didattici Jazz

10:00 – Inauguration of International Jazz Day
with the participation of Paolo Fresu in video conference
10:15 – Presentation of Jazz Documents: “In-Provvisare Jazz”
10:45 – Convention: Jazz Educational Training – Speakers: Franco Caroni e Renzo Cresti
11:30/18:30 – Sinfonia Jazz Masterclass – Introduction to Jazz and improvised music – Teacher: Simone Graziano
21:15 – Jazz Concert – Lorenzo Colombini Trio

Contact: Francesco Massagli - Annateresa Rondinella | +39 3287549801
Official Website: http://www.clubunescolucca.it/

Event Time: 10:00
Italy Lucera Giornata Internazionale del Jazz 2015 : Lucio Ferrara New Quartet in concerto

Lucera. Domenica 26-4-2015 Teatro dell’Opera: concerto del ‘LUCIO FERRARA NEW QUARTET” (Lucio Ferrara chitarra,Andrea Dulbecco vibrafono, Aldo Vigorito basso, Nicola Angelucci batteria) organizzato dal Club UNESCO ‘Federico II’ di Lucera, in collaborazione con ‘Strumenti e Figure’ e Opera S.Giuseppe

Contact: PIETRO AGNUSDEI | +39333-8756756
Official Website: http://www.clubunescolucera.it

Teatro dell'Opera - LUCERA
Via Fiume 19
Lucera, ITALIA - FG - PUGLIA 71036

Event Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Italy "Like a Bob Dylan" by Cinzia Tedesco

Il Club per l’UNESCO di Lucera, con patrocinio e collaborazione della Città d’Arte di Lucera organizza, per il 4° anno consecutivo, una serata AD INGRESSO LIBERO dedicata al jazz. Domenica 30 aprile 2017, ore 19,30, al Teatro comunale Garibaldi di Lucera si esibiscono cinque musicisti d’eccezione impegnati nel progetto “Like a Bob Dylan”, ideato dalla talentuosa interprete jazz italiana Cinzia Tedesco, con la vocalist che ripropone noti brani di Bob Dylan arrangiati in chiave jazz.

Contact: Pietro Agnusdei | 0039-3338756756
Official Website: http://www.clubunescolucera.it

Event Time: 19:30
Italy Musicamdo Jazz

Musicamdo Jazz will celebrate International Jazz Day on April 30th with a tribute to pianist Mike Melillo by title “I Like Mike” a Jazz concert with readings. Mike Melillo, piano, Massimo De Nardo, narrator, Directed by Diego Dezi. This event will be in collaboration with the Marche Jazz Network.

Contact: Daniele Massimi | 00393286111678
Official Website: http://www.musicamdo.it

Lauro Rossi Theatre
Piazza della Libertà
Macerata 62022

Event Time: 9:!5am - 11am
Italy Pippo Matino Refreshing Trio

Pippo Matino Refreshing Trio featuring Pippo Matino (Bass), Umberto Muselli (Tenor Sax), Gianluca Brugnano (Drums).

Contact: Barrio Alto Jazz Club | 081 841 07 22
Official Website: http://www.barrioaltoenoteca.it

Barrio Alto Jazz Club
Via Isonzo, 48
Marigliano, Napoli 80039
081 841 07 22

Event Time: 10pm - 1am
Italy International Jazz day @ Mary Beer Marigliano (Naples) ITALY

Two concerts for free Piazza Municipio Marigliano (Naples) Italy
first set:
Arturo Caccavale – Trumpet, vocals
Stefano Falcone – piano
Ilaria Capalbo – bass, vocals
Luigi Casa – drums

Second set
Flavio Dapiran – trumpet, Flughelhorn
Francesco Marziani – organ
Giuseppe D’Alessandro – drum

Contact: Saverio Sodano
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1189726267736870/

Mary Beer Pub - Piazza Municipio (outside open stage)
Piazza Municipio
Marigliano 80034

Event Time: 20:30

Diane Shuur (voice and piano), Ben Wolfe (bass), Adam Pache (drum), Julian Siegel (sax)

Contact: Gianni Pini | 055 240397
Official Website: http://www.eventimusicpool.it/

Teatro Guglielmi
Piazza del Teatro 1
Massa, Tuscany 54100
0585 41678

Event Time: 21:30 - 23:00
Italy Onyx Jazz Club Matera

All-day-long celebrations in the city of Matera, candidate European Capital of Culture in 2019, with Onyx Jazz Club in the unique venue of Casa Cava.

Contact: Antonio Nicoletti | 393471202345
Official Website: http://www.onyxjazzclub.it

Casa Cava
V. San Pietro Barisano
below the belltower
Matera, Basilicata 75100

Event Time: 10:30am - 12pm
Italy Count Down to Celebrations for 2nd International Jazz Day: April 29th

The association MIfaJAZZ who works estensively to promote Jazz music in Matera, part of Unesco World
heritage funds and the surrounding area. On April 29 we start our count down to celebrations with a jam session to gather musicians and people having fun and focusing attention on jazz music.

Contact: Dino Plasmati | 0039 3281680399
Official Website: http://mifajazzbigband.weebly.com/

Osteria Malatesta
Via San Biagio
Matera 75100
0039 331 2887242

Event Time: 9pm - 2am
Italy International Jazz Day – Matera

Onyx and Casa Cava, with the support of the Instituto Francese in Italia and the Italian National Commission for UNESCO, celebrated the third International Jazz Day in Matera. Event featured a performance by Radio Babel, a vocal ensemble founded in the music of the Mediterranean and the world.

Contact: Antonio Nicoletti
Official Website: http://www.onyxjazzclub.it

Casa Cava
via San Pietro Barisano 47
(accesso sotto il campanile della chiesa)
Matera, Basilicata 75100

Event Time: 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Italy International Jazz Day – Matera. Trent’anni di Onyx Jazz Club

Organizers celebrated the fourth annual International Jazz Day in Matera in conjunction with the 30th anniversary of the Onyx Jazz Club. Festivities featured a photo exhibition, testimonials and live music.

“Il IV International Jazz Day a Matera è anche il primo dopo la nomina a Capitale Europea della Cultura 2019. Soprattutto, è quello dei trent’anni dell’Onyx Jazz Club. Verrà celebrato il jazz e il suo legame con il patrimonio storico-artistico del materano, mediante immagini, testimonianze, musica.”

Contact: Antonio Nicoletti | 3471202345
Official Website: http://www.onyxjazzclub.it

Casa Cava
Via San Pietro Barisano 47
(Ingresso sotto il campanile della chiesa di San Pietro Barisano)
Matera, Basilicata 75100

Event Time: 18:30 - 23:00
Italy Gezziamoci 2016 – Giornata Internazionale del Jazz

Il Jazz per Immagini e Racconti: percorso itinerante tra disegni e parole sul jazz per le vie di Matera.
GEZZiamoci BRANC: live sets con artisti del territorio e Max De Aloe. Federico Buffa incontra i giovani e lo sport
Aggrappati al Sogno: Federico Buffa e Max de Aloe in concerto

Gezziamoci 2016: International Jazz Day
Jazz told by images and stories: itinerant journeys of drawings and words on jazz in the streets of Matera.
GEZZiamoci BRANC: live sets with local artists and Max De Aloe. Federico Buffa meets young people.
Hold on to Dream: Federico Buffa and Max de Aloe in concert

Contact: Luigi Esposito | +39 340 3858359
Official Website: http://www.onyxjazzclub.it/2013/

Onyx Jazz Club
Via Cavalieri di V. Veneto, 20
Matera, Mt. Basilicata 75100

Event Time: 8:30
Italy Su di Corda

Casa Cava a Matera incontra l’arte, attraverso la creazione di “49 corde musicali” che attraverso lo spazio ipogeo si snoderanno da un angolo all’altro fino a creare un percorso “sospeso” che guiderà il visitatore fino all’auditorium, in cui la sera a partire dalle 20.30, avrà luogo il concerto del noto artista Paolo Schianchi, “From 6 to 49 strings Gezziamoci, il Jazz Festival di Basilicata 30esima edizione” A cura dell’Onyx Jazz Club_Basilicata.


Quarry House in Matera meets art through the creation of “49 musical strings” that will wind through the underground space from corner to corner to create a “suspended” path that will guide visitors to the auditorium, where in the evening starting at 20:30, concert of renowned artist Paolo Schianchi will take place: “From 6 to 49 strings Gezziamoci, the Jazz Festival 30th edition of Basilicata” by Onyx Jazz Club_Basilicata.

Contact: Luigi Esposito | +39 3240561747
Official Website: http://www.onyxjazzclub.it/public/30-aprile-2017-giornata-internazionale-del-jazz/

Event Time: 20:30
Italy “OFF in JAZZ” Messina for International Jazz Day 2014

“OFF in JAZZ” Messina celebrated with a special night of jazz at the Centro Multiculturale Officina, starting at 18:00. This free event consisted in a musical marathon with many participants, including Sicilian jazz musicians, jazz bands and students, concluding with a final jam until 2 am.

Contact: Mimmo Papa
Official Website: http://offme.it

Centro Multiculturale Officina Messina
via Croce Rossa 69
Messina 98100

Event Time: 6:00 pm - 2:00 am
Italy “OFF in JAZZ” Messina for International Jazz Day 2015

“OFF in JAZZ” Messina celebrated with a special night of jazz at the Centro Multiculturale Officina, starting at 18:00. This free event consisted in a musical marathon with many participants, including Sicilian jazz musicians, jazz bands and students, concluding with a final jam until 2 am.

Contact: Mimmo Papa
Official Website: http://offme.it

Centro Multiculturale Officina
via Croce Rossa 69

Event Time: 18:00 - 02:00
Italy Memo Restaurant Music Club

On International Jazz Day, Memo Restaurant in Milan is pleased to host a concert featuring Javier Girotto (sax) and Carlo Morena (piano), two great performers sharing the stage.

Contact: Memo Restaurant | +39 02 54019856
Official Website: http://www.memorestaurant.com/

Memo Restaurant Music Club
Via Monte Ortigara, 30
Milan 20137
+39 02 54019856

Event Time: 10pm - 12am
Italy Conservatorio di Milano

Jam session with teachers and students of the Jazz Departments at the Milan Conservatory.

Contact: Attilio Zanchi | 0039 335 6773125
Official Website: http://www.consmilano.it/

Conservatorio "Giuseppe Verdi"
Via Conservatorio, 12
Milano 20122
0039 02 76001854

Event Time: 11am - 6pm
Italy TriAd Vibration

TriAd Vibration flows together into an evocative sound that starts from a basic rhythmic pattern to encounter on its path Jazz, Electronic, World, ranging from contamination Drum’n Bass to House Music, to Dance. The main feature is the didgeridoo, the most ancient Aboriginal wind instrument.

Contact: Blue Note Milano | 003 90269016888
Official Website: http://www.bluenotemilano.com

Blue Note Milano
Via Pietro Borsieri, 37
Milano 20159
026 9016888

Event Time: 9pm - 10:30pm
Italy “Jazz” Soul Expresses Itself, in the Freedom of Purity (of Sound)

Jazz is Soul which Expresses Itself in the Freedom of Purity of Sound. When the Soul speaks through Sound, and inter-act with the Total Being that Is, for his Own Good and that of the Wholeness of Being, the One, everything
Use the Heart to translate the Language of the Universe ; stay tuned!

Contact: Peppe Taglieri
Official Website: http://www.youtube.com/user/peppetaglieri/featured

Online Broadcast
Milano 20100

Event Time: 10am - 11am
Italy Vocal Streams & More

This event consisted in a musical marathon with three distinctly original and innovative projects, each enriched with video projections and other multimedia content. With Tito Mangialajo Rantzer Solo, Valentino Tamponi Trio, Tiziana Ghiglioni and Vocal Streams.

Contact: Antonio Ribatti
Official Website: http://www.ahumjazzfestival.com

Auditorium Comunale
via Grandi 10
Settimo Milanese
Milano 20019

Event Time: 9:00 pm - 12:00 am
Italy A Concert Lecture on Jazz & Contemporary Pop

Dérive trio, a jazz trio based in Milan, organized a concert lecture about jazz and contemporary pop for the students and professors of the Art School of Brera.

Contact: Luca Sguera

Liceo Artistico Statale di Brera
via Hajech, 27
Milan, MI 20129
+39 0270102093

Event Time: 10:30 am - 12:00 am
Italy Jazz at Conservatory

The Milan Conservatory celebrated Jazz Day with performances by students and faculty, including  T. Tracanna, R. Luppi, A. Zanchi, A. Mandarini, T.Ghiglioni, O. Del Barba, P. Iodice, S. Bagnoli, P. Dalla Porta, A. Zambrini, L. Tessarollo and G. Liguori.

Contact: Attilio Zanchi | +39 335 677 31 25

Sala Puccini
Conservatorio di Milano
Via Conservatorio, 12
Milan 20122

Event Time: 20:00 - 23:00

Festival produced three sets featuring international jazz artists at the Auditorium di Settimo Milanese:

Contact: Antonio Ribatti | +39 335 6853392
Official Website: http://www.ahumjazzfestival.com

via Achille Grandi 12
Settimo Milanese
Milano 20019
+39 02 3285130

Event Time: 21:00 - 24:00
Italy Dave Weckl Acoustic Band – Concerts & Masterclass

Blue Note Milano presented a master class and double concert with the Dave Weckl Acoustic Band, featuring Gary Meek (saxophone), Makoto Ozone (piano) and Tom Kennedy (bass).

Contact: Chiara Tramarin | 0039 02 6901 6888
Official Website: http://www.bluenotemilano.com

Blue Note Milano
Via Borsieri 37
Milano 20159
0039 02 6901 6888

Event Time: 16:30 - 23:59
Italy Jazz at the Carpenter’s Shop

an inspired concert and jam session held by Michele Bozza 4tet is being taken shape in one of the most interesting and alternative place in Milan. Bioforme is an association whose main purpose is to promote the survival of manual arts and traditional woodworking craftsmanship developing new shapes.

Contact: Marco Roverato | +39 3397986104

+39 373.86.83.377
Via Aosta, 2
Milan, Lombardia 20155

Event Time: 21:30 - 00:00
Italy Dr. Jazz & Dirty Bucks Swing Band // Holy Swing

On stage from Benevento the Dr. Jazz & Dirty Bucks Swing Band in collaboration with indy hop school Golden Swing Society!

