Papanosh “A Very Big Lunch”

04/29 20:30



Quentin Ghomari - trumpet
Raphaël Quenehen - saxophone
Sébastien Palis - piano
Thibault Cellier - double bass
Jérémie Piazza - drums

(modern jazz)

Here is the new adventure of the famous French quintet from Normandy: Papanosh portrays the imaginary world of author Jim Harrison. Papanosh is a young quintet that devours all kinds of styles and forms: jazz, folk, improvisation. Their new album on Enja Records – Yellow Bird A Very Big Lunch is inspired by Jim Harrison (1937-2016), the American writer best known for his novella Legends of the Fall. Harrison’s vivacious stories, landscape and characters have inspired Papanosh to create new soundtracks


Lithuanian Jazz Union
Contact Person: Dima Golovanov
Tel: +
Email: [email protected]


Jazz Cellar 11
Aušros Vartų g. 11
Vilnius, 01304

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