Espacio Universal presents with Cesar Payamps “Dominican jazz music and its standard in the world of jazz”

04/27 12:00

Santiago de los Caballeros


Espacio Universal is a radio program that since the beginning of 1998 has been carried on his shoulders by the architect Cesar Payamps, and that celebrates 26 years of music without borders, for National Radio.

It is a refreshing, illustrative, up-to-date radio program, which already has to its credit a continuous hard work of achievements and its high contribution to the programmatic contents of world music that is placed in each broadcast.

For this year´s International Jazz Day, on Saturday, April 27, from 12-2 pm, they will have the program titled: “Dominican Jazz Music and his standard in the world of jazz”

It is a radio proposal that explores the different genres of Dominican music and international Jazz.


Espacio Universal
Contact Person: Cesar Payamps
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Espacio Universal
Santiago de los Caballeros, Santiago 51000

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