Jazz Promenade – A musical walk in the sanctuaries of Jazz

04/27 21:00



The dimension and the sound of jazz music through the stream of pop & soul and the 1st Greek approach to music that we all loved with the colors of jazz.
The band, Be Flat (Bb), consists of great musicians, George Tryphon bandleader/keyboards /remix, Christina Ziridi - vocals & Sofia Moisiadou - tenor sax.
Before we move on to the music part, in the 1st part the evening will be framed giving the musical identity of jazz to the audience important - historical information through the research of Krisila Leta "Jazz in Greece in 1920 - 1930" especially in Thessaloniki
The 2nd part, "Jazz Suites" poems of George Papadopoulos, will take us to another dimension of jazz.
Under the auspices of Club for Unesco Art–Literature & Science of Greece.


Contact Person: Alexandra Kaletsari
Tel: + 306972461214
Email: [email protected]


Allegro Cafe - Thessaloniki Concert Hall
Bar - Restaurant - Events
25ης Μαρτίου
Martiou 25th and seaside
Thessaloniki, Greece 54646

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