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From the 24th to the 28th of April, the IECG JAZZ WEEK will be held, an event that will offer workshops and concerts with IECG musicians and guests. The program is alluding to the Intarnational Jazz Day and the approval of the Municipal Jazz Day Law, in the municipality of Belém. The event is coordinated by Prof Msc Robenare Marques and Prof. MSc Érico Verissimo. The event will also have the Workshop "Prática de Jazz Ensemble", which will be held on April 26 and 27. Registration is open for registration via the online form published on the FCG website - The workshop will be coordinated by professors Prof. Me. Robenare Marques and Prof. Me. Érico Verissimo.


Instituto Estadual Carlos Gomes
Contact Person: Robenare Marques
Tel: +55 91988264862
Email: [email protected]


Instituto Estadual Carlos Gomes
Sala Ettore Bósio
Av. Gentil Bittencourt 977
Belém, PARÁ 66040174

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