Roger – jazz with German lyrics

04/30 20:00



International Jazz Day in Spremberg with Roger!

The band Roger [roˈʒeː] has been dedicated to the concept of the famous namesake since 2014. In the classic format of piano trio + vocals, they present hits and other great titles from Cicero's repertoire. Roger is not a Roger Cicero tribute or cover band, but rather transfers the Roger Cicero concept of "jazz with German lyrics" to soul and pop classics.

The band's wide stylistic range makes every Roger concert an extraordinary experience!

The musicians are:

Klaus Grätzer, vocals
Stefan Hansel, piano and arrangements
Gerd Brenner, bass
Jonas Grätzer, drums


Contact Person: Stefan Hansel
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Eventpalast Spremberg
40 Heinrichsfelder Allee
Spremberg, Brandenburg 03130

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