Triton Qwartet & Mart Muller Quartet Double Concert

04/30 20:00



The Arnhem based Triton Qwartet is the first band to headline the International Jazz Day double concert at Podium Doesburg. The band is young, very young, with musicians straight from the jazz & pop department of the Arnhem ArtEZ University of the Arts. The quartet enjoy daring musical experiments while exploring their own, new and original work and sound.

The Mart Muller Quartet has its roots in Nijmegen and the Amsterdam University of the Arts Jazz & Popular Music department. They are the second bunch of young and talented jazz musicians to appear in this year’s Doesburg IJD contribution. The band members have known each other since their high school days at Nijmegen Stedelijk Gym and have since worked together successfully in the SGN Jazz Messengers and the Guus Tangelder youth jazz orchestra The PuBis.


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