John Patitucci & Faris Ishaq – Releasing an Original track entitled “Supplication.”

04/30 12:00

Beit Sahur


Supplication is a new original track by John Patitucci and Faris Ishaq. The track will be released on April 30th to celebrate International Jazz Day. Supplication is a unique musical dialogue that happened between John & Faris, who both come from rich and diverse musical cultures, to form an evocative blend of Middle Eastern and Jazz Sounds.

John has been at the forefront of the jazz world for the last 30+ years and active in all styles of music. He is a 4-time Grammy award winner and has been nominated over twenty times. Faris is world-renowned Palestinian Nay Master, while honoring his cultural heritage, Faris has emerged as a pioneer of the Nay, developing a unique sound that crosses over jazz and other world music traditions.


John Patitucci & Faris Ishaq
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