Sebastian Studnitzky feat. Andrii Pokaz JazzArt Festival Schwäbisch Hall

04/01 19:00

Schwäbisch Hall


Sebastian Studnitzky (Trumpet) feat. Andrii Pokaz (Piano)
Germany, Schwäbisch Hall, Hospitalkirche, 1st of April, 7 pm

Sebastian Studnitzky has been a guest of our festival several times. This time he comes with the Odessa-based pianist and composer Andrii Pokaz, who with his trio has created a new wave of contemporary jazz in the Ukraine. Studnitzky, who grew up in Neuenbürg in the Black Forest, is shifting between the genres of jazz, classical and electro. In 2014, he founded the XJAZZ Festival, the
largest jazz festival in Berlin. Studnitzky is a pioneer on all levels. He has been awarded, among others, the "ECHO Jazz" and the "OPUS Klassik" award.
CD-Tipp: Nocturnal (Studnitzky), Kintsugi (Pokaz)


Contact Person: Jana-Ayla Bruninger
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Am Spitalbach 1
Schwäbisch Hall, Baden-Würrtemberg 74523

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