Moscow Region welcomes International Jazz Day

04/30 17:00

Loutsino Village


An all-star duo of two renowned Russian Moscow-based jazz musicians
Dmitry Yakovlev (piano, scat singing, percussion)
Igor Ivanushkin (bass, scat)
get together to improvise mind-blowingly to surprise and entertain the jazz-oriented audience of Moscow Region. Both well-known stardards like Chick Corea's Armando's Rhumba and original songs by Mr Yakovlev and Ivanushkin to be performed. Guest singer - Alina Larin, participant of Jamey Aubersold sessions.


Daria's Music Nights
Contact Person: Daria Vorobieva
Tel: + 7985715084
Email: [email protected]


Daria's Music Nights
Main stage
23 Main Street
Loutsino Village, Moscow Region

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