Today it’s all about jazz

04/30 12:00



The Association of Jazz Musicians and Free Artists (ZJM) is an organization founded in order to unite jazz appreciators from Macedonia, including jazz fans, musicians, students and professors from jazz academies, freelancers, but also everyone who supports this important art form. In order to celebrate 30 April – which marks International Jazz Day – each year the Association organizes a jazz festival in Skopje. We always choose an outdoor location that enables us the perfect atmosphere for an all day event, and a massive audience that circulates during the different performances. The festival is our greatest celebration of everything we fight so hard to achieve, and we hope that one day it will receive international recognition.


Association of jazz musicians and free artists
Contact Person: Goce Stevkovski
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Park Ibni Pajko/ Macedonian Philharmonic Hall
Skopje, Centar 1000 Skopje

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