International Jazz Day 2022

04/30 20:30



International Jazz day Jam has become an annual melting pot for fans and musicians alike who descend upon antisocial, Mumbai, to immerse themselves in 5+ hours of cool music, great F&B and a unique vibe. It certainly is where the party is at on Jazz Day.

This year’s lineup include the fabulous Adil Manuel Collective, Second Sight, Dark Circle Factory aka DCF, ARM Trio, Kokum, Shah Rule, Rimi Nique, Anubha Kaul, Rahul Wadhwani, Emanuel Simon, Keshia B and many more.The music will encompass everything in between swing, bebop to R&B funk and hip-hop.

Composer/guitarist Adil Manuel has been independently curating International jazz day events for the last eight years and counting. The idea behind this is to showcase fresh newer talent.


Bombay Bandstand
Contact Person: Rishiraj Ravi
Tel: +91 9655230800
Email: [email protected]


Antisocial, Lower Parel
Mathuradas Mill Compound, 242, Lower Parel,
Mumbai, Maharastra 400013

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