5MBS International Jazz Day Programs 12 Noon to 7pm

04/30 12:00



5MBS 99.9 FM is Adelaide, South Australia's Leading Jazz, Blues and Classical Music Station. Celebrating International Jazz Day, 7 hours of Jazz is programmed from Midday, Australia Central Standard Time.

12:00 JAZZ LUNCH with William Ehmcke - IJD Jazz Lunch acknowledges the current & vibrant state of Antipodean Jazz, since any discussion of Australian jazz naturally extends to our adopted New Zealand jazz musicians as well. Join us for 2 hours of Antipodean jazz royalty

14:00 CHARIVARI with Christopher Stone – Featuring jazz artists performing music from stage and screen and the Great American Songbook

16:00 WORLD MUSIC with Ian Newbery - Mundo Jazz - the music that comes from the intermingling of jazz with traditional music from any part of the globe - offering the discovery of new jazz landscapes and an expansion of the musical ingredients used in jazz.

17:00 JAZZ @ FIVE with Dave Anthony - Jazz at 5 today will be a snapshot of 21st Century jazz from as many countries and styles from around the world as we can fit into our 2-hour show, to highlight the diversity of jazz and its many sub genres.


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