North Kansai JAZZ Street

04/29 10:00

Fukuchiyama City 福知山市


震災被災地でJazz Festival が途切れることなく開催されていることに感銘を受けた主催者が地域活性化を願い、音楽が地域に根付くことも願って、この North Kansai をJAZZで元気にしたい想いで実行委員会を立ち上げ、2018年4月29日第1回ジャズストリート(Guest・High school jazz band も含む6group参加)を開催。観客700人以上。及び商店街での毎月の演奏も続けて地域を盛り上げる。翌年第2回ジャズストリート(Guest、Big band 及び High school jazz bandも含む7groupグループ 参加)を開催。観客500人以上。第3回第4回と新型コロナ感染拡大に伴い中止。コロナ禍で感染拡大防止に向けた取り組みをしながら、今年2022年4月29日に第5回「North Kansai JAZZ Street」を野外での開催予定。参加者は主催者が選び、Kansai 在住のJAZZ好きや演奏することが好きな方々。小学生~70代まで幅広く参加。


The organizer, who was impressed by the fact that the Jazz Festival is being held in the disaster-stricken area without interruption, wishes for regional revitalization and hopes that music will take root in the region, and hopes that this North Kansai will be energized with JAZZ. The executive committee was set up in Japan, and the 1st Jazz Street (6 groups including Guest / High school jazz band) was held on April 29, 2018. Over 700 spectators. And monthly performances in the shopping district will continue to liven up the area. The following year, the 2nd Jazz Street (7 group group participation including Guest, Big band and his High school jazz band) was held. Over 500 spectators. Canceled due to the spread of the 3rd and 4th and new corona infections. The 5th "North Kansai JAZZ Street" is scheduled to be held outdoors on April 29, 2022, while working to prevent the spread of infection due to the corona virus. Participants are selected by the organizer, and those who live in Kansai and like JAZZ and who like to play. Widely participated from elementary school students to 70s.


North Kansai JAZZ Street 実行委員会
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Ekimae Town 駅前町
Fukuchiyama City 福知山市, 京都府 620-0045

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