#JazzDay with Spectrum Big Band

04/30 14:00



Spectrum Big Band has been at the forefront of the jazz scene in Canberra since 1998, where it began as the Canberra City Show Band, part of Canberra City Band Inc.
A 20-piece Big Band, Spectrum can be seen regularly performing and promoting jazz, swing, and funk, to audiences around the Canberra region.
Led by Musical Director Andrew Kimber, Spectrum will explore the history of Big Band repertoire from the great Big Band composers through to modern hits and exploring the influence of Hip Hop on Jazz.
Performing in the Murranji Theatre, at Hawker College, Spectrum are delighted to be featuring a performance by Hawker College Band

Ticket Link: https://www.stagecenta.com/showmainenacepreview.aspx?showid=8099


Canberra City Band Inc.
Contact Person: Andrew Kimber
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Murranji Theatre
Murranji Theatre
51 Murranji Street
Hawker, ACT 2615

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