A Brief History of Jazz

04/07 13:30



The David Bentley Trio + 1 makes a welcome return to the Maroochydore Jazz and Blues Collective stage on the 7th April.

David with his band will take you on a whirlwind tour of the high points of jazz from its birth in New Orleans to the present day. DB3+1 - David Bentley (piano and vocals), Andrew Shaw (bass), Nathan Goldman (drums) and Mark Spencer (Reeds)

It would, of course be impossible to explore all the cultural and historical influences that have shaped jazz in one performance. Nonetheless DB3+1’s ‘Brief History of Jazz’ in Two Sets will invoke seminal moments, while leaving room for David’s original material and the excellent soloists that make up this accomplished quartet.


Jazz and Blues Collective
Contact Person: Graeme Buchanan
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Millwell Road Community Centre
11 Millwell Road East.
Maroochydore, Queensland 4558

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