JAZZ-RUMBA; Peace, Love and Freedom from Goma, DRC

04/30 16:00



Now listed as a UNESCO Intangible Heritage of Humanity, Congolese Rumba and its history are an artistic treasure to be preserved. "JAZZ-RUMBA" is a show that revives the discographies of TP OK JAZZ, FRANCO, TABULAY ROCHEREAU, SAM MAGWANA, WENDO KOLOSOY, PAPA WEMBA among others in a spirit of jazz, to highlight the creative possibilities and inspirations for life.

The show will be performed by a dynamic group of Congolese musicians from the city of Goma, led by a trumpeter Yeremia Vindu. The eastern DR Congo where absence of peace has continued to cause suffering to children, youth and adults for more than 2 decades, it is our wish to inspire, and continue our fight for freedom, love and peace in DRC and beyond through the power of music.


Music Beyond, Inc.
Contact Person: Kaori Fujii
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Institut Fran├žais
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