Jazz ao ar livre – Alunos da Oficina Prática de jazz Ensemble

04/27 17:00



The IECG JAZZ WEEK continues on its fourth and penultimate day of the event. Today we will have the second day of the Jazz Ensemble Practical Workshop. The Jazz Ensemble Practice workshop will work with students on the basic fundamentals of practice in the jazz music repertoire. Students will study basic concepts of jazz improvisation; rhythmic interpretation, harmonic and melodic structure. Starting at 5 pm we will be meeting in the gardens of Instituto Estadual Carlos Gomes to show what our students had the opportunity to learn in these two days of workshop. We will start the program at 2 pm, in Sala Ettore Bósio, located at Instituto Estadual Carlos Gomes, on Av. Gentil Bitencourt, 977 - Nazaré, Belém - PA, 66040-174. long live the jazz


Instituto Estadual carlos Gomes
Contact Person: Profª Msc Robenare / Profº Msc Érico Marques / Veríssimo
Tel: +5591988264862
Email: [email protected]


Instituto Estadual Carlos Gomes
Sala Ettore Bosio
Av. Gentil Bitencourt, 977 - Nazaré,
Belém, PA 66040-174

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