Faris Ishaq Solo – Palestine Museum & Cultural Centre in Bristol

05/03 19:30



A Palestinian Nay Master and Composer redefines the parameters of the Nay flute. His Solo Performance in an immersive sonic journey, where the audience intimately experiences the rich tapestry of traditional and innovative sounds that Faris evokes with the Nay, an ancient Middle Eastern flute dating back to 5000 B.C. With exceptional dexterity, Faris masterfully plays the Nay with percussion simultaneously, combining lyrical melodies, rhythmic beats and captivating sounds effects. His innovative fusion of Middle Eastern, Jazz, and contemporary Folk influences takes the listener through diverse musical landscapes as Faris elegantly navigates his compositions, leaving an everlasting impression of artistic exploration.


Faris Ishaq
Contact Person: Faris Ishaq
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Palestine Museum & Cultural Centre
27 Broad Street, Old City
Bristol, England BS1 2HG

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