François Dumont d’Ayot ]FD’A[quartet




“After 3 albums and many creative concerts, François Dumont d’Ayot comes back with a new musical project, very innovative on musical, philosophical and imaginary points of view.
As usual, François Dumont d’Ayot elaborates a finely crafted music,, demanding while being accessible to as many people as possible.
Founded on jazz, pop, world music and all ascending jazz music, his music creates a mix that transcends all genres, bringing together all generations and all styles. »
…In addition I will not only play straight saxophones in F (the Conn O sax) which no one plays anymore and in G which no one still plays, and new, a lot of flute and bass clarinet my first instruments.

Event Partner(s)

Jazz àVienne Festival


Festival Jazz à Cours et à Jardins
Contact Person: François Dumont d'Ayot
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


32 rue des Anges 69005 Lyon / FRANCE
Cercle St Irénée
32 rue des Anges
Lyon, FRANCE 69005

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