Old Street Jazz

04/30 20:00

Zhongshan Xiaolan


LiuSheng Old Records & Experience Art Space welcome music enthusiasts and jazz lovers of the community to commemorate the rich cultural heritage and influence of jazz music. In these challenging times, the healing properties of jazz have proven to be more necessary than ever, offering solace, inspiration, and a sense of unity to individuals across the globe.
Jazz, with its soulful melodies, improvisational nature, and rhythmic complexities, has the power to uplift spirits, soothe troubled minds, and bring people together in harmony. Its ability to transcend boundaries of language and culture makes it a universal language that speaks to the heart and provides a sense of connection in times of uncertainty and turmoil.


Experience Art Space
Contact Person: Anahit Ayunts
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Email: [email protected]


Experience Art Space & Liu Sheng Old Records,
Shuan Mei Fu Mension
双美府 中山市留声岁月文化传播有限公司
Zhongshan Xiaolan, Guangdong 528415

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