Jazz Austral Concert – La Paloma – Rocha – Uruguay

04/30 18:00

La Paloma


Jazz Austral offers its original music show, jazz and versions of Latin American songs in its own style. Covers by Uruguayan composers such as G. Pena‚ E. Mateo‚ H. Fattoruso among others. Jazz Austral performs music authored by Santini‚ as well as own versions of great exponents such as J. Coltrane‚ M. Davis‚ G. Pena‚ E. Cardoso... The repertoire is balanced between sections that are for listening and musical enjoyment, as well as others more suitable for dancing and/or accompanying.

A. Santini contrabajo y dirección - E. Da Silva voz - C. Kruk flauta traversa - A. Delfante guitarra - M. Boronat guitarra - M. De León batería y percusión - D. Calabuig teclados - I. Jarius percusion y voz


A. Santini double bass and direction - E. Da Silva voice - C. Kruk flute - A. Delfante guitar - M. Boronat guitar - M. De León drums and percussion - D. Calabuig keyboards - I. Jarius percussion and voice

Photo Credit: Manuel Gianoni


Alianza francesa de Rocha
Contact Person: Magali Allard-Caillaud
Tel: +598 91666886
Email: [email protected]


Sala Serena
Sala Serena
calle Doraditos
La Paloma, Rocha 27001

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