Contact: Alfredo Verga | +39 333 4612960
Official Website: http://www.drjazzdirtybucks.it/

Spirit de Milan
via Bovisasca, 59
Milano, Lombardia 20157

Event Time: 22:45
Italy Jazzday al Conservatorio di Milano

Concert with all the teachers and students of the Milan Conservatory of Music. The teachers are: Tracanna, Luppi, Zanchi, Mandarini, Del Barba, Jodice, Zambrini, Ghiglioni, Bagnoli, Tessarollo, Dalla and Porta. Additionally, big band VJO, directed by Pino Jodice will perform, and the music performed will be an homage to Miles Davis.

Contact: Attilio Zanchi | +39 335 6773125

Sala Puccini - Conservatorio
Milan 20122

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Take 6 – Live at Blue Note Milano

Blue Note Milano is proud to present a night with the world famous a cappella group Take 6, the “baddest vocal cats on the planet!’ (Quincy Jones). Six virtuosic voices united in crystal clear harmony, that bubble into an intoxicating brew of gospel, jazz, R&B, and pop!

Contact: Chiara Tramarin | +39 02 6901 6888
Official Website: http://www.bluenotemilano.com/

Blue Note Milano
Via Pietro Borsieri 37
Milano 20159

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Millennials Save Jazz

Possono i Millennials salvare il Jazz? Che rapporto c’è tra il jazz e le nuove generazioni? Il programma della giornata si articola in momenti distinti per rispondere ai diversi quesiti:
15: Musica per le Mie Orecchie
16.30: Can Millenials Save Jazz?
19.30: D-Jazz Marathon
21.00: Concerto Live

Can Millennials save Jazz? What is the relationship between jazz and young people? The program of the day is articulated in several points to answer different questions:
3 p.m. Music to my ear
4.30 p.m. Can Millennials Save Jazz?
7.30 p.m. D-Jazz Marathon
9 p.m. Live concert

Contact: Sonia Pancheri | +39 340 7822142
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it

Unicredit Pavilion
Piazza Gae Aulenti, 10
Milano 20124

Event Time: 15:00
Italy Crossing Quartet

Andrea Ciceri – sax; Simone Quatrana – piano; Valerio della Fonte – contrabbasso; Andrea Centonze – batteria. I Crossing Quartet presentano una serie di brani originali che, nati da prove laboratoriali di improvvisazione radicale, hanno acquisito nel tempo una forma.

Andrea Ciceri – sax; Simone Quatrana – piano; Valerio della Fonte – bass; Andrea Centonze – drum. Crossing Quartet will play various original songs that came out from laboratory tests or improvisation and are now formalized.

Contact: Francesca Cairo
Official Website: http://area-m.it/event/crossing-quartet/

Osteria Lambrate
Via degli Orombelli, 18 20131 Milano
Milano, Lombardia 20100

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Yoga & Jazz

City ZEN, Area M e Ritmo delle città insieme a Yoga Journal propongono una esperienza unica ed irripetibile: una sessione di yoga commentata dal vivo con due musicisti jazz.Abdoullay Ablo Traore, percussionista e polistrumentista del Burkina Faso, e Marco Roverato al contrabbasso.

City ZEN, Area M and Rhythm of the city along with Yoga Journal offer a unique and historic experience: a live commentary yoga session with two jazz musicians, Abdoullay Ablo Traore, percussionist and multi-instrumentalist of Burkina Faso, and Marco Roverato on bass.

Contact: Francesca Cairo
Official Website: http://area-m.it/event/yoga-jazz/

City ZEN
Via San Francesco d’Assisi 15
Milano 20100

Event Time: 18:00
Italy Funk Off – Live at Blue Note Milano

There’s no better way to celebrate the International Jazz Day! Funk Off are probably the most exciting street band in Italy: the band performs with a complete line up of 15 pieces, led by the patient and expert hand of saxophonist Dario Cecchini. They break the rules of the traditional marching band, mixing funky grooves with jazz solos, connecting with anyone and transmitting their infectious enthusiasm.

Contact: Chiara Tramarin
Official Website: http://www.bluenotemilano.com/evento/concerto-funk-off-international-jazz-day-2017-milano/

Event Time: 21:00

Il titolo già sintetizza il carattere della performance dal vivo riunisce cinque musicisti provenienti da quattro diverse nazioni europee (Lussemburgo, Germani, Francia e Italia) e proporrà un repertorio originale di energico jazz contemporaneo, per poi virare su commistioni con la canzone d’autore e tradizionali jazz standard. Protagonisti saranno il solido quartetto del chitarrista lussemburghese GREG LAMY (www.greglamy.com), con i francesi GAUTIER LAURIENT al contrabbasso e JEAN-MARC ROBIN alla batteria e il tedesco JOHANNES MÜLLER al sax tenore.


This live performance brings together five musicians from four different European countries (Luxembourg, Germany, France and Italy) and will propose an original repertoire of energetic contemporary jazz, accompanied by song improvisation and traditional jazz standards. The performers include the solid quartet composed of Luxembourg guitarist GREG LAMY (www.greglamy.com), French bassist GAUTIER LAURIENT, drummer JEAN-MARC ROBIN, and the German saxophonist JOHANNES MÜLLER.



Contact: Comitato Giovani UNESCO Lombardia | +39 3401832388
Official Website: https://www.eventbrite.it/e/biglietti-european-jazz-connection-33729497836

Event Time: 20:30
Italy Militello…Barocco Degli Iblei in Jazz

La città di Militello in Val di Catania, sito UNESCO, comune del tardo barocco del SudEst in Val di Noto

The town of Militello in Val di Catania, inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites List, is a town of the late Baroque of the Southeast in Val di Noto.

Guglielmo Beneventano – piano
Salvatore Oliva – compositore voce/compositor, vocals
Gaetano Cristofaro – sassofoni soprano e tenore/sax soprano and tenor
Camillo Balcone – piano

Contact: Ruggieri Gaetano | +39 095 7941223
Official Website: http://www.comunemilitello.it

Auditorium S. Domenico
Via Umberto I
Militello in Val di Catania, Catania/Sicilia 95043

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Giornata Internazionale del Jazz Arci “Makeba”

Spartà jazz trio in concert at 9pm featuring: Gaetano Spartà (Piano), Davide Pometti (Bass), Marco Santonocito (Drums). Join us after 10pm for a free jam session…all night long!

Contact: Marco Santonocito
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/638468679513250/

Teatro Comunale
Via G.Bruno
Misterbianco, Sicily 95045

Event Time: 9pm - 12pm
Italy IJD 2014 Arci “Makeba”

Concert featuring the “Jazz Friends” with Pucci Nicosia (drum), Guglielmo Beneventano (piano), Fabrizio Scalzo (cb) and Antonio Caldarella (tr). The evening concluded with a free jam session.

Contact: Marco Santonocito
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/arcimakeba

Biblioteca Comunale C.Marchesi
Via Giacomo Matteotti 63
Misterbianco, Catania, Sicily 94045

Event Time: 9:00 pm - 11:30 pm
Italy Majani Trio for [email protected] Makeba

The “Mama” cultural center and Arci “Makeba” hosted the debut gig of the Majani Jazz Trio: Aldo Majani (piano), Claudio Pirrone (doublebass), Marco Santonocito (drums).

Contact: Marco Santonocito

Centro culturale
Via Garibaldi 426
Misterbianco, Sicily/Catania 95045

Event Time: 21:00 - 23:00
Italy Maratona Jazz

A Jazz Marathon took place from 7 to midnight, featuring special guest Frescobaldi Jazz Ensemble: sstudents and teachers from Ferrara Conservatory’s Jazz Department directed by Maestro Teo Ciavarella. Also featuring the ECOE trio and Stefano Calzolari & Valerio Renzetti open duo.

Contact: Mrs Valeria Fangareggi

La Tenda, Modena Italy
Viale Molza
angolo Viale Monte Kosica
Modena 41121

Event Time: 07:00 pm - 12:00 pm
Italy Alice Ricciardi OPTICS live @ La Tenda, Modena IT

Jazz singer and composer Alice Ricciardi presented her new album OPTICS, her first on the American label Inner Circle Music (led by Greg Osby). Line up: Alice Ricciardi (vocals), Pietro Lussu (piano/fender rhodes), Enrico Bracco (guitar), Luca Fattorini (bass), Marco Valeri (drums).

Contact: Valeria Fangareggi

La Tenda
Viale Monte Kosica
Modena, MO 41121

Event Time: 21:15 - 23:30
Italy Lorena Fontana- Davide Fregni- Stefano Calzolari Young Jazz

L’associazione Amici del Jazz e il suo direttore Artistico Giulio Vannini, con al collaborazione dei Maestri Lorena Fontana, Davide Fregni e Stefano Calzolari, per creare una giornata dedicata al jazz. Aperta a tutti giovani e vecchi.

The Association Friends of Jazz and its Artistic Director Giulio Vannini, with the collaboration of Masters Lorena Fontana, Davide Fregni and Stefano Calzolari, create a day dedicated to jazz. It is open to all, young and old.

Contact: Giulio Vannini & Federico Ferrari | +39 345 7902481
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Smallet Jazz Club Presso Loft 350
Modena 41100

Event Time: 19:30
Italy Pietro Monari "Flown" & Gabriele Russello Trio

In occasione dell’International jazz Day, la Tenda ospita sul suo palco due fra i più promettenti, se non già affermati, giovani musicisti jazz del territorio con due imperdibili trio. Gabriele Russello, giovanissimo e talentuoso batterista sarà con Danilo Tarso al pianoforte e Pietro Paris al contrabbasso. A seguire Pietro Monari, geniale ed eclettico chitarrista con i suoi Flown: Andrea Cappi ai synth, Riccardo Vandelli alla batteria, fra jazz europeo e rock progressivo.
Ingresso gratuito.

Contact: Valeria Fangareggi | 00393382215810

Event Time: 21:00
Italy International Jazz Day – Modena Jazz Festival 2017

As the Amici del Jazz Italian association, we are now hosting the International Jazz Day for the second time. Last year’s event was fully packed and acclaimed as one of the best events of the whole year. This time we are gonna host three young Italian jazz musicians on stage to introduce a night of music, togetherness, food, and fun. The stage will then see the Nicholas Payton Trio perform for the audience’s delight.

Contact: Giacomo Barbari

Event Time: 19:00
Italy Talking ’bout Jazz

In concomitanza con l’International Jazz Day promosso dall’UNESCO un incontro con

NICOLA GAETA giornalista della testata Musica Jazz

per parlare di Jazz fra considerazioni, aspettative e ritualità in parole,

Contact: Vito Quaranta

Salone Palazzo Roberti
Piazza XX Settembre
Mola di Bari 70042

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Celebrating International Jazz [email protected] empty space

PROTRIO JAZZ EXPERIENCE : Prota -Inciardi -Cassano. Presentation of new CD “ MY HEART LEAPS UP”
The EMPTY SPACE 5t: Mariangela Cagnetta: Voice, Pino Mazzarano: Guitar, Andrea Gargiulo: Piano and keyboards, Nico Buonsante: Bass, Corrado Ferrareis: Drums.
Rounding the evening off with a Jam Session

Contact: Andrew Sheldon | +39 38 170201
Official Website: http://www.theemptyspace.eu

The Empty Space
Piazza Effrem, 11
Molfetta, Bari 70056

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Moncalieri Jazz: International Jazz Day 30 Aprile 2016

Moncalieri Jazz Festival presenta ” With L.o.v.e. Natalie e Nat King Cole”
con ” Lil Darling quintet “.

Presso il Castello Reale di Moncalieri appartenente alle Residenze Sabaude: anno 1997 Patrimonio Mondiale dell’Umanità UNESCO. Ingresso Libero con obbligo di prenotazione tel. 0116813130

Moncalieri Jazz: International Jazz Day, April 30 2016

Moncalieri Jazz Festival presents “With L.o.v.e. Natalie and Nat King Cole” with ” Lil Darling quintet”.

At the Royal Castle of Moncalieri belonging to the Savoy Residences: UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997

Free entrance /Booking required at 01 16 81 31 30

Contact: Ugo Viola | +39 335 6104904
Official Website: http://www.moncalierijazz.com

Castello Reale di Moncalieri
Viale del Castello, 2
Moncalieri, Torino - Piemonte 10024

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Ancona Jazz for International Jazz Day

Ancona Jazz will celebrate the International Jazz Day 2013 with TOM KIRKPATRICK quintet feat. Carlo Atti, sax; Nico Menci, piano; Luciano MIlanese, double bass and Adam Pache, drums. Our tribute to the great Jazz history! This event will be in collaboration with “Marche Jazz Network”

Contact: Giancarlo Di Napoli | +393276844552
Official Website: http://www.anconajazz.com

Teatro Comunale "Vittorio Alfieri" Montemarciano (AN) Italy
Via Umberto I, 34
Montemarciano 60018
+39 071 915 8557

Event Time: 9:15pm - 11:45pm
Italy Monte Sant’Angelo celebra l’International Jazz Day dell’Unesco

Monte Sant’Angelo celebra l’International Jazz Day dell’Unesco: giovedì 30 aprile anteprima nazionale di “Parientes”, il nuovo album del trio Peppe Servillo-Girotto-Mangalavite.

Contact: Comune di Monte Sant'Angelo | +39 0884.561217
Official Website: http://www.montesantangelo.it/

Auditorium delle Clarisse
Centro Storico di Monte Sant'Angelo
Piazza de Galganis
Monte Sant'Angelo, Foggia 71037

Event Time: 20:30 - 23:00
Italy Il jazz. Da New Orleans a Monte Sant’Angelo

Il Comitato Promotore Club UNESCO di Monte Sant’Angelo vuole commemorare grandi figure del Jazz locale ed internazionale quali sono i fratelli ORTUSO e PRENCIPE, pionieri del jazz in Italia.
Pregevoli i loro accordi e vivaci “solo”: Mike Ortuso col banjo e Peppino “Principe” con la fisarmonica.

Contact: Silvia di Iasio | 3486840089

Sala convegni Santuario San Michele
Piazza Acceptus
Monte Sant'Angelo, Italia/Foggia/Puglia 71037

Event Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Italy AMM (Associazione Musica Monteggiori) International Jazz Day Concert

In the beautiful town of Monteggiori (Lucca,Tuscany), a non-stop concert from 4 p.m. to midnight.

