Monde goes Jazz! Kansainvälinen jazzin päivä Mondella

04/30 19:00



I have arranged International Jazz day from 2013 together with local musicians. Now we are coming together to play live in the culture house Monde. There will be standards and original compositions by local musicians. The evening starts with a new band called RaKaRe. It creates soundscapes and improvises around them. Rovaniemi Jazz Ensemble plays standards, Sound of Consense plays tribute to Horace Silver, Terho Keskitapio Trio plays Terho´s own music as does Jarring, led by saxophonist Jari Pulsa.


Rovaniemen kaupunki
Contact Person: Hannu Raudaskoski
Tel: +358405423223
Email: [email protected]


4 Pohjolankatu
Rovaniemi, 96100

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