Hip Hop Jazz Deep Sound Session

04/30 16:21



Hip Hop Jazz Session with DJ Nick Pena aka livin2win, Christoph Band Jazz inspired Art and Roman Jiranek photography. Featuring the 1993 recording ‘Cantaloop' by US3 sampling Herbie Hancock's ‘Cantaloupe Island’ with rapper Rahsaan Kelly. “By sampling classic jazz tracks, mixing them with beats and raps, and having younger jazz cats playing on top I was acknowledging the past, staying rooted in the present, and looking forward to the future, all at the same time.” Producer Geoff Wilkinson.


UNESCO Club Vienna
Contact Person: Fran Wright
Tel: +43 69917274707
Email: [email protected]


Public Artists
City Gallery
Mahlerstrasse 11
Vienna, Austria 1010

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