Tokyo International Jazz Day at Bb

05/01 13:00



After two years of Tokyo clubs being closed and musicians yearning to play onstage again, we are delighted to announce an all-day event designed to give at least 40 players a chance to participate. In addition to stressing the "international" aspect in the make-up of our 5 bands, we will introduce our audience to some outstanding younger musicians. Tokyo IJD 2022 will also be a charity event, with all earnings going to a non-profit organization (GSF) that supports both education and performance opportunities for young jazz musicians.
As Saturday (April 30) was difficult to book, and we needed a venue large enough to hold a 20-piece big band, we had to opt for Sunday (5/1) -- turning this into the grand finale of IJD Weekend!


Giant Steps Foundation
Contact Person: David Russell
Tel: + 81-90-5190-5674
Email: [email protected]


Akasaka Bb Club
6-6-4, Sakae Bldg B1
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052

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