04/30 12:15

Lagos Shomolu


The studio @ the 5th floor of the popular Global Christian Centre building (GCC) would house the Emergehz band along side some friends to join the globe in celebration of one of the finest form of musical expression...Jazz!

Originals from their Debut album along with some ear buzzing Jazz standards would be served via the various streaming platforms available for an hour .

It promises to be a memorable event that you can tune in to.

Tanitoluwa Oyegoke (Piano)
Chyke Martins (Tenor sax & Flutes)
Kakaki4christ (Trumpet & Flugelhorn)


Emergehnz Band
Contact Person: Tanitoluwa Oyegoke
Tel: + 2348033210417
Email: [email protected]


University of Lagos
5 A
Lagos Shomolu, Lagos 102216

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