Contact: Bruno Romani | +39 3407532797

Event Time: 16:00
Italy International Jazz Day – Valtellina

Dagli studi della web radio Channel Morbegno, in collaborazione con ambriaJazz festival, dalle ore 15:00 MUSICA, INTERVISTE E OSPITI IN DIRETTA
selezioni musicali e riproposizione dei CONCERTI
● Francesco D’Auria, Maurizio Aliffi
● Pasquale Mirra, Danilo Mineo
● Max De Aloe, Marlise Goidanich

Studies of web radio Channel Morbegno in partnership with ambriaJazz festival, at 15:00:
Musical selections and revival of concerts.
● Francesco D’Auria, Maurizio Aliffi
● Pasquale Mirra, Danilo Mineo
● Max De Aloe, Marlise Goidanich

Contact: Channel Morbegno
Official Website: http://www.channelmorbegno.net/new/

Studio Credar 05 Channel Morbegno
Via Luigi Credaro, 5
Morbegno, Sondrio 23017

Event Time: 15:00
Italy International Jazz Day – Valtellina

Dagli studi della web radio Channel Morbegno, in collaborazione con AmbriaJazz Associazione Culturale, dalle ore 16:00 MUSICA INTERVISTE E OSPITI IN DIRETTA
selezioni musicali e riproduzione dei CONCERTI
• Max De Aloe, Marlise Goidanich
• Pasquale Mirra, Danilo Mineo

Contact: Michele Bordoni
Official Website: https://www.channelmorbegno.net/new/

Event Time: 16:00
Italy INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY on AIR (Radio CRC e PomiglianoJazz)

This IJD On-Air broadcast event was organized by the “JAZZ CAMPANIA” radio program, curated by Onofrio Piccolo and produced by Pomigliano Jazz and Radio CRC. A day dedicated to jazz live radio, with concerts, interviews, playlists and more.

Contact: Onofrio Piccolo | 00393396540264
Official Website: http://www.pomiglianojazz.com

RADIO CRC (Naples)
Via Circumvallazione Esterna, 4
Mugnano, Napoli/Campania 80018
0039 0815711969

Event Time: 7:00 am - 12:00 pm
Italy Andrea Rea New Trio with special guest Aldo Vigorito

Neapolitan pianist Andrea Rea presents his new project: New Trio. The trio will perform and preview the release of their new album, featuring compositions from Rea, ranging in different atmospheres with a unique sound.

Contact: Ornella Falco | 0393389941559
Official Website: http://www.napoliparty.net/

Live Tones
Via Rocco Galdieri, 6
Naples 80123

Event Time: 9:30pm
Italy International Jazz Day – Special Jam

Strict but anarchist, popular but educated, modern but with deep roots, jazz is a way of thinking about music that is now part of the blood of our world. On the occasion of this extraordinary celebration, ATOM Booking, Dartevaria and Joker Naples organized a special jam.

Contact: Caterina Piscitelli

Via Francesco De Mura 35
Napoli, Campania 80128

Event Time: 09:00 pm - 02:00 am
Italy Giornata Internazionale del Jazz a Pozzuoli Jazz Festival

The “Jazz and Conversation” association, Pozzuoli Jazz Festival and the Grancafè Cannavacciuolo organized a concert, a photographic exhibition and other musical selections in honor of International Jazz Day.

“L’associazione ‘Jazz and Conversation’ con Pozzuoli Jazz Festival e il Grancafè Cannavacciuolo celebreranno la ‘Giornata mondiale del Jazz UNESCO 2015’ con concerto, mostra fotografica e selezione musicale per l’intera giornata del 30 aprile a Pozzuoli presso Il Grancafè Cannavacciuolo.”

Contact: antimo civero | +39 335 66 84 161
Official Website: http://www.pozzuolijazzfestival.it/

Grancafè Cannavacciuolo
via carlo rosini 10 Pozzuoli
napoli, campania 80078
+39 335 66 84 161

Event Time: 00:04 - 12:04
Italy Jazz a Corte

A jazz Mass sung by the Boys Choir of the Teatro San Carlo in the Royal Palace of Naples. The concert is preceded by a special tour that reconstructs the musical environment of Charles of Bourbon – on the occasion of the Carolino celebrating the tercentenary of the birth of the sovereign Bourbon.

Contact: Irene Tedesco | +39 349 4704186
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it

Royal Palace of Naples
piazza del Plebiscito, 1
Napoli , Campania 80100

Event Time: 10:00
Italy Simona De Rosa Quartet live alla Galleria Borbonica

Simona De Rosa will be live with her quartet at Galleria Borbonica in Naples, Italy.

Contact: Simona De Rosa | +39 334 3640685
Official Website: http://www.simonaderosamusic.com

Galleria Borbonica
Vico del Grottone, 4
Napoli 80132

Event Time: 20:30
Italy "Tribute to Duke Ellington and Count Basie"

La Young Jazz Orchestra Campana è formata da giovani musicisti animati da una profonda passione jazzistica che, con impegno e con professionalità, rendono omaggio a due grandi musicisti del 900. Dir. arr Matteo Franza


The Young Jazz Bell Orchestra is made up of young musicians who have a deep passion for jazz. With commitment and professionalism, they will pay tribute to two great musicians of 900. The performance is directed by Matteo Franza.

Contact: Matteo Franza

Event Time: 18:00
Italy International Jazz Day Marzamemi 2015

Giovedì, giorno 30 Aprile, in Piazza Regina Margherita dalle 18.30 fino a tarda sera (con una pausa cena) si alterneranno sul palco diversi musicisti sia professionisti che appassionati di Jazz che, tra una jam session e l’altra, celebreranno questo giorno come solo degli amanti del Jazz sanno fare.

Contact: Gianluca Morana

Ass. Trifase Music
via e. calogero 15
Pachino, Siracusa / Sicily 96018

Event Time: 18:30 - 23:30
Italy Jazz Day Marzamemi 2016

Ass. cult. mus. Trifase Music di Pachino presenta: “International Jazz Day Marzamemi 2016”. Sarà una grande jam session fra amici. Sabato 30 Aprile alle 20.00 in Piazza Regima Margherita.

The Musical and Cultural Association Trifase Music di Pachino presents “International Jazz Day Marzamemi 2016”. It will be a big jam session with friends.
April 30 at 20:00, Regima Margherita Square.

Contact: Gianluca Morana | +39 377 4965640
Official Website: https://www.trifase-music.it

Trifase Music
via emilio calogero n° 15
Pachino, SR 96018

Event Time: 20:00
Italy International Jazz Day – Education as Jazz

“Education as Jazz” will be an event, a conference organized by the Department FiSPPA (Padua University), to celebrate the Jazz Day. All the jazz dimensions and features will be explored from and within the educational perspective using, as daily focuses, some jazz-key words.

Contact: Marina Santi

Cultural Centre San Gaetano
Via Altinate, 77 Padova
Padova 35100

Event Time: 9am - 11pm
Italy International Jazz Day – Jazz Inclusion

The University of Padua organized a conference/concert themed around “Jazz Inclusion. The conference (9.00-19.00) explored the inclusive dimension of jazz; a jazz concert (20.30-21.00) concluded the event.

Contact: Marina Santi

Multisala MPX
via Bonporti, 22
Padova 35100

Event Time: 9:00 am - 11:00 pm
Italy International Jazz Day

University of Padova celebrate the International Jazz Day promoted by UNESCO with concerts, clinics, workshops, art exhibitions. In the afternoon the “Big Band Unipd”, the 18 piece jazz orchestra of the University of Padua directed by Alessandro Fedrigo, performs original arrangements.

Contact: Marina Santi
Official Website: https://it-it.facebook.com/BigBandUnipd

Teatro MPX
Sala Petrarca
via Bonporti
Padova 35100

Event Time: 14:00 - 19:00
Italy University Jazz Day

The “University Jazz Day” is organized with the aim of enlarging the educational, social, political and intercultural directions toward a Jazz contamination of the whole academic life and experience. The program proposes a flow of experiences: workshops, discourses, videos, jam sessions.

Contact: Marina Santi

MPX - Sala Petrarca
Via Bonporti, 22
Padova, PD 35141

Event Time: 14:00 - 19:00

In occasione dell’ International Jazz Day la città di Padova è lieta di partecipare all’evento con il concerto TRIO BOBO (Alessio Menconi, Christian Meyer, Faso) organizzato dall’ Hotel Plaza Padova in collaborazione con Associazione Miles . Un evento per celebrare il JAZZ patrimonio dell’Unesco.

Contact: GABRIELLA PICCOLO | +39 347 7580904
Official Website: http://www.padovajazz.com/news/39/15/Trio-Bobo-30-aprile-2015.html

Corso Milano, 40, 35139
Padova , PD 35139
+39 049 656822

Event Time: 21:00 - 23:00
Italy Jazz Community

Jazz Community 2016, similar to the previous Padua University Jazz Day celebrations, focuses on Jazz as a metaphor useful for the development of new ideas and meanings for University community and for the social community in general. Schedule of events includes workshop, lessons and concert, all day long.

Contact: Marina Santi

Auditorium San Gaetano
Via Altinate, 71
Padova 35121

Event Time: 10:00
Italy International Jazz Day 2017 in Padua

The event will last two days (04-29 Waiting Jazz Day; 04-30 Jazz Day), and everyday the programme will involve presentations, workshop, jam sessions and concerts. Every moment will be open to researchers, students, citizens and everyone who wants to experiment jazz, improvisation and communitarian practices. The aim is the jazz spreading and the reflection about its social and educational implications.

Contact: Marina Santi

Event Time: 10:00
Italy SoulFood presents International Jazz Day 2017

The Italian DJs Alberto Martin and Nicola Ferrauto, will dedicate the program SoulFood to the International Jazz Day 2017 from 11:00 until ’round midnight on Radio Padova (www.radiopadova.com)

Contact: Alberto Martin Nicola Ferrauto | +393358013732
Official Website: http://www.radiopadova.com

Event Time: 23:00
Italy Forme d’arte Ensemble Live @ Auditorium Rai Palermo

Concert featuring the orchestra “Forme d’arte Ensemble,” comprised of musicians that used to meet at the Saturday afternoon jam session at the Atelier Forme d’arte in Via Goethe in Palermo.

Contact: Fabrizio Pezzino | +393475981073

Auditorium Rai Palermo
Viale Strasburgo, 19
Palermo 90146

Event Time: 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Jazz Radio Show with 10 speakers and involvement and participation of local and international jazz artists. Included interviews, reviews and live music.

Contact: Marco Girgenti Meli | + 39 328 59 11 757
Official Website: http://www.radioin102.it/102

Radio In 102 Palermo
Via Carlo Goldoni, 9
Palermo 90145
+39 091 68 29 414

Event Time: 9:00 pm - 12:00 am
Italy Fondazione The Brass Group: Jazz in Time

The Brass Group foundation presented its forty-year-old story featuring performances by great jazz musicians. The group presented interactive activities in two treasured historical sites: S. Maria dello Spasimo (XVI c.) and Regio Teatro S. Cecilia (XVII c.).

Contact: Marco Girgenti Meli | +39 091 6166480 ext 230
Official Website: http://www.thebrassgroup.it/

The Brass Group
Via dello Spasimo, 15
Piazza Teatro Santa Cecilia
Palermo 90133
+39 091 6166480

Event Time: 9:00 - 23:00
Italy UNESCO Jazz Day Palermo. The sound of cultures

Flavio Li Vigni Quintet, jazz standards and original compositions: Flavio Li Vigni (drums), Gaspare Palazzolo (sax), Lorenzo Colella & Francesco Guaiana (guitars), Gabrio Bevilacqua (bass). Talk: New Orleans ‘The Big Easy’ and Jazz Origins. Exhibition by Filippo Barbaro: Vinility Jazz.  Free entry

Contact: Elvira Nicolini
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Palazzo Belmonte Riso, Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art
Corso Vittorio Emanuele 365
Palermo, Sicily 90134

Event Time: 18:30
Italy Jazz Fest Jam Session

In a magical and energy filled atmosphere several musicians are gathering at the Jackass Pub to share and promote awareness of Jazz. The small group will contribute to the spread of this extraordinary music during International Jazz Day. Jazz is life and it must be lived!

Contact: Fabio Nicosia | +39 329 8329315

Jackass Pub
Palermo, PALERMO/SICILIA 90135

Event Time: 17:30
Italy A Jazz Tour in 80 minutes (Il giro del Jazz in 80 minuti)

A show where we will share the story of jazz from the past to the present, going through the blues, gospel, spirituals, ragtime, swing, bebop, hard bop, and cool jazz!

Contact: FABIO NICOSIA | +39 3298329315

Event Time: 18:00
Italy International Jazz Day Palmanova

11.00-20 | Mostra Fotografica “Jazz Visions”
11.30-13, 18.30-20 | Concertini in Piazza e Nei Borghi
15.00 | Visita Guidata di Palmanova
17.30 | Dialoghi Jazz in Polveriera
20.30 | Concerto Presso il Teatro Gustavo Modena Conservatori di Trieste e Udine, Claudio Cojaniz&Franco Feruglio:Blue Africa

11.00-20 | Photo Exhibition
11.30-13, 18.30-20 |Jazz performances on the main square and in the village
15.00 | Guided Tour of Palmanova
17.30 | Jazz Duscussions at Polveriera
20.30 | Concert at the Teatro Gustavo Modena Conservatories of Trieste and Udine, Claudio Cojaniz & Franco Feruglio : Blue Africa

Contact: Alessandra Della Mea
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

centro città e mura
Palmanova 33057

Event Time: 11:00
Italy International Jazz Day Palmanova


11.00-13.15: Jazz Mattinée in Piazza Grande
15.30-17.00: Biciclettata lungo i bastioni
15.30-17.00: Passeggiata culturale lungo i bastioni

17.30-19.30: Concerto Jazz LORENA FAVOT & GAETANO VALLI DUET in “Ella&Joe”
19.45-21.00: TAVOLA ROTONDA sui Patrimoni UNESCO: interverranno il Comune di Palmanova e di Dolegna
21.00-23.00: Concerto dei CONSERVATORI DI UDINE e TRIESTE

Contact: Comitato Giovani UNESCO Friuli Venezia Giulia | +39 345 5988808
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Event Time: 11:00
Italy Settimana in JAZZ

Giovani Pugliesi in rete con Arci Capafresca e Rigenera Laboratorio Urbano organizzano insieme SETTIMANA IN JAZZ.
DOMENICA 30 APRILE 2017 dalle18:30 alle 21, ingresso libero nella Sede di Giovani pugliesi, Piazza Diaz 2 con i COOL JAZZ DUET
Francesco Cassano – guitar and loop station
Paolo Pace – Flute sax and voice

Contact: Pugliese Sapia | 329 728 2252
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/770361613122213/

Event Time: 18:30

International Jazz Day celebration at Parmagolf & Country Club.  Golf and Music: Who Could Ask for Anything More?  Join Golf Club President Raimondo Meli Lupi and Friends in a Swinging Jazz Evening.

Contact: Alessandro Carrara

Parma 43124

Event Time: 20:00 - 23:00
Italy Pietro Bortolotti – Viaggio al termine del mio blu

All’interno della retrospettiva dedicata all’opera del pittore Pietro Bortolotti, recentemente scomparso, si celebrerà anche l’International Jazz Day con il concerto del duo formato da Maurizio di Fulvio e Alessia Martegiani.

As part of the retrospective devoted to the work of the painter Pietro Bortolotti, who died recently, we will also celebrate International Jazz Day with a concert of the duo Alessia and Maurizio di Fulvio Martegiani.


Contact: Federico Ferrari
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Gallerie Civiche Di Palazzo Ducale - Pavullo nel Frignano
Via Giardini 3
Pavullo, Emilia Romagna 41026

Event Time: 21:00

Jazz Club Perugia presents DADO MORONI & MAX IONATA “TWO FOR STEVIE”
Max Ionata – sax and Dado Moroni – piano, double bass
Dado and Max embark on an explorative quest of Stevie Wonder, playing his best-loved, international hit songs in an innovative and distinctive style.

Contact: Stefano Lazzari | +390755724838
Official Website: http://www.jazzclubperugia.it

Jazz Club Perugia
Piazza Italia, 12 c/o Hotel Brufani Palace
Perugia, Umbria 06121

Event Time: 20:15 - 23:30
Italy Jazz! Everytime, everywhere, for everyone

The Conservatoire Morlacchi of Perugia will celebrate IJD by organizing a whole day (10AM to 9 PM) of concerts, jam sessions and listening guides open to students as well as to the city of Perugia. IJD in Perugia are collaboration with Umbria Jazz. More info available at www.conservatorioperugia.it

Contact: Roberto Grisley | +39 340 5117973
Official Website: http://www.conservatorioperugia.it

Conservatorio di musica
Piazza Annibale Mariotti, 2
Perugia 06124

Event Time: 10:00
Italy International Jazz Day in Perugia

UNESCO Italian Youth Commitee in partnership with Umbria Jazz and the Conservatory of Music present:
21:00 Concert “Morlacchi Jazz 6tet”
22:00 Film “Umbria Jazz – Una storia Speciale”
At the same time, in Shanghai Umbria Jazz presents: “When jazz meets China”

Contact: Maria Elena Santagati
Official Website: http://www.umbriajazz.com

Sala dei Notari, Palazzo dei Priori
Piazza IV Novembre

Event Time: 21:00
Italy International Jazz Day

From 10:00 to 12:30 on April 30th, jazzman Luca Aquino will lead a bike tour from the historical centre of Assisi (a UNESCO world heritage site) to the Acropolis of Perugia. During the tour, Aquino will perform some solos that will resonate across the roads and the valleys, thus celebrating the campaign UNESCO #Unite4Heritage. From 14:30 to 19:30 Aquino will meet and take part in concerts performed by the students of the Conservatory. From 21:30, there will be a concert of Tony Momrelle Quintet in the central square of Perugia.

Even to be held in various locations:

Historical centre of Assisi and historical centre of Perugia
afternoon (14:30 – 19:30): Piazza Annibale Mariotti 2,
evening (21:30): Piazza IV Novembre 30
Perugia, Umbria


Contact: Maria Elena Santagati
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it, www.umbriajazz.com, www.conservatorioperugia.it

Event Time: 10:00
Italy The Micah Gaugh Trio

Micah Gaugh Trio is composed of Micah Gaugh (John Zorn, Cecil Taylor, Arto Lindsay) on vocals, piano and sax, Kevin Shea (Talibam!, Storm and Stress) on drums and Daniel Bodwell (Sinead O’Connor) on bass.

Contact: Via Nazario Sauro | (917)361 8121
Official Website: http://africantape.com

Via Nazario Sauro
Pescara, Abruzzo 65126

Event Time: 6pm - 8pm
Italy International Jazz day with Maze Jazz Combo

Thursday 30 April, celebrating the International Jazz Day 2015
– 7.30pm
a delicious aperitif made by Rossella & Lucia,
– 9.00pm
Mattia Feliciani: T Sax
Cristian Caprarese: Piano
Antonio Marrone: Bass
Daniele Di Pentima: Drum
– 11pm (to end)
Jazz at Cinecittà! DjSet by Omicron

Contact: Antonio Marrone | (+39)3288212180
Official Website: http://maze-pescara.blogspot.it/

Maze Eclectic Circle Pescara
Via Nazario Sauro 9/11
Pescara, 65129
mob. (+39)3296678619

Event Time: 19:30 - 02:00
Italy Cinematic Jazz Combo – Tributo a Piero Umiliani

I soliti ignoti di Mario Monicelli [1958/ITA]

“Mr. Mah-Nà Mah-Nà – Piero Umiliani e la sua musica” of Gianluca Tosi

(Tributo a Piero Umiliani)
Francesco Antico: Chitarra
Francesco Spinazza: Pianoforte/Organo/Synth
Antonio Marrone: Basso
Mattia Diodato: Batteria
Special Thanx to Alessandra Umiliani & Elisabetta Umiliani, Andrea Fabrizii, Four Flies Records, Futuro Imperfetto, ARCI, Gianluca Tosi, Bloodbuster, GRBASS ad others

Contact: Andrea Fabrizii
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/251238665286741

Event Time: 07:00

This event received the patronage of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO. The festival featured concerts by the Louis Moholo-Special Unit, the Blue Notes and Caetano Veloso.

Contact: Torino Jazz Festival | 800 329 329
Official Website: http://www.torinojazzfestival.it/

Piazza Castello - main stage
Piemonte 10100

Event Time: 11:00 am
Italy Bruno Romani organic crossover band album release party

Organizers will present a showcase for Bruno Romani’s new live album at Osteria i lunedì dello studio in Pietrasanta (Lucca), a beautiful town on the tuscany coast. The band (Bruno Romani on alto sax & flute, Beppe Nannini on tenor & baritone saxes, Michele Menchini on double bass, Edo Vannozzi on drums) will perform tunes taken from”As Serious As My Life,” Romani’s second album for fonoarterevenge rcds.

Contact: Bruno Romani | +39 340 7532797

Event Time: 20:23
Italy Concerto a Calamoresca per la giornata internazionale del Jazz 2015

Venue held a sunset concert in honor of International Jazz Day.

“Gran concerto al tramonto di Calamoresca per la giornata mondiale del Jazz, Piombino 2015.”

Contact: G Manneschi | 039 3299179227
Official Website: http://www.gattarossa.it/

località Calamoresca
Piombino 57025

Event Time: 18:00 - 23:00
Italy Gattarossa Calamoresca -Free for All- 2016 Jazz Day

Free for All
Art jazz ensemble
PIOMBINO jazz ed altre note
Free Entrance.

Contact: Giovanna Manneschi | +39 329 9179227
Official Website: http://www.gattarossa.it/index.php

Gattarossa oltrebar davanti alle isole
Via dei Cavalleggeri, Calamoresca
Piombino/ Livorno, Tuscany 57025

Event Time: 19:00
Italy Piombino Jazz Day Jam

House Band
Luca Giberti chitarra (guitar) – Tommaso Politi contrabbasso (bass) – Ermindo Bottai batteria (drum) – Sergio Grandi chitarra (guitar)

Partecipate con il vostro strumento per suonare e cantare tutti insieme! / Join us with your instrument to play and sing along!

Contact: Giovanna Manneschi | +39 329 9179227
Official Website: http://www.gattarossa.it/artgallerykafe/index.php

Gattarossa art kafe
piazza verdi 6
Piombino, Livorno / Tuscany 57025

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Pisa International Jazz Day

WORDS AND MUSIC FOR CHARLIE PARKER: curator F. Martinelli presents italian edition of “Charlie Parker, Life and Music” by Carl Woideck. Actor P. Giommarelli reads excerpts from “The Persecutor” by Julio Cortazar. Nico Gori, P.Pirro, M. Anelli and A. Melani play Parker’s tunes.

Contact: Francesco Mariotti
Official Website: http://www.exwide.com

SMS Biblio
Via San Michele degli Scalzi
Pisa 56100

Event Time: 9:30pm - 12am
Italy Pisa International Jazz Day

The Pisan journalist and jazz historian Francesco Martinelli presented the publication of the Italian translation of The History of Jazz by Ted Gioia, curated by himself, introducing the different periods and styles of jazz with the help of the live music provided by JazzWide 4tet feat. Nico Gori.

Contact: Francesco Mariotti | +39 347 9574512
Official Website: http://www.jazzwide.it

SMS Biblio - Biblioteca Comunale di Pisa
Via San Michele degli Scalzi
Pisa 56100
050 866 9200

Event Time: 9:30 pm - 11:00 pm
Italy Jazz & Libri – Una celebrazione collettiva

The municipal library in Pisa hosted a celebration involving collective reading and music. Attendees were asked to read their favorite quotation from their preferred book on jazz, with an ensemble of selected jazz musicians from Tuscany performing a representative tune for each reading.

Contact: Francesco Mariotti | +393479574512
Official Website: http://www.pisajazz.it

SMS Biblio
Via San Michele degli Scalzi
Pisa 56100
+ 39 050 866 9200

Event Time: 21:30 - 23:30
Italy Pisa IJD – Letti e Suonati, gli standard nel jazz

The audience will choose (web survey) from Ted Gioia’s book “The Jazz Standards: A Guide to the Repertoire” a list of 10 songs that the ensemble “PisaJazz Swing 10tet” directed by clarinetist Nico Gori will play, and Francesco Martinelli (curator of the Italian translation of the book) will present.

Contact: Francesco Mariotti | +39 05028370
Official Website: http://www.pisajazz.it/

SMS Biblio
Via S. Michele degli Scalzi
Pisa, Pl 56124

Event Time: 21:30
Italy International Jazz Day @ Suerte Caffè Letterario

We celebrated jazz at Il Suerte di Poggiomarino for the third consecutive year with an homage to Miles Davis. We celebrated with an ambitious program for such a small jazz club – two bands with 20 and 40 players, respectively, ages 6 to 16 years; and a concert by the 14-piece Oliva & Capperi Big Band.

Contact: Andrea Maurelli | 3204886686
Official Website: http://www.suertecaffeletterario.it

Suerte Caffè Letterario
Piazza G. Marconi, 1
Poggiomarino, Napoli 80040

Event Time: 7:30 pm - 1:00 am
Italy Giornata Internazionale del Jazz

Series of events celebrating International Jazz Day throughout the day:

  • 11:00 — Seminar of Jazz History
  • 18.00 — Marchin’ Jazz Band Street Concert
  • 21.00 — Jazz Concert in the Park

Contact: Maurizio Calcaterra | 00390966931649

Viale Italia
Viale Italia
Via Onorevole Pietro Nenni 56
Polistena 89024

Event Time: 11:00 am - 12:00 am
Italy Jazz, Volontariato e Solidarietà

The day will begin with a lesson-concert by the jazz pianist and composer Riccardo Arrighini, will continue in the afternoon with the convention “Jazz, Volunteering and Solidarity,” and will end with a concert by the “Riccardo Arrighini TRIO.”

Contact: Maurizio Calcaterra | +39 338 8299793
Official Website: http://associazioneiljazz.it/

Via dello Sport, 25
Via dello Sport, 25
Polistena, Reggio Calabria, Calabria 89024

Event Time: 10:00
Italy International Jazz Day Policoro

Cultural Association Un Ottavo is proud to celebrate, in collaboration with Tunnel American Bar, the International Jazz Day in Policoro (Italy) with internationally well-known Italian musician, Attilio Troiano, and multi-instrumentalist, Larry Franco. Local artists will exhibit their works of art.

Contact: Alida Serio
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/Un-Ottavo-1699728260261056/

Tunnel America Bar
via Caltanissetta
Policoro, Matera/Basilicata 75025

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Polistena International Jazz Day 2016

L’Amministrazione Comunale di Polistena, in collaborazione con l’Associazione Soledad, in occasione della giornata mondiale del Jazz indetta dall’UNESCO
ore 19 Rare jazz vinyl by Alex Perdido.
ore 22 ERRATA CORRIGE UrbanSoulCollective
ore 23 Jam ses

Contact: Nelly Creazzo | +39 349 6185572

Polistena (Reggio Calabria) - Italy
Piazza Della Repubblica
Polistena, Calabria 89024

Event Time: 19:00
Italy Jazz tra Europa ed Africa – Jazz between Africa and Europe

Il duo formato da Arrigo Cappelletti (piano) e Raul Catalano (batteria) presenta un progetto incentrato sulle commistioni fra la musica europea e quella africana, intitolato appunto “Jazz tra Europa ed Africa”. Oltre a composizioni dello stesso Cappelletti, il programma prevede omaggi a due grandi pianisti jazz: Thelonius Monk ed A.Ibrahim.
The Arrigo Cappelletti (piano) and Raul Catalano (drums) duet is based on the interactions between European and African Jazz, and will omage Th.Monk and A.I

Contact: Nelly Creazzo

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Affetto presenta “Igor Di Martino Trio”

Il trio formato da Igor Di Martino (chitarra), Aldo Capasso (contrabbasso) e Marco Fazzari (batteria) eseguirà brani inediti scritti da Di Martino.

The trio made of Igor Di Martino (guitar), Aldo Capasso (bass) and Marco Fazzari (drums) will perform new songs written by Di Martino.

Contact: Emilia Albano | (347)-813-5112
Official Website: http://www.affettobistrot.com/

Affetto Eat & Drink
Viale Giuseppe Mazzini 73
Pompei, Napoli

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Titta Nesti, Franco Santarnecchi, and Jacopo Martini

Titta Nesti, a popular vocalist, will perform, with Franco Santarnecchi, pianist, and Jacopo Martini, guitarist, jazz standards and “censored songs”: all those superb songs convicted in the years of fascism and now reinterpreted in jazz, for exciting moments of listening.

Contact: Enza Spadoni

Associazione culturale ARCI I Renai
Via dell'Olmo, 63
Pontedera, Pisa 56025

Event Time: 6pm - 11:30pm
Italy eMPathia Jazz Duo in concert at Malloni Trace for International Jazz Day

As part of their European tour, Mafalda Minnozzi and Paul Ricci, or the eMPathia Jazz Duo from Sao Paulo, will commemorate International Jazz Day 2016 promoting their new album “INSIDE” with a special concert at Malloni Trace, a special venue in Porto S.Elpidio in the heart of Italy.

Contact: Marco Bisconti | +39 338 7243261
Official Website: http://www.empathiajazz.com

Malloni Trace
Via del Progresso, 2
Porto S. Elpidio, Fermo, Marche 63018

Event Time: 22:30
Italy Tom Harrell Quartet

Praised by Newsweek for his pure melodic genius, Tom Harrell is widely recognized as one of the most creative and dynamic jazz instrumentalists and composers of our time. While Harrell is a master of the jazz idiom, he constantly seeks new challenges and influences. Even with a discography of over 260 recordings and a career that spans more than four decades, Harrell has managed to stay fresh and current as he continues to actively record and tour around the world.

Contact: Giambattista Tofoni | +39 3384321643
Official Website: http://www.tam.it

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Giornata Internazionale UNESCO del Jazz

Pozzuoli Jazz Festival takes part in UNESCO’s International Jazz Day organizing a jazz concert at the symbol of the city of Pozzuoli: the “Macellum” (cd Temple of Serapis) the public market of the first century, A.D. It is known worldwide for its uniqueness and also for related geological phenomena.

Contact: Antimo Civero | +39 335 6684161


Event Time: 21:00

Presentazione e concerto della OJP – ORCHESTRA JAZZ PARTHENOPEA di Pino Jodice e Giuliana Soscia
Nasce la OJP – ORCHESTRA JAZZ PARTHENOPEA / progetto Megaride” di Pino Jodice e Giuliana Soscia nel cuore flegreo della Napoli creativa e “vulcanica”. 21 musicisti al servizio della grande Musica.

Contact: Pino Jodice

Teatro San Luca
Via Miliscola 135
Arco Felice
Pozzuoli , Napoli 80078

Event Time: 21:00 - 23:30
Italy Groove

Inaugurazione con concerto di musica jazz di artisti emergenti.

Inauguration with a jazz music concert played by new artists.

Contact: Angelo Pesce | +39 339 5361388

Groove.... wine music and art
via Maria Puteolana, 12
Pozzuoli, Napoli 80078

Event Time: 22:30

Come ormai da tre anni il PJF anche per il 2017 ci sarà un evento nella città di Pozzuoli per la giornata internazionale del jazz. E’ una giornata in cui si esibiranno tantissimi artisti in gruppo e che, in modo volontario, insieme a tutta la nostra associazione “Jazz and Conversation” celebreranno la giornata e manifesteranno la “cultura” . Con il Patrocinio del Comune di Pozzuoli e dell’Associazione dei Commercianti del Centro storico di Pozzuoli. Viva la Musica Viva il Jazz!!



This year will be the fourth consecutive year that PJF celebrates International Jazz Day 2017 in the city of Pozzuoli, Italy. This event will include many performing artists, along with the support of the association “Jazz and Conversation”, to celebrate the culture and history of jazz music. This event is supported by the Municipality of Pozzuoli and the Trade Association of Old Town Pozzuoli. Long live music, long live jazz!


Contact: Antimo Civero | +39 33 56 684161
Official Website: http://www.pozzuolijazzfestival.it/

Event Time: 17:30
Italy BUG presenta Bari Jazz Day con Bones Trio & Black Vibrations

The Bones Trio (Vito Di Modugno, Davide Penta, Antonio Di Lorenzo) performed street jazz, hammond vibes, and boogaloo with other guest musicians (TBA) that joined in for a hot jam session. The Black Vibrations DJ spun jazzy flavoured vinyls, from the classic tunes to the new beats.

Contact: Black Vibrations
Official Website: http://www.blackvibrations.com

Auditorium Ipercoop Japigia
Via Natale Loiacono
20 Bari
Puglia 70126
Italy Speciale Jazz in Family

Appuntamento radiofonico trasmesso in contemporanea da varie radio locali italiane. Evento promulgativo per il jazz e per il jazzday. Attraverso il mezzo radiofonico invogliare le persone a recarsi ad un evento live mentre, grazie al relativo blog collegato, fornire altre informazioni e spunti di riflessione su una delle correnti artistiche più coinvolgenti della cultura mondiale.

Contact: Mario Ferraioli
Official Website: http://jazzinfamily.altervista.org

Event Time: 18:00
Italy RANDAZZO Celebrates International Jazz Day ’14

In the medieval town of Randazzo a special event took place: A magic combination of music, art and taste. After a vernissage of the Sicilian artist Anna Grasso and a taste of local wines by Casa Vinicola Valenti, people enjoyed jazz music from the Triton Jazz Trio. Jam session followed the concert.

Contact: Gaetano Spartà
Official Website: http://www.comune.randazzo.ct.it/

Randazzo - Chiesa S. Maria dell'Agonia
Via Agonia
Randazzo 95036

Event Time: 6:00 pm - 11:59 pm
Italy In_Solito Jazz Trio @ Randazzo

In the Medieval Town of Randazzo a special event will take place: a magic combination of music, art and taste. After a vernissage of the sicilian artist Anna Grasso, and a taste of local wines by Cantina Grasso Etna Wine, people will listen to jazz music from the In_Solito Jazz Trio.

Contact: Gaetano Sparta

Comune di Randazzo
Randazzo, Catania, Sicily 95036

Event Time: 19:00
Italy Incontro Jazz Calabria UNESCO

“Nemesi” – solo sax performance con Alberto La Neve – sassofoni, looping e multi effetti.
A seguire” Bsession Jazz V edizione”, a cura dell’associazione Mondi Diversi, con “Mas en Tango Trio”

Jazz Meeting in Calabria
“Nemesis” – sax solo performance with Alberto Snow – saxophones, looping, multi effects. Following “Obsession Jazz V Edition”, in collaboration with the association Mondi Diversi, with “Mas en Tango Trio”.

Contact: Claudia Ventura
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Museo dello Strumento Musicale
Viale Domenico Zerbi Genoese
Reggio Calabria 89123

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Jazz Land

In occasione dell’International Jazz Day, il MuStruMu insieme con l’associazione Midj Calabria, la Filarmonica Laudamo, e l’Associazione Marcello Turano presenta il proprio evento per “festeggiare” la giornata mondiale della musica Jazz indetta dall’Unesco.

Il programma è articolato su due giornate il 30 Aprile ed il 1 Maggio dalle ore 17:00 entrambi i giorni al museo dello strumento musicale di Reggio Calabria

Contact: Museo dello strumento musicale | +390965893233
Official Website: http://www.mustrumu.it

Event Time: 17:00
Italy UNESCO Let’s Jazz

Let’s celebrate International Jazz Day with Lazio team of the Youth Committee of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO.  A day of cultural promotion in the suggestive location of Rieti, used to host Jazz festivals, where the rising jazz ensemble Motus Trio will launch his album Mental Space.

Contact: Antonio Geracitano
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Teatro dei Condomini - Rieti
Via di Mezzo, 184
Rieti, Lazio 02100

Event Time: 17:00
Italy International Jazz Day Quartet

Alessandro Bolsieri – sax
Luca Magnoni – piano
Filippo Cassaleni – doublebass
Enrico Ro – drum

La musica ha dimostrato attraverso le varie epoche di essere un potente strumento di comunicazione. Come è noto, il Jazz è una forma di musica nata, all’inizio del 900, dall’incontro tra la cultura africana e quella europea, propagatasi inizialmente nel sud degli Stati Uniti per poi diffondersi in tutto il mondo, prendendo il meglio dalle varie nazioni e arricchendosi attraverso la fusione delle diverse culture. Oggi è una forma d’arte internazionale che parla tante lingue: è un mezzo di comunicazione che trascende le differenze di razza, religione, etnia o nazionalità. Appartiene al mondo ed è un formidabile strumento di dialogo interculturale, di unificazione e di coesistenza pacifica. È per questo motivo che l’UNESCO ha deciso di celebrare il 30 aprile di ogni anno la “Giornata Internazionale del Jazz” in tutto il mondo.

Contact: Roberta Amadei

Circolo Milleluci
Via Isotta degli Atti n.8
Rimini, Emilia Romagna 47921

Event Time: 22:00
Italy Carlos Forero Group

Jazz, Folklore Argentino e Colombiano si unisco dando vita ad un sound ed uno spettacolo unico nel suo genere. La profonda voce di Carlos Forero sarà accompagnata dal pianista Argentino Andres Langer, dal batterista Marco Zanotti e dal Sassofonista Massimo Valentini.

Jazz, Argentinean and Colombian Folklores will come together creating a one-of-a-kind show. The deep voice of Carlos Forero will be accompanied by Argentinean pianist Andres Langer, drummer Marco Zanotti and saxophonist Massimo Valentini.

Contact: Massimo Valentini

Rock Island
Largo R. Boscovich
Rimini, Rimini 47921

Event Time: 22:00
Italy Milleluci Jazz Club Presenta: International Jazz Day Live

Sul palco del MILLELUCI JAZZ CLUB il quartetto formato da:

Alessandro Bolsieri – sax
Luca Magnoni – piano
Filippo Cassanelli – doublebass
Enrico Ro – drum

Contact: Luca Magnoni | +393296693251

Circolo Milleluci
Via Isotta Degli Atti 8
Rimini, Emilia Romagna 47921

Event Time: 22:30
Italy Giornata Internazionale del Jazz – Premio Internazionale Comune di Roccabernarda “Citta’ della Musica e dell’Accoglienza” Roccabernarda

Giornata Internazionale del Jazz – Premio Internazionale Comune di Roccabernarda “Citta’ della Musica e dell’Accoglienza” Roccabernarda 30/04 01/05 /2016

International Jazz Day – International Prize City of Roccabernarda “City of Music and Hospitality”

Contact: Francesco Perri | +39 327 8623841

Teatro Roccabernarda
Roccabernarda, Crotone/Calabria 88835

Event Time: 0:00
Italy International Jazz Day Roma @ Jazzit Club

The Jazzit Club Rome celebrated Italian jazz by inviting as many musicians and industry players as possible onstage for a short performance. Afterwards, organizers took a collective photograph of the celebration, in memory of the famous photo “A Great Day In Harlem.” More information: http://www.jazzit.it or http://www.groovemasteredition.it/

Contact: Roberto Ramberti (Groove Master Edition)/ Luciano Vanni (Jazzit Magazine) | +393387249974/ +390744817579
Official Website: http://www.jazzit.it

Jazzit Club Rome @ Auditorium Antonianum
Viale Manzoni, 1
Roma 00185

Event Time: 8:00 pm - 12:00 am
Italy Duke Ellington Orchestra

Forty years after the disappearance of the “Duke” Edward Kennedy Ellington, the jazz band he founded and directed and which still represents him all over the world performed on April 30th in Rome, at the Auditorium Parco della Musica, on the occasion of the International Jazz Day.

Contact: Elisabetta Castiglioni | +39 06 3225044
Official Website: http://www.deotour2014.com/

Auditorium Parco della Musica
Viale Pietro De Coubertin, 30
Roma 00196
+39 06 80241281

Event Time: 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Italy Swing All Night Long!

REAL swing music for REAL swing dancers!

Giorgio Cuscito – ten, arr
Mario Caporilli – tr
Ferdy Coppola – ten, v
Daniele Cordisco – guit
Alberto Antonucci – cb
Fabiano Giovannelli – dr
Monica Gilardi – v


Contact: Giorgio Cuscito
Official Website: http://giorgiocuscit7.wix.com/swingvalleyband

Via di Monte Testaccio 22
Roma 00100

Event Time: 11:00 pm - 03:00 am
Italy Sunset Jazz at Hotel Eden Rome with Red Pellini, Walter Ricci, Daniele Cordisco

Hotel Eden hosted two concert sets on the Roof Garden “La Terrazza” with panoramic view of Rome:
6.30 pm – 8.30 pm: “Sunset Jazz Aperitif” w. Red Pellini, Daniele Cordisco, Marco Loddo
10 pm – 12 pm: “Swing Masters Show” w. crooner Walter Ricci, Daniele Cordisco, Marco Loddo

Contact: Luca R. Jacovella | +39 06 30683466
Official Website: http:// http://jmusicweb.com

Hotel Eden Rome
via Ludovisi 49
Roma 00100
+39 06478121

Event Time: 06:30 pm - 12:00 am
Italy Jazz City

Il Jazz è in città! Sul palco del Vinile si esibirà in una strepitosa performance la storica band “Lino Patruno Broadway & Harlem Jazz” composta dal grande Lino Patruno accompagnato dagli illustri Gianluca Galvani, Carlo Ficini, Giuseppe Bassi, Riccardo Colasante e Jude Lindy.
Join us!

Jazz is in town!
The historical band “Lino Patruno Broadway & Harlem Jazz”, composed by the great Lino Patruno, with illustrious Gianluca Galvani, Carlo Ficini, Giuseppe Bassi, Riccardo Colasante and Jude Lindy, will perform at Vinile.

Contact: Vinile Roma | +39 065 7288666
Official Website: http://www.vinileroma.it/

Via Giuseppe Libetta 19
Roma 00181

Event Time: 22:00
Italy Antonella Aprea & Nicola Cordisco 4Tet

Ritorna al Club in occasione dell’Internatonal Jazz Day dell’Unesco Antonellina Aprea, una delle più espressive voci del panorama jazz nazionale che sarà accompagnata in un percorso del più puro Swing da Nicola Cordisco alla Chitarra, Stefano Nunzi al Contrabbasso ed Andrea Nunzi alla Batteria.

Contact: BeBop Jazz Club Rome | +39 345 7179871
Official Website: http://www.bebopjazzclub.net

BeBop Jazz Club Rome
Via Giuseppe Giulietti 14
Roma 00155

Event Time: 22:00
Italy RAHSAAN – Colombo, Fioravanti, Colonna -"The Spirit of the Giant from Columbus"

A great and wonderful opportunity to work on the essence of the Columbus giant, exploring it in depth, in search of the blues, the multi-thematic, the musical grandeur of one of our reference musicians. Not a project on the repertory, but on the spirit of Roland RAHSAAN Kirk

Un occasione meravigliosa di lavorare sull’essenza musicale del gigante di Columbus, esplorandola nel profondo, cercando il blues, il multi-tematismo la grandezza musicale di uno dei nostri musicisti di riferimento.

Contact: Marc Reynaud | 3408249718
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/28divinojazz/

Event Time: 22:00
Italy Jazz in the air

Eventi diffusi fra i vicoli di Macerata riempiranno l’aria di note jazz, dal pomeriggio alla sera.


Events spread among the alleys of Macerata will fill the air with the sounds of jazz, from afternoon to evening.

Contact: Comitato Giovani della Commissione Nazionale Italiana per l'UNESCO - regione Marche

Event Time: 16:30
Italy SwingArte

UNESCOgiovani celebrates the International Jazz Day 2017 for its second annual appointment. The Lazio Committee cannot miss the opportunity to participate in this worldwide event featuring Swing as a form of art and expression. There will be live music and Swing open classes! #jazz4heritage: jazz as a tribute for the promotion and conservation of the cultural heritage.

Contact: Paolo Scipioni

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Presentazione: For Life – Dario Germani Trio

Tosky Records is happy to present/release the new jazz album “FOR LIFE” by Dario Germani Trio featuring Max Ionata. The legendary Giovanni Tommaso will introduce this event. This event is being hosted at the Alexander Platz Jazz Club in Rome, the most popular Italian jazz club in Europe.

Contact: Giorgio Lovecchio
Official Website: http://www.toskyrecords.com

Alexander Platz Jazz Club
Via Ostia, 9
Rome 00181

Event Time: 9:30pm - 11:45pm
Italy Giornata Internazionale del Jazz – Roma

Under the patronage of the Italian National Commission for UNESCO,
Forum Artists & Global Shapers Rome Hub presents: “International Jazz Day, Rome”
with Stefano Di Battista Jazz Quartet, Enrico Rava and Rita Marcotulli.

Charity event in support of raising funds for UNICEF aid program in Syria.

Contact: Paolo Petrocelli
Official Website: http://www.jazzdayroma.it/

Teatro Argentina
Largo di Torre Argentina, 52
Rome 00186

Event Time: 9pm - 11pm
Italy Hard Times Trio at 28DiVino Jazz

Toni Germani, Saxes
Stefano Marzolla, bass & d.Bass
Massimo Carrano, Drums

60 & 70s… in a original way! Sounds good

28DiVino Jazz Club in Rome… Elected first Italian Jazz Club by Jazzit Awards.

Contact: Marc Reynaud | 3408249718
Official Website: http://www.28divino.com

28DiVino Jazz Club Rome
via Mirandola, 21
Rome 00182
+39 3408249718

Event Time: 10pm - 2am
Italy Leonardo Borghi Gregory’s Jazz Session

Leonardo Borghi at the piano, leads a trio in a two set live jazz show dedicated to the historical American songbooks by the arrangements of the great trio – Oscar Peterson, Ahmad Jamal, McCoy Tyner, Phineas Newborn – will be performed in the first set and a jam session in the second set.

Contact: Gregory's Jazz Club | 327 8263770
Official Website: http://www.gregorysjazz.com

Gregory's Jazz Club
Via Gregoriana 54/a
Rome 00187
39 06.6796386

Event Time: 10pm - 1am
Italy International Jazz Day at Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza University of Rome, the largest university in Europe, celebrates International Jazz Day with a free concert of its big band MuSa – Musica Sapienza directed by Silverio Cortesi, with the participation of MuSa university choir (conductor Giorgio Monari).

Contact: Donatella Carini | (+39) 0649910656
Official Website: http://www.uniroma1.it/sapienza/musica/MuSa

Square University Chapel
Sapienza University of Rome
Viale dell'Università 28/A
Rome, Lazio 00185
(+39) 0649910656

Event Time: 7pm - 8pm

Concert at the Casa del Jazz featuring Stefano Battaglia’s “Alec Wilder – Songs Were Made to Sing.” With Avishai Cohen (trumpet), Stefano Battaglia (piano), Joe Rehmer (bass) and Fabrizio Sferra (drums).

Contact: Casa del Jazz | 0039 06 704731
Official Website: http://www.casajazz.it/

Casa del Jazz
Viale di Porta Ardeatina 55
Rome 00154
0039 06 704731

Event Time: 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Italy In a Bolero Mood… – Eleonora Bianchini & Luca R. Jacovella

Concert of Latin American-inspired boleros arranged as jazz, featuring Eleonora Bianchini – voice & guitar; Luca Ruggero Jacovella – piano; Marco Siniscalco – bass; Davide Pentassuglia – drums.

Contact: Luca Ruggero Jacovella
Official Website: http://www.jmusicweb.com/scheda_artista.asp?id=255&c=1

Cotton Club Roma
via Bellinzona 2
Rome 00100
+39 349 070 9468

Event Time: 10:15 pm - 12:30 am
Italy A session with New Talents Jazz Orchestra

Percentomusica music center presented a session with New Talents Jazz Orchestra, directed by Mario Corvini.

Contact: Stefano Micarelli
Official Website: http:// http://www.percentomusica.com

via dei Cessati Spiriti 89
Rome 00173

Event Time: 12:00 pm
Italy MC UNITY 5tet – International Jazz Day Rome – 28Divino Jazz

Venue 28Divino Jazz hosted the Marco Colonna Unity group for a concert celebrating International Jazz Day. Featuring Marco Colonna (clarinets, baritone sax), Danielle Di Majo (alto sax), Claudio Martini (bassoon), Fabio Sartori (piano) and Stefano Cupellini (drums).

Contact: Marc Reynaud | +393408249718
Official Website: http://www.28divino.com

28Divino Jazz
via Mirandola, 21
Rome 00182

Event Time: 22:00 - 02:00

Jazz off salons but return to the streets,peace, respect, & more culture. Aperitif in Jazz at 19:00.

Contact: Nardi Ivano | +39 3395216362

Event Time: 01:09
Italy Jazz Day Capitolino

Organizers presented live music, film screenings and a seminar titled “Jazz in the Dolce Vita” in the Roman archeological area of Piazza Navona to celebrate International Jazz Day.

Contact: Massimo Gazzè | +393922461203
Official Website: http:// http://www.jazzandwine.it

Piazza Navona 45
Via di Tor Sanguigna 3
ROME, Rome 00187

Event Time: 19:30 - 00:00
Italy Della Porta/Manco/Battaglia/Tomassetti

Sara della Porta – voce, Silvia Manco – pianoforte, Stefano Battaglia – contrabbasso & Pierluigi Tomassetti – batteria

Italian jazz concert & dinner.  Direction by J Music www.jmusicweb.com

free entrance. Rsv for table

Contact: Mr. Luca
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/917056158359298/

Gusto Wine Bar
via della Frezza 23, Roma Piazza Augusto Imperatore
Rome 00100
+39 06 3226273

Event Time: 21:30 - 23:30
Italy International Jazz Day at Sapienza University of Rome

Sapienza celebrates International Jazz Day with a free concert of its big band MuSa – Musica Sapienza directed by Silverio Cortesi, with the participation of MuSa choir (conductor Giorgio Monari).

Under the patronage of Roma Capitale Culture and Tourism Department and with the support of Tim Music

Contact: Donatella Carini | (+39) 0649910656
Official Website: http://www.musicasapienza.uniroma1.it/

Square University Chapel
Sapienza University of Rome
Viale dell'Università 28/A
Rome, Lazio 00185

Event Time: 12:30
Italy Jazz Day Rome with “28(SPQR) All Stars” 5tet – Best Avant Jazz Scene

The best musicians of the avant-jazz scene of Rome meet at 28Divino Jazz club for an evening of creativity and musical exchange, strictly original, each of them having international collaborations and high-level projects. If you are looking for a mainstream event, do not come 🙂
Enjoy & B curious!

Contact: Marc Reynaud | +39 34 08 24 9718
Official Website: http://www.28divino.com

28Divino Jazz Club
via Mirandola, 21
Rome 00182

Event Time: 22:30
Italy MadameDoRe live at Elegance Cafè Jazz Club Rome for International Jazz Day 2016

Elegance Cafè Jazz Club in Rome celebrates Jazz Day 2016 with a funny female band called MadameDoRe. A vocal trio of Italian and American songs from the past. Chiara Bertoli, Clea Cotroneo, Letizia Paparelli on vocals with Paul Bernardi (piano), Flavia Ostuni (bass) and Antonio Donatone (drums).

Contact: Daria Venuto | +39 064 2016745
Official Website: http://www.elegancecafe.it/

Elegance Cafè Jazz Club
Via Vittorio Veneto, 83/85
Rome 00187

Event Time: 23:00
Italy Jazz Day | Jazz Life

A 12 hours Jazz marathon to discover the history of Jazz, its influences and trends, with the chance of creating jam sessions (which are improvised per excellence and very ‘organic’). Emerging bands and big artists will perform on the occasion of the first and biggest Jazz charity event in Rome.

Contact: Irene Cassaniti | +39 06 88817316
Official Website: https://www.restartrome.it

Rest Art Rome
via dei Cerchi 75
Rome 00186

Event Time: 12:00
Italy Cotton Club Jazz Orchestra

COTTON CLUB JAZZ ORCHESTRA is a band formed by seven musicians from the Italian jazz scene . The C.C.J.O. reproduces the original arrangements of some of the most famous and unforgettable songs of DUKE ELLINGTON born in Washington, DC, who will welcome this year the International Jazz Day.

Contact: Francesco Ottavi | +39 349 4595416
Official Website: http://www.cottonclubroma.it

Cotton Club Rome
Via Bellinzona, 2
Rome 00100

Event Time: 22:30

domenica 30 aprile dalle ore 12
ore 12 (sala concerti)
ore 18 (sala concerti)
ore 21 (sala concerti)
E inoltre improvvisazioni ed esibizioni negli spazi della Casa del Jazz, con la partecipazione di allievi e docenti dei corsi “Jazz Oltre” del Conservatorio di Musica Santa Cecilia
Ingresso libero fino a esaurimento posti


Sunday, April 30 from noon

Noon (concert hall)
6 pm (concert hall)
9 pm (concert hall)
We will present improvisations and performances in the “Casa del Jazz” space, with the participation of students and faculty from the “Jazz Oltre” course at the Conservatory of Santa Cecilia. Free entry, subject to availability.

Contact: Casa del Jazz | +39 06 704731
Official Website: http://www.casajazz.it/

Event Time: 12:00

Concert by the Walkin’ Jazz Quartet (ITA) || Walter Civettini: trumpet/flugehorn | Stefano Raffaelli: piano/livelectronics | Enrico Tommasini: drums | Flavio Zanon: doublebass.

Contact: WALTER BONAVENTURA | +39 349 7296496

Loco's Bar
Via Valbusa Grande 7
Rovereto, TN 38068

Event Time: 09:30 pm - 11:55 pm
Italy Connected at Loco’s International Jazz Day

Loco’s bar hosted a performance by the group “Connected,” featuring Stefano and Matteo Giordani and Juan Manuel Moretti.

Contact: Walter Bonaventura | +39 3497296496
Official Website: http://facebook.com/barlocos

Loco's bar
Via Valbusa grande 7
Rovereto, Tn 38068
+39 3497296496

Event Time: 21:30 - 23:30
Italy JazzHouse

IusLaw Web Radio will hold a series of interviews with jazz musicians to promote jazz music during International Jazz Day.

Contact: Andrea Pontecorvo Angelo Marzo Emanuela Chiriacò | +39 3248675965
Official Website: http://www.webradioiuslaw.it

Event Time: 08:30
Italy Omaggio a Duke Ellington

Six jazz musicians presented their recorded tribute to one of the key figures of music in the 20th century – the extraordinary pianist and composer whose work defined an era, and whose legacy has inspired all those musicians who have pursued jazz as an art.

Contact: Rovigo Jazz Club | +39 0425 27853
Official Website: http://www.rovigojazzclub.it

Ridotto del Teatro Sociale
Piazza Garibaldi, 14
Rovigo, RO 45100
+39 0425 27853

Event Time: 9:30 pm - 11:30 pm
Italy Crossroads – Javier Girotto & Aires Tango “Duende”

Jazz Network, patronised by Comitato Giovani UNESCO, presents Javier Girotto & Aires Tango “Duende” as event for the IJD in the 17th edition of its jazz festival Crossroads. The quartet is composed by Javier Girotto (soprano sax & Andean flutes), Alessandro Gwis (piano & keyboards), Marco Siniscalco (electric bass guitar) and Michele Rabbia (drum & percussion).http://www.unescogiovani.it/

Contact: Sandra Costantini (Artistic Director) / Carlo Alberto Biasioli (Communication Coordinator) | +39 0544 405666
Official Website: http://www.crossroads-it.org/

Teatro Comunale di Russi
Piazza Farini D. A., 1
Russi, Ravenna 48026

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Roy Paci e Mauro Ottolini – #Crossroads2017

“Penta Blues”, ideato da Roy Paci e Mauro Ottolini, è un viaggio lungo le orme musicali di William Christopher Handy (1873-1958), che con la sua prolifica vena compositiva contribuì a definire la forma del blues come la conosciamo oggi. Non per nulla si è guadagnato l’appellativo di ‘padre del blues’. Quello scritto da Handy e ora reinterpretato da Roy Paci e Ottolini è un jazz primigenio dalla vocazione corale e dall’intensità primordiale.


“Penta Blues”, created by Roy Paci and Mauro Ottolini, is a journey along the musical footsteps of William Christopher Handy (1873-1958), who with his prolific musical talents helped define the form of the blues as we know it today. On Jazz Day, we are pleased for Roy and Mauro to perform an impassioned rendition of “Penta Blues” inspired by the late “father of the blues”, Mr. W.C. Handy.

Contact: Carlo Alberto Biasioli | 39 0544405666
Official Website: http://www.crossroads-it.org/

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Jam in Chaos

This jam was based on the idea the music is first a flow of emotions that every musician has inside. Chaos doesn’t mean disorder, but is a condition before the setting of the order and the distinctions of genres. Different styles and cultures have to harmonize their chaos in totally improvisation.

Contact: Alice Rinaldi | 3357630396
Official Website: http:// http://radiobooonzo.it

Radio Booonzo
Via cimarosa
Salerno, Campania 84091
0828 307430

Event Time: 07:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Italy Jazz in Family

Transmissions with speech on stories related to songs and artists, tales of additions and dialogue between cultures and peoples. Special family chart / jazz. Evening animated by local jazz band with live radio,… and other works in progress. In a historical center of UNESCO cultural heritage.

Contact: Mario Ferraioli
Official Website: http://www.radiomontealbino.it

Pro-Loco/Radio Monte Albino
Via Pulcinella - Sant'Egidio del Monte Albino
Salerno, 84010

Event Time: 13:00
Italy International Jazz Day 2016

Il Liceo Musicale Alfano I di Salerno partecipa all’International Jazz Day con un concerto dell’Alfano I Jazz Ensemble e della Young Big Band.

The Music School Alfano I of Salerno participates to Jazz Day with a concert the ALFANO The Jazz Ensemble and Young Big Band .

Contact: Giuseppe Esposito | +39 347 6844816
Official Website: http://www.liceoalfano1.gov.it/

Liceo Musicale ALoano I
Via dei Mille 41
Salerno 84100

Event Time: 10:30
Italy Open Jazz Day

To celebrate International Jazz Day, we talked about jazz all day; at the end we played jazz together to be happy for the rest of the year!

Contact: Antonia De Angelis | +393355639077
Official Website: http://www.overjazz.it

Associazione Over Jazz School
Via Pomezia, 6
San Benedetto del Tronto 63074

Event Time: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Italy Jazz: Linguaggio Universale

The faculty from the Over Jazz School, in collaboration with the Municipality of San Benedetto del Tronto, performed a concert at the Municipal Auditorium featuring standards from various periods of jazz. The concert concluded with a final jam session.

“I docenti della Over Jazz School, in collaborazione con il Comune di San Benedetto del Tronto (AP) si esibiranno presso l’Auditorium comunale, raccontando e suonando standard delle varie età del jazz. Il concerto si concluderà con una jam session finale.”

Contact: Antonia De Angelis | +39.3355639077
Official Website: http://www.overjazz.it/

Auditorium comunale G. Tebaldini
Via A. De Gasperi, 124
San Benedetto del tronto, Marche/Ascoli Piceno 63037
+39 0735 7941

Event Time: 21:30 - 23:30
Italy Exhibition of paintings dedicated to the stars of jazz

The Galleria Jazz presented an exhibition of paintings as a tribute to this genre of music and the great performers of the past.

Contact: Donata Romagnoli

Galleria jazz
Piazza Caduti n.3
San Marcello 60030

Event Time: 8:00 am - 11:00 pm
Italy American Songbook
American Songbook
The quartet, composed by Max Ionata – tenor sax, Pietro Lussu – piano, Luca Bulgarelli – bass, Giovanni Scasciamacchia – drums, pays tribute to the great composers and musicians who have shaped the history of jazz such as Duke Ellington, George Gershwin, Lester Young, Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane.
The musicians will offer music creatively interpreting, for a journey through the history of African-American music with its typical and original sound.
During the event you can visit the Antiquarium, which are exposed to Samnite and Roman antiquities from the archaeological site of Telesia, and will be for sale ticket for the tasting of local products.
Free entry.
Contact: PRO LOCO SAN SALVATORE TELESINO +39 0824.948144 – [email protected]it    

Contact: PRO LOCO SAN SALVATORE TELESINO | +39 0824.948144

Event Time: 19:30
Italy Vincenzo Maurogiovanni, Michele Campobasso, Alessandro Napolitano SEMINARIO + LIVE

Maurogiovanni Vincenzo and Michele Campobasso will hold a seminar entitled “The Evolution of Jazz”.

Contact: Nico Paulangelo | +393805311432
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mocambo/490151924339633?fref=ts

via Einstein 3
Santeramo, Puglia 70029

Event Time: 5pm - 11pm
Italy Tribute to Duke Ellington and Count Basie /dir arr Matteo Franza

La Young Jazz Orchestra Campana nasce a San Marzano sul Sarno famoso per “POMODORI”. Lo scopo dell’orchestra è quello di riunire i giovani musicisti provenienti dai vari Conservatori di Musica della Campania, con l’obbiettivo di dare ai giovani musicisti l’opportunità di crescere musicalmente.

Young Jazz Orchestra Campana was born in the city of San Marzano sul Sarno, very famous for its tomatoes! The main goal of the orchestra is to gather young musicians from various music conservatories, in order to give the opportunity to young musicians to grow musically.

Contact: Matteo Franza | +39 2 9280397

Museo Archeologico Nazionale della valle del Sarno
via Cavour N°9
Palazzo Capua
Sarno, Salerno/ Campania 84087

Event Time: 20:30
Italy Sciacca International Jazz Day UNESCO 2016

Mauro Carpi (violin)
Fabio Gandolfo (piano)
Fabio Crescente (bass)
Antonella Parnasso (voice)
Also Paolo Alongi (guitar) and Pietro Piazza (accordion)
Organizers:Ist.A.Toscanini of Ribera with Club for UNESCO and Municipality of Sciacca

Contact: Lorenzo Salvagio | +39 333 9578847
Official Website: http://www.istitutotoscanini.it

Atrio Superiore - Comune di Sciacca
Via Roma
ex Convento dei Gesuiti
Sciacca, Sicily 92019

Event Time: 18:30
Italy In Sicilia una Suite – Lo Spettacolo del Jazz

Giovanni Mazzarino (piano) & Daniela Spalletta (voice), play “In Sicilia una suite” with Alberto Fidone (contrabbass) and Peppe Tringali (drums), in Scicli (UNESCO) for “Lo Spettacolo del Jazz 2015”. Reservation at 0932 931154

Contact: Martina

via F. Mormino Penna 79
Scicli, Ragusa 97018

Event Time: 20:30 - 22:30
Italy Luciano Biondini solo fisarmonica “Senza fine”

Uno dei migliori fisarmonicisti porta in scena in solo un concerto di forte matrice improvvisativa, dedicato alla canzone italiana ed alla musica da film. Il tutto è utilizzato allo scopo di fondere tradizione e modernità in un unico linguaggio, verso il coinvolgente lirismo e calore che supera i co

Contact: Alberto Fidone | +39 339 8337049
Official Website: http://vienote.it

Quam - Quadrerie del monastero
via Francesco Mormino Penna 79
Scicli, Ragusa 97018

Event Time: 21:00
Italy "Terras" Barbara Casini Roberto Taufic duo / Lo Spettacolo del Jazz Scicli 2017

“Terras” is the last work of Barbara Casini (singer) and Roberto Taufic (guitarist) in duo, great interpreters of Brazilian music in the world. For the fourth year in Scicli (UNESCO site), Vie Note group will organize a month of Jazz, which will conclude on the 30th of April with Jazz Day. After ‘Stjepko Gut quartet feat. Daniele Cordisco’, ‘Part Time Quartet’, Vocalese Monk (special guest Fabrizio Bosso), Terras will offer a day with Brazilian music. ‘Terras’, Quam (great art gallery) in Scicli 21.00

Contact: Martina | +39 09 32931154
Official Website: http://www.vienote.it

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Paolo Tarsi

Concert by the pianist, organist and composer Paolo Tarsi which will alternate between piano and Hammond organ in a personal reading of some standard and interpretation of concert music from jazz musicians and composers such as Chick Corea, Fred Hersch, Dave Grusin and William Albright.

Contact: Paolo Tarsi

Auditorium San Rocco
Piazza Garibaldi (Piazza Duomo)
Senigallia, Marche 60019

Event Time: 9:15pm - 11pm
Italy Welcome to the Django Jazz Manouche

The concert is organized to celebrate the International Jazz Day together with the inauguration of the “House of memory” in Servigliano FM Italy. In collaboration with the Province of Fermo and TAM Tutta un’Altra Musica, I-Jazz and Marche Jazz Network

Contact: Giambattista Tofoni | +39 338 4321643
Official Website: http://www.tam.it

Presso l’ex Stazione Ferrioviaria
Stazione Ferroviaria
Servigliano, Marche 63839
+39 338 4321643

Event Time: 9pm - 11pm
Italy Dine with Jazz

“Dine with Jazz” is a concert organized by Music Academy Silvi for the International Jazz Day. The concert will be accompanied by an elegant fish dinner and each song will be introduced by historical information about jazz and about the songs in repertoire.

Contact: Elena Pallotta | +39 349 3846334
Official Website: http://www.musicacademysilvi.net

La Regina del mare
Viale Po 1
Silvi, Teramo 64028

Event Time: 20:00
Italy Voice 'n' Piano

In occasione dell’International Jazz Day, Elena&Fabio aprono la stagione dei concerti estivi con un aperitivo in musica Jazz e non solo dove verranno interpretati i più grandi classici della musica jazz e i più bei brani del pop contemporaneo in chiave acustica.


On International Jazz Day, Elena & Fabio opens the season of summer concerts with an aperitif in Jazz music, some of the biggest jazz music classic, and the most beautiful pieces of contemporary pop played in acoustic style.

Contact: Fabio Di Berardino | +39 3284846234

Event Time: 19:30
Italy Giornata Internazionale del Jazz

Evening concert with Italian jazz musicians: Raffaele Genovese(pianist), Gioacchino Papa(bass & guitar), Fabrizio Brusca(guitar), Emanuele Primavera(drums), Carmelo Venuto (bass), Antonio Bonasera(sax) and others.

Contact: Jecos Jazz
Official Website: http://www.jecosjazz.it

Piazza San Giuseppe, 2
Siracusa 96100

Event Time: 6:30pm - 9pm
Italy Giornata Internazionale del Jazz

The Associazione Jecos held a workshop and concert featuring local and youth jazz groups.



Contact: Associazione Jecos

Istituto Musicale
Viale Regina Margherita 19
Siracusa SR 96100
+39 931 61033

Event Time: 04:00 pm - 09:00 pm
Italy International Jazz Day 2015: Siracusa

The Associazione Rinascimento Culturale Archimedeo hosted a multi-day celebration featuring concerts, jam session, education programs, film screenings and a photographic exposition. Locations for the festivities included the historic Antico Mercato of Ortigia in the Siracusa city center.

Contact: Giuseppe Mandalari | +393346436419
Official Website: http://arcasiracusa.weebly.com

Via di Villa Ortisi 26 a
Siracusa 96100

Event Time: 11:00
Italy Sicilian in Jazz & International Jazz Day Siracusa 2016

In the ancient market of Siracusa, ARCA Siracusa will produce a three-day jazz festival dedicated to Sicily and its jazz, with an eye to international jazz. The objective is to promote local musical and artistic excellence, with a focus on local and Sicilian traditions.

Contact: Giuseppe Mandalari | +39 334 6436419
Official Website: http://arcasiracusa.weebly.com/sicilian-in-jazz--international-jazz-day-siracusa-2016.html

A.R.C.A. Associazione Rinascimento Culturale Archimedeo

Event Time: 19:00
Italy Sicilian In Jazz: International Jazz Day Siracusa 2017

In the ancient market of Siracusa, ARCA Siracusa will produce a three-day jazz festival dedicated to Sicily and its jazz, with an eye to international jazz. The objective is to promote local musical and artistic excellence, with a focus on local and Sicilian traditions.

with Simona Trentacoste Voice, Riccardo Randisi piano, Davide Inguaggiato doublebass, Luca Trentacoste drums

with Giacomo Tantillo Trumpet, Valerio Rizzo Piano, Giovanni Villafranca Doublebass and Paolo Vicari Drums

with Donatello D’Attoma Piano and Daniela Spalletta Voice

with Alessandro Presti Trumpet, Daniele Tittarelli Sax, Alessandro Lanzoni Piano, Gabriele Evangelista Doublebass and Francesco Ciniglio Drums.

Sax: Andrea Iurianello, Leonardo Adornetto, Francesco Di Bennardo, Alberto Guzzardi, Giovanni La Ferla
Trumpet : Matteo Frisenna, Dario Scimone, Salvo Musumeci, Giulio Caruso
Tromboni: Alfredo Vitale, Mario Basile, Salvo Ranno, Antonio Caldarella
Piano: Angelo Fichera
Doublebass: Carmelo La Manna
Drums: Giovanni Caruso
Director: Benvenuto Ramaci
Voice: Joyce E. Yuille

Contact: Giuseppe Mandalari | +39 3346436419
Official Website: http://arcasiracusa.weebly.com/sicilian-jazzday-siracusa.html

Event Time: 12:00
Italy Sicilian In Jazz & International Jazz Day Siracusa 2018

In the ancient market of Siracusa, ARCA Siracusa will produce a three-day jazz festival dedicated to Sicily and its jazz, with an eye to international jazz. The objective is to promote local musical and artistic excellence, with a focus on local and Sicilian traditions. From April 28 to 30.

Contact: Giuseppe Mandalari | +39 3346436419
Official Website: http://arcasiracusa.weebly.com/sicilian-jazzday-siracusa.html

Event Time: 10:00
Italy Locomotive Jazz Festival for International Jazz Day

The Festival Jazz del Salento dedicated an entire day to jazz music, with musical “incursions” in schools as well as events geared specifically towards youth, concluding with a magical evening party.

“Torna il giorno della celebrazione a Lecce, torna l’International Jazz Day. Anche nel 2015, il Festival Jazz del Salento dedica un’intera giornata alla Jazz Music, con incontri ed “incursioni” musicali nelle scuole, tanti eventi pensati per i giovani e una magica serata in festa.”

Contact: Locomotive Jazz Festival
Official Website: http://www.locomotivejazzfestival.it/

Locomotive Jazz Festival
Via Trieste 87
Sogliano Cavour 73010

Event Time: 9:00 - 24:00
Italy Internazional Jazz Day al Summarte

” Walter Ricci Hammond Group feat Godwin Louis”… “FOTOSUMMARTEINJAZZ. L’occhio attento di I.Donati, L.Coppola, L.Maffettone, P.Previti, Spectra Foto” … “Original Jam Session”


Con il Patrocinio della Commissione Nazionale Unesco e la direzione artistica di A. Bruno e M.Seraponte, il Teatro Summarte e il Live Tones presentano, dalle 18.00, oltre all’Original Jam Session una mostra “FOTOSUMMARTEINJAZZ”. Alle 21.30 il concerto “Walter Ricci Hammond group feat Godwin Louis”.

Contact: Live Tones Associazione Culturale

Teatro Summarte
Via Roma 15
Somma Vesuviana, Napoli / Campania 80100
081 3629579

Event Time: 18:00 - 00:00

Giornata internazionale del Jazz con il Circolo Jazz Nicola Arigliano di Squinzano presso le Cantine De Ventura in via Maria Manca n°5 . Il Jazz patrimonio dell’umanità : Prof. Emilio.Filieri e Dott Alfonso Renna , DI JAZZ IN JAZZ con ROBERTO POLO JAZZ 6.tet , VITO LITURRI TRIO , ARPE JAZZ, Sabrina Luciani e Susanna Manca.


Celebrating the International Day of Jazz with a Jazz Circle of Nicola Arigliano at Cantine De Ventura on the street Via Maria Manca No. 5 in Squinzano, The Jazz Heritage Site: Prof. Dr. Alfonso Emilio, Filieri and Renna, JAZZ IN JAZZ with ROBERTO POLO JAZZ 6.tet, VITO LITURRI TRIO, HARPS JAZZ, Sabrina Luciani, and Susanna Manca.


via Maria Manca, 5
Squinzano, Italia/Lecce/Puglia

Contact: Alfonso Renna | +39 3384179505

Event Time: 19:00
Italy Teverolaccio Jazz Night

In the 16th-century courtyard of the Teverolaccio hamlet, the best expression of Neapolitan jazz joins the voice of Dean Bowman, great NY gospel voice.
On the stage, Gio Cristiano & Vodoo miles trio, Daniele Sepe, Luigi Di Nunzio.
Organic food, beers and wines selection.

Contact: pascale francesco | +393202681462
Official Website: http://www.terrafelix.eu

Via 24 Maggio
Casale di Teverolaccio
Succivo, CE 81030

Event Time: 19:00 - 01:00
Italy Screening of the film “Round Midnight”

Screening of the film “Round Midnight”, in Room 111 of the Istituto Musicale Veneto “Città di Thiene”, Introduction by Riccardo Brazzale.
Prologue by Riccardo Pettinà (piano).

-Free entry-

Contact: Produzione | 0445364102

Istituto Musicale Veneto
Via Carlo del Prete, 43
Thiene, Vicenza 36016

Event Time: 22:30

With the cool title of “Best Italian Band of the Year” at the Top Jazz 2016, the Lydian Sound Orchestra, founded and directed by Riccardo Brazzale in 1989, will be live at Teatro Comunale in Thiene (Vicenza – Italy) on Sunday April 30, 2017, “International Day of Jazz”, along with the voices of the young rapper Vivian Grillo and the Broken Sword Vocal Ensemble. Special guest Natalino Balasso, icon of satire: he will recite verses by Rimbaud, inspired by the theme of freedom.

Contact: Ufficio Produzione / Simona Crippa | +39 0445 364102
Official Website: http://www.istitutomusicaleveneto.it

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Torino Jazz Festival – Giornata UNESCO del Jazz

The Turin Jazz Festival is back in 2016 for the fifth time, from April 23rd to May 1st. There will be concerts from morning to night, almost all of them free, with great exclusive international musicians, new talent and original productions celebrating International Jazz Day designated by UNESCO.

Please see the english program here.

Contact: Franco Bergoglio | +39 011 01 12 47 06
Official Website: http://www.torinojazzfestival.it/

Piazza Castello and other places: squares, theatres, clubs and on the Po river.

Event Time: 12:00
Italy Cetri! Trio

Training variable geometry which is strictly moves through space between the cool jazz of Chet Baker and Miles Davis and hardbop Horace Silver and Lee Morgan. Ninety minutes of pleasant and engaging jazz, not without irony and self-irony.

Contact: Gianni Santoro | +39 3480746314
Official Website: http://www.giannisantoro.it/

Bertolini & Borse
Viao Teofilo Rossi 3
Torino, Piemonte 10100

Event Time: 17:15
Italy JAZZ TO NEPAL Torino – International Jazz Day UNESCO

Il teatro CAP10100 si trasforma per l’occasione in una Casa del Jazz accogliendo più di 50 musicisti, danzatori, performer e fotografi, in collaborazione con la compagnia “Teatro Orfeo”.
IJD 30 Aprile a Torino è gemellato con l’evento che si tiene contemporaneamente al KJC Kathmandu Nepal per il quale sono ospitati artisti torinesi di JAZZTONEPAL promosso da UNESCO, Mountain Partnership FAO, Regione Piemonte, Fond. PIEMONTE DAL VIVO, EMMA for PEACE, Compagnia ORFEO.


The CAP10100 theater is transformed for the occasion into a House of Jazz by welcoming more than 50 musicians, dancers, performers and photographers, in collaboration with the company “Orpheus Theater”.
International Jazz Day on April 30th in Turin is coupled with the event, KJC Kathmandu Nepal, which will host artists from Turin to JAZZTONEPAL. This collaboration is promoted by UNESCO, FAO Mountain Partnership, the Piedmont Region, Fond. PIEDMONT LIVE, EMMA for PEACE, Orpheus Society.
Admission is FREE.

Contact: jazztonepal | +39 3392868448
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/143215656214343/

Event Time: 15:00
Italy Arena Derthona for International Jazz Day …music divisionism and territory…

With the occasion of the International Jazz Day, the Cultural Association Arena Derthona invites you to concerts, conferences and meetings, to listen to young talents and to discover the most important Divisionism painters, all in the framework offered by the Tortona Civic Theatre and the Fondazione C.R. Tortona Picture Gallery.
The full program will be available in the next few days through the website and social media.

Contact: Charly Bergaglio | +39 347 1555070

Event Time: 12:00

Organizers presented an evening program consisting of:
6 pm: Several gigs played by students of the Jazz Conservatory Bonporti and a Dixieland parade around town
7 pm: “Cocktail & Jam” in the Garden of Trento Auditorium
9 pm: Performance at WellCafè by “Sandro Gibellini Organ Trio,” featuring S. Gibellini (guitar), R. Gorgazzini (organ) and E. Tommasini (drums)

Contact: Roberto Gorgazzini

WellCafè - Trento (Italy)
Via Santa Croce 67
Trento 38122

Event Time: 18:00 - 24:00
Italy La Sroria dell'Improvvisazione

Nel corso della serata si racconterà, con suoni e parole,
quale sia stata l’evoluzione dell’arte dell’improvvisazione,
dall’inizio del XX secolo fino ai giorni nostri.

… e sarà anche svelato il nome dell’assassino… forse…
… o forse si scoprirà che c’è ancora molto da fare…



During the evening, with sounds and words,
What was the evolution of the art of improvisation,
From the beginning of the 20th century to the present day.

…  the assassin’s name will be revealed … maybe …
… or maybe you will find that there is still more to come …

Contact: Unesco Giovani

Event Time: 21:00
Italy International Jazz Day – Treviso

Basilico Tredici, plus some private sponsors, organized in cooperation with Comune di Treviso and Teatri S.p.A. a unique event featuring an amazing duo: Kenny Barron & Dave Holland.

Contact: Francesco Schiavinato | +39 0422 549789
Official Website: http://www.jazztreviso.it

Teatro Mario del Monaco - Treviso
Corso del Popolo 31
Treviso 31100
+39 0422 540480

Event Time: 8:45 pm - 10:30 pm

The Teatro Comunale Del Monaco in Treviso hosted a performance by world famous vocal group “The Manhattan Transfer.”

Contact: Francesco Schiavinato

Teatro Comunale Del Monaco - Treviso
Corso del Popolo, 31
Treviso, TV 31100
+39 0422 540480

Event Time: 20:45 - 22:45
Italy JAZZdayJAM

We celebrate together the INTERNATIONAL JAZZ DAY!

We organized an open space where sound a bit ‘of jazz all together on this special day and offer it to the citizens.
We wait (musicians and otherwise) in Piazzetta dei Lombardi, in the center of Treviso (ITALY)

Contact: Valeria Bruniera | https://twitter.com/?lang=it

Piazzetta dei Lombardi
Via S. Elena Imperatrice, 21c
Treviso,, Veneto 31100

Event Time: 17:30 - 19:30
Italy International Jazz Day – Treviso III Edition

III Edition
UTE LEMPER “Last Tango in Berlino”
Biglietti in vendita c/o – Tickets on sale on:
Biglietteria del Teatro Comunale

Contact: Francesco Schiavinato
Official Website: http://www.teatrocomunaletreviso.it

Teatro Mario del Monaco
Corso del Popolo 31
Treviso, TV 31100

Event Time: 20:45
Italy JAZZdayJAM

The Jazz Musicians in Treviso celebrate for the second time the International Jazz Day with a big Jam Session in the center of Treviso!

Contact: Valeria Bruniera | +39 339 5077282

Piazza Borsa
Piazza Borsa
Treviso 31100

Event Time: 16:30
Italy Treviso Street Food & Jazz

Treviso is organizing three days of events: In Downtown we will start on the 29th of April with six concerts in different locations. On the 30th of April and 1st of May, there will be Jazz performances in six important squares with different groups. More than 60 artists involved.

Contact: Enrica Cazzolato | +39 042 2658318
Official Website: https://www.comune.treviso.it

Municipality of Treviso
Downtown Treviso
Treviso 31100

Event Time: 11:00
Italy JAZZdayJAM

First we will have many gigs organized in Treviso, Italy around International Jazz Day, called “Treviso Street Food & Jazz”. Then we will celebrate together with a great Jam Session in the historic square of the beautiful Italian city.

Contact: Valeria Bruniera

Event Time: 18:30
Italy Riccardo Morpurgo at the “Circolo del Jazz Thelonious”

For this day the Italian pianist Riccardo Morpurgo will present his last work “Dove è il nord”.

Contact: Enrico Malusà | 0039 320 0480460
Official Website: http://thelonious-trieste.com

Circolo del Jazz Thelonious c/o Knulp
Via della Madonna del Mare 7/a
Trieste 34124
0039 320 0480460

Event Time: 9pm - 11pm
Italy CONFLUENZE (Club UNESCO Bisceglie – Rotaract Club Bari Alto Casamassima)

Concerto di beneficenza per le Filippine, colpite dall’uragano Hayan. Un viaggio a ritroso nel tempo per riscoprire le atmosfere del jazz, attraverso le emozioni dei suoi protagonisti. Piano:Nicola Pannarale Voce: Valentina Battista Voce narrante :Simona Ferrante

Contact: Club UNESCO Bisceglie | +39 3334815990

Palazzo Marchesale Venusio
Piazza Colapietro 2,
Turi, Bari 70010
+39 3334815990

Event Time: 20:30 - 23:30
Italy Sam Paglia Trio

Sam Paglia nasce a Cesenatico nel Luglio del 1971. Dello stesso anno e mese è il suo organo Hammond C3 acquistato nel 1995 a Londra. Una coincidenza?
Sam è l’organo Hammond italiano più originale e riconoscibile anche a detta dei suoi affezionati ascoltatori oltreoceano. Dopo 8 dischi, oltre un migliaiao di date tra Italia ed estero Sam si presenta con un trio rinnovato e pronto a nuove sfide. Con lui a dividere il palco ci sono Michele Iaia alla batteria e Peppe Conte alla chitarra.

Contact: Massimo Valentini | +39 3397016776

Event Time: 21:30
Italy Baiocco Dixie Band – A Free Jazz Concert for Venice

Baiocco Dixie Band will perform in San Moisé Sq. in Venice, few steps from Saint Mark Sq. in a free concert organized by the Hotel Bauer.
First Concert starts a 11:30 am
Second Concert starts at 5:30 pm.

Contact: Manuel Vecchina | +39 340 5018301
Official Website: http://www.bauervenezia.com/jazz

Hotel Bauer
San Marco 1459
Venice, Veneto 30124

Event Time: 11:30
Italy Chiara Luppi in Concert for International Jazz Day

An exceptional concert for Internazional Jazz Day organized by Hotel Bauer.
Chiara Luppi.
Chiara Luppi – voice
Ivan Zuccarato – keyboards
Davide De Vito – drums
#jazz #soul #r&b# evergreen#
From Tina Turner to Aretha Franklin. Energy and emotions are fused together in Chiara’s extraordinary voice.

Contact: Manuel Vecchina | +39 340 501831
Official Website: http://www.bauervenezia.com/jazz

Hotel Bauer
San Marco 1459
Venice, Veneto 30124

Event Time: 19:00
Italy Moulaye & Friends Jam Session

Saturday April 30 from 6 pm @ Rialto Pescheria [Fish Market] along the Grand Canal in Venice Moulaye & Friends will perform a long JAM SESSION with a lot of jazz musicians. Who ever is interested to play with them: just come. Whoever is interested to listen: just come. Everybody are welcome.

Contact: Manuel Vecchina | +39 340 5018301
Official Website: http://www.jazzvenice.com

Pescheria [Fish Market]
Venice, Veneto 30125

Event Time: 18:00
Italy A Spasso nel Jazz: Rifles-Suoni Sulla Musica Afro-Americana

Listenings, videos, live performances and jam session from 5:30 to 11:30 p.m.

Verona, Hotel Due Torri

Contact: Danilo Memoli

Jazz & More c/o Hotel Due Torri
Piazza Santa Anastasia 4
Verona 37100

Event Time: 17:30
Italy Jazzesco 2nd edition – International Jazz Day

L’evento si svolgerà domenica 30 aprile p.v., dalle ore 11.30 alle ore 23.30 a Verona presso il Teatro Ristori. I giovani dell’UNESCO della regione Veneto racconteranno il Jazz, in occasione della giornata internazionale ad esso dedicata, come potente strumento di dialogo interculturale, intergenerazionale e interdisciplinare. All’interno di una ricca cornice di eventi: performance musicali, incontri, educational, cinema ed intrattenimento per grandi e piccini!


The event will take place in the near future on Sunday, April 30th from 11.30 to 23.30 in Verona at the Ristori Theatre. The young people of the UNESCO Veneto region explain Jazz, on the occasion of the international day dedicated to it, as a powerful instrument of intercultural, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary dialogue. This will take place within a setting full of events: musical performances, meetings, educational content, cinema, and entertainment for young and old!

Contact: Ginevra Gadioli | +39 3397098383
Official Website: http://www.unescogiovani.it/international-jazz-day/

Event Time: 11:30
Italy Diane Peters + Stefano Benini duo

This is the 9th appointment of “CIM LiveSessions” and we decided to dedicate it to jazz music, with an unusual formation: harp and flute.

Contact: Nicholas Ferrari | + 39 0458030228

Event Time: 18:00
Italy International Jazz Day: gli Swing Machine @Alparco Verolanuova

Anche ALPARCO di Verolanuova aderisce all’International Jazz Day. Quest’anno spazio ad un trio d’eccezione capitanato dal rinomato chitarrista italiano Sandro Gibellini, che con tutta la potenza del suo talento ritrova un amico di lunga data, lo straordinario batterista Francesco Casale. Insieme al giovane bassista veronese Martino De Franceschi danno vita ad una formazione scoppiettante, proponendo un vivace repertorio che spazia dal jazz tradizionale alla musica brasiliana.

Contact: Elena Panzera | +39 3288554373
Official Website: https://www.facebook.com/events/1875383249407747/

Event Time: 21:00
Italy Radiotrio presents Radiotrio

The public enjoyed the project “Radiotrio presents Radiotrio” with Paolo Birro, Federico Malaman and Mauro Beggio at the Auditorium di Thiene. The group officially presented their recent CD, produced on their label Almar dell’Istituto di Thiene.

Contact: Istituto Musicale Veneto Città di Thiene | +390445364102
Official Website: http://www.istitutomusicaleveneto.it/portal/index.php/calendario-eventi/day.listevents/2014/04/30/-

Auditorium Fonato
Via Carlo del Prete
37 Thiene
Vicenza, Veneto 36016

Event Time: 9:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Italy International jazz day in Vigevano

Musicians from Lomellina led by Gabriele Comeglio will share their love for jazz with the audiance in the San Dionigi Auditorium, just a few steps away from Piazza Ducale, the internationally renowned center square of Vigevano designed by Leonardo da Vinci.

Contact: Gabriele Comeglio | +39 3933306766
Official Website: http://www.bigbandjazzcompany.com/

Event Time: 10:15