Ko Haika Maroon Jazz, Eduwaiti Live in concert

04/30 18:00



Eduwaiti’s roots are in Futunakaba, a Christian village in Sipaliwini on the Upper Suriname, founded by Paulus Anake. As jazz reached him all the way at Futunakaba, he is holding Eduwaiti in concert on World Jazz Day 2024.
His first performance was in 2006 on the 50th anniversary of the Effendi Ketwaru CCS Volksmuziekschool and he is a professional musician since 2010. He graduated in 2017 on his 28th from Conservatorium Suriname with a 9 as first jazz bassist and bears the title Bachelor of Music. He masters the electric and the acoustic guitar, double bass and electric bass and performs in all jazz genres. He has written over 20 songs of which he will perform a selection during this concert.


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