BNDS Jazz Festival

04/28 18:00



In honor of International Jazz Day, the Springboard Jazz Ensemble will present a show of jazz standards at the Black Box in the Aspiration Building of Beijing National Day School.

The Springboard Jazz Ensemble is a collective consisting of young jazz performers, affiliated with the student-initiated jazz club at Beijing National Day School.

Hannuo Li, Hanyu Qin - Sax
Pengxian Zhang - Drums
Qimeng Tai - Bass
Ziyao Xu, Yumo Yang - Piano

Special Guest:
Zimo Qu, Zhang Zhang - Vocals


BNDS Jazz Club
Contact Person: Yumo Yang
Tel: + 86 15611470484
Email: [email protected]


Beijing National Day School
Black Box
No.66, Yuquan Road
Haidian District
Beijing, Beijing 100040

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