International jazz Day & Effendi 25th anniversary

04/30 20:00



Effendi will be celebrating International Jazz Day in collaboration with the Odd Sound label, and at the same time marking its 25th anniversary by inviting musicians from Montreal's jazz community to join in the event.

We hope to see some of the most active musicians on the Montreal jazz scene, including : François Bourassa, André Leroux, Félix Stussi, Jean Derome, Jacques Kuba Seguin, Philippe Côté, Rafael Zaldivar, Remi-JeanLeblanc, Yannick Rieu, Yves Léveillé, Mario Allard, Annie Dominique, Gentiane MG, Fraser Hollins and many others from the Quebec jazz scene.

Admission $20

Event Partner(s)

Odd Sound, Effendi

Event Sponsor(s)

CALQ, SODEC, Musicaction


Effendi Records
Contact Person: Alain Bédard
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Lion d'Or
Cabaret du Lion d'Or
Rue Ontario est
Montréal, Québec H2L 1S7

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