KEP Celebrates Phuket UNESCO Int’l Jazz Day 2023




The event in conjuction of UNESCO world Jazz Day, a collaboration between KEP and Jeffrey Sevilla musician and volunteer organizer of Phuiket Jazz Day, a collaboration that aims to connect the world through music, and the United Nation Population Fund (UNFPA), is presented by KEP and co-produced by Kaneang Group Of Companies, calls for equality, the recognition of human rights and an end to WAR, RASICM  and Discrimination

“Music is a wonderful medium to raise awareness about our collective quest for peace, justice, equality and dignity – the noble ideals of the United Nations. It is a powerful, unifying language that can help build bridges and advance social justice in all of its forms,” says  Executive Director of the UNFPA


Phuket Jazz Community
Contact Person: Jeffrey Sevills
Tel: + 66815072587
Email: [email protected]


Viset, T.Rawai A.Muang
Phuket, Phuket 83130

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