Zagreb International Jazz Day Celebration

04/30 16:00



On the occasion of marking the 13th anniversary of UNESCO's International Jazz Day, top music programs will be held in several different locations in all major cities of Croatia this year.
The programs will consist of "live" jazz music concerts, music workshops and radio and TV appearances.
In Zagreb, the best Croatian jazz musicians will hold a series of 40-minute concerts, at four of the most attractive locations in the city center - Cvjetno square, Bogoviceva street, EU square and Tkalciceva street.
The program in Zagreb starts at 16:15 and will last until 20:15, with more than 16 different musical groups.

Event Partner(s)

Ministry of Culture and Media, Republic of Croatia


Croatian Musicians Union
Contact Person: Zvonimir Bucevic
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Cvjetni trg / Bogoviceva / Eu trg / Tkalciceva
Trg Petra Preradovića
Zagreb, Grad Zagreb 10000

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