Jazz concert – Olivie Samouillan quartet ( Saso Popovski, Ivan Bejkov, Ratko Dautovski)

04/30 13:00

Sirok Sokak


The collaboration between the French jazz musician Olivier Samouillan and the Macedonian jazz musicians Popovski Sasho, Ivan Bejkov and Ratko Dautovski is a continuation of the previous collaboration at the Jazz Factory fest in Bitola, N.Macedonia. Jazz music is a universal language that knows no borders, styles, nations...Jazz music is a musical synergy, which is in constant movement, inspiration...Music that depends extremely on the spirit and skill of the musicians. For the second time, Jazz Day in the Bitola Cultural and Information Center on April 30, starting at 1:00 p.m. on the Plato of Officer's House - KIC Bitola.


Cultural & informational center Bitola
Contact Person: Todor Ivanovski
Tel: + 389 75 269 218
Email: [email protected]


Jazz day
Cultural and informational center Bitola, Str,
Sirok sokak 145
Sirok Sokak, N.Macedonia Bitola 7000

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