Tcha Limberger’s Viper Club

05/10 19:30



Award-winning multi-instrumentalist Tcha Limberger is highly acclaimed on the global stage. He is one of the prominent figures of folk music of the Carpathian basin and is one of the world’s best known jazz violinists. Projects including Transylvanian Kolataszeg Trio, Budapest Gypsy Orchestra and Les Violons de Bruxells have propelled him into notoriety, with critics noting his nurturing approach to teaching almost forgotten traditional musics.

Here he performs with the exalted quartet ‘Viper Club’, that features Jerome Etcheberry trumpet, Dave Kelbie rhythm guitar, and Sebastien Girardot double bass.

"Dangerously thrilling music" (Jazz Lives US)


World Heart Beat Embassy Gardens
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World Heart Beat Embassy Gardens
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