JZ Spring 2023 “JZ Theatre” – Opening Ceremony Concert – Laura Fygi

04/28 19:45



In 2023, JZ Spring music festival will continue the theme of "Better Music, Better Life" and will be held from April 28th to May 3rd. There will be five days and six nights, four major stages, and over 100 top domestic and foreign musicians. There will be classic performances at Shanghai Centre Theatre , the Jing An Park Lawn Stage and Nanjing West Road Jazz Flash Mob, and for the first time, it will cross the Suzhou River and head north, singing at Shanghai SUHEWAN MIX WORLD and Daning Life Hub, bringing the city a charming encounter with jazz music.

【JZ Theatre - Shanghai Centre Theatre】

4.28 19:45-21:30
Opening Ceremony Concert - Laura Fygi


JZ Music
Contact Person: Kuangyu Ren
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Email: [email protected]


Shanghai Centre Theatre
4F, No. 1376, Nanjing West Road
Shanghai, Shanghai 200000